• Hi DiDimus,

    I don't speak Russian, sorry. I hope you'll understand me nevertheless.

    I am currently running my bot and creating interlanguage links between the English, German, Spanish and Portuguese Life Is Strange wikis.

    It would be easy to add your wiki to the script, if you like.

    Let me know whether you're interested.


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    • I’m interested in it. Hope you’ll help us with this. And could you tell to us how this script works

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    • That's great. I'm glad to help.

      I am using the interwiki.py script for Pywikibot.

      Unfortunately the bot doesn't do all the work alone. It takes a lot of time to find the associated articles and give the translations to the bot. But after that the bot will copy these links to all languages, find and correct broken links and so on, so it saves a lot of time nevertheless.

      There is one more thing I may need from you. It makes sense to request a "bot flag" from Fandom staff before starting. See Справка:Боты for more information about this. In short: The bot's edits will be hidden from your list of recent changes. Please note that this isn't mandatory or technical necessary. But the bot may flood your list of recent changes otherwise, making it hard to follow the manually done edits or detect vandalism. If you prefer that the bot runs without bot flag, I'm ok with that.

      And thanks by the way for your confidence even though you don't know me. If you check the statistics of my bot account, you'll see that I have some experience with what I'm doing.

      Please let me know whether you agree with me requesting a bot flag from Fandom staff. If you prefer me to use the bot without bot status flag, please just let me know anyway. I'm just asking because I have to prove a local admin's consent when I bring forward that request to the team.

      Thanks, and have a nice weekend.

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    • Ok. I read your text message :) and I agree to enable bot flag. I hope that your bot will improve our wiki.

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    • Thanks for your approval, I am glad to help. Sorry for writing half a novel. :)

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    • Участник ФЭНДОМА
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