Винный магазин Тони это место расположено напротив закусочной «Два Кита» в Аркадии Бэй.

Место доступно для изучения в эпизоде 5

Эпизод 2: "Вразнобой" Править

Строение можно увидеть по другую сторону улицы когда Макс посещает закусочную «Два Кита». Его также можно заметить во время поездки Макс на автобусе из Академии Блэквелла, по направлению в закусочную «Два Кита».

Эпизод 3: "Теория Хаоса" Править

Магазин можно увидеть вновь когда Макс посещает закусочную для встречи с Хлоей Прайс.

Episode Five - "Polarized" Править

Like most of the buildings on the street, Tony's store has been heavily damaged by the storm. A garbage container collided with a wall and left a large hole through which Max can enter the building in an attempt to reach the diner. The interior of the building is on fire, and a fisherman is trapped in a room. Several magazines are scattered on the floor. Max has to turn on a fuse box to put out the fire and proceed to the diner. The fisherman will be electrocuted and dead as a result of Max's actions. Max has the option to rewind and guide the fisherman to safety, then use the fusebox to exit the building herself.

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Hover over the text to see Max's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode Five - "Polarized" Править Править

  • Max can read an issue of The Great Northwest.
  • She can look at and use the fuse box.
  • She can look at an "Arcadia Bay Softball League" flyer.
  • She can look at the sprinkler.
  • She can look at and help the fisherman.
  • She can look at and use the sand near the diner.

Trivia Править

  • When viewed from the street in Episode 2 and Episode 3,

the interior and contents of the store look different to its interior when it is an explorable location in Episode 5 . The contents of the store in Episode 5 look more like the contents of a general store not a liquor store. However, as the view of the store's interior is far away from Max in the early episodes, it seems more likely that the contents are just background filler for the map build that the player is not supposed to be paying attention to.

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