"A Moment of Calm" is an optional gameplay element in Life is Strange 2. Moments of Calm are special moments in the game when the protagonist, Sean Diaz, may sit or lean against an object and contemplate his current situation with relaxing music playing in the background. They usually provide additional information or the protagonist's inner thoughts and give the player a chance to rest. A new feature in Life is Strange 2 is the addition of multiple speaking participants, who the player can either initially join or be interrupted by.

There are 8 Moments of Calm so far in Life is Strange 2, three of which can no longer be returned after exiting (bold printed), e.g. by right clicking on PC.

Episode One - "Roads" Edit

Location Comments
Moc Season 2 Episode 1-1
Couch in the Diaz household's living room.
"If things go well... Should I bring Jenn back here? Maybe Dad won't like her, or... she won't like him. Or worse, she could get along with Daniel. Dude, stop! I'm not even dating her... Yet."
Bench in the Mount Rainier National Park.
"Damn... I'm so tired... Feels like we're walking nowhere... How am I supposed to take care of us out here? I don't even know what happened back there... to that cop...or Daniel... How can Dad be..."
(Daniel interrupts Sean's monologue and a chat between the two starts.)

Daniel: "Whoaaaaaa... Look at that..."
Sean: "Yeah..."
Daniel: "So cool!"
Sean: "Never seen you get so jacked up over a nice view before..."
Daniel: "So? I've never seen anything like this! Never ever!"
Sean: "Yeah... I guess you haven't... I remember when Dad..."
Daniel: "I wish Dad was here with us..."
Sean: "Well... Thanks! Not cool enough anymore?"
Daniel: "Yes, you're super cool... But... I just wish the family was together at home... It'd be cool to watch a movie and get a pizza and eat icecream."
Sean: "Dude... Stop. I told you we have to keep going... We'll see Dad later... Right now it's just... You and me... Okay?"
Daniel: "Yeah! It's our park! We can do whatever we want!"
Sean: "That's right... So... We better go build a secret base so we can hide out for the night... Are you ready?"

Sean talked to Daniel about Lord of the Rings
Daniel: "Frodo is always ready for adventure, Sean-Wise."

Sean talked to Daniel about Minecraft
Daniel: "Yes! I can build anything! We just have to find some cool blocks around here and be careful of Creepers..."

LiS 2 Ep 1 MoC Rock Choice
Rock at Nisqually River.
Note: Only available if Sean hasn't annoyed Daniel too much at the campsite. Daniel asks Sean to join him on the rock when Sean goes to light the campfire.
(Sean sits down next to Daniel.)

Daniel: "It's... beautiful!"
Sean: "Pretty amazing, huh? See? It's not so bad here in the forest..."
Sean: "Hey. Look at those clouds. What do they look like to you?"
Daniel: "I don't know... Cotton candy?"
Sean: "That's it? Cotton candy?"
Daniel: "I dunno... What do you see?"

Sean: "A dragon!"
Daniel: "What? Where?"
Sean: "Ok. There's the tail... and the horns... and the fangs! And the smoke coming out of it's mouth!"
Daniel: "Oh, I see it! It's awesome! Wouldn't it be cool if we had a pet dragon?"

Sean: "Andrew!"
Daniel: "Our... babysitter? Where?"
Sean: "I swear, look... There's his gross ponytail... There's his pointy rat face..."
Daniel: "Oh no, it's so real! Ugh... Andrew sucked. I'm glad we don't need a babysitter anymore..."

Daniel: "Ooo... I see something else! There's a giant douchebag!"
Sean: "Oh yeah? Where?"
Daniel: "Right here."
Sean: "Right here, huh?"
(Sean gets up by exiting the moment)
Sean: "Ah. C'mon, let's go eat something."

Bench at the Bear Station.
"Dad always had a thing for gas stations. We've stopped at so many on our road trips. He says they're all kind of the same, they feel familiar, almost like home... The same bad coffee, same nasty toilets, same food... but I don't feel at home at all."
(Daniel interrupts Sean's monologue and a chat between the two starts.)

Daniel: "Sean? I'm hungry, can we go eat something please?"
Sean: "Yeah... Sorry, just... daydreaming."
Daniel: "Okay."
Sean: "Let's go."

Balcony in the Three Seals Motel
"It's nice out here... Wish I cared. Puerto Lobos, Mexico... Can I get us this far? And safe? How can we get there without money... And Daniel still doesn't know what really happened... How the fuck am I gonna tell him...? Me and Daniel just... have to take it one step at a time..."

Episode Two - "Rules" Edit

Location Comments
Ep2 MoC house couch
Couch outside the Abandoned House.
"I feel like this last month has just... flied over us. We're so lucky we found that old cabin. Gave us time to rest and... Process all that happened. Brody was right. We're stronger now. We look out for each other. We're in this together. These woods are so peaceful. So quiet. No planes, no highways... Just the river... Continuously flowing. I wish we could stay here longer. But Daniel's health is getting worse every day. And the food is running low. Will we need to move... Again?"
Ep2 MoC mezzanine
Mezzanine in the Reynolds Household.
"It's so weird to be back here again... Claire and Stephen are kinda weird sometimes, but... They do care about us... and I'm glad they're spoiling Daniel... wish I could. Dad never really got along with them though. I barely know them... Heh, family, right? We're safe, that's all I need."
(Daniel interrupts Sean's monologue and a chat between the two starts.)

Daniel: "What are you doing, Sean?"
Sean: "Nothing, just... taking a look at the house..."
Daniel: "It's pretty cool here. It's not like home... But... Grandma and Grandpa are nice."
Sean: "Yeah, they are. We're lucky they took us in."
Daniel: "How long are we gonna stay with them?"
Sean: "I don't know. As long as it's safe for us. And for them, I guess."
Daniel: "Yeah."

Episode Three - "Wastelands" Edit

Location Comments
Chair next to the Diaz tent.
"So this is it... once again. Can't pull our shit together for more than a month. At least for once it was a great fucking month. Did a lot, learned a lot. At least... for the first time, I don't miss home. I just wanna move forward. I already miss these psychos, though. We're on our own, now. But I feel... confident? Shit, we'll see. Stop overthinking. You're not a teenager anymore."