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Aaron Price is William Price's younger brother, Joyce Price's brother-in-law, and Chloe Price's paternal uncle. He writes a letter to William, apologizing for not staying in touch and wishing he could send him more money, in the alternative timeline. It reads as follows:

Letter from Aaron to William

Hi Bill,

Sorry for not staying in touch since the accident. Work has been piling up and I'm being sent to Salt Lake City to oversee a new parking lot. You have to go where the work is these days.

I wish I could have sent you a bigger check but you know the story. Money is nobody's favorite thing.

Maybe I'll see you next spring for a visit.

Kiss Chloe and Joyce for me.

Hang in there, Billy.

Your brother,


In Farewell, an email from William to Aaron can be seen on William and Joyce's computer in their room. William praises Aaron's pressure washer and invites him to come over. The email reads as follows:

Email from William to Aaron

SUBJECT: Thanks for the pressure washer!

Finally used your pressure washer today and I just wanted to say thanks again for letting me borrow it! Works like a charm! It‘s not our dream house, but now it can at least be the right color!

If you want to come over next weekend and give me a hand, there'll be a cold beer in it for you! Give me a call!

Hope everything at work is still going well, and tell Linda I say hello!