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The Blackwell Campus is the campus around Blackwell Academy. Many locations around and inside the campus are explorable. The campus itself is only fully explorable during Episode 1.


There are several trees, benches, noticeboards and recycle bins on the campus territory. Exhibition panels with photos by Mr. Jefferson are scattered around. In the middle there is a statue of Jeremiah Blackwell, who founded the Academy in 1910. It is surrounded by a fountain with various graffiti.

Episode One - "Chrysalis"

After saving Chloe from being shot by Nathan Prescott, Max exits the Blackwell building and wanders around the campus until getting a text from Warren asking her to return his flash drive to him. She then decides to move on to her dorm room, but is free to continue walking around and talking to people.

The campus is shown once again as Max crosses it on her way to the Blackwell parking lot.

Episode Two - "Out of Time"

The campus is featured in a brief cutscene as Max crosses it on her way to the Two Whales Diner.

After spending time together, Max and Chloe arrive at Blackwell and have a conversation in Chloe's truck. A small part of the campus is shown before the truck stops.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory"

Chloe arranges to meet with Max in front of campus, but Max hardly manages to enter it before Chloe jumpscares her. They talk about Rachel and Kate, and decide to explore Principal Wells' office. However, before they can enter Blackwell, Victoria and Jefferson come out and have a conversation. Max and Chloe are forced to hide behind one of the exhibition panels. When the conversation ends, Jefferson and Victoria leave, and the girls finally enter the building.

Later in the episode, Chloe drops Max off at Blackwell once again, this time without even looking at her. After Max goes to her room and discovers her focus ability, she awakens on a lawn, surrounded by Vortex Club members. Warren and Stella are seen holding hands. She apologizes and quickly leaves the campus to go to Chloe's house.

Episode Four - "Dark Room"

After having a confrontation with Nathan in the boys' dormitory, Max, Chloe and Warren go to the main campus. Max thanks Warren for defending her, and he leaves. Chloe messages Frank and arranges a meeting with him in front of his RV. The two girls then exit the campus to meet with Frank.


In Episode 1, Max has different objects or people to interact with on the campus territory:

PC users: Hover over the text to see Max's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.
  • She can look at Rachel Amber Missing Person posters. (Comment: "Posters over posters? Somebody really wants to find Rachel Amber.")
  • She can look at posters and leaflets on the noticeboards. (Comment: "I would so be there if a sasquatch actually did battle a razorback."
    "I could go for a burger now... "
    "It would be uber-cool to shoot that poetry slam...But scared I am."
    "I should go to learn more about the local culture...but I likely won’t."
    "I’m sure this poster has stopped millions of bullies."
    "I’m not that desperate. At the moment."
    "Sold. I’ll definitely have to try a slice."
    "This looks like Nerd Ground Zero...I should go.")
  • She can look at the exhibition panels. (Comment: "That’s so cool that Blackwell is doing a show of Mr. Jefferson’s work."
    "That’s one of his famous shots. I love how it captures the moment."
    "Mr. Jefferson has such a gift for different styles.")
  • She can look at several cigarette buds. (Comment: "Ew, gross. At least switch to e-cigs. ")
  • She can look at an "Otter vs Shark" graffiti. (Comment: "Aw, that’s not nice. Poor li’l otter.")
  • She can look at a "The Otters" poster. (Comment: "They sure get a lot of mileage out of 'Otter Power'...")
  • She can look at a swimming poster. (Comment: "'Otter Power'? I’m so not there.")
  • She can look at the pool rules poster. (Comment: "And this is where the Otters perform their aquatic magic. ")
  • She can look at the sign pointing to the Parking Lot. (Comment: "Now I have to go back to the dorm. This day never ends.")
  • She can lean against a tree to have a Moment of Calm.
  • She can have another Moment of Calm at the fountain.
  • She can look at the coins inside the fountain. (Comment: "This is a great image… all those rippling green coins… I hope everybody got their wish.")
  • She can look at and take an optional photo of the Blackwell founder statue. (Comment: "I bet the Blackwell founders would shit cats if they saw today’s
    student body walking around like zombies on their phones.")
  • She can look at and speak to Brooke. (Comment: Before talking: "Brooke actually has a drone?"
    After talking: "She’s a little aloof. Maybe I could rewind to impress her.")
  • She can look at and examine Brooke's bag. (Comment: Look: "I’m almost sure Warren has the same bag! It looks a bit nerdy though…"
    Examine: "What a complicated name for such a tiny drone.")
  • She can look at and speak to Hayden Jones. (Comment: "There’s Hayden and his Vortex Club harem. He sure is 'Living The Dream'...")
  • She can look at and speak to Ms. Grant. (Comment: Before talking: "Ms. Grant sure is dedicated to that petition."
    After talking: "I hope I made the right decision about the petition…")
  • She can look at and speak to Justin Williams. (Comment: Before talking: "There’s Justin and his skater posse. They’re so cute doing their tricks."
    After talking: "Now that I know some secrets of the skater world, I could rewind and
    get Justin to tell me more. ")
  • She can take an optional photo of Trevor Yard, after he fails to do a tre flip.
  • She can look at and speak to Stella Hill. (Comment: "Stella always looks so serious and dedicated. Good for her.")
  • She can look at and speak to Daniel DaCosta. (Comment: Look: "Daniel is always drawing something. He makes me look like an extrovert."
    Draw: "That was so cool. I’m glad I talked to him. Take more chances, Max."
    Don't draw: "I feel bad now. I didn’t want to hurt Daniel’s feelings.")
  • She can look at and speak to Evan Harris. (Comment: Before talking: "I think his name is Evan. He always looks so intense."
    After talking: "Damn, I suck. I could rewind to get the answer right.")
  • She can look at and closely examine Evan's portfolio. (Comment: Look: "Evan’s portfolio always looks so uber-pro. I’d love to see his photos in there…"
    Examine: "These photos are great...and Rachel Amber’s face is mesmerizing…")
  • She can look at and speak to Luke Parker. (Comment: "That’s Luke Parker… Zachary pushed him into a locker last week. Go Bullies.")
  • She can look at the "Vortex Club sux" engraving. (Comment: "Clever.")

Optional Photos

During Episode 1, Max can shoot two optional photos on the main campus, including the statue and Trevor after failing a tre flip.