Adam Barnes is a mentioned character in Life is Strange 2. He is a mutual friend of Sean Diaz, Lyla Park, Eric, and Ellery Winchell, and used to have regular multiplayer online gaming sessions with the former three. His correspondence with Sean can be found through Sean's text messages.

Episode One - "Roads" Edit

On September 18, 2016, Adam texted Sean at 8:36 PM to start a gaming session at 9. Sean asked about whether Eric and Lyla would be joining, to which Adam replied that they were out with Megan and doing homework, respectively. Sean suggested that Adam was jealous of Eric, and Adam responded that Megan was "not [his] type". At 8:57 PM, Sean texted Adam that he was "ready to frag", ending their short-lived conversation.

Episode Two - "Rules" Edit

If Sean called Lyla at the Three Seals Motel in the previous episode, he has the option of calling her at his grandparents' house after they've left for church. If Sean asks her about "the gang", Lyla informs him that they're fine and that Adam has become "all about this new game", to which Sean says he misses their LAN parties.

If Sean did not call Lyla at the Three Seals Motel, he can call her from his grandparents' house and lie to her mother about being Adam to hide his identity. Lyla's mother will not believe him because Adam already went to visit Lyla at the mental health clinic in Bellevue.

Episode Three - "Wastelands" Edit

Sean's Laptop LIS2E3

The group chat ("Wastelands").

While in his room, Sean can choose to check his group chat on his laptop, where Lyla, Adam, and Ellery are making plans to go swimming at a reservoir.

Trivia Edit

  • Aside from Harv, who messaged Sean once solely to tease him about Jenn Murphy, Adam is the only one of Sean's contacts to not make an attempt at reaching out to him following his disappearance.
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