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"Hello, BlackHell."Chloe in "Awake"

The Blackwell Campus is the campus around Blackwell Academy in Life is Strange: Before the Storm.


The layout of the campus is largely similar to that in the first game, with trees, benches and notice boards scattered around its territory. The fountain surrounding the statue of Jeremiah Blackwell does not have any graffiti on it. Near the pool building, there is a stage with some props and crates, which is used for The Tempest in the second episode.

Episode One - "Awake"

Chloe Price gets dropped off at the campus by David Madsen. After ascending the stairs, she is interrupted by Eliot Hampden inviting her to The Tempest, to which she can agree or decline. Chloe's main objective is to retrieve a Blade Runner DVD from Steph Gingrich, but she also has the opportunity to walk around and talk to several other people. Eventually, she heads towards the entrance of the academy and inadvertently becomes part of a confrontation between Drew North and Nathan Prescott. Chloe can try backtaling Drew or choose to remain a witness. If she wins the backtalk challenge, Nathan's photo album will be left unharmed; otherwise, Drew will throw it in the fountain. As Chloe is about to enter Blackwell, Rachel Amber runs out and pulls Chloe in after looking at her for a few seconds.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

After the confrontation in the dormitories, Chloe heads to the campus to meet up with Rachel. Before entering the girls' changing tent, Chloe can talk to Dana Ward, Hayden Jones and Travis Keaton, who are all busy preparing for the play. She can also eavesdrop on the conversation between Nathan Prescott and his father, in which case she will be asked for advice by Samantha Myers after the Prescotts leave.

Rachel was removed from the play
After entering the girls' tent, Chloe will find Victoria in her Prospera outfit. She can then backtalk Victoria, convincing her to drop out of the play. If Chloe fails the backtalk or doesn't attempt it, Rachel will drug Victoria's tea.

Rachel was not removed from the play
Chloe enters the girl's tent and witnesses Victoria spiking a cup of tea; upon further examination of Victoria's bag, Chloe finds muscle-relaxing pills. When Rachel and Victoria both come back, Chloe can then challenge Victoria or distract her long enough to tell Rachel about the tea. If Chloe distracts Victoria, Rachel and Chloe begin toying with her and Chloe can force Victoria to drink the tea.

The girls are then called by Mr. Keaton to learn that Juliet Watson is stuck in traffic. Depending on Chloe and Rachel's earlier actions, Victoria will either collapse or declare that she is quitting the play. Rachel offers herself for the role of Prospera, and Chloe for the role of Ariel, respectively. Chloe is initially reluctant but is eventually convinced. She is next seen inside the girls' changing tent, where she can go through the lines before proceeding to perform on the stage.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Chloe's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode One - "Awake"

  • Chloe can look at and speak to Eliot. (Comment: "It's nice that Eliot always wants to do stuff with me. I just haven't been in the doing stuff mood lately.")
  • She can look at a Sci-Fi poster. (Comment: "Meh. Well, at least not for now.")
  • She can look at an Anti-Drug poster. (Comment: "How could I possibly make it through a day in this place without a little chemical assistance?")
  • She can look at the The Tempest poster. (Comment: Accepted Eliot's invitation: "Maybe this play won't suck. Maybe."
    Declined Eliot's invitation: "Nathan in tights. Can't unsee.")
  • She can look at and speak to Skip. (Comment: "Skip Matthews, Blackwell's finest. He's not so bad for a mall cop.")
  • She can look at and speak to Ms. Grant. (Comment: "Ms. Grant... the least lame teacher at Blackwell. Wish she could get over the whole "push me
    to succeed" thing, though.")
  • She can look at a "Do Not Walk on the Stage" sign. (Comment: "Huh. Weirdly, that makes me interested in walking on the stage.")
  • She can look at a Final Exams poster. (Comment: "I prefer to wake and bake, but hey, to each their own.")
  • She can look at a Forest Fire Prevention poster. (Comment: "But fire's so pretty...")
  • She can look at another Anti-Drug poster. (Comment: "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?")
  • She can look at an empty wall. (Comment: Look: "Something's definitely missing from that totally blank wall.")
  • She can draw a graffiti on the empty wall. (Comment: Firewalk graffiti: "Last night's show was too epic."
    Look after graffiti: "Firewalk forever, bitches."
    Principal Wells graffiti: "Ladies and gentlemen... Principal Wells!"
    Look after graffiti: "I wonder if Wells is going to appreciate my art.")
  • She can have a Moment of Calm in the corner.
  • She can have another Moment of Calm in the stage.
  • She can look at a sign in the fountain. (Comment: "The Future Needs Excellence? The future's an asshole.")
  • She can look at and speak to Victoria. (Comment: "Ugh, Victoria Chase. I'd rather vomit razorblades than talk to her.")
  • She can look at and speak to Samantha. (Comment: "Samantha Myers, school wallflower. She could give you a run for your money, Max.")
  • She can look at some flowers. (Comment: "Flowers always make me think of springtime, which makes me think of summer, which makes me think
    of getting the fuck away from Blackwell for three whole months. I love flowers.)
  • She can look at a Wildfire Danger poster. (Comment: "This makes being high sound like a bad thing.")
  • She can look at an infosheet. (Comment: "Evan's work is actually pretty good. I'd never tell him that, of course.")
  • She can look at and speak to Justin. (Comment: Look before taking to Skip about Justin: "I can tell Justin's wearing his eau-de-ganj."
    Look after talking to Skip: "There's my fellow high-risk.")
  • She can look at and speak to Steph and Mikey (required). (Comment: "Steph Gingrich and Mikey North, Blackwell's premier indoor kids. Steph has created something of a
    business selling pirated DVDs to other students."
    Look after leaving the tabletop game: "It was fun nerding out with these two. Until I bounced them."
    Look after finishing the tabletop game: "It was fun nerding out with these two. Especially when I kicked
    that Dur-dude's ass at the end.")
  • She can look at and speak to Evan. (Comment: "Oh, Evan. Amazing photographer, but such a bleeding heart. What soapbox is he on today?"
    Look after signing the petition: "What's worse... a poser who 'cares' about issues or no one
    caring at all?")
  • She can look at Evan's petition (if she accepted to sign it). (Comment: "Blackwell Academy, home of tomorrow's leaders.")
  • She can look at the "Good Luck, Seniors!" banner. (Comment: "I would sacrifice a goat to Jeremiah Blackwell himself if it meant I'd be leaving here in a month.")
  • She can look at another Anti-Drug poster. (Comment: "That pic would actually make a sweet tattoo.")
  • She can look at and open the front door (required). (Comment: "Maybe if I delay going inside long enough, Blackwell will be overrun by future excellence. And by future excellence, I mean molepeople.")

Episode Two - "Brave New World"


  • Chloe can look at and play a lightboard. (Comment: Look:"SG? Must be Steph. Sucks that she has to miss this."
    Look after talking to Mr. Keaton:
    "If I know Steph, she must have been super excited to be the
    "lion of the light board" tonight. Sucks."
    'Play: "Chloe Price presents: Firewalk: Laser Night Spectacular.")
  • She can look at and speak to Hayden. (Comment: "Even Hayden seems super into this play. What is happening?")
  • She can look at and speak to Samantha. (Comment: "That's some shameless eavesdropping there, Samantha."
    Look after listening to Nathan and Sean: "Samantha seems pretty torn up about what happened
    between Nathan and his dad."
    Look after talking: "Samantha may be the only person in the world who really cares about Nathan.
    Including Nathan's dad.")
  • She can look at and listen to Nathan and Sean. (Comment: "Nathan's dad looks like he's really laying into him. I wonder what's it about.")
  • She can look at the divider. (Comment: Slut shaming graffiti: "'Slut shaming?' 'Sluts shame themselves.' Another witty rebuttal by VC."
    Bitter much graffiti: "'Bitter much?' 'I don't get bitter. I get even.' Wonder which Bachelor contestant Victoria stole that line from."
    No graffiti: "Wouldn't want to leave the great wall of bitchiness back in the drama lab, I guess.")
She can look at the props table. (Comment: Rachel in the play: "I've already seen what happens when Rachel plays with fire. Rachel plus swords should be fun."
Rachel out of the play: "Of all the possible scenarios involving Victoria Chase and swords, this one is
easily the least exciting.")
  • She can look at and speak to Mr. Keaton. (Comment: "Drama teachers always seem so... dramatic."
    Look after talking: "This dude cares more about high school theater than I've ever cared about anything.")
  • She can look at a laptop. (Comment: "After all the work Steph did, it's amazing that she would drop
    everything to be there for Mikey.")
  • She can look at a swim poster. (Comment: "Sports just look so... exhausting.")
  • She can look at a drug poster. (Comment: "See? Another reason to be thankful for my recent life change.")
  • She can look at a swim schedule. (Comment: Drew is hurt: "Drew seems to be the captain of every Blackwell sport. Man I hope he's okay."
    Mikey is hurt: "You'd think having a jock for a brother would protect you from getting hurt. Man I hope Mikey's okay.")
  • She can look at and speak to Dana. (Comment: Rachel in the play:
    Rachel out of the play: "Looks like Victoria has finally pushed Dana over the edge.")
  • She can enter the tent (required).


  • She can look at and empty Victoria's purse (required, determinant). (Comment: "Only the finest child slave labor for Victoria Chase.")
  • She can look at Victoria's portfolio (determinant). (Comment: "Victoria Chase is actually a pretty talented photographer. Why does that piss me off so much?")
  • She can look at some pills (required, determinant). (Comment: "Muscle relaxers?")
  • She can look at a raven mask (determinant). (Comment: "Hey kids, who wants do dress up like Big Bird's fugly cousin? I wouldn't be caught dead in this.")
  • She can look at a dragon mask (determinant). (Comment: "Okay, this mask is actually pretty sweet. I hope Rachel gets to wear it.")
  • She can look at the script. (Comment: "I seriously have to memorize all of this? Thanks, Rachel...")
  • She can look at a mirror. (Comment: "It wouldn't be called a makeup mirror if it wasn't supposed to have makeup all over it.")
  • She can draw a graffiti in the mirror. (Comment: "When life gives you lipstick, use it to tag shit. Got it."
    Death: "No, I am not just being dramatic."
    Tragedy: "Rachel thinks this is a comedy, but it's a tragedy for me.")
  • She can look at a note. (Comment: "Adding putting on makeup to to the long list of reasons I wouldn't be caught dead on stage."
    "Why does it feel like Steph is mocking me from afar?")
  • She can look at costumes. (Comment: "I haven't seen this much spandex since Mom made me go to that Zumba class with her."
    "The only thing worse than looking at spandex is being forced to wear it.")
  • She can look at another note. (Comment: "Even though Steph's not here, her stickies still lay down the law."
    "Looks like I'm late. As usual.")
  • She can leave the tent (required).

Optional Graffiti

  • In Episode 1, Chloe can draw a graffiti on the wall of the Blackwell Swimming Pool.
  • In Episode 2, Chloe has the option to draw a graffiti on the mirror inside the girls' changing tent.