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The "Bear Station" is a gas station in Life is Strange 2, located in Washington, close to or in Mount Rainier National Park. It is an explorable location in Episode 1: Roads.


The gas station is owned by Hank Stamper and his wife Doris Stamper, with Doris working as a cashier for the station's market. Surrounded by forest, the station features a small parking lot, a picnic table, a washroom, two gas pumps, and a small workbench where Hank carves the wooden bears which he offers for sale in the station's convenience store.

Episode One - "Roads"

Sean and Daniel Diaz stumble upon the gas station after walking down the road for three days. They stock up on food and water and get a free map of the area. Inside the store, they meet Doris, Brody Holloway, and Mushroom (unnamed at the time). After retrieving a map and enough food, Sean and Daniel eat outside and plan their next destination. While doing so, Hank approaches and accuses the two of theft. When Sean reacts to this, Hank knocks him out and Daniel runs into the woods.

At night, Sean wakes up tied to a pipe in the back room of the gas station, hearing a discussion between Doris and Hank. Hank enters the room and tells Sean that he knows what happened in Seattle. After Hank leaves, Daniel talks to Sean through the vent and is able to help Sean explore the room to the point where Sean finds the keys, which Sean gives to Daniel. Daniel cuts Sean free of the pipe, but wanders into the convenience store section while Sean retrieves his backpack and is caught by Hank. A loud crash is heard, and Sean rushes through the door to find Daniel standing before an unconscious Hank surrounded by scattered merchandise and knocked-over stands. After internally debating on whether or not to steal some camping gear, Sean escapes the gas station with Daniel in tow.

Items for Sale

  • Chock-O-Crisp Bar ($1.99)
  • Hot Dogs (2) ($6) [note 1]
  • Mac n' Cheese ($4.50)
  • Sleeping Bag ($16) [note 1]
  • Sliced Bread ($5.90)
  • Soda ($3.50)
  • Sweater ($59.99) [note 2]
  • Tent ($69.99) [note 2]
  • Washington T-Shirt ($11.50) [note 1]
  • Water Bottle ($4.50)

Daniel can also acquire a Power Bear toy by playing the claw game three times without switching players (for a total of $3).


PC users: Hover over the text to see Sean's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode One - "Roads"


  • Sean can look at Brody's car. (Comment: "How can someone drive with this mess?")
  • He can look at the car's license plate. (Comment: "Utah? You're a long way from home, dude...")
  • He can look at a minivan's license plate. (Comment: "Californian plates... Maybe they can help us?")
  • He can look at, speak to, or send Daniel to beg from a family. (Comment: "Wonder what they're doing here. Maybe they got some extra food?")
  • He can look at a Halloween decoration. (Comment: "It's weird... this will be my first Halloween away from home...")
  • He can look at an ice container. (Comment: "Last night was so cold... I don't even wanna think about ice.")
  • He can have a moment of calm on a bench.
  • He can read a newspaper. (Comment: "Shit, they're still looking for us... We can't go back. Can't let Daniel know. Not right now.")
  • He can examine a poster advertising a free puppy. (Comment: "No thanks. I already have one.")
  • He can examine a poster advertising Spanish lessons. (Comment: "Nachos and cerverza? You sound like an expert douchebag...")
  • He can examine a series of flyers on a bulletin board, including:
    • A recruitment poster for the True Cornerstone Church. (Comment: "Uh... Maybe some other time....")
    • A sale offering for a used chainsaw. (Comment: "I'm on it, hillbilly...")
    • An advertisement for the Happy Trails Tour through Nisqually Valley. (Comment: "Yeah, after the night we just had, I'll pass.")
  • He can examine a vandalized bear warning poster. (Comment: "I'm fine, I'm too young.")
  • He can look at an inflatable pumpkin. (Comment: "At least Daniel gets a little Halloween spirit...")
  • He can look at a large bear statue. (Comment: "Damn. I guess this is local art. Nice.")
  • He can look at a Tacoma Rock campground sign. (Comment: "Hmmm... We're not too far away... Probably need a map to find it though.")
  • He can look at a mailbox. (Comment: "What kind of name is "Stamper" anyway?")
  • He can look at the Stampers' house. (Comment: "Looks like the perfect setting for The Washington Chainsaw Massacre.")
  • He can look at a handmade sign in front of the house. (Comment: "Jeez, chill out, folks...")
  • He and Daniel can discuss a junk pile. (Comment: "SEAN: "Damn. Why do they let this rust out here?"
    DANIEL: "I know Dad would be able to fix it!"
    SEAN: "Yeah. Maybe not that one, dude..."
    DANIEL: "He has to finish your car first!"
    SEAN: "Yeah... I know...")
  • He and Daniel can discuss some shelves of wooden bears. (Comment: "This is just... too many bears..."

    SEAN: "Kinda creepy, huh?"
    DANIEL: "Naah. I think they're cute. We should have one at home. Dad would love it!"
    SEAN: "No way we're carrying a freaking log around, dude."
    DANIEL: "Oh. okay. Right.")
  • He can look at a half-carved bear. (Comment: "Do they make actual money doing this?")
  • He can look at and move a shaking box. (Comment: "What the...? Something's under that cookie box.")
    • Afterwards, he can look at and pick up the feather left behind. (Comment: Look: "Hey, you forgot something, birdie."
      Pick up: "Not even sure what kind of bird you are, but I'll keep this.")
  • He can look at and enter a washroom. (Comment: "We better clean up before we look like the gutter punks downtown...)
  • He can look at, consider going through, and actually go through a trash can. (Comment: Look: "There might be some leftovers in it... Fuck, is this our life now?"
    Go through before Californian family leaves: "Not while these people are here... Don't wanna freak them out...")
  • After the family leaves, he can look at and sit down at a picnic table. (Comment: "All right, time to plan our next stop.")


  • He can look at a bear-shaped toilet paper dispenser. (Comment: "Stop watching me, perv...")
  • He can examine a bathroom note. (Comment: "'You don't flush, we call the cops!'")
  • He can look into the mirror. (Comment: "Oh shit! My face! You look older, dude...")
  • He can clean up with Daniel and fill his water bottle with the sink. (Comment: "Nice. Free water for us.")

Convenience Store

  • Sean can look at and pick from a stack of trucker stickers. (Comment: Look: "Wish we could join a crew, guys..."
    Take: "Might amp up our road cred...")
  • He can examine a brochure rack, including:
    • An ad for Tommy's Holiday Camp. (Comment: "Sorry, dude, you'd have to drag my ass to make me come back here after all this...")
    • An ad for tour guides around Chinook Village. (Comment: "No tourist is gonna do this shit.")
  • He can look at a revolving stand of postcards. (Comment: "Wish I could send Lyla a postcard... Like a regular holiday trip.")
  • He can look at and pick from a rack of local maps (required). (Comment: "Perfect! We should be able to find our way with this.")
  • He can look at and speak to the shopkeeper, Doris Stamper. (Comment: If Doris wasn't suspicious: "At least she seems okay... Boring, but nice."
    If Doris was suspicious or hasn't been spoken to: "Yeah. We're not from around here. Get over it.")
  • He can look at and show Daniel a rack of wooden bear key chains. (Comment: Look: "That's so cute. I hate it..."
    Show Daniel:
    SEAN: "See the baby bear, Daniel?"
    DANIEL: "Oh, that is awesome, possum.... I mean, bear! Sooo cool!"
    DORIS: "Then he's all yours. We have a surplus, as you can tell..."
    DANIEL: "Really?! Oh, thank you! Yeah!")
  • He can look at a celebrity picture. (Comment: SEAN: "Wow, did something interesting happen here?"
    DORIS: "Oh, that's my husband up there. He built this place thirty years ago. Yep."
    SEAN: "Who's that guy with him? Is that supposed to be someone famous?"
    DORIS: Yup. That's a famous Hollywood director or something. He made a show up here, but we don't watch TV. Nice man! Don't think he liked our coffee.")
  • He can look at a shelf full of wooden bears. (Comment: SEAN: "Seriously. Who's buying all these wooden bears?"
    DORIS: Oh, we do have a sale on our famous bears... Buy one, get one free...")
  • He can look at a knife display. (Comment: "Pretty sweet...")
  • He can look at a toy witch. (Comment: "Dad would have loved this so much...")
  • He can look at a series of football pictures. (Comment: "Hmmm... never heard of that team.")
  • He can look at a life-size cardboard cutout of Power Bear. (Comment: "Power Bear in the backwoods...")
  • He can look at a Power Bear claw machine. (Comment: "It should be called 'Daniel's Cash Trap'.")
  • He can look at an ATM. (Comment: "Right, I'll just bust out my platinum card...")
  • He can look at a Halloween-themed ad poster for Bababars chocolate. (Comment: "I hope Halloween isn't ruined for Daniel by all this...")
  • He can examine a poster for a Halloween-themed arts and crafts festival. (Comment: "Lyla would love that...")
  • He can look at a coffee machine. (Comment: SEAN: "I'm too nervous to drink any coffee..."
    BRODY: (offscreen) "Do not drink that coffee if you like coffee.")
  • He can look at Brody's laptop.
  • He can look at and speak to Brody Holloway. (Comment: (after speaking with him) "Okay. He actually seems pretty cool.")
  • He can look at, pet, and show Daniel a puppy. (Comment: "Great. Daniel is going to be all over that puppy...")
  • He can look at, attempt to steal, and attempt to pick up a tent. (Comment: Look: "We could live in that... But there's no way we can pay for it."
    Steal: "No way I can steal something this big."
    "I can't hide it in my bag."
    Add to basket: "It's way too expensive...")
  • He can look at and attempt to purchase a raccoon-themed sweater. (Comment: Look: "Oh man. Daniel would love that thing..."
    Add to basket: "It's too expensive..."
    Look afterwards: "Wish I could get this for him... At least it'd keep him warm...")
  • He can look at and purchase a Washington t-shirt. (Comment: Look: "I know Daniel would love to have a souvenir..."
    Add to basket: "He needs a clean shirt anyway.")
  • He can look at some camping dishes. (Comment: "Shit, we could just camp out here...")
  • He can look at and purchase a sleeping bag. (Comment: Look: "After last night, I would kill for one of these..."
    Add to basket: "It's expensive... but I can't let Daniel freeze.")
  • He can look at, steal, and/or purchase a can of mac n' cheese. (Comment: Look: "Maybe not as good as Dad's... but yummy!"
    Add to basket: "Daniel will scarf this down...")
  • He can look at and make hot dogs at a grill. (Comment: Look: "Mmmm... Hot dog!"
    Make 2 hot dogs: "I could eat dozens of these...")
  • He can look at, steal, and/or purchase a loaf of bread. (Comment: Look: "We can live on bread for a few days if we have to..."
    Add to basket: "We can't make a fancy sandwich... But bread will be just fine.")
  • He can look at, steal, and/or purchase a soda bottle. (Comment: Look: "I guess Daniel would kill for some soda... Me, too."
    Add to basket: "At least it's got a lot of sugar... Keep our energy up...")
  • He can look at, steal, and/or purchase a water bottle (Comment: Look: "Gotta have water to live, man."
    Add to basket: "It's better than tap water...")
  • He can look at, steal, and/or purchase a Choco-Crisp bar. (Comment: Look: "Daniel deserves this."
    Add to basket: "Can't go wrong with these...")

Back Office

  • After Hank leaves:
    • Sean can attempt to break his flex cuffs. (Comment: "Come on... It's only plastic..."
      ""Fuck... this... shit!")
    • He can look at the office window. (Comment: ""Daniel must be scared shitless... I can't leave him out there...")
    • He can look at the office door. (Comment: ""Okay... looks like he's gone for now.")
    • He can attempt to open the storage door. (Comment: "Yeah. That's what I thought... Fuck!")
    • He can look at the computer (required). (Comment: ""Wonder if I could get more light from it...")
  • After looking at the computer:
    • Sean can attempt to reach for the chair.
    • He can push over a cardboard tube, hitting the computer (required). (Comment: "Yes! That's a little better.")
  • After the computer turns on:
    • Sean can push over a sign (required).
    • He can look at a family picture. (Comment: "Yeah, we get it. You're the perfect Americans...")
    • He can kick the shelf.
  • After kicking the shelf:
    • Sean can look at and kick away a souvenir bear. (Comment: "I'm sorry, but you married an asshole.")
    • He can examine a pile of papers, including:
      • A car magazine. (Comment: "I don't even want to think of this asshole reading the same magazines as Dad.")
      • A letter from the mayor to Hank. (Comment: "Oh yeah... This racist shithead is a real pillar of the community, alright.")
  • After a certain period of time, Sean can answer Daniel after he calls out from the vents (required). After this:
    • Sean can ask Daniel to tear off the vent.
    • He can ask Daniel to go to the office window (required).
    • He can look at and ask Daniel to open the back door. (Comment: "So close... But yet too fucking far...")
    • He can look at the keys on the opposite wall (required). (Comment: "Of course the fucking keys are all the way over there.")
  • After looking at the keys:
    • He can ask Daniel for a tool (required).
    • After a short period of time, he can accept the tool from Daniel (required).
    • Sean can look at and attempt to tear off the wall pipe (required). (Comment: Look: "Yes! Tear this fucking thing off!"
      Attempting to tear off without a tool: "Right. I need something to break this shit.")
  • After pushing his way to the other side of the room:
    • Sean can look at and reach for the keys (required). (Comment: "Almost there...")
    • After kicking them down, Sean can pick up the keys (required).


The old framed photo of Hank with the director.

  • A poster outside the gas station displaying an "ASH-82" chainsaw for sale references Ash Williams and his chainsaw hand from the classic 1981 horror movie The Evil Dead. The poster was posted by Sam R., a nod at director Sam Raimi.
  • According to Doris, Hank built and founded Bear Station over thirty years prior to the events of the game, supported by a wooden bear carving that can be found in its back office which reads "HANK DORIS | STAMPER | 8-22-1982".
  • Doris can also state that a famous Hollywood director once recorded footage for a TV series at Bear Station, evidenced by a photo framed on the wall depicting Hank with said director.
  • Tommy's Holiday Camp may be a reference to The Who song, featured on their rock opera Tommy. In that story, the eponymous protagonist starts a holiday camp.


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  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Sean cannot steal this item
  2. 2.0 2.1 Sean cannot afford this item and can only acquire it through theft in the final cutscene at Bear Station