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"Everything about this house is nicer, cleaner, better, and more expensive than mine."Chloe Price in "Brave New World"

The Amber House is the residence of the Amber family. It is an explorable location in Episode 2 and Episode 3 of Before the Storm.


The house has an open plan kitchen. Yellow lanterns hang from the ceiling in all of the rooms. Several pieces of art and family photos can be seen near the entrance, in the living room and near the dining table. To the left of the stairs leading to Rachel's room, an award shelf can be seen. The front door and the door to James's office are decorated with glass mosaic; there is also a mosaiced lamp near James. The room where he is sitting has a fireplace and a bookshelf. A statuette of a woman and a vinyl record player with two speakers stand in the corner. The room with the dining table has a grandfather clock, adding to the antique aesthetic of the house.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

Chloe Price and Rachel Amber enter the house; Rachel plans to pack up her items so they can leave Arcadia Bay together, but the two girls are seen by Rachel's father and mother. Chloe is invited to stay for dinner; Rachel lies that she needs to wash up, and leaves Chloe as she runs upstairs. Chloe can explore the house, speak with Rachel's parents, and graffiti certain items. She must perform a series of tasks to help with dinner: setting the plates on the table, asking James what he wants to drink, setting James' glass next to his place setting, and lighting the candles. Everyone sits down to eat dinner, and they discuss matters such as the forest fire. Eventually, Rachel becomes upset as her father speaks about the importance of family, and reveals to him that she and Chloe saw him kissing another woman at Overlook Park. James then states that the woman he kissed was not his mistress, but Rachel's mother.

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty"

The episode picks up where the previous one ended; James tells Rachel and Chloe about his past with Sera. After he finishes, Rachel says that she needs to "lie down" and heads to her room upstairs. Chloe can explore the house or talk to James and Rose. She can also help Rose by bringing her the broom from another room; if Chloe chooses to do that, she will discover one of Rachel's shirts that was going to be donated, and can claim it for herself instead. Eventually, Chloe heads upstairs to be with Rachel.

Later in the episode, Chloe visits the house again to explore James's office and obtain information about Sera's whereabouts.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Chloe's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

  • She can look at an awards shelf. (Comment: "Huh. Rachel really was an overachiever before she met me. Glad I nipped that in the bud.")
  • She can look at and speak to James. (Comment: "It's like a thousand times more skeevy when the skeeviness is all polite to your face.")
  • She can look at a newspaper. (Comment: "They say all news is local, but damn...")
  • She can look at a computer. (Comment: "I bet there's, like, not even a single Cheeto stuck in this thing.")
  • She can use the computer. (Comment: Tempest forum: "Doing the play was bad enough without having to read about it afterwards."
    Drew at the hospital: "Hope Drew's okay though."
    Search history: "Hmm... "How to clear browser history" followed by a gap for all of yesterday? That's like
    cheating asshat 101. Poor Rachel...")
  • She can look at a file. (Comment: "Holy shit, that's the guy who attacked Drew!
    Kept the money: "And I'm holding onto a grand of his money? Rachel and I couldn't be leaving this town
    soon enough."
    Gave Damon the money: "I'm glad I gave him the cash."
    Gave Drew the money: "I know I did the right thing giving Drew his money back, but man... I wouldn't
    want to be on this guy's bad side.")
  • She can look at a travel photo. (Comment: "Guess some families actually go to Paris instead of just talk about it their whole lives.")
  • She can look at a book shelf. (Comment: "Easy to see who wears the literary pants around here.")
  • She can have a Moment of Calm on a recliner.
  • She can look at and speak to Rose (required). (Comment: "Hi, Rose. Your husband's cheating on you. Pass the ketchup?")
  • She can look at a family photo. (Comment: "Rachel and I both had great childhoods. Mine just ended a little before hers, I guess.")
  • She can look at a wall of art. (Comment: "Oh, I think that's an original whogivesashit.")
  • She can look at a grandfather clock. (Comment: "Damn. Wonder if this is a family heirloom.")
  • She can look at and open a cabinet. (Comment: Look: "How many cabinets do you need?"
    Open: "Glasses. Damn. The Ambers are fancy as shit.")
  • She can look at the glasses inside the cabinet. (Comment: "Never realized that getting drunk could be so complicated."
    After asking what James wants to drink: "Sherry glass... sherry glass...
    Yeah, I'm in way over my head there.")
  • She can look at the table. (Comment: "Everything about this house is nicer, cleaner, better, and more expensive than mine. Which isn't saying
    much, but still...")
  • She can look at and improve crossword puzzle. (Comment: Look: "What the Amber family considers entertainment looks a lot like what I consider homework."
    Improve: Solved it.
    Literal: "There's no puzzle to which swords isn't the sollution."
    Iliterate: "Crossword puzzles are easy.")
  • She can look at a sink. (Comment: "So clean. I bet Rose would kill it with my mom at the diner.")
  • She can look at a news article. (Comment: "Something about this photo doesn't seem right. I should fix it.")
  • She can draw a graffiti on the news article. (Comment: Rose is near: "Can't tag this while Rachel's mom is right there. She'd totally bust me!"
    Rose away: "Finally, Mrs. Amber has her back turned. Time to fix this photo."
    Frankenstein's monster: "It's a liar. It's a liar! Ooooo!"
    Count Dracula: "I wonder where Rose keeps the wooden stakes...")
  • She can look at and open a cupboard (required). (Comment: Look: "If I open this, will skeletons come spilling out?"
    Open: "No skeletons. Lots of shiny dishes, though...")
  • She can look at and take the plates inside the cupboard (required). (Comment: Look: "I wonder if this will be the most expensive thing I've ever eaten off of?
    Besides my computer, of course."
    Take: "It's off to the table with you.")
  • She can put the plates on the table (required).
  • She can talk to Rose again (required). (Comment: After talking: "Talking to James. As long as I can avoid using the words "cheating" and "scumbag", I
    should be fine.")
  • She can talk to James again (required).
  • She can talk to Rose again (required).
  • She can take the glass from the cabinet (required). (Comment: Chloe: "Uh..."
    Rose: "It's the triangle-shaped one."
    Chloe: "Basic shapes. Now you're speaking my language.")
  • She can put the glass on the table (required).
  • She can talk to Rose again (required).
  • She can light the candles on the table (required). (Comment: "The Amber family and fire, what could possibly go wrong?")

Episode Three - "Hell is Empty"


  • Chloe can join Rachel near the viewfinder.
  • She can look at the Meeting part of James's story (required). (Comment: Rachel: "She was so beautiful..."
    Chloe:"Just like you.")
  • She can look at the Courtship part of James's story (required). (Comment: James: "I only saw what I wanted to see. Until it was almost too late.")
  • She can look at the Parenthood part of James's story (required). (Comment: Rachel: "This all feels like someone else's life."
    Chloe: "Whatever happens, Rachel, I'm here.")
  • She can look at the Descent part of James's story (required).
  • She can look at the Reunion part of James's story (required).


  • Chloe can look at the newspaper. (Comment: "Rachel only knew half the truth when she set that fire. What if she'd known everything?")
  • She can look at Damon's file. (Comment: Look: "Whoa. Sera Gearhardt is a known associate of that
    psycho who attacked Drew? Then again, so is Frank."
    Look again: "Maybe Sera really is dangerous.")
  • She can look at the family photo. (Comment: "I hope tonight hasn't messed up Rachel's memories of family trips like this.")
  • She can use James's computer. (Comment: Tempest: "The Tempest show feels so far away now."
    History: "This is so painful to look at.")
  • She can look at a bookshelf. (Comment: "This seems like a James and Rose bookshelf. I can't imagine Sera here instead.")
  • She can look at and speak to James. (Comment: Before speaking: "Wonder what James is thinking right now?"
    After speaking: "I have to admit... he really cares about his daughter.")
  • She can look at the awards shelf. (Comment: "Hard to argue that Rachel would have had a better life with Sera.
    But does that make what James did right?")
  • She can look at the broken table. (Comment: "Holy shit. Rachel completely destroyed that table.")
  • She can look at the wall art. (Comment: "I guess there's worse things than growing up around fancy stuff like this.")
  • She can look at another family photo. (Comment: "It's so weird to look at this now.")
    She can look at the news article (if she drew graffiti on it earlier). (Comment: “Can’t believe I was feeling goofy enough to draw that just a few hours ago.”)
  • She can look at and speak to Rose. (Comment: Before speaking: "I can't even imagine how she must be feeling."
    After speaking: "Rose is so calm. Not like Rachel at all, really.")
  • She can open the door to the breezeway (determinant).
  • She can look at and take Rachel's old shirt (determinant). (Comment: Look: "Hey, cool graphic... Rachel was really getting rid of this?"
    Look again: "Rachel's got good taste.")
  • She can take the broom from the breezeway (determinant).
  • She can give the broom to Rose (determinant).