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"Hey, don't worry, kid. I'm not a fucking weirdo. Just a boring trucker..." — Anton to Sean in "Faith"

Anton Oates[1] is a log truck driver who is met by Sean Diaz while driving through Nevada. He is a minor character in Episode 4 of Life is Strange 2. However if Sean passes his truck by Anton can only be seen slightly in his truck window as he takes off, never directly appearing.




Anton is an aging, somewhat heavyset man with grey facial hair. He wears a red shirt depicting the words "(...)NNYLAN(...) Established 1783, (...)RIGINA(...)" under a blue plaid jacket with a radio in its left chest pocket, a brown belt with a golden buckle depicting a star, dirty brown jeans, and white sneakers, as well as a grey baseball cap with a logo outlined in green.


Anton is married to a woman who, according to him, packs "the best sandwiches" for his travels on the road. He appears to be familiar with the area he picked Sean up in, as he is aware that people tend to get jumped there and of Haven Point's reputation.

Episode Four - "Faith"

While driving down the road, Anton sees Sean walking nearby and stops to offer a lift. If Sean declines, he will drive off. If Sean accepts, he will befriend Sean and share a snack with him. He drops Sean off at Haven Point and leaves after informing Sean that the people living there are crazy.



  • Sean Diaz (Determinant) - If Sean doesn't accept Anton's offer for a lift or just passes his truck by when he stops, the two never meet and don't become friends. However, if Sean accepts the offer, Anton will act welcoming and friendly toward Sean, covering for him when a fellow trucker radios in to ask why he stopped. Anton appears unaware of Sean's wanted status and assures Sean that he is not some kind of creep early on. As the two travel in silence for a while, Anton offers Sean one of his wife's sandwiches, to which Sean will be extremely grateful should he accept. When Anton drops Sean off at Haven Point, he gives him a slight warning about how the people are a bit strange, and the two say their farewells and Anton continues his journey into the distance.

Memorable Quotes

"Hey, need a lift? It's too damn hot to be walking..."
— Anton's first words to Sean in "Faith"
"- GPS tells me you parked in the middle of nowhere, just wanted to know what happened.
- I, uh... I had to make a shit stop, over.
- Too much information, but 10-4.
- You mean number two.
— An unnamed contact and Anton in "Faith"
"Don't freak out, I... I wouldn't have picked you up if I cared about that hitchhiking law..."
— Anton to Sean in "Faith"


  • In Episode 1, the exact same type of log truck Anton drives can be seen pulling out of Bear Station. It is not known whether this was Anton or not.




  1. Surname revealed in the credits of Episode 4.