"I mean, what am I supposed to do in this fucking town? Go to church, like all these assholes?"

Charles Eriksen in Captain Spirit

"The biggest rule is keep your heads low around here... Beaver Creek is small... and nosey and... nosey."

Stephen Reynolds in Life is Strange 2

Beaver Creek is the setting for The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and a returning location in Episode 2 of Life is Strange 2. Located in the mountainous region of eastern Oregon, USA[1], it is the hometown of protagonist Chris Eriksen and his father Charles. In Episode 2, Sean and Daniel Diaz decide to visit the town in order to seek help from their grandparents, Claire and Stephen Reynolds, after Daniel's illness begins to worsen.

Captain Spirit Edit

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit takes place entirely within and around the Eriksens' household on a snowy winter day. The house is located in a fairly secluded location surrounded by pine trees, with the Reynolds' household being the only other building nearby.

Episode Two - "Rules" Edit

After Daniel falls ill, Sean decides to take a detour from their journey to Puerto Lobos towards Beaver Creek to find help from their grandparents, Claire and Stephen Reynolds. After being taken in, the brothers stay at the Reynolds' house for the next few days while attempting to keep a low profile. Despite their efforts, Sean and Daniel are eventually located by the police, forcing them to flee the household and hitch a ride on a passing train out of town.

Locations Edit

Known Residents Edit

  • Christopher Eriksen - Spent the majority of his childhood in Beaver Creek after moving there a year after his birth in 2007. Moved to a new household after Emily's death due to Charles' missed mortgage payments.
  • Charles Eriksen - Moved with Emily Eriksen and their child from Eugene, Oregon to Beaver Creek in 2007, where he began working as a basketball coach. Moved to a new household sometime after Emily's death due to his missed mortgage payments.
  • Claire Reynolds and Stephen Reynolds - Live next-door to the Eriksens in a two-story household.

Former Residents Edit

  • Karen Reynolds - Moved with Esteban Diaz to Seattle, Washington, where they had two children, Sean and Daniel.
  • Emily Eriksen (deceased) - Moved with Charles Eriksen and their child from Eugene, Oregon to Beaver Creek in 2007, where she began working as a kindergarten teacher. Died in a hit-and-run on December 16, 2014.
  • Sean Diaz and Daniel Diaz - Stayed with the Reynolds for approximately a week before being found by the police and forced to escape.

Trivia Edit

  • Beaver Creek's motto is the "Best Dam Town in America" on a postcard at the Eriksen Household.
  • Chris comments that he has never seen a beaver around the town.
  • "It's not directly near Arcadia Bay, but it's still in Oregon, so not that far," according to Co-Director Raoul Barbet.[2]
  • A real community called Beavercreek exists in Oregon near Oregon City, which shares the same name without the space. It is unknown if it was used as inspiration or if Beaver Creek is referring to the same location.

References Edit

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