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"A Moment of Calm" is an optional gameplay element in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, which original appeared in the Life is Strange. Moments of Calm are special moments in the game when the protagonist may sit or lean against an object and contemplate their current situation. Relaxing music is usually played in the background. They usually provide additional information or the protagonist's inner thoughts and give the player a chance to rest. A special feature of Before the Storm Deluxe Edition is the Mixtape Mode, which allows the player to choose songs from the game's soundtrack during the in-game Moment of Calm in Chloe's room.

There are 17 Moments of Calm total in Before the Storm, 5 of which can no longer be returned after exiting (bold printed), e.g. by pressing spacebar on PC.

In the bonus episode "Farewell", there are 3 in total, 1 of which can no longer be returned after exiting.

Episode One - "Awake"

Location Chloe's Comments
Bonfire outside the old mill.
"Mom would totally flip her shit if she knew I hiked for an hour just to see a show. This place is sketchy as hell. An old abandoned building in the middle of nowhere, miles from home? Home... right. Now I remember why I'm here. Any place is better than home."
Listening to Firewalk.
None (Chloe listens to Firewalk playing "Are You Ready For Me").
Waking up in Chloe's Room.
None (Chloe listens to "No Below" on the radio).
Crate on the stage at the Blackwell Campus.
"I should probably be getting to class, but... I just don't care. Did last night really happen? The internet says it did, but I still can't believe it. Rachel Amber -- the drama star, honor student, popular princess of Blackwell -- swoops in like Batman to save my ass and thrash to Firewalk? Either that was a dream, or real life just got a shitton crazier."
Smoking cigarettes/weed on a campus corner.
"Students at Blackwell have this herd instinct to glom up into little groups like sheep. And if you just want to be alone, you get labeled like some dangerous outsider. Just like any other prison. Except now the prison follows you wherever you go, thanks to social media. I can't believe Rachel posted a photo of the two of us together last night. Am I still an outsider if I'm hanging out with Rachel Amber now? And what does it mean that hanging out was so awesome? Does that make me just the same as every other student here?"
Music on the train.
None (Chloe listens to "Through The Cellar Door").
Bench at Overlook Park.
"Just a day in the park. With Rachel Amber. You know when something kind of amazing is happening, you don't always stop to think about it right away? And then when you do think about it you start thinking about it a lot? And the more you think about it the crazier it seems until pretty soon you're psyching yourself out and then everything turns to shit? Yeah, let's not do that today."

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

Location Chloe's Comments
On top of the boat in the junkyard.
"I can't believe Rachel set that fire. I don't think she meant to. But I also don't think she... didn't mean to. Crazy that something so destructive can also be so beautiful. Or a fire that began in a trash can could grow to light up the entire sky. In conclusion, fire: pretty sweet."
Sitting on a park bench at the Prescott Dormitory.
"It doesn't feel different. I don't belong here anymore. It's not my school. I don't have a school. But nothing feels different. Everything still feels shitty. And here I am, about to break into the freaking dorms so I can steal money that Drew owes my drug dealer. This is gonna go great."
Smoking pot in the actor's tent backstage.
Note: Available only if Chloe still has the pot.

"The best part of being kicked out of school is never having to worry about getting kicked out of school. Poor Drew... he was just trying to keep his little brother safe. And there I was, stealing from him. That Damon Merrick guy was such a freak. It's hard to imagine Frank being mixed up with a guy like that. But then again, I guess I don't really know Frank all that well. I really hope Drew and Mikey are going to be okay."

Sitting on the crate during the Tempest.
"Yeah, I'm tired. Tired of this play bullshit. I need a breather. I wonder where Wells is sitting. Hey, Wells, I'm walking on the stage. I bet I could sit here for half an hour and he'd still be too afraid to do anything. Keaton's not doing anything either. I wonder how many people are waiting for someone else to do something? Man, this crate is awesome."
Sitting on a chair in the Amber House.
"So this is what normal looks like. It's somehow way more boring and way weirder than I imagined. It's crazy to picture Rachel growing up here. And being happy here. At least, before she met me. And now I'm taking her away. Or is she taking me away? This doesn't really seem like the kind of place people run away from... What am I saying? Fuck this place."

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty"

Location Chloe's Comments
Lying on the bed with Rachel in her room.
None (Rachel and Chloe stare at the stars on the roof while "All I Wanted" plays on the background).
Sitting and smoking pot on a beanbag chair in Chloe's room.
Note: Available only if Chloe still has the pot.

"It's so weird to be home. As much as this place sucks, at least it's not full of secrets. Nobody's hiding anything. Well, except me 'n' my pot. And everything with Rachel. But how could I possibly tell Mom what I'm up to?

"I'm so tired of pretending things are fine to Mom. I always mess up again, and then she gets mad. Maybe... Maybe I should try not to see her today."

"Whenever I'm honest with her, we just... we just end up fighting. Does she just want me to pretend everything's fine? Maybe... Maybe I should try not to see her today."

Stairs on the first floor of Chloe's house.
None (Chloe listens to Joyce and David dancing in the kitchen to the sound of jazz on the radio).
Listening to PissHead's song on the radio.
None (Chloe listens to PissHead's "Friends").
Sitting on the ship in the hospital.
"Being in a hospital this long sucks. I bet when I see Rachel and see that she's okay, I'll feel better. I owe Frank big time. Can't believe he did that for us. I hope he's okay. Not like I can do anything about it one way or the other. And what about Damon? Is-- Is he gonna come after us? I actually feel better knowing that James Amber is on his case. Ugh, that's weird."

Bonus Episode - "Farewell"

Location Max's Comments
Moc fw bed.png
Lying on the bed in Chloe's room.
"It's so hard to believe. This room, this house, this town... all in the past now. Or soon to be. Who even am I without Chloe? She's the one who's always starting things, pulling us into adventures. I can't imagine life without her. Maybe I haven't told her I'm leaving yet because I still can't believe it's real myself."
Sitting in the attic and looking down to the backyard with Chloe playing pirate.
"Chloe Price. My best friend. It's so weird being back in this attic after so long. I remember being terrified of this place. I think when you're a kid, you're only afraid of things that can hurt you. But when you get older, you become more afraid of hurting the people you care about. And spiders. (Chloe says "Ha ha! I have you now, scallywag!" in the backyard) Man, I'm gonna miss her."
Moc fw couch.png
Sitting on the couch with Chloe.
"I wish this moment could last forever."