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The Blackwell Academy Parking Lot is used by the students and staff of Blackwell Academy to park their vehicles. It is an explorable location in Episode 2.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

Chloe Price enters the parking lot after being expelled or suspended from Blackwell Academy. Her mother Joyce and Joyce's boyfriend David Madsen are waiting for Chloe. Chloe can explore the parking lot and speak to Eliot Hampden, who is leaning against a car. Eliot will be surprised at Chloe's suspension or expulsion, and will ask Chloe for a hug which she can accept or refuse. She then goes on to speak to Joyce and David. They announce the decision for David to move in, as Joyce believes this will be the first step towards the three of them getting along. However, Chloe is deeply upset with this, and gets even more angry when David asks her to empty her pockets. Chloe can accept or refuse. If she agrees to put the contents of her pockets on the trunk of David's car, and purchased the weed from Frank in Episode 1 , she will be caught red-handed. David then invites Chloe to enter the car and go home, but Chloe kicks the car door shut and storms off to the junkyard, much to Joyce's despair.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Chloe's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.
  • Chloe can look at a Drug Free Zone sign. (Comment: "Drugs are free here! Man, why didn't anyone tell me before?")
  • She can look at a Blackwell announcement. (Comment: "Max would have loved this shit.")
  • She can look at stage lights in the back of a car. (Comment: "I guess these stage lights are for The Tempest.")
  • She can draw a graffiti on the stage lights. (Comment: "Hmm... What could The Tempest use more of?"
    Pot: "Everybody wants to have a good time, right?"
    Anarchy: "All that's left is to get arrested."
    Look after graffiti: "I hear the lighting is super important for setting the tone.)
  • She can look at a slashed lock. (Comment: "Blackwell's criminal element strikes again. Better go before Wells pins it on me.")
  • She can look at a pothole. (Comment: "Maybe they'll use my scholarship money to finally fix this pothole.")
  • She can look at a Fire Safety flier. (Comment: "I guess this fire is no joke. Still can't believe Rachel started it.")
  • She can look at and speak to Eliot. (Comment: "Eliot and I have gone to school together since we were in kindergarten. Until today.")
  • She can look at a Vortex Club flier. (Comment: "No more extracurricular activities. No more curricular activities, either.")
  • She can look at cigarette butts. (Comment: "But whenever I needed to bum one, 'no one here smokes.' Fuck this place.")
  • She can look at a moped. (Comment: "Three guesses whose bike this is, and they all start with 'Ms. Grant'. Damn, I guess I will miss one
    thing about this place.")
  • She can look at a car. (Comment: "Wells' car. Crushing spirits must pay pretty well.")
  • She can look at a Big Foot head. (Comment: "Taking pride in Blackwell athletics means taking pride in yourself. Also, the trustees and their
    enormous bank accounts.")
  • She can look at a bird. (Comment: "Okay, yeah, bye. Elitist Blackwell bird...")
  • She can look at a skateboard. (Comment: "At least I'll have plenty of free time to take up skateboarding again. If I feel like it.")
  • She can look at another car. (Comment: "PissHead much? That has to be Skip's car...")
  • She can look at beer bottles. (Comment: "That's what they do best here at Blackwell. Empty things out and toss them aside.")
  • She can look at a car sticker. (Comment: "My other vehicle is drama? I'm sorry, Rachel, but theater people are just the worst.")
  • She can look at and speak to Joyce (required). (Comment: "Mom is clearly fighting to hide her disappointment. Which, of course, just makes this worse.")