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This article is meant to give a deeper and more detailed look at the relationship between Alex Chen and Ryan Lucan and its development throughout Life is Strange: True Colors. Ryan is one of two love interests for Alex. Within the fandom, their relationship is known as Luchen.

Life is Strange: True Colors

Chapter 1: Side A

Ryan is Alex's older brother's, Gabe Chen's, best friend. Prior to Alex's arrival to Haven Springs, Gabe informed the residents of the small town of his sister's advent. A short time upon entering into Rocky Mountain Record Traders, Ryan gently lets Alex know that the store is closed, though is quick to mention how that's "confusing" since it's also clearly open. He gets a better look at her, asking if she's Alex. When Alex confirms that she is, he formally introduces himself, extending his hand out. While nervous, Alex accepts and the two shake hands.

Already knowing Alex came all the way from Portland, Oregon, Ryan asks what she thinks of Haven Springs so far, and depending on player choice, will determine her answer: cool or still deciding. Alex is quick to take notice that while the store is closed, what Ryan's picking up must be "pretty important". He sheepishly rises his hand to show what's he's holding - "An Outdoorsmen's Guild to the Calls of Common Birds". Depending on the player choice, she will determine her comment over this.

Alex expresses that Ryan picking up that CD is "not what she was expecting at all". Ryan jokes, calling it a "pretty obscure record," additionally claiming that the National Park Service "gave it five stars".

Alex expresses that Ryan picking up that CD is "the nerdiest thing she's ever seen," before claiming that she owned two Schoolhouse Rock albums. Ryan owns his hobby and tells her that instead of lying and saying it's for his work, he's honest and states that it's "totally for fun".

Ryan's clear embarrassment, though joking manner over the CD earns a giggle from Alex. She asks what he is with Ryan stating that he's a Colorado state park ranger, leading to Alex claiming that it's "all coming into focus".

Due to the store being closed, Alex expresses her disappoint that she can't pick out a gift for Gabe, before voicing that she's not even sure if he still listens to records. Ryan informs her that he does, even commenting that Gabe's girlfriend, Charlotte Harmon, got him a record player for his birthday. Ryan recalls Gabe being put on the store's hold list and proceeds to search for it with no luck. He asks Alex if she'd like to help him and the two begin to look around the store. Alex finds the list beneath black cat Valkyrie. Failing to get the cat to move from her spot, Alex and Ryan now proceed to search for Valkyrie's toy to lure her away, which is found in a junk box. Prior to locating the toy, Alex and Ryan banter over what they think Gabe listens to "these days". Cat toy in hand, Alex is able to coax Valkyrie to a different area and pick up the hold list, listing Gabe's latest record hold - Kings of Leon.

As Ryan is ringing Alex up for the record, the two banter back and forth about Ryan wanting "ammunition" to embarrass Gabe with later. Suddenly Steph Gingrich comes storming out of her on-air radio booth with a red aura surrounding her that only Alex can see. Steph argues with someone over the phone and Ryan quickly takes notice of Alex's changing behavior; her stepping back, her tapping her heal to match Steph's tapping, her nails clawing against the checkout desk. Seeing how Steph's anger is affecting Alex, Ryan steps into action and walks over to Steph. He tells her he can take over her job while she goes to handle what's got her so upset. Steph is grateful and immediately her anger dissolves, with Alex also feeling relief.

As Steph leaves the store, Ryan cautiously walks up to Alex, asking if she's okay. The player's choice will determine her response.

Alex tells Ryan's she's "great," before thanking him. As Steph left the store, she had revealed that her anger was because of a LARP she was organizing, this LARP becoming "difficult". Ryan calls her "Queen of Haven's nerds," and Alex jokes that there's "unrest in the kingdom".

Alex apologizes, claiming how she was "just a little thrown for a moment," before thanking Ryan.

Ryan attempts to say something just as Gabe enters the store. Seeing as how Alex's gift to Gabe is still sitting on the checkout desk, Ryan moves to position his body in front of the desk. The three of them make pleasantries, with Gabe asking what Alex and Ryan have been up to.

Alex tells Gabe how she and Ryan have been talking about bird calls and other bird-related media, further reiterating how much Ryan apparently loves birds. Ryan raises his hand, saying, "Guilty". Gabe looks at him, before telling him how they're "trying to keep Alex in Haven".


Gabe moves to put his hand on Ryan's shoulder, calling Ryan his best friend as well as the best guide in Haven Springs. Ryan moves to pull Gabe aside, giving Alex a chance to discretely put the record into her traveling backpack. As Gabe and Alex leave the store, Ryan and Alex share an unspoken look, leaving Ryan smiling.

Later that evening, Ryan approaches Alex and Gabe on the rooftop of the Black Lantern informing them that he can't locate Ethan Lambert and is wondering if he was with them. As Ryan and Gabe get up to look for him, depending on a player choice prior, Alex informs them of Ethan's plans to hike on the mountain, near the mines, or both Alex and Gabe already know he's most likely on the mountain. Together the three of them drive up the mountain and begin their search. They encounter a locked Typhon gate, leading to Ryan going around and calling out for Alex to join him. He offers his hand and helps her over the rubble of a destroyed wall. For the time being, Gabe leaves them to search a different area, leaving Alex and Ryan to partner up. Gabe soon links back up with them and upon using Ethan's own created comic book, Alex is able to pinpoint where he is, directing Ryan and Gabe to the ravine seen in the distance.

They continue in their search along the trails. Beyond some trees, Alex spots a large purple aura illuminating, fully knowing it's Ethan and that's he's afraid. She runs to him with Ryan and Gabe following close behind. The only way to Ethan is across a long and old log acting as a bridge. Ryan tests out the log's sturdiness, only to determine that he and Gabe are too heavy to go across. Alex begins to panic as Ethan's fear is so great that it's starting to affect her the closer she gets. Knowing it has to be done however, she volunteers herself to be the one to go get him. Ryan and Gabe prepare themselves by anchoring Gabe to a belay. When Gabe is finished, Ryan turns his attention to Alex, asking is she's okay. Player choice will determine her response.

Ryan tells Alex how "that feeling makes sense". He asks her to do him a favor by wanting her to see if she can breathe. As Alex breathes, Ryan tells her she's doing great, and that as long as she's doing that, everything's going to be okay.

Alex fails see how her feelings are "relevant right now," leading to Ryan telling her that its "relevant to him". Once Alex figures it out, she'll let him know. In return, Ryan says he'll hold that to her.

Alex tells Ryan she's okay in a voice that she's trying to not make sound nervous. Ryan questions this, asking if she's sure, further saying how it's okay if she's not. Alex affirms that "she's good," with Ryan stating that "he actually believes her when she says that".

Ryan insists that she make eye contact with him as he explains what he's doing and what's going to happen, following by tying the other end of the rope that Gabe's attached to, to to her.

Alex makes her way over to Ethan, with Ryan giving her encouragement, and upon getting him to come with her, the two head back across the log. Ryan is there to grab her hand and carefully pull her to safety. Alex collapses to the ground, through is very proud of herself for not allowing Ethan's fear to effect her so greatly in such a serious situation, despite having no choice put to use her power to understand why Ethan was so afraid to move. Suddenly, sirens blare and the ground begins to shake as an explosion rips through the area. Falling rocks and other boulders come racing down the mountain, one hitting Gabe, sending him flying over the ravine's edge. As Gabe falls, Alex is pulled with him by the rope they're still attached to. Ryan grabs hold of the rope and desperately pulls on it to keep Alex from falling over too. He turns back to see more rocks falling at them, leading to him making the decision to pull out an outdoorsman's knife and cut the rope awhile Alex is pleading no and screaming Gabe's name. Ryan wraps his arms around her and pulls her back as rocks come flying overhead. He keeps his body close to hers until the rocks clear and Alex tears herself from him and runs to look over the ravine's edge where Gabe went over.

Chapter 2: Lanterns

A couple days following Gabe's death, the residents of Haven Springs are holding a memorial at the Black Lantern, where Gabe used to work as a bartender. During the service an argument breaks out between Ryan and Mac Loudon, regarding the call Gabe made using Ryan's satellite phone to the Typhon Mining demolition crew on that night, Mac being the one on duty, claiming that he never received Gabe's call. The argument quickly turns against Ryan as the town people seemingly judge him for Gabe's death - Ryan being the one to cut the rope Gabe was attached to. As anger fills the room, Alex becomes overwhelmed with red aura surrounding too many people. She leaves and rushes up stairs to her apartment above the bar.

Later in the day, Alex finds Ryan back at the ravine, standing over the same edge Gabe went over. Alex tells him he was right - about Typhon, about Mac, how Mac did receive Gabe's call. Ryan questions this, asking how she knows. Alex tells him how Mac lied about it, how someone is putting pressure on him to keep quite. Still in his heartbroken state, Ryan doesn't believe it matters as Gabe is still dead. He informs her how he keeps coming back to the spot, replaying that night's events in his head, only for it to always end the same. Ryan's anger emerges, with Alex stepping up to him and placing her hand on his shoulder. Using her power, she reads his thoughts; Ryan claiming how it's "all his fault," how it's his job to keep people safe and that he failed. Upon hearing his thoughts, player choice will determine Alex's response.

Alex tells Ryan he saved Ethan, saying how Ethan is alive because of him.

Alex tells Ryan he did "everything right," how it was Typhon who took Gabe away from them, not him.

Alex tells Ryan that she owns him her life.

Ryan doesn't say anything to any of Alex's choice dialogues, rather Alex hears his thoughts again, saying how she's "wrong," how it was him who allowed her to cross that log, how it was him that "put Gabe in harms way". He declares that he's not a hero, that he's "worse than worthless".

Alex tells Ryan he was brave this morning during the memorial, and that he's brave right now, further stating that she's never been as brave as him.

Alex tells Ryan that he's got to "stop torturing himself," further stating that he did "everything he could have".

Alex tells Ryan that she knows what it's like to feel worthless and helpless. She continues to say how he saved Ethan, and then how he saved her.

Ryan doesn't say anything to any of Alex's choice dialogues, rather Alex hears his thoughts again, saying how it "doesn't matter," because Gabe is still dead due to his actions. He apologizes to Gabe. Ryan takes a step forward, closer the ravine's edge. Alex quickly moves to hold onto his arm, stopping him in his tracks.

Alex tells Ryan that Gabe loved him, further stating how Gabe would forgive him. She also tells him that Ryan "knows" that too.

Alex tells Ryan that there's only "one person" holding him responsible for what happened - him. He needs to forgive himself. She also tells Ryan that he's not alone.


Ryan falls to his knees in tears, holding onto Alex. The two hold each other as Ryan cries.

Sometime later, still at the ravine, Ryan is no longer upset. He and Alex lay on the ground, cloud watching, laughing and sharing stories about Gabe. After the jokes, Ryan sits up and asks Alex how she knew about Mac receiving Gabe's call. Alex too sits up and tells Ryan how "this is going to sound sorta weird, then really weird," ending by asking him if he trusts her. Ryan nods in responses that he does. Instead of telling Ryan how her power works, she'd rather show him.

Alex tells Ryan to think of something that "breaks-your-heart-sad," further reiterating to "really focus" until he "really feels it". Ryan complies and thinks of Gabe's laugh, thinking how he's never made anyone laugh the way he made Gabe. He's further sadden by the fact that he'll never hear it again.

Alex tells Ryan to "think of something that scares the shit out of you," further reiterating to "really focus" until he "really feels it". Ryan complies and thinks of Mac, Typhon, "all of it," and how he's afraid that he won't know how to handle everything without Gabe.


Remembering a memory with Gabe, Ryan begins to experience an emotion that Alex isn't sure what it is. She sees a gold-joy aura form around him as he begins to laugh at what he's recalling. While not how she intended to showcase her power, Alex reads Ryan's thoughts by using three clouds, all specific shapes related to his memory. She learns that Ryan and Gabe once accidentally killed a Canadian goose and buried it, and Ryan pranked Gabe into thinking he was in international trouble with the British Queen. As Alex pieces the memory together, she feels Ryan's joy and laughs along with him. After the laugher dies down, Ryan is left confused, questioning how Alex knew the details of what made him so happy.

Alex tells Ryan she has this power that allows her to see other people's emotions, claiming how they "show up like an aura," and that when she focuses she can feel what they're feeling. Ryan takes a moment, though is supportive, saying, "Some kind of power... No kidding."

Alex tells Ryan that "there's something wrong with the way she process other people's emotions," claiming how she sees "these auras," and that when she feels "something big," it "infects" her. Hearing Alex speak poorly of herself and power, Ryan tells her that there's nothing wrong with her, and that she's a "literal wizard".

Having told him her secret, Alex tells Ryan how she's only ever experienced the "bad" emotions before, stating how what Ryan felt minutes prior was "pure joy". Interested in knowing who else knows, Ryan asks her. Depending on player choice earlier, Alex could have told Gabe of her power, with Ryan now being the only person who knows, or Alex could have kept her power a secret from Gabe, with Ryan now being the only person she's told.

Now Ryan understands how Alex knew of Mac receiving Gabe's call and that the call was ignored by the an unknown person when Mac did try to stop the demolition, leaving the question of why. Alex plans to put a stop to Typhon's plot, starting with who was the one who made the decision to allow the blast to go off. Ryan wants to help, with Alex telling him he "doesn't have to," only for her to be told that she's now "stuck with him now".

Alex looks at Ryan silently, before going in for a hug. Ryan is momentarily surprised, unsure what to do with his hands and rapidly moving his eyes to the sides. He soon moves a hand to Alex's back, telling her she's welcome. Alex smiles into the hug and moves back seconds later, thanking Ryan for his help. Ryan insists that it's he who should be thanking her.

Alex declares a "team up" and for them to do the "buddy-cop thing," while extending her hand out to Ryan. Ryan stares at her in bewilderment, before laughing and calling her a "loose canon," as he takes her hand and the two shake.

Earlier in the day, Alex suggested a way to send Gabe off one last time. Using the MyBlock app, the town's residents think it's a great idea and agree to meet her on the bridge later that night. After Alex makes a short speech, she gestures to Ryan and the two of them release a lantern, watching as it floats over the sky.

Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal

At the Black Lantern, Alex and Ryan tell Steph about Alex's power. To prove this, Alex uses her ability on Steph, saying how, true or not, Steph felt "feeling left out," because Ryan knew first. With Steph in the loop now, and recalling Diane Jacobs behavior from Chapter 2 -- purple-aura that surrounded her and always working on her laptop -- Alex suspects that she may be working for Typhon. The three now wait for Diane to enter the bar, until then Alex continues to work her shift. Upon cleaning up some dirty dishes, she heads back to Ryan and Steph after Diane walks in and begins working on her laptop. It's there Ryan and Steph reveal their plan to get Diane's USB drive, that the tree of them believe houses vital information about Typhon. As Ryan and Steph share their plan, Alex is less then pleased. However they insist that it's a simple plan, and all Alex has to do is decide who the "hotter distraction" is.

Should Alex choose Ryan, she'll call him a "total smokeshow in a flannel". Ryan is slightly smug, though says nothing. Steph protects, calling "this a bad dream," however ultimately goes along.

Should Alex choose Steph, Ryan doesn't protect, only claiming, "That's fair."

Before the plan can take full effect, Alex wants to try just talking with Diane first. If that doesn't work, then she'll call for that "distraction".

A few minutes later, Alex needs the help leading to either Ryan or Steph asking Diane out on a date. During which Alex is able take Diane's USB drive out of her laptop. After they excuse themselves, all three head to Alex's Apartment to try and decrypt the drive using Alex's laptop, but it's password-protected. Ryan decides to send it to Riley Lethe to see if she can access it, as she's "a whiz with computer stuff". Steph then leaves to prepare for the LARP she's planned for Ethan and reminds Alex to bring her guitar and bard hat.

The LARP begins not long after, Ethan and Alex are now Thaynor the Monster Slayer, and Thaynor's bard. Ryan plays as a dire-wolf, a serpent and a troll whom Alex and Ethan must either defeat or find a way to bypass them without fighting. He will drop items if they win the battle.

During Ryan's time as the dire-wolf, after he's defeated, Alex can 'annoy' him, asking how she and Ethan know if he's "really dead," and if they should tickle him to find out. If Alex choose Ryan to be the distraction for Diane, she can read his thoughts, with Ryan claiming that he "must look like such a goofball" and "so much for being hot". Alex replies, to herself, that "hot and goofball are not mutually exclusive, at least in her book".

During Ryan's time as the serpent, Alex questions if she and Ethan "have to fight it," leading to Ethan asking why they wouldn't.

Alex calls it "cute" and "not goofy-looking at all," leading to Ryan mouthing, "Thanks."

Alex insists that she and Ethan "save their energy for something scarier". Ethan agrees.

Alex "feels bad for it," because it's "just living its life, being a snake". Ethan tells her it eats people.

Alex and Ethan either battle the serpent or have attained the Ophidian Chime, which is a mere bell. If the bell is in hand, Alex rings it near Ryan's face, with the effect that "snakes within hearing must fall asleep". After it's defeated, Alex and Ethan continue with their quest. If they battle the serpent, before leaving, Ethan asks if Alex is "bummed" that they "had to kill the snake," has she didn't want to in the beginning. She replies that it's fine.

During Ryan's time as the troll, Alex and Ethan either battle the troll or have attained Troll Dust, which is glitter. If the glitter is in hand, Alex blows it onto Ryan's mask and shirt, with the effect that "trolls become very friendly". After it's "defeated", Alex and Ethan continue with their quest. Before that, Alex has the option to ask the troll to "say something nice about each of them". Once he says something nice about Ethan, he turns to Alex, not speaking to her as her bard character, but rather to her as Alex, saying how "she sees deep into the hearts of people" and how "she doesn't let that stop her from believing in them". Ryan's genuine words touch Alex greatly.

After the LARP is over, Alex goes to see Charlotte. Once she's finished with her, Alex soon returns to her apartment to find Ryan and Steph attempting to decode Diane's USB drive on Alex's laptop. The two did manage to locate the warning call Gabe made to Mac. Alex listens to the call too, learning that it went ignored.

Alex will remain calm, and not throw Gabe's foosball winner whiskey at the wall, causing Ryan and Steph to stay with her. Alex can use her telepathy on Ryan, hearing him speak about Gabe. After she listens to his thoughts, Alex claims that "it's hard to believe she met Ryan less than a month ago," and that "it feels like she's known him for years." Alex figures out the puzzle with Ryan and Steph, learning that the explosion was a decoy meant to cover up another explosion.

Alex will get angry to the point where she throws Gabe's foosball winner whiskey at the wall, causing Steph to storm out of the apartment. Ryan goes after her, leaving Alex alone. Alex figures out the puzzle on her own, learning that the explosion was a decoy meant to cover up another explosion.

Chapter 4: Flicker

Same day of the LARP, now in the evening, Alex meets Ryan at the Spring Festival along with Steph, the latter commenting on Alex's skirt before they are interrupted by a loud screech from the speakers. If Alex took away Charlotte's anger, she will apologize to them for her violent outburst and Steph will claim that she is the one who needs to apologize. Steph tells Alex to go be a "normal person for awhile," while she leaves to attend to the radio trailer and Ryan works on the speakers.

Before the live music begins, Alex has the option to give a rose to either Ryan or Steph. Should she give it to Ryan, she'll nervously walk up to him while he's still working on the speakers, telling him that she has "something" for him, revealing the rose. Ryan is taken aback, claiming that he "wasn't mentally prepared for that at all," before thanking her. Ryan then says that he has something for her as well and would like meet up after the show. Alex agrees. If the show isn't ready to begin just yet, Alex can use her telepathy on Ryan, with Ryan saying that he needs to "play it cool," and that "it's just a rose".

Once Ryan and Steph are ready, and Steph is revealed to be playing, it's then unveiled that Alex is also performing, to her dismay. Alex goes on stage with her guitar and nevertheless begins to sing her song, with Ryan cheering and watching from the audience.

After the show, Alex heads for the Black Lantern's rooftop garden where she finds Ryan planting a tree. Ryan discloses how his mother used to get insomnia when he was a child, leading to many middle of the night drives to the Lantern to garden. Due to these nights, the rooftop garden became a special for Ryan and he wishes for it to become one for Alex as well. The conversation changes to Alex's future in Haven Springs, where Ryan makes a game out it -- telling Alex to close her eyes and choose her answers to his questions; where she's like to work (the Black Lantern or record store) and what she'd do in her free time (play her guitar or hike). Depending on the choice for 'play her guitar' or 'hike' will result in Ryan being in a different area of this hypothetical game of scenarios. Either way, Ryan will be where Alex is -- at the door to her apartment or coming down a hiking trail. Still playing the game, Alex asks who are at either of these places, leading to Ryan calling himself "only the coolest person in Haven Springs," how he'll walk to to her in "an extremely cool way with his plaid jacket swaying in the breeze". Alex opens her eyes, and calls Ryan a "dork". Ryan lets it be known that while he's not trying to plan out Alex's whole life, he wants her to know that if she wants to put down roots Haven Springs will always make space for her.

Ryan tells Alex that he really cares about her, and that she's the "most amazing person he's ever met".

Alex sees a purple fear aura form around Ryan, and Ryan mentally telling himself to kiss her, before he outright states to her that he really wants to kiss her. Alex remarks that she knows, leading to her being the one to move in for the kiss. A gold joy aura forms around the both of them, with it expanding out and spreading across the entire town and blooming the flowers on the tree Ryan planted. As they catch their breath, the two stand in blissful peace, holding hands.

Alex steps toward Ryan, wrapping her arms around him, with a smile. Ryan is stunned, though places his hands on her back, returning the hug. Feeling Ryan on her, Alex smiles deeper into their embrace. She is first to let go, stepping back and telling Ryan that she cares about him too while they stand in blissful peace, holding hands.

Ryan speaks up, asking if Alex would like to rejoin the festivities. Knowing she had called police sheriff Jason Pike earlier in the evening, regarding Diane's USB drive, she declines Ryan's offer. Ryan accepts this and leaves Alex to her thoughts, not before sharing a gentle look.

Due to Alex having Diane's UBS drive, she is arrested by Officer Pike. She's ultimately let go and heads back for her apartment. There she sees a note left by Jed Lucan, asking to come see him downstairs in the bar. The two talk and Alex reveals her findings and other suspicions about Typhon. Jed too reveals that he knows about the company's dirty secrets. Alex wants to know what and Jed tells her that he'll "do her one better -- he'll show her".

Alex and Jed make their way to a long abandoned mineshaft. Jed tells Alex that everything she wishes to know is down in it. As Alex is looking over the shaft's edge, she feels Jed become sad, causing her to turn and face him. Jed is holding her at gunpoint when he tells her about a "mistake" he had made 12 years prior. Typhon made him a deal and Jed took it. Just as Alex tells him to "go to hell," Jed shoots her and she falls over the edge into the shaft.

Chapter 5: Side B

The following morning, Alex manages to survive her ordeal and escape the mine. Severally hurt and bloodied, she limps back to town where a meeting being hosted by Jed and Diane is taking place in the Black Lantern. Ryan is among the people taking part in the meeting, watching and listening, though clearly uninterested and making glances at Steph who's also in attendance and feeling the same.

As Diane finishes her speech, Alex enters through the front door, with Jed noticing her first. As Alex limps further inside, Ryan spots her too and immediately moves for her, with Steph following suit. They are horrified to see her in such a state and suggest taking her to a doctor, however Alex dismisses their concerns. To everyone present, she tells them the truth and what really happened at the mine; how Jed had lied to everyone about saving all the miners, how one of those miners was her own father, John Chen. Once Alex is finished speaking, an argument between Pike and Diane breaks out, leading to Alex coming back to Ryan and Steph's side.

Ryan will turn to his father, asking him to "come clean," and that they'll "figure it out together". Jed remarks how he's amazed to how much Alex has "manipulated" Ryan. Ryan begs Jed, saying how he "hates seeing him do this," only for Jed to yell at him that his "own goddamn son" doesn't believe him.

Ryan will ask "why she's doing this," before loudly stating that "his dad is not a murder". He'll also question if she was afraid "that they couldn't get Typhon," leading to her "needing someone else to blame". He believed that they were "in this together for Gabe." If Alex romanced him, he'll end his remark by saying how he thought she cared for him. Alex reaches her hands out to him, but Ryan pulls back, putting his hands up, claiming that "he's not going to let her do that to him anymore". Steph becomes angry, confronting Ryan over not believing Alex -- not believing her despite all the physical evidence on her. Ryan says it's "gone too far," and that "it's not true". Steph curses Ryan.

Alex steps toward Jed and enters Nova where the entire room goes dark with only Jed being visible. Alex has a long, sorrowful talk with him, who remains silent. Afterwards, she can either choose to forgive or denounce him. Regardless of her choice, Jed will break down in tears, now feeling regretful and ashamed of his wrongdoings as reality returns to normal.

Sometime later, if Alex romanced him, Ryan knocks on her apartment door. Depending whether Ryan believed or didn't believe Alex will alter their interaction.

Alex apologizes and Ryan steps into her apartment, going in for an embrace.

Ryan apologizes. He says how he couldn't accept the truth about his dad, further claiming that he wasn't strong enough to. Alex is a bit standoffish, waiting for Ryan to speak more. After a few awkward moments, Ryan asks if she could forgive him.

I Forgive You: Alex says that she "already does," further stating how he "faced something horrible and turned away for a moment". Ryan claims that he "should have known," but he "just couldn't accept it". Alex takes a step forward and holds out her hands. Ryan takes them as Alex tells him that "it's out now," and as "horrible as it is," they don't "have to face it alone," further stating that they "have each other".

I'll Try: Alex says she "doesn't know," claiming how "after everything they went through, he wasn't there when she needed him," further questioning how could she "ever trust him again". As Ryan looks down in sorrow, Alex tells him she "wants to try" though it's going to "take time". Hearing that she doesn't want their relationship to end, Ryan looks back up at Alex with hopefulness, saying how he "can live with that".

I Can't: Alex apologizes, saying she "doesn't think she can do that". She further claims that "after everything they went through together, he wasn't there when she needed him the most," questioning how could she "ever trust him again". Ryan stands in silence, before saying "he understands," and wishing her well for "whatever comes next". Alex thanks him and wishes the same for him as well. Ryan sulks away, deeply saddened by the events.

Depending if Alex and Ryan's relationship is still going, Ryan wonders what's next for her, saying how "he's asking because he's in". Whether it's in Haven Springs or not, if Alex wants him, he's there.

Alex is surprised, questioning if Ryan would "really leave Haven"? Ryan tells her he's sure, saying how "what's left for him anyway," unless Alex was staying.

Alex tells Ryan "that's really sweet" of him, before thanking him. He says not to mention it.

Alex goes up to the rooftop and has a conversation with Gabe's spirit on what she should do: stay in Haven Springs or leave. Gabe explains two futures that determine Ryan's fate. If Alex and Ryan have formed a relationship with each other, the following events happen: a bus leaves and Alex is shown on the bridge with Ryan, Alex works at the Black Lantern with Ryan, Alex plays guitar for Ryan on the rooftop, and Alex watches the sunset on the bridge with Ryan.

If Alex choose to leave Haven Springs, Ryan will be seen boarding the bus with Alex.

If Alex did not form a romantic relationship with him, he'll instead be seen on the rooftop looking sad while Alex boards the bus alone or with Steph.

Memorable Quotes

Ryan"Ugh, I must look like such a goofball. So much for being hot."
Alex"Hot and goofball are not mutually exclusive, at least in my book."
— Ryan to himself, Alex reading his thoughts, Monster or Mortal.
Alex"Do we have to fight it?"
Ethan"Why wouldn't we?"
Alex"I mean... it's kinda cute, isn't it? [to Ryan] And not goofy-looking at all."
Ryan"(mouthing) Thanks."
— Ryan LARPS as a river monster, Alex chooses "It's cute" option, Monster or Mortal.
Alex"Hey, Ryan? I have something for you. [gives Ryan a rose]"
Ryan"Alex... I... wasn't mentally prepared for that at all. Wow. Thank you."
Alex"You're welcome."
— Alex surprises Ryan by giving him a Spring Festival rose, Flicker.
"Okay, play it cool. It's just a rose. Play it cool."
— Ryan to himself, Alex reading his thoughts, after giving him a Spring Festival rose, Flicker.
"I... I really... care about you, Alex. A lot. You're the most amazing person I've ever met."
— Ryan to Alex, on the rooftop, Flicker.
"Come on, dummy, kiss her, kiss her!"
— Ryan to himself, Alex reading his thoughts, on the rooftop, Flicker.
Ryan"I really want to kiss you right now."
Alex"I know."
— Ryan and Alex moments from sharing a kiss, on the rooftop, Flicker.
"Oh, um. Also, I kissed Ryan? So. That happened."
— Alex to herself, "talking" to Gabe, Flicker.
"What about us? Do you think you could ever forgive me? What I did?"
— Ryan to Alex, asking for forgiveness after choosing his father over her, Side B.
"But it's out now. And, as horrible as it is, we don't have to face it alone. We have each other."
— Alex to Ryan, choosing to forgive him, Side B.
"So, what's next for Alex Chen? I guess I'm asking because... I'm in. I mean, whether it's here, or anywhere else-- if you want me, I'm there."
— Ryan wants to stay with Alex, Side B.


  • Alex and Ryan go mountain biking together on Saturday, May 11, 2019.[1]
  • Alex joins Ryan in his annual watching of an "amazing" nature documentary on Saturday, May 18, 2019.[1]
  • During Alex and Steph's foosball game, when Steph asks Alex if "she's into girls," should the player choose the 'nope' option, Steph will endorse Ryan, offering to hook Alex up with him.


Chapter One: Side A

Chapter Two: Lanterns

Chapter Three: Monster or Mortal


Chapter Four: Flicker

Chapter Five: Side B


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