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"This is a pretty high-tech lair." - "Feels like a high-tech cell. But I am lucky my parents bust their ass to take care of me. I know it's hard for them..." — Max and Alternative Chloe in "Dark Room"

The Alternative Price Garage is the alternative timeline version of David Madsen's garage in Life is Strange. It is an explorable location in Episode 4: Dark Room.


In the alternative timeline, the garage has been replaced by a high-tech medical room for Chloe Price. Her bed stands in the middle, facing the doorway. Near it, a cabinet is present, with tissue boxes and medicine on top. Various medical equipment stands around the room. In one corner of the room, there is a desktop computer with a mouth-controlled joystick. The HDTV has been moved from from the living room to the garage. Below it, a cabinet with a DVD player can be seen. On the top of the cabinet, there are several fluffy animals and snow domes. Chloe's parents also added a downstairs bathroom for their daughter. An additional window has been added in order to give Chloe a good view of the outside world.

Episode Four - "Dark Room"

After spending some time together on the beach, Max Caulfield and Chloe return to Chloe's house and enter her room in the garage. They talk about how the accident has influenced Chloe and her family. Then Chloe asks Max to bring her some water. Max can also wipe sandy tears from Chloe's face, after which Chloe will thank Max and quote a Chinese proverb.[note 1] Chloe remarks that this is the most she has talked that year. She then suggests watching Blade Runner together. Max puts the DVD into the player and the girls fall asleep while watching the movie.

The following morning, they have a short conversation about last night's events. Chloe gets head pains and asks Max to bring her the morphine injector from the upstairs bedroom. Sometime later, Max returns with the morphine and inserts it into the drip. Chloe asks Max to bring her a photo album from a cabinet nearby. Looking through the photos together with Chloe, Max notices the same photo that she used to travel to 2008 and save William. Moments later, Chloe tells Max about her worsening condition and asks Max to end her life. Max can accept or refuse the request. Regardless of the choice, Max then focuses on the photo from 2008 and lets events unfold as originally planned (William dying in a car accident), and returns to the original timeline.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Max's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.
  • Max can look at a cup of water and give it to Chloe (required). (Comment: "Instead of handing Chloe a bong, I’m feeding her water... Did I give her a choice?")
  • Max can look at a punk bracelet. (Comment: "There's the old Chloe.")
  • She can look at and use Chloe's computer. (Comment: "That is so incredible... and she can browse cat videos on the web.")
  • She can look at the mouse-controlled joystick. (Comment: "Whoa, Chloe can totally control her computer... It's so great people get this high-tech help.")
  • She can look at a set of makeup. (Comment: "I should offer to put makeup on for Chloe. Not that I can, but it would be fun.")
  • She can look at the door to Chloe's bathroom. (Comment: "Man, Joyce and William built a whole new bathroom for Chloe. They're so great.")
  • She can look at and closely examine Chloe's message board. (Comment: "Chloe's message board since the accident sure looks lonely. I didn't add much. Bad Max.")
    • She can look at a postcard from Max's parents to Chloe on the message board. (Comment: "It's nice my parents sent a card at least.")
    • She can look at a postcard from Megan Weaver. (Comment: "I wonder who this is. Kind of a generic card.")
    • She can look at Max's letter to Chloe. (Comment: "I wasn't very available to Chloe. Real nice.")
    • She can look at Max's road trip selfie. (Comment: "At least I sent road-trip selfies to Chloe. I’m sure that made her feel great.")
  • She can look at Chloe's wheelchair. (Comment: "I still can't believe I put Chloe in that chair...")
  • She can look at Chloe's snow globes. (Comment: "The snow globes are taking over…")
  • She can look at the snow doe. (Comment: "Awww, the snow doe... I guess not everything changed.")
  • She can look at Chloe's teddy bear. (Comment: "Hello Chloe. She likes fluffy animals now.")
  • She can look at a heat lamp. (Comment: "That’s a serious heat lamp.")
  • She can look at the window to the backyard. (Comment: "Does Chloe look at the garden and think about her childhood?
    She can’t even feel the grass now...")
  • She can look at the lifter. (Comment: "At least Chloe doesn’t weigh that much.")
  • She can look at Chloe's medical ventilator. (Comment: "Oh man, she has to use that ventilator just to breathe.")
  • She can look at Chloe's morphine drip. (Comment: "That must be her mighty morphine machine... No more bongs for her.")

After giving Chloe the cup of water,

  • Max can clean Chloe's face with a tissue. (Comment: "I'm glad to help Chloe clean this sand off her face. She would do the same for me.")
  • She can examine the drawers near Chloe's bed. (Comment: "Nothing but medical supplies..."
    "She has to use a lot of lotion to keep her blood circulating.")
  • She can find the Blade Runner DVD in a drawer under the HDTV (required). (Comment: "Aha, here's the DVD.")
  • She can find the Pirate Power mix in another drawer. (Comment: "Oh my God, I made that mix for her when we were twelve.")
  • She can examine the drawers near the window.
    • Chloe's Blackwell record and a letter from Principal Wells will be inside. (Comment: "Wowser, Chloe was a straight-A student. She could have gone to any college."
      Stole money: "Gutless bastard. I am so glad Chloe stole your bullshit fund.
      Even if it was in another reality..."
      Left money: "What a bastard. I totally should have let Chloe steal your bullshit fund.
      Even if it was in another reality...")
    • A photo of the Price family and a skating magazine will be in another drawer. (Comment: "Despite everything, they’re still a happy family again..."
      "It's cool that in this reality, Chloe really loves skating too.")
  • She can look at a framed photo of Chloe and William (if Max took it in 2008). (Comment: "I'm glad I took this photo. Chloe has a new memory of William and her together.")
  • She can look at and insert the Blade Runner DVD into the player (required). (Comment: Without DVD: "So here's the DVD player. Now I just need to find the DVD."
    With DVD: "Now we have a movie night.")
  • She can speak to Chloe.


  • There is a blue Awareness ribbon on the photo album in Alternative Chloe’s room. Among its meanings is ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), a medical condition that may be caused by trauma. (See here for all meanings).
  • Max has the option to ask Chloe if she needs anything else, to which Chloe responds, "Well, hot monkey sex would be nice", which makes Max blush, much to Chloe's delight.



  1. "A spark can start a fire that burns the entire prairie."