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Alex's empathetic abilities are a key element of Life is Strange: True Colors. Alex possesses empathy powers and abilities, which lets her see, manipulate and absorb emotions from others.


Alex has the ability to absorb, manipulate and see emotional auras around people. This power is shown to be dangerous if she is exposed to really strong emotions which can influence her to act on the emotion that person is expressing. (ex. Alex unintentionally absorbs Mac's anger towards Gabe and she assaults him.) She can also channel this power through her hands like the other protagonists in previous installments.


  • Alex claims that she cannot turn off her empathy and often acts up whenever a person experiencing a strong emotion appears near her.
  • Alex has to be in close range with someone to see their emotions and hear their thoughts.


  • Since she feels what others feel, Alex becomes heavily influenced by them. Like when Mac barges into Gabe's apartment and beats him up unprovoked, Alex began to feel his anger and despite her attempts to fight the anger, it overtakes her to the point where she attacks Mac and accidentally punches Gabe when he tried to intervene. Finally, when she takes an emotion away from someone, it becomes a part of her briefly, like if she took Charlotte's anger and hears Gabe's call to Mac, she gets in a fit of rage that makes her friends leave her alone.
  • Although she has well-meaning intentions, Alex taking someone's essential emotions, such as grief, and speeding up the process can cause more harm than good, essentially leaving them numb like an empty shell. On a positive note, her taking away someone's fear could give them the confidence they need to convince them to see the errors of their ways and do what's right.


  • She is the third protagonist that can channel her power through her hands along with Max and Daniel.