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Pricefield or amberprice?

What do u think? (・'v`・)?? I think its hard 😅 Amberprice --> Rachel Amber 🖤 Chloe Price Pricefield --> Max Caulfield 💜 Chloe Price
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• 2/9/2019

Life is strange 2

Life is strange 2 is drama adventure game
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• 2/5/2019

About Life is Strange

The developers of Life is Strange wanna thank us for playing and supporting the game?
Well, you're welcome.
But I think now it's time to thank you all even if you may not read this, but it would be "hella" cool.
I and I'm pretty sure thousand of other people wanna thank you all on the Life is Strange team for creating such a masterpiece like this.
I have never seen and played anything comparable.
I'm honestly really glad that I had the chance to play it and made my decisions in it even when it wasn't easy sometimes.
And the biggest part of it?
The game shows you exactly what it means to have a family and a best friend around you.
How important it is to have such a best friendship with someone and to always take care and be there for each other.
I could write more about it, but those who haven't played it yet can also try it by themselves and I promise them they won't regret it.
By the way, I don't necessarily need likes on this post because I don't care about likes.
I just wanna write down what I'm thinking about it and hope the developers, this and following Life is Strange games, series, books or whatever else may come out get even more attention as they already have.
Just the way they deserve it.
I'm really looking forward to see more of it in the future.
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• 2/5/2019

PS4 peeps come join us :-)

I'll like to welcome/invite all of you that have a PlayStation 4 to my community :-) We are a LiS centered community yet very inclusive to different types of gaming. Plus I strongly encourage all to share anything even if it's other games, comics, movies, YouTube/Twitch channels or TV shows. Let us grow together y'all. Just search for The Vortex Guild within the community section of the PS4 dashboard.

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• 2/3/2019

***SPOILERS*** Mushroom😭🐕⛪

*** SPOILERS FOR "LIFE IS STRANGE 2: EPISODE 2" IN THIS POST. - wiki staff edit ***

Guys, i can't handle my tear...😭😭😭

Why mushroom?!


She's such a cute little puppy..

Can i save her??

You can say I'm over reacting, but i lost my dog in the same age with mushroom. And have a little traumatic with dog.. 😭😭

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• 2/3/2019

Should they?

Would a Life Is Strange mini TV series work or should it be on Netflix or something?
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• 1/29/2019

The movie of Life is Strange
"WHAT IF?" A (Fan-Made) Life Is Strange Story (FULL MOVIE)
"WHAT IF?" A (Fan-Made) Life Is Strange Story (FULL MOVIE) YouTube
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• 1/27/2019
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• 1/25/2019

LIS 2 cap 2 The Rules. Spoilers!!

I wait many time until yesterday to play the second cap of Life is Strange 2 and after I played it, I kind of disappointed of this chapter. Here is why.

One of them was the fact that Dontnod laughed the chapter 4 months later and with all the time, I was hopping that this episode will be amazing and more develoed that the first one but it was the opposite.
One of the first things I detected it was that sometimes Chris and his father was floating at some moments and they weren't in the screen when Sean was talking to them. And in other points, while it was the cinematic screen, in many times, Sean and Daniel appeared like they weren't moving or something like that. In conclusion, the game I was playing, it wasn't finished or atlist with many errors.

And other thing i found is that this episode was very very silent. In total, I heard only 2 songs that wasn't the "main soundtrack". And i think that Life is Strange is one of the best games i ever played with the most beautiful soundtrack. That is why I was very disappointed with it hearing the same song over and over in this chapter.

And finally, I noticed in the first and this second episode of LIS 2 many references of religion and politics. I don't know if Dontnod is trying to give a posture about the actual news and all, but they really put effort in that.

I just wanted to write my opinion about this new episode and read your opinion too. Soo please, write what do you think about it?
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• 1/25/2019

PlayStation 4 gamers you are invited :-)

Any & all PlayStation 4 owners are invited to my PS4 LiS Community, just go to the Communities section of the PS4 console and search for The Vortex NightClub. You ALL are welcome to come!!!! :-)

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• 1/16/2019

God damn I feel empty

Bought and finished LIS before the storm (picked it up on a steam sale) and my god I feel like shit, what we learn in the original game about Rachel really makes me feel awful, such as apparently being a slut, getting with frank just for drugs and Jefferson, idk her and chloe seemed so close and probably together and those revelation makes me feel horrible. 1. I feel awful chloe cus she genuinely probably felt for her and 2. because she might've been lying about all that shit cus she was at her lowest and chloe was a coping mechanism so to speak. It does also seem so un-rachel to cheat on Chloe (if they were genuinely together I know the devs say it was ambiguous but c'mon it was pretty obvious) considering she flipped out at the revelation of her dad cheating, unless of course it was all an act.

Idk man I just feel how everybody feels at the end of a show when they don't know what to do with themselves, especially in this case considering the devs have said they'll never revisit this story

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• 1/14/2019

Potete tradurre in italiano?

Per favore,mettetelo in italiano,è un'app veramente bella ma non è in italiano
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• 1/13/2019
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• 1/6/2019

Will Chole and Max ever come back in the future???

After completing Life is strange and life is strange (before the storm) I've been so engaged and interacted into their story I just want more!!! I feel like I am apart of the story.. but im just hoping and praying that just maybe someone from the game company will see this and maybe recommend this opinion of mine! Like I'm hoping maybe Life is strange part 3 could be the outcome of Sacrificing the Town or sacrificing Chloe but the game starts where max sacrifice the town for chloe but down the path where max and Chloe starts a new life chole begs for Max to save Rachel Amber because of the hurt and pain they both feel, so max does and when Max saves Rachel the wild fire that Rachel started actually never died down it got worse and as that and the photographe teacher tried to persuade Rachel into the dark room but Rachel remembers Max's warning and doesn't go and she gets help but no believes her so one day the teacher kidnapps Rachel and holds her captive and that's where Chloe comes in and search where the teacher is hiding Rachel so you can save her and rescue her before its to late and when you rescue her Rachel relize everything and notice that she has a gift just like max but Rachel controls nature, and so on but I'm just hoping the developers sees this and gets something in mind off it because I want something like this to come out on console! I know they made one on comic's but I'll lose interest and it'll be a different feeling.

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• 1/4/2019
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• 1/3/2019

My First Digital Drawing (Help)

My first go at drawing anything on mobile(Noob) . Any tips/suggestions about the best software or tools to use?
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• 12/29/2018

Life is strange

Where's maxs mom and dad
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• 12/26/2018

You really should respond this

Is an encuest about LIS
Echa un vistazo al Tweet de @LifeIsStrange:
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• 12/24/2018

Happy holidays and Christmas!!☃️🎄🎉

Happy holidays to everyone !!!
Art by: LIS team
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• 12/22/2018

Well I'm older than the characters

I feel old now. I am close to the age of Chloe and Max. With season 2, the main characters are younger. Sean Diaz is born in 2000. Yikes, I feel old.

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