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"For the first time in years, I really let myself believe." — Alex in the reveal trailer.

Alexandra Chen (born: July 10th, 1997), better known simply as "Alex", is the main protagonist of Life is Strange: True Colors. After eight years apart, Alex reunites with her brother Gabe Chen and establishes a new life in the midwestern town of Haven Springs, Colorado. Her fresh start at Haven is shaken by the sudden and mysterious death of her brother.


Alex is described as sharp, witty, and hardened from her time in foster care. Due to the nature of her powers, she is also highly observant and sensitive to the needs of others. While initially shy towards most people she meets, she is generally friendly and approachable. Alex has always put the needs of others first rather than confronting her own emotional turmoil. As a consequence, strong negative emotions can take a great toll on her well-being.


Alex has short black hair stylized into a pixie cut with a large protruding bang swept to her left. She wears large red glasses, diamond earrings and two piercings on her right ear, a blue denim jacket with three different patches, a navy blue hoodie with a yellow bird and lettering over a black shirt with long sleeves, black skinny jeans and brown hiking boots. However, she also has a selection of other outfits she can choose to wear in her room.


Alex Chen was born on July 10th, 1997, to John and Wendy Chen. Alex lived in Portland, Oregon with her parents and older brother Gabe. When Alex was ten, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. At one point, Alex was visiting her mother in the hospital where her Mom told her how proud she was of her and that she was going to have to be strong for her father and Gabe. Wendy then gave Alex a locket of her and Gabe before passing away. When Alex was 11, her Dad and Gabe got into an argument over John losing his job. Alex tried to defuse the situation by suggesting selling their records and her guitar to pay the bills. The argument however soon turned physical, which resulted in John unintentionally hitting Alex and knocking her to the ground. John, after realzing what he just did, told Alex and Gabe that he couldn't do this anymore and that someone would come by to get them. After pleading with John to stay, Alex throws her mother's locket at him. John stopped to pick up the locket before leaving. Alex was then taken into the foster care system and when she was 12, Gabe was sent to juvie. Over the next few years, Alex was moved between orphanages, group homes, and foster parents. Around this time, Alex developed her empathy powers. At some point, Alex ended up at the Helping Hands Group Home where she remained until moving to Haven Springs.

Chapter 1: Side A

Alex is first seen having an interview with Dr. Lynn (who cannot be seen from the player's view), where she is now preparing to move to Haven Springs to live with her brother Gabe. When Dr. Lynn asks Alex about her "issues", Alex doesn't want to say anything about it and only believes things will be normal for her once she arrives there.

Alex travels to Haven Springs by bus. After arriving, she stops on a bridge to do some sightseeing, in which Gabe eventually arrives to greet her. Alex can then choose to either hug him or give him a handshake. During their conversation, a blue aura then appears around Gabe (which only Alex can see) as Alex hears Gabe's thoughts expressing how much he missed her. After Alex comments on this, the siblings then head into town. They stop at a flower shop called Lethe Flowers where they meet one of its owners, Eleanor Lethe, who happily greets Alex. The two then head inside where they meet Riley Lethe, Eleanor's granddaughter. After a brief talk, Alex helps Gabe pick out some flowers for Charlotte Harmon, his girlfriend, as an apology gift. After picking a bouquet of flowers (sunflowers or lily-of-the-valley), Alex can then explore the shop where she has the option of putting sunglasses on a nearby gnome. She can also notice a purple aura around Riley and learns that she is anxious to leave town. The two then leave the shop afterwards and head to a nearby building called the Silver Dragon, which is where Charlotte is. Alex can also optionally see a purple aura around Gabe and can sense his fear of making things up to Charlotte. As Gabe goes into the Silver Dragon, a boy named Ethan Lambert, Charlotte's son, greets her. After talking about the comics that Ethan has, he gives one to Alex and expresses his interest in exploring the mines up in the mountains.

Alex then decides to go to the nearby record store called the Rocky Mountain Record Traders. Upon entering, she looks around the store and sees Steph Gingrich dancing inside a DJ room. After noticing Alex, she smiles and shows her two records, requesting her to pick one for her. After Alex makes a choice, Steph begins her broadcast. Alex then comes across Ryan Lucan. After greeting each other and talking about Gabe, Alex helps Ryan search for a missing hold list. Alex also has the option of playing with Steph's drums and looking through some records. She eventually finds it under a black cat named Valkyrie, but can't get the cat to move. Ryan helps Alex find Valkyrie's favorite toy to lure her away from the list, allowing her to recover the hold list and hand it to Ryan. After another conversation about Gabe, Alex purchases a record. Upon seeing Steph coming out of the DJ room arguing with someone on the phone, to which she is unable to come over because she is busy handling her job. Alex sees red aura around Steph and mimics Steph's foot tapping while clawing the desk. After Ryan deals with the situation, he goes to ask Alex if she is okay, in which Gabe then shows up. After talking about Ryan and Gabe's friendship. Alex and Gabe then leave, with Ryan promising to come see them later after he finishes carrying out Steph's job.

The two come across Ethan, who is excited for the upcoming LARP. After a short conversation regarding Gabe being like a father figure to Ethan, Ethan then leaves. Alex can then tell Gabe about Ethan's plan or keep quiet. If she tells him, Gabe will inform Charlotte of this. While walking to the Black Lantern, Gabe informs Alex about a scheduled blast happening at the mines at night. They then meet Jed Lucan, who is Ryan's father, Gabe's boss, and the owner of the Black Lantern. He tells them about the upcoming Spring Festival before the two head for the Black Lantern. Once there, they go to Gabe's apartment on the second floor. Gabe reveals that he plans to give the apartment to Alex while he intends to stay at Charlotte's place. Alex then gives Gabe the record she bought at record store. Gabe then puts it in a record player and the two then dance to the music. Gabe gives Alex a broom and encourages her to use it. Alex can choose to do so or have Gabe do it. After this choice, Alex and Gabe continue dancing with one of the siblings playing the broom like a guitar. They are suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door. After turning the music off, Gabe goes to answer the door. Mac comes in and confronts Gabe over his talk with Riley, as he believes he is trying to take her away from him. Gabe tries to clear up the misunderstanding, but Mac ignores and attacks him. Alex, upon seeing a red aura around Mac, is overwhelmed by his anger. After becoming infused with it, she copies Mac's words and attacks him uncontrollably. Gabe tries to stop her, but Alex accidentally punches him before finally calming down. Mac calls Alex a psycho and storms off. Alex tries to apologize, but Gabe says it's okay. Later, Alex is seen watching her hands before proceeding to unpack her things. She takes out her toy mouse Zhu-Zhu, a torn photo showing her and Gabe (which she puts next to a similar photo), and her notebook. She then discovers a guitar under the bed along with a note from Gabe saying that it is a gift from him. After playing it for a while, Alex then heads downstairs.

Once downstairs, Alex comes across Charlotte, Jed, Ryan, and Gabe. Ryan is tending Gabe's injuries and decides that he needs first aid. After they leave, Alex then speaks with Charlotte before Jed gives her something to eat. Without his helper, Jed asks Alex if she can help. She can agree or tell him that she has never served before. If she agrees to help, Jed instructs her to talk to Steph, Diane Jacobs and Reginald McAlister III (nicknamed Duckie), and to clean a table. While cleaning the table, she will come across Mac, who is now emitting a purple aura (which represents fear). After she is done, Mac will talk to her. Riley will show up to confront Mac about his violent actions. Alex can choose to stay out of the fight or tell Riley the truth. Telling the truth will ruin Riley and Mac's relationship. After Alex talks to Mac and Riley, an officer named Jason Pike shows up to arrest Alex, but reveals that he is just playing a prank. When Alex talks to Duckie and Diane, they will tell her what they want to eat. Alex must then tell Jed precisely what they ordered. Jed then discovers that Duckie's favorite wine is missing. To find it, Alex must ask people of the wine's whereabouts. She can also choose not to find it. Exploring there, Alex finds it in the couch and gives it to Duckie. When talking to Steph, she will introduce herself to Alex and challenges Alex to a jukebox game where she must correctly guess the song. If she wins, Steph will drink the green-colored wine on the table. If she loses, she will drink it instead. Once all three tasks are done, Alex returns to Jed, who will tell her whether she did well or not so well. Gabe then returns and asks Alex to meet him on the roof.

Once up on the roof, the siblings spend time talking to each other about the earlier fight while drinking beer. Alex can then tell Gabe about her past or powers. After the conversation, Ryan shows up and informs them that Ethan is missing. If Alex told Gabe about Ethan's scheme, they will realize that he has gone to the mines against Gabe's wishes. If she didn't tell him earlier, she will do so now, in which Gabe will not be happy with Alex for hiding this from him. The three then head off to the mines.

They make it there by night. Approaching the mine's entrance, Alex learns that the mine collapsed a long time ago, but Jed (who was the foreman) saved all the miners and Jed is hailed as a hero. Alex recalls the comic book that Ethan gave him and realizes that his efforts are based off what's in the comic. They then decide that they must go to the nearby silo. As Gabe tries to open the gate blocking the way, Alex and Ryan head into a warehouse to find another way there. Once inside, Alex moves a metal plate blocking some stairs and heads up to the second floor where she deduces that Ethan used a conveyor belt to get across the warehouse. She then turns a winch, opening the backdoor. They reunite with Gabe outside. Reaching the silo, Alex pinpoints the direction that Ethan went. While searching the wood and calling for Ethan, Alex sees a purple aura and follows it, leading them to Ethan, who is injured and stuck on a cliff on the other side of a ravine. Coming up with a plan, they tie a rope around Alex and Gabe and use a tree stump as a fulcrum. Alex then crosses a fallen tree (because she is lighter, the tree will not break) and tries to help Ethan, but he is too scared to move out of fear of being spotted by a monster. Deciding to help him with his fear, Alex uses her powers on him, causing her to enter Nova, where she can see the world based on that person's thoughts. She then sees large claw marks on the cliff and at the bottom of the ravine, she can see a big monster face, which is what Ethan is hiding from. She then encourages Ethan by pretending that she is invisible, allowing her to carry Ethan to the other side. After they make it, Alex then lies on the ground, relieved. An alarm suddenly goes off; a planned blast is starting. Gabe is hit by a falling rock and knocked over the cliff, dragging Alex towards it. Ryan tries to help pull Gabe back up. Upon noticing an avalanche, he realizes that they will not make it in time and is forced to cut the rope and drag Alex back when she tries to go after Gabe. After the avalanche ends, Alex looks over the cliff and grieves for her brother's demise.

Chapter 2: Lanterns

Alex is seen mourning Gabe's death alongside Ryan, Charlotte, Duckie, Jed, Steph, Pike, Mac, and Riley. Ryan blames himself for his death, but Mac reveals that he was part of the operation and claimed that there was no call. Ryan finds out that Mac is actually lying (to which Alex can support Ryan's claim or not), leading to a heated argument with everyone else while red auras appear around them. Alex, overwhelmed, goes upstairs; Steph takes notice and follows.

Steph comes to Alex's apartment and she invites her in. After telling Alex to ignore the argument, they talk about Gabe and Alex's guitar before Steph notices a wine bottle that says "foosball champion", causing her to become upset. To help her, Alex goes into Nova mode, where she learns that Gabe once convinced Steph to stay in Haven by winning a bet of foosball, which Steph was ultimately grateful to Gabe for. She then decides to have Steph play a game of foosball to cheer her up. While playing, Alex talks to Steph and learns that she was once in a band. After three games and regardless of who wins, Steph leaves to return to work. Alex has the option of cleaning her apartment, spending time on the roof, and washing the dishes before heading downstairs. She meets up with Jed, who apologizes for the earlier argument. Remembering Mac's lie, she decides to talk to him. Jed tells her that Mac may be at Lethe Flowers, but tells her that she may not get the answer she’s looking for. Jed gives her the key to the bar and advices her to go to the Silver Dragon to talk to Charlotte. Alex has the option to leave a photo of Gabe by the memory table and create a face on the dart board before leaving.

After she leaves the bar, she sets off to find Mac. She can optionally spend time at the docks, talk to Pike and Ethan, and help a bird watcher find the bird that she's looking for. Should she go to the Silver Dragon, she will encounter Diane. Inside, she talks to Charlotte and learns that Ethan is shunning her due to Gabe's death. Alex also notices that she has an affidavit sent to her by Typhon, offering her money in exchange for her silence. Charlotte believes that the money could help Ethan while Alex grows suspicious of Typhon's motives. She can then convince Charlotte to sign it or not. If Alex doesn't visit the Silver Dragon, Charlotte will still sign it. If Alex visits the record store, she will talk to Steph, who is busy planning the LARP for Ethan and has Alex pick a final boss from two drawings. After selecting one, Steph also suggests that Alex can sign up as a character for the LARP in the form on the front desk, which she can optionally do so. She also has the option of helping a guy in the store locate his missing dog. Once at the Lethe Flowers, Alex finds Eleanor, who reveals that Mac left recently, but is still nearby somewhere. Before Alex can leave, she senses fear in Eleanor after a purple aura appears around her. Going into Nova, she learns that Eleanor is in an unhealthy condition and fears of what will happen if Riley finds out and that her shop will be put out of business. During this, the world outside of the shop's windows turns white while the shop itself begins to fall apart. Using objects around the shop, Alex helps Eleanor remember an order of flowers to Jed. Reality then returns to normal afterwards. Alex can choose whether to tell Eleanor about Gabe's death or choose not to so to avoid causing further pain to her. If she tells her, Eleanor will break down in tears and go into her office.

Alex finds Mac on the bridge and confronts him of the lie; his reaction will depend on if his relationship with Riley is severed or not. Mac is unwilling to talk as a purple aura appears around him before leaving. Alex briefly enters Nova to dig deeper into Mac's fear and at one point, she sees a security camera and becomes aware that Typhon is watching. She finds and talks to Riley about Mac where she learns that Mac had planned to leave town with Riley. After this talk, Alex goes to talk to Mac about it, in which Mac confesses that he did hear the call and tried to warn Typhon (the company that was responsible for the blast), but was ignored and forced to keep quiet while also admitting that he never wanted to hurt anyone, indicating that Typhon has sinister motives. Alex can then choose to calm Mac down or leave him. Calming him down will earn his respect. Alex then receives a phone call from Ryan and heads to the cliff where Gabe died.

Arriving there, she finds Ryan standing there with a red aura around him. Touching him, Alex goes into Nova where the world around them turns dark with the ground collapsing except from where they are standing. It turns out Ryan blames himself for Gabe's death. Alex then tries to comfort him, eventually causing him to break down in tears as Alex exits Nova, returning reality to normal. Later, Alex and Ryan (who is no longer upset) are shown cloud watching where Alex tells him about her powers and demonstrates this by sensing a yellow aura around Ryan while using clouds to read his thoughts, learning that he and Gabe once accidentally killed a goose and buried it. Afterwards, Alex can then choose to hug Ryan or give him a handshake. Alex then plans to put a stop to Typhon's plot with Ryan's help.

The scene then changes to nighttime where in the record store, Steph plays a song in honor of Gabe as the camera shifts to various points around the town. Everyone later gathers on the bridge where Alex makes a tearful speech on how important Gabe was to her and everyone else before Ryan releases a sky lantern into the air with everyone watching it. As Alex watches, she sees everyone emitting yellow auras, except Diane, who instead emits a purple aura, making Alex suspicious before she resumes to watching the sky lantern.

Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal

At the start of the chapter, Alex and Ryan tell Steph about Alex's powers and Alex uses it on her to prove it. Recalling that Diane was working with her laptop earlier and remembering her fear from the previous chapter, Alex suspects that she may be working for Typhon and plans to learn the truth from her. After cleaning up dishes from the tables in the bar and optionally talking to Jed and Eleanor and playing a song on the jukebox to help out a student with her problem, she returns to talk to Ryan and Steph, who have already formed a plan, but it isn't well thought out. Diane then comes in and sits at a table to work on her laptop. Alex can then choose to have Ryan or Steph act as the distraction. Alex sits down at Diane's table and begins to talk to her. Her choices may sadden or anger Diane. Alex then goes into Nova and she examines the nearby objects before discovering a flash drive that might have valid information. At Alex's signal, Ryan or Steph distract Diane by asking her on a date as Alex swaps the drive. After they excuse themselves, they head to Alex's apartment to try and decrypt the drive using Alex's laptop, but it is password-protected. Ryan sends it to Riley to see if she can access it. Steph then leaves to prepare for the LARP and reminds Alex to bring her guitar and bard hat. Alex has the option to pull weeds on the rooftops and listen to a song on the record player. She finds the hat in the trunk but notices that its feather is missing. Eventually, she finds it under the TV. Once she has the guitar and hat, she then heads downstairs.

Out on the docks, she finds Ethan; however, he is still upset by Gabe's death. After Alex manages to cheer him up, they then go to take part in the LARP (which is based on Ethan's comics). The LARP begins with Ethan and Alex, playing as the main character Thaynor and his sidekick, meeting King Tabor (played by Jed), who informs them that his kingdom (which is really the town itself) is under attack by monsters and instructs them to find the three soul gems to defeat them. Throughout the LARP, Alex can find power-up scrolls and coins. She also has the option to help a blacksmith and answer a jester's riddles (who will give them something useful if they pass). They eventually encounter the first boss: a werewolf (played by Ryan), to which a battle will begin. During battles, health meters appear on the top right of the screen. Should they run out of health, Notheria, the forest spirit (played by Charlotte) will help them defeat the monster and the LARP will continue. Defeating monsters will reward them with helpful items. After the werewolf is beaten, they are given a key. The first soul gem is guarded by a troll (again played by Ryan). To get it, they must either defeat the troll, bribe him with coins if they have enough, or put him to sleep with magic powder (if they have acquired it before this). The second gem is in the tavern (which is actually the Black Lantern) where they find blood and severed limbs (which are all fake as part of the LARP). There is a gnome (played by Duckie) inside the tavern, who reveals that a monster killed all the staff and he had to serve himself. Finding a music box behind the counter, they use the key they got from the werewolf to open it, revealing the gem. The third gem is in the Magpie Emporium (which is actually the record store). There, they meet Steph, who is dressed like a witch and has decorated the inside of the record store to make it look like a magic shop. They have the option of buying helpful items. To buy the gem, they will need to get a special type of scale from a serpent (once again played by Ryan). They must either put it to sleep (if they have the sleeping potion) or defeat it. During the LARP, Alex pays a visit to the flower shop (unlike the Black Lantern and the record store, it is not part of the LARP). There, she speaks to Riley and learns that the drive has not yet been fully unlocked. Depending on Alex's earlier choices, Riley may or may not find out about Eleanor's condition. Once all gems are collected, they are greeted by Notheria, who congratulates them for finding all the gems and provides them with a reward, the Skysword of Power, which is affixed in a tree stump. Once Ethan removes it and attaches all three gems to the sword, Alex goes into Nova, where the LARP becomes real, with the surrounding area turning into actual ruins in a forest and Alex and Ethan's costumes turning into real outfits. They are then confronted by the final boss (also played by Jed); who the final boss is depends on Alex's decision in Chapter 2. The boss reveals that he is King Tabor and had tricked them into find all the soul gems so he can take them for himself. They take on the final boss; unlike earlier fights, this one is realistic. If they defeat him, he will be destroyed. If they fail to defeat him, he will retreat. Afterwards, Ethan hears the sound of sirens and breaks down in tears, causing reality to return to normal. It turns out he hasn't fully gotten over Gabe's death.

Later that day, Alex goes to the Silver Dragon where she finds Charlotte in the back room. She explains that Ethan is grateful for Alex for helping him with the LARP and that he has left with his father. Eventually, Charlotte emits a red aura, but Alex is unable to understand why. To help, Alex goes into Nova where she sees Charlotte working on a sculpture. While examining objects, she learns that she blames Ethan for Gabe's death and is taking her anger out on Alex, Gabe, and Ryan. During this, the sculpture changes its likeness to resemble Ethan, Gabe, Ryan, and Alex herself. After exiting Nova and failing to reason with Charlotte again, Alex decides to remove her anger, although she knows it will affect both her and Charlotte. She can choose to do so or leave. If she does take the anger, Charlotte will calm down and Alex will leave afterwards. She returns to her apartment where she finds Ryan and Steph waiting for her. It turns out that they had finished unlocking the drive. She then begins to listen to the messages inside it. If she took Charlotte's anger earlier, Alex will get angry and throw Gabe's foosball winner whiskey at the wall, causing Steph to storm out while Ryan goes after her. If she didn't, she won't destroy the whiskey and Steph and Ryan won't leave and will instead stay to help Alex. Alex learns that Diane is part of a project called Rhea, which reveals that the explosion was a decoy to cover up another explosion and that they were trying to bury something.

Chapter 4: Flicker

Alex is seen talking to Pike on the phone, informing him of her discoveries on Diane's drive and schedules a meeting with him. After hearing a radio announcement revealing that the Spring Festival is starting, Alex has the option to sit on the couch before heading to the festival. Alex arrives at the festival and heads to the stage where she meets Ryan and Steph, who comments on Alex's skirt before they are interrupted by a loud screech from the speakers. If Alex got angry in the last chapter, she will apologize to them and Steph will claim that she is the one who needs to apologize. As Ryan and Steph continue to work on the speakers, Alex can use this time to do some side missions. In the festival, she can help a guy win a jelly bean guessing game, sit at a bonfire, give a rose to Ryan or Steph, and talk to Mac (his reaction will depend on Alex's past choices). In town, she can help out a couple, a diner counter, and talk to Riley (her location and how she will react depends on Alex's earlier choices). She can also tell Riley about Eleanor's condition if she does not know yet. In the Black Lantern, she will find Duckie, who isn't in the mood to go to the festival. Alex can use her powers on him to get him to dance with her or just leave him. Eventually, Ryan will finish setting everything up and Alex can then talk to him. When Alex asks who's going to perform, they have her go onstage with her guitar, to her dismay. Alex nevertheless begins singing her song with Steph playing her drums alongside her. After the performance, she receives an applause, but Alex suddenly sees Charlotte going down to the docks and goes to talk to her. How the conversation will go depends on Alex's previous interactions with Charlotte. Alex then has the option to talk to Eleanor before heading to the Black Lantern rooftop to spend time with either Ryan or Steph. Depending on earlier choices, they may share a hug or a kiss. Exiting the bar, she meets up with Pike, who takes her to the police station.

In the interrogation room, Pike reveals to Alex that Diane is charging her for stealing her flash drive and hands her an affidavit from Typhon, attempting to convince her to sign it so she won't receive charges, but Alex is reluctant to as she knows that Typhon is up to no good. Pike explains that he knows what Typhon is really up to but is too scared to do anything about it because of how powerful Typhon is. Alex can then choose to sign the affidavit or remove Pike's fear. Signing the affidavit will allow Alex to leave without any issues. Removing Pike's fear will cause him to agree to look at the drive's contents and he will allow her to leave without signing the affidavit.

Alex then returns to her apartment. If she removed Pike's fear, she will begin to express it. She then finds a note from Jed asking her to come find him. She then does so and heads downstairs. One there, she sits down at the counter where Jed reveals that he found out about her arrest. She then tells him about Typhon's scheme and that he is responsible for Gabe's murder. Jed reveals that he knows what Typhon is hiding and decides to show her instead of telling her.

Jed then takes Alex to a mine shaft out near the mines, which houses the secret that Typhon is trying to cover up. Jed then pulls out a gun, revealing that he and Typhon are working together. He had made a deal with Typhon to cover up this secret so to hide the truth of Jed's past, which he feels guilty for. Because he couldn't get Alex's mind off of it, he had no choice but to get rid of her to ensure that she cannot find out about the truth and reveal it to the public. Unable to talk Jed out of this, Alex takes a stand towards him, forcing him to pull the trigger, shooting Alex in the head and causing her to fall down the shaft.

Chapter 5: Side B

Alex finds herself back in Dr. Lynn's office where she talks to Dr. Lynn about her time in Haven Springs. While talking, a flash of light appears around her as distorted voices are heard. Dr. Lynn then implies that Alex is by herself; the camera then changes angles to show that Alex is indeed alone in the office. When she tries to open the door, the knob disappears. On the office chair is a tape recorder, which plays Jed and Dr. Lynn's voices. Nearby are pictures of Alex, Gabe, and her parents, which weren't in Dr. Lynn's office before. She also notices a picture of a tuning key. Upon removing the picture, she then shakes it, causing the key to magically fall out of it. Alex also finds her guitar case with a note that says "Knock Knock!". Alex knocks on the case and the note changes to say "Who's there?" Alex then says her name and the note changes to state that it doesn't recognize her. Behind the note is a combination lock. She finds the combination in her case file on the desk. After opening the case, she takes her guitar out and after attaching the missing tuning key, begins playing it. The guitar plays very distorted music as blood begins dripping from cuts that have appeared on Alex's face, confusing her as she slowly shifts back to reality.

Alex wakes up hanging onto a wooden plank halfway down the mineshaft, having survived both the gunshot and the fall, but is severely injured. Noticing a nearby ladder, she attempts to grab onto it, but the board ends up breaking under her weight, causing Alex to fall deeper into the shaft. Alex finds herself in a hospital waiting with Gabe in a hallway; this is a flashback that takes place long before Chapter 1. As they talk to each other, their father John Chen comes out of a patient's room and asks Alex go see her ill mother Wendy Chen. Entering the room, she goes to her mother's bed where after a brief talk, Gabe appears and points out that this isn't what happened. Alex is taken back to the start of the flashback where she repeats the entire thing, but this time, Wendy begins coughing. At John's urging, Alex grabs a thermos full of water and brings it to Wendy. After she drinks it, she expresses how proud she is for Alex and Gabe and gives her a locket of her and Gabe before dying. As Alex grieves, she is taken to a second flashback, which takes place in her childhood home sometime after her mother's death. Gabe and John come into the room arguing before heading outside. Alex puts on some headphones and listens to music to ignore the argument. She is then interrupted by Gabe, who tells Alex that the argument is not what she thinks. The flashback repeats and after Gabe and John go outside, Alex attempts to follow them, but they quickly come out in. It turns out John lost his job and they are now facing bankruptcy. Alex tries to calm them down and resolve the situation, but is ignored. After John accidentally hits Alex, he proceeds to pack up and leave, deciding that he can't be a good father. Alex gives him Wendy's locket, but this fails to convince him to stay. Alex finds herself within the third and final flashback, which takes place in an orphanage that Gabe and Alex were sent to after John had abandoned them. After she and Gabe climb out of their bunker beds, Gabe leads Alex to a trunk near some large windows with moonlight shining down on it. As she sits there, she sees silhouettes of people outside the windows who decide not to adopt Alex, indicating that the reason why she ended up in foster care in the first place is due to that fact that no one would adopt her. Gabe then encourages Alex to get up and fight. This ends the flashback.

Hours later, Alex wakes up at the bottom of the shaft, having sustained even further injuries. She painfully drags herself over to a nearby lantern and takes out a matchbox that was once Gabe's. She uses the remaining match inside it to light the lantern. She makes her way through the tunnel and arrives in a large room where the lantern blows out. She then sees a red aura up ahead, leading her to find the locket that she gave John hidden under a pile of rocks. It turns out that sometime after abandoning his children, John got a job as a miner working for Jed. During a cave-in, Jed was forced to leave some of the miners behind, with John being among them. Jed's selfish act caused John and the other trapped miners to be killed and he lied to the public about saving everyone so that they will think he's a hero and took extreme precautions to hide the truth. Alex eventually finds her way out of the mine, where it is now morning. Upon noticing a sign on the gate dedicating to Jed for his false heroism, she tears it down and heads to town.

She arrives at the Black Lantern during a meeting. Jed is shocked seeing that Alex had survived his attempt to kill her while Alex glares back at him. Ryan and Steph are horrified to see that Alex has been hurt and suggest taking her to a doctor, but she dismisses their concerns. She then tells everyone the truth and what really happened at the mine. Jed and Diane try to defend themselves by dismissing her claims as nonsense. Depending on Alex's choices from the past chapters, Duckie, Charlotte, Pike, and Eleanor may or may not support Alex. Steph will side with Alex regardless of her choices. If this convinces Ryan, he will demand the truth from Jed, who will get mad at Ryan for "betraying" him. If not, he won't support Alex and Steph will get into an argument with him. Either way, Alex enters Nova where the entire room goes dark with only Jed being visible. Alex has a long, tearful talk with Jed, who will remain silent. She comes to see that Jed felt guilty for being forced to abandon the miners and had to lie to everyone to avoid getting in trouble with the public. Afterwards, she can either choose to forgive or denounce him. Regardless of her choice, Jed will break down in tears, now feeling regretful and ashamed of his wrongdoings as reality returns to normal. It is implied that Alex was taken to a doctor after this to care to her injuries.

A few weeks later, Alex is shown spending time in her apartment, having mostly recovered from her injuries. After the radio announces that Jed has been arrested for his crimes, the Black Lantern has temporally closed, and Typhon's operation was put to an end, Alex then throws Zhu-Zhu at the radio, turning it off. She then decides to go up to the roof for some air. Before doing so, she has the option to lie in bed for a while. A message on her laptop reveals that Diane expresses her regret for helping Jed and Typhon with their schemes. As Alex prepares to head up to the roof, Steph or Ryan (depending on who Alex chose to romance) will visit her. If Steph visits, she states that she intends to leave Haven Springs, but also decides that she wants to stay with Alex if she chooses to and even tears up her ticket to ensure that; Alex must make the decision for her. If Ryan visits, he will express his experience with learning about his father's crimes. If he didn't believe Alex earlier, he will apologize to her and Alex can choose whether or not to forgive him or just say that she doesn't know. Not forgiving him will end their relationship. After Alex goes to the roof, she talks with Gabe's ghost, who explains what will happen if she stays here in Haven Springs. Some of the following events will vary depending on Alex's major choices. Alex must then choose to leave or stay; after making this choice, Gabe will disappear.

If Alex chooses to stay, she will spend time on the docks before leaving. If Alex chooses to leave town, she will board a bus either by herself, with Ryan, or with Steph. If Alex didn't form a relationship with Ryan, he will be shown on her apartment's rooftop, looking sad. The last scene shows Alex about to perform onstage in front of a large audience.


At the start of New Year, Gabe mentions Alex to Steph, but does not reveal her identity. Alex eventually appears at the end of the story where Steph shows her two records for her to select, leading to the events of the main story


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  • Empathy:[3] Alex has the ability to detect and feel the emotions of people around her. Emotions regularly project as color-coded auras to her, with purple representing fear, red representing anger, blue representing sadness, and yellow representing joy.
    • Emotion Absorption: By concentrating hard enough, Alex can remove certain emotions from targets by absorbing their strong feelings, but she will eventually experience the absorbed emotion.
  • Telepathy: Alex can hear thoughts that the target is having in correlation with their emotions as well.
  • Psychometry: Alex can tap into emotional auras on certain objects and/or people to access memories attached to them. If she comes across a particularly strong aura, she can reach out and connect with it, allowing her to enter a state called Nova, which transforms the world around her into a reflection of that person's psyche, experiencing fragments of their thought and memories.


  • Alex claims that she cannot turn off her empathy and often acts up whenever a person experiencing a strong emotion appears near her.
  • Alex has to be in close range with someone to see their emotions and hear their thoughts.


  • Since she feels what others feel, Alex becomes heavily influenced by them. Like when Mac barges into Gabe's apartment and beats him up unprovoked, Alex began to feel his anger and despite her attempts to fight the anger, it overtakes her to the point where she attacks Mac and accidentally punches Gabe when he tried to intervene. Finally, when she takes an emotion away from someone, it becomes a part of her briefly, like if she took Charlotte's anger and hears Gabe's call to Mac, she gets in a fit of rage that makes her friends leave her alone.
  • Although she has well-meaning intentions, Alex taking someone's essential emotions, such as grief, and speeding up the process can cause more harm than good, essentially leaving them numb like an empty shell. On a positive note, her taking away someone's fear could give them the confidence they need to convince them to see the errors of their ways and do what's right.



  • John Chen – (Father)
  • Wendy Chen – (Mother) - Alex lost her mother to cancer. She loved her mother very much. One of her last memories of her mother was in the hospital and her mother asked her to take care of her father and brother.
  • Gabe Chen – (Brother) - They were separated over eight years ago when their father split. Gabe spent an unknown amount of time before the game trying to track Alex down, even going through the phonebook and calling each Alex Chen he could find. Apparently there were quite a few. When he finally did find her, he texted her and they started to reconnect. Gabe was very eager and happy to have his sister back in his life, many of the townsfolk commenting on this to Alex when she first arrives.


  • Steph Gingrich – Alex first 'meets' Steph when she's waiting for Gabe and wanders into the record store nearby. She heads towards the window pane and sees that Haven has its own radio station. Inside is a girl rocking out and having a good time. When they catch one another's attention Steph holds up two records for Alex to choose. After she does Steph sets it up in the queue and states that they have a special request from 'some chick' before shooting Alex a playful smile. They officially meet when Alex is working her first day at the bar and Alex learns that Steph is a DnD nerd and gets challenged to a game of 'Guess that Song' on the jukebox.
  • Ryan Lucan – Alex meets Ryan when she's waiting for Gabe and wanders into the record store. He's there buying a CD, one about birdcalls. He ends up helping Alex find a gift for Gabe.



Memorable Quotes

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"For the first time in years, I really let myself believe."
— Alex in the reveal trailer


  • Alex's singing voice will be provided by singer-songwriter and Twitch streamer mxmtoon, who is a self-described Life is Strange fan.
  • The pre-order bonus outfits for True Colors indicate that Alex's favorite animals may be cats.
  • Alex can be seen wearing a Hawt Dawg Man t-shirt in the trailer.
  • Alex's guitar, that can be seen in the trailer, seems to be based on Fender and Gibson guitars. The brand inscription looks very similar to the Fender logo appears to read "Gender", which may be a mix of the two brands.
  • Unlike Max Caulfield and Daniel Diaz, Alex had discovered her powers prior to the game's events.
  • Alex's zodiac sign is Cancer.

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