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The road in "Chaos Theory"

The Arcadia Bay Ave is a main road in Arcadia Bay connecting to the Highway 101 in Oregon and running parallel to the bay's coastline. The Two Whales Diner and other local stores are located on the Arcadia Bay Ave. Max and Chloe visit this location several times during the events of Life is Strange, also due to the bay line localization, the avenue takes the brunt of the storm during Episode 5, suffering dramatic changes in the process.

The following locations can be found on the main road:

Episode Two - "Out of Time"

During Episode 2 Max visits the "Two Whales Diner"; Max and Chloe have breakfast in the diner before leaving to the junkyard. Max can also explore a small area of the avenue, in the vicinity of the diner and take two optional photos, one outside, the other inside the diner.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory"

Max visits the "Two Whales Diner" again in Episode 3. She also has the chance to explore the surroundings of the diner again, this time including Frank's RV. Again Max can also take two optional photos, this time both outside the diner.

Episode Five - "Polarized"

During Episode 5, the avenue is almost unrecognizable, a scenario of chaos and destruction, as the raging storm comes ever closer. Also in Episode 5, Max has to navigate a ravaged portion of the avenue to reach the "Two Whales Diner" and get to her only surviving photo in Warren's possession. She can also take the two optional photos before reaching the diner.



  • The Arcadia Ave is based on the main street of the city of Garibaldi, which was a main reference for the creation of Arcadia Bay. Lead Concept Artist Edouard Caplain, who conducted a lot of research on the game's setting, stated in an interview, "I took a ton of screenshots and based the concept art around them. If you look it up, you’ll see that [Garibaldi's] main street is pretty close to the one we have in-game."[1]
  • A fan of Life is Strange made a video on her road trip, through Oregon, showing the real Garibaldi main street, which she shared on YouTube.