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"Fuck every inch of this place. I wish I could tag it from floor to ceiling, but with Skip watching me..."Chloe's comment in “Brave New World

The Hallway in Blackwell Academy connects classrooms, bathrooms and Principal Wells' Office, the exit to the front entrance of Blackwell Academy and doorways to other interior areas of the academy.

Episode One - "Awake"

The hallway can be seen through the front door of the academy. Chloe Price can also look into the hallway from the Drama Lab, with a few lockers being visible.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

The Price and the Amber family walk into the hallway after having a meeting with Principal Wells in his office. Joyce Price has a brief conversation with Rachel's parents and then with Chloe, after which she goes to the parking lot. Skip Matthews escorts Chloe to her locker. She examines items such as her school books in her locker and can throw most in the garbage bin while searching for weed in her secret stash. Afterwards, she goes into the bathroom and vandalizes it with graffiti.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Chloe's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.
  • She can look at her doodle. (Comment: "I had big plans for adding to this collage. Oh well...")
  • She can look at her photo of Bongo. (Comment: "Dad got Bongo from the rescue shelter. Then Bongo got run over by a car. Moral of the story: no one's ever really rescued.")
  • She can look at her homework. (Comment: "Love how every time someone tells me how much potential I have it's right before saying how I'm wasting it all.")
  • She can look at her pencil case. (Comment: "Trusty keeper of my graffiti pens. You've served me well.")
  • She can look at the signatures. (Comment: "Wonder who'll grace this space after me?")
  • She can look at her signature after writing it (Chloe Price '10... almost!). (Comment: Expelled: "Expelled. It's starting to feel real."
    Suspended: "Suspended for the year. It's starting to feel real.")
  • She can look at the locker on her right. (Comment: "Having Justin as my locker neighbor was one of the few not shitty things about this place.")
  • She can look at her chemistry book. (Comment: "Maybe chem was the class I hated the least.")
  • She can look at her geometry book. (Comment: "If Chloe leaves Blackwell at 11am, going 100mph, how long will it take her to get as far away as fucking possible?")
  • She can look at her English book. (Comment: "I should write a poem to mark the occasion. Something with imagery.")
  • She can look at the metal poster. (Comment: "Absolutely, positively the best concert of 2008. Too bad it's time to go.")
  • She can examine the secret stash. (Comment: "Finally. What I actually came here for.")
  • She can grab Justin's note from the secret stash. (required) (Comment: "Jackpot.")