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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 29 August 2021

Long Absence and Quick Message

  • 1 Firstly...
  • 2 Secondly...
  • 3 An important note about Screenshots / Galleries:
    • 3.1 Finally...

Apologies for the long absence from my Co-Admin duties on this wiki. This is likely to continue into the foreseeable future for reasons I haven't the energy to go into. (Perhaps later.) Despite this, I still receive edit notifications on lots of pages and look at these from time to time, and I tend to contact the other admins for their thoughts on anything questionable. (Ladosha2 usually makes any changes - massive thanks to him!)

With the upcoming Remastered LiS 1 that we'll soon be getting from a different studio, I do fear we'll start to see the Season 1 pages being altered, perhaps in detrimental ways, as the very definition of what makes a LiS game is n…

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Safiye Choson Safiye Choson 18 October 2020

My fanfic about Lis: Lost Girls

Thanks for entering this page. I recently re-polished this fiction and began to upload this on . So sorry for the inconvenience, but PLEASE access the site.

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AmberPhantomhive AmberPhantomhive 21 June 2020

Sean is my favorite character

I just want to say Sean is my favorite character. The Life is Strange squeal was also my favorite out of all the others. I love all of them but, the whole theme with Sean and Daniel. I just feel more connected with this than the others. I love the wolf theme, I love their bond, I love the story. My friend likes the original better but, that's okay. Like me she feels connected on a personal level like I do for the squeal. Sean and Daniel just have a special place in my heart that will impact me for the rest of life. That's all I wanted to say.

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Dreampenguin Dreampenguin 6 June 2020

Thinking about Interactions, Choices, and the Script.

Hello, all.

I know I rarely edit this wiki, but it is still something I may edit more in the future. I've actually jotted down several notes to check something on the wiki or to add this or that (pending confirmation of it when replaying the game) in my Google Doc of all kinds of random notes to self. Most of these notes are about a particular part of the game or a particular bit of missed dialogue.

But one overarching question of mine is exactly how much should be added to the Script. I know there are separate pages for Choices for each episode and Interactions for each game. But some of the Interactions and Script seem like they could be redundant.

For example, interactions usually produce lines of dialogue, so shouldn't they all go in the Sc…

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Spielbinder Spielbinder 10 April 2020

LIS2 Alternative/Additional Endings and Morality Mechanic Proposition

Hello All,

This may be my last post regarding Life is Strange 2 as I feel this, and my previous discussion board posts complete my thoughts on the game.

I am placing this one in the “blog” section to allow for the insertion of a table and the lengthiness of the article.

Here I will detail some additional endings that I cooked up and propose tweaks to the game’s morality system as it determines which ending you get. Consider this article opinionated, tetering on "fan fiction", and interpretive of the experience as played in the context of a video game. I also make no effort to claim technical prowess over this topic, nor am I fully aware of the game's mechanics as written.

I am adding a spoiler alert due to discussion of the game’s endings.


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Safiye Choson Safiye Choson 30 December 2019

At the end of the year

Well, there were many events to me in this year. My doctor's course in graduation school has begun, I made some acquaintances(or friends?), wrote a thesis(although lt will be presented in a seminar in the first half of next year), and some private affairs I can't share. But most of all I met Chloe, Rachel, and Max half a year ago, and I want to call this year as "Life is Strange Year" to me.

In fact, buying LiS(Season 1) was nothing but a coincidence. I saw this game in two Korean Youtube videos("Top 10 hardest choices in video games", and "8 Video games giving spoilers by themselves(Jeffers*it's line in Episode 1 was pointed out)") for the first time, and I was attracted to a girl with blue hair in no time. So I bought Season 1 and BtS, an…

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 24 December 2019

Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings

Just as the title says, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)

The wiki continues to grow from your love of the franchise, and it's been really nice to see that a few of you even enjoy tackling some of the more time-consuming pages (e.g. episode scripts). It hasn't gone unnoticed, and I know for a fact that your hard work has helped others in the fandom.

I also wish to express thanks to those editors who have been a great help when it comes to reverting acts of vandalism. We've experienced a large amount lately, and I'm saddened that there are people who would make trouble over such a festive period. With your continued support, vandals will never destroy the years of hard work that has gone into creating, bui…

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Safiye Choson Safiye Choson 6 December 2019

My opinions about Season 2.

I just finished Season 2 with "Redemption" ending.

Overall, it was not that bad. But sadly, "not that bad" doesn't mean "is was great". And more sadly, it wasn't as good as I expected.

But I finished this anyway, so I want to share some PROS and CONS I think about this game.

Before you read further:

1. It's obvious that what I think is "pros" can be your "cons", vice versa, because this is MY opinion.

2. I hurried a bit to see the ending, so I could have missed some(or many?) details.


1. Graphics and character animation

Yeah, it's obviously improved. I don't have much to say about graphics, but my eyes enjoyed wonderful sceneries.

And Sean's walking animation was amazing. I surprised at Riverside Cave scene of Episode 1 for the first time, bec…

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 4 December 2019

Screenshots or Assets?

With Episode 5 now here (for those that waited patiently for the official release), it is perhaps a good time to mention the "screenshot or game asset" discussion that staff have had among ourselves in the past (and with a representative from SE).

While some of us here are keen game file explorers who enjoy digging for items to examine more closely, it is not always necessary to upload an original art transparency when a screenshot of the asset as it appears in-game would suffice. Screenshots are often preferred for a uniform appearance in picture galleries, depending on the gallery context and what we want to achieve with page presentation.

The danger we saw with uploading too many original and unmodified assets over screenshots is that the…

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Safiye Choson Safiye Choson 2 December 2019

I just saw the ending of “The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit” for the first time.

Yeah, it's December, and release of "Wolves" is fast approaching. So I did what I have postponed: play TAAoCS.

The main reasons my delaying were three: Sitting and waiting for the next episode is my faaaavorite thing, I prefer girls' story then boys', and hero movie/game is not my cup of tea.

But still, I enjoyed this game. To be honest, I already like this more than "Farewell".


Chris was much more cute and attractive than I expected!

Well... until he got Captain costume. SORRY for the fans, but it looked little silly to me.


I love the background of this game, because I love winter and snow. I remember Miss Selfie Hipster said "I wish October would last forever...", and I want to say "I wish December would last forever..." :)


I smiled bitt…

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 28 November 2019

Being considerate of spoilers

Earlier today, we were informed of some activity outside the wiki that involved unreleased LiS 2 Episode 5 material - material people would have only seen on or after the official release date next week.

We are concerned that comments and content surrounding this material might make its way to the wiki, so we are asking those who contribute here to bear in mind the currently unreleased status of Episode 5 and please do not (or do not continue to) spread word of any Episode 5 content that has not been officially released, as this can impact upon the wider Life is Strange community. Even if things of this nature are posted to places designated for leaks, they rarely stay there.

We also urge any wiki editor who may have been involved in bringin…

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JaneDoe&Co JaneDoe&Co 13 November 2019

Guilty as Sin..

I got LiS as a Christmas present from my other half for Christmas 2018. 

I played this during my holiday from work within a day - like most of us I assume. 

I have a confession to make - I sacraficed Chloe and I didn't even hesitate for a moment... What went through my mind at that very moment was sacrafice the life of one for potentially thousands. There were characters in the episodes that spoke to me, like the innocence of Joyce, trying to rebuild her life after her husband is killed in a freak accident. Chloe seemed troubled to me and despite Max leaving over five years ago managed to latch back on to her. 

Then it all changed - I played BTS, and oh my frickin goddess - Chloe Price is an absolute legend and by far my favourite character. …

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Safiye Choson Safiye Choson 13 November 2019

Today was...

Today was... my b-day.

Happy birthday, Safiye Choson. You’re student live in dorm, so this means you should spend your b-day with yourself, but congrats! Now you have only a couple of years before you turn thirty, so use your time wisely! :)

Now, if I say more honestly, I spend all days with myself. But I talked with my parents on my phone for a long time, and had a party with some of my acquaintances( You may call them as my “friends”, but I don’t grant that title so easily. :/ ). Both of them made today special.

And finally, I gave something to myself as a gift. This was hella wonderful if I can ignore this gift was sent from Safiye. lol

P.S. HBD, Schrödinger guy, I know it's a week away, but I just want to congratulate you in advance. XD

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Sarahful Sarahful 3 November 2019

Actions with Consequences in Season 2

We're one month away from Episode 5!

In preparation, I've compiled a list of every action that causes the animated wolves logo to appear for Sean and Daniel. I've been working on this for quite some time now and I believe that it's complete, but please let me know if I'm missing anything.

A quick reminder (see this page for more information):

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Safiye Choson Safiye Choson 21 October 2019

What if LiS set in my homeland.

Let's start this blog with my little confession. Before I played this game, I had almost no knowledge about the life of American teens. So when I saw the endings of Season 1 and BtS, I tried to imagine what if LiS set in Korea, my homeland. I mean, Korean teenagers' life is quite different with American teens, so there would be so many differences.

And now I picked out 10 most interesting things I think, and want to introduce those.

Before you read further, please don't forget about these:

  • What I say "school" in this blog is general middle/high schools. Vocational school or specialized schools can be little different.
  • "Max/Chloe isn't a Korean Name. Oh, and Blackwell too!" will not be included. :D


In almost every school, every students must w…

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 13 October 2019

Things noticed during Season 1's "LiS Week"

Hi folks.

After spending the week playing through Season 1 once again from start to finish, you may have noticed some cool details/references/Easter Eggs you missed before, or inconsistencies not mentioned on the wiki. So let's make sure we get these things on here. :)

With regards to things of a more technical nature, perhaps you've experienced some bugs or glitches this time, screen tearing issues, or dialogue that doesn't match choices made earlier in the game, or missing textures, etc.

I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I'd started compiling a list of issues ever since I was told there's still QA aftercare in place for Season 1. I had previously passed on info like this about a year after Episode 5 was released, but there have be…

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Safiye Choson Safiye Choson 11 October 2019

I played "Polarized" today, and chose to sacrifice......

  • Before you Read: What I wrote in this blog was just my feelings and thoughts about the final decision of this game. Blaming or criticizing was NOT what I meant to.

During this magical week, I played one episode of Season 1 day by day, and even on my daily routine, I continuously thought about The Awesome Adventures of Max And Chloe. "Kate Marsh would be safe by now, and some of us hippies have homework..."(on Tuesday), "Good evening, alternative Selfie. I love your cardigan. Wait... maybe I should wear my cardigan before I go out too? The weather report said it's cool outside."(on Wednesday), "Oh, the moon is so bright and pretty... it's a full moon, maybe...? Pfft, Safiye, please stop. You can not see two moons at the same sky, of course..…

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 6 October 2019

This week is special because...

Max's eventful week of Monday 7th October through to Friday 11th October lines perfectly up with this coming week this year. :)

I'll be playing one episode per day of the original season. Anyone else?

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Safiye Choson Safiye Choson 5 October 2019

Today is special day to me.

Today is the hundredth day since I met Max and Chloe.

Like many of you, this fr**king game influenced me many ways. Today is my personal anniversary, so I want to say some things about that.

And I'm going to exclude "I can't get out from this game", "I found my life game", "This game changed me much" things. I just want to write one sentence about this: Definitely Understandable, Hipsters!


I learned quite many American slangs from "wowser" and "hella" to "dickhead", "weirdo", "douche", "girlie", "batshit", "cunt", "asshat", "(First name) + (slang) + (Last name)" thing, etc. etc. etc. etc. I think I would never use these in everyday life for those were mean... but pretty funny too.


I learned something about geography of the United States too, …

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Safiye Choson Safiye Choson 14 September 2019

Joke theory: Chloe Price was on extreme diet on BtS.

Before you read: I heavily depended on Chloe's Messages for checking times.

I played BtS from the beginning few days ago, and I chose to say "Dad was a good man." to Joyce. And as we know Chloe said "Nah, I'll just... grab something later." because she hated the thing I don't know named 'pot roast', but she met with girl-kisser and never-kisser who played tabletop, talked about true love, found Little Miss Sunshine’s belt instead of grab something.

So at this point, I was beginning to wonder about Chloe's other meals. Was she on a extreme diet, or that breakfast was one exception? Here’s my little research.

If we can ignore prologue and epilogue, BtS covers the event from May 7th's morning to May 9th's afternoon. So Chloe should have had a ei…

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 31 August 2019

Spirit Animal or Representation?

UPDATED with a response from the writer - 5th Sept, 2019

Just a quick blog about something I've noticed happening on the wiki over time.

Some characters are being assigned a spirit animal like it's become a mandatory thing that they all should have one. This was a theme from Season 1 that I think is being carried over too much outside of an original context.

The concept of "spirit animal" is considered a sacred thing (culturally) that empowers, guides, or acts as a messenger (also from the dead), and Blackwell Academy's backstory was that it was built on sacred Native American land as well as the main theme of Season 1 dealing with death and the prevention or acceptance of it. Sometimes, you will see animal representation of characters or ani…

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 25 August 2019

Episode 4 bugs and glitches

I'm currently compiling a list of bugs and glitches in Episode 4 with some video examples and screenshots to pass on to Dontnod's QA team like I've done with the other three episodes.

Episode 4 actually marks the first time in Season 2 that I've not experienced any major issues on a first playthrough (except for a minor localisation spelling error), but that doesn't mean others haven't experienced things themselves.

Has anyone experienced anything odd or out of place with Episode 4?

As usual, I'll be wanting to hear about any:

  • Clipping Issues - e.g. Characters walking through objects that should be obstacles.
  • Texture Issues - e.g. Textures popping into view or temperamental visibility.
  • Audio Issues - e.g. Lines that don't sound like they should; t…
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Thebesteverduh1 Thebesteverduh1 24 August 2019

Gay? Yes I say

Okay, so I have a HUGE ship idea that came to me after Jacob came out to Sean. I mean we know that Sean is canonically bi and it looked like they were about to kiss but then Karen radioed him. I SHIP IT SO MUCH. 

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Safiye Choson Safiye Choson 23 August 2019

I bought “The Tempest”.

I bought "The Tempest" by Willie today, and believe this is another positive effect of Life is Strange. :)

Now, I hope I can find in-game lines. such as:

"By accident most strange, bountiful Fortune hath mine enemies brought to this shore. Here, cease more questions. Thou art inclined to sleep."

"Most fearless, generous spirit! Hast thou performed to point the tempest that I bade thee?"

"Is there more toil? Let me remember thee what thou hast promised!"

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here!"

"What is it? A spirit? It carries a brave form, but...'tis a spirit."

"O heaven, O earth, bear witness to this sound."

"Thy liberty? Nay! This most of all I will not grant!"

"We shall fly beyond this isle, the corners of the world our mere prologue."


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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 22 August 2019

Editing Courtesies - Episode Launches

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to leave a little blog about editing courtesies based on things that have happened in the past whenever a new episode drops.

A new release means a busy time on any wiki as fans rush to be the first to add content. Staff are going to do their best to check edits during these busy periods, but since we're very short-staffed on here right now, checking edits for accuracy (or vandalism) isn't possible 24/7. Most staff also avoid the wiki until completing a first playthrough due to spoilers. Saying that, we've got some great regular editors on here at the moment who are doing their best to help out when staff aren't around. :)

So here's the polite request when it comes to editing around these busy times (and a good guide for a…

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 20 August 2019

Episode 4 trailer observations

Been a bit wiped out lately, or I would have been writing this yesterday. Just leaving this here in case anyone would like to discuss the Episode 4 trailer in more detail. :)


In the Episode 4 trailer, Sean is alone, looking for his brother Daniel, and it appears the authorities are too.

Appearance wise, Sean has changed. His head is shaved, and some gauze is now taped over his left eye to protect the injury he received at the end of Episode 3. This gauze appears to have been initially applied in a hospital facility, as seen by the character in medical scrubs who tells Sean about its application ("four times a day. I won't forget," Sean says, finishing his sentence). Sean also has a small sc…

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Safiye Choson Safiye Choson 20 August 2019

I saw Arcadia Bay's lighthouse during academic seminar.

I went to the seminar about “Religion and philosophy of later Choson period” or something few days ago. And this is a photo of seminar’s material book.

As you see, there is lighthouse on the cover of the book. And when I looked this, I recalled Acadia freaking Bay’s lighthouse in no time, even though it looked quite different after I calmed down.

Thanks, DONTNOD. Now you make me hella strange. :)

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SBadger SBadger 19 August 2019

can someone add this in Sean Diaz info box

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 15 August 2019

Thanking You All For Your Patience

Just a little universal message to you all (mainly to the regular editors on here) for your continued patience with me over the past few/several(?) months while I've been trying my best to hold the fort while our two admins and fellow moderators aren't around at the moment (mainly due to studies).

I wasn't here as much last year as I took a long break to focus on a LiS project, but I'm now trying to be here more frequently while the other staff aren't so available. They all picked up the slack when I wasn't around, so it's only fair that I try to manage things as best I can for them in return. :)

But just to put you all in the picture, I know I've mentioned it briefly on a couple of your walls already, but I am trying to cope with the above w…

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 2 August 2019

Keep an eye out for these inspirations in LiS 2...

Since DONTNOD like to make references to personal influences, perhaps keep a look out for any Stephen King or Steven Spielberg references or influences that may surface in Life is Strange 2. The reason I mention this is this interview answer from a video interview uploaded to YouTube today.

Keep those eyes and ears peeled if you are a big fan of either of those. :)

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 27 July 2019

Episode 4 Predictions

Post contains spoilers for those of you who have not yet played Episode 3

So, with the release of Life is Strange 2: Episode 4 not far away now, I wanted to throw my own theory/predictions out there that I've discussed off-wiki before now (except without the fancy picture I've just created, lol).

Feel free to comment with your own predictions for the episode as I'd love to hear them. :)

Here are the things I noticed that I'm basing my predictions around:

  • The Nevada signage on the Episode 3 menu screen upon completion of the episode.
  • Jacob talking about being from a religious community in Nevada and saying he's had doubts about his beliefs and won't return until he gets some kind of sign ("Not until I get a signal from God at least"). He also acts ske…

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 14 July 2019

Hello, and all that jazz :)

I wanted to have a bit of a change from my usual posts that tend to be more on the wiki updates/game research side, so I thought it would be nice to have an introductory blog where you fellow editors can tell me your stories of how you discovered Life is Strange (like which game was the entry point into the fandom)... which game is preferred and why... and how the games resonate with you emotionally. :)

I'm not very good at summarising my love for LiS, but I'll have a go! I'll keep this summary about my experience with the first game until I can figure out how to word my experience with the other games in the franchise.

My own discovery of Life is Strange (Season 1) was when I needed a break from - coincidentally - a photography course I was do…

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 11 June 2019

New "Editing in Progress" Warning Template

Hi folks. Some of you have raised concerns about the coincidental editing that sometimes occurs on a page you've been working on at the same time. I know how frustrating it is to spend hours writing and researching content "off-wiki" only to find that someone has changed page content while you've been busy plugging your own work into the page... So you check what's been changed, only to find this added content has pretty much duplicated what you had spent precious time on!

To address this issue, Ladosha has kindly come up with an "Editing in Progress" warning template. There are two types we can use:

  • The large version is to use at the top of any page you wish to work on at that particular time across multiple sections. Good to use when you are…
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NotSoSly NotSoSly 2 June 2019

The Wolf Brothers

  • 1 Sean's Bedtime Stories
    • 1.1 Episode 1
    • 1.2 Episode 2
    • 1.3 Episode 3
    • 1.4 Episode 4

Once upon a time... In a wild... wild world... there were two wolf brothers... living in their home lair with their papa wolf... They all lived happily together... but... but one day, hunters took their Dad away. Forever... So now the brothers were alone... and they had to find a new home... They started a journey through the great big forest...

Once upon a time... In a wild... wild world... there were two wolf brothers, living in their home lair with their papa wolf... They all lived happily together, but... one day... hunters took their Dad away... Forever. So now the brothers were alone... and they had to find a new home... They started a journey... through the great …

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 27 May 2019

Season 1 Page Edits - Please Read

Hi Folks.

Just wanted to leave a quick blog to address a spate of Season 1 page edits my mail box is filling up with lately. I think this is more changes to Season 1 pages than I have seen for a while! Nothing wrong with editing older pages, of course, but here is where I want to address some points that are really important to the wiki with regards to Season 1 content:

  • Please be mindful that anything in Season 1 is THE founding lore. This must be preserved at all costs. At least two of us here got burnt out from a seemingly constant battle a couple of years back to prevent Season 1 pages being overwritten by BtS lore that was being added to these pages. Some inconsistencies between the two games resulted in the decision to split the pages for…
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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 21 May 2019

Episode 3 bugs and glitches

I'm currently compiling a list of bugs and glitches in Episode 3 with some video examples and screenshots to pass on to Dontnod's QA team like I've done with the other two episodes.

As with Episode 2, I've had a fair number of strange things happen in this episode. Has anyone else experienced something odd?

Here's just a sample of some of the things I've been compiling (I've left out the specific examples as this would be too long to read):

  • Clipping Issues - Characters walking through objects that should be obstacles.
  • Texture Issues - Textures jumping to a different location in cutscenes, textures being missing in some cutscenes then correcting themselves upon restarting the checkpoint, or things being where they shouldn't be.
  • Audio Issues -
    • Lines that …
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Strikeovercrazy2 Strikeovercrazy2 18 May 2019

Life is strange 2: Wastelands deaths my way

Finn: The same

Cassidy: Can be shot by Merill if you choose finn over her if you did finn will listen but cass won't

My Characters 

Freddy: Go's on the heist with Finn and Daniell, Merill Shoot's Freddy (and Finn or Cassidy) to teach them a lesson

Sandra: Can be shot by tony if you awoke him (doesn't count big joe)

Tony: Can be shot in the head by Sean if Tony killed Sandra

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NotSoSly NotSoSly 26 April 2019


  • 1 Promises made in Life is Strange 2
    • 1.1 Episode 1
    • 1.2 Episode 2
    • 1.3 Episode 3
    • 1.4 Episode 4

A list of all the promises made between characters in LiS2, and the requirements for them to be made. Order based on who promises who first.

  • Sean -> Esteban
    • Have fun, but not too much fun
  • Sean -> Daniel
    • A Chock-O-Crisp bar
    • Won't stay long in the forest
    • They'll come back to the camp site
    • Another milkshake
    • A better place to stay
    • Not to lie to Daniel
  • Daniel -> Sean
    • Won't throw the stick too far for Mushroom
    • Keep the bubbles in the bathtub

  • Daniel -> Claire
    • Sean and Daniel won't be loud outside (Daniel is loud)
  • Chris -> Charles
    • Chris is okay after the fall
  • Sean -> Lyla
    • To try to see/meet each other
  • Daniel -> Sean
    • To be careful with his power
  • Sean -> Daniel
    • Chris will be fine

  • Cassidy -> …

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 26 March 2019

Life is Strange: Season 1 Fixes

Since I was recently told that there's still aftercare in place for the first game by way of a support team managed by Square Enix, this is an opportunity (and probably a last chance) to get any remaining bugs/glitches ironed out. We can submit any bugs and glitches in the original game via this link.

I'm currently in the process of organising a list of bugs/glitches to submit, but if you are reading this and would like anything you have encountered to be submitted on your behalf, please mention what you experienced in a comment below along with your operating system and specifications (if playing on PC), or what console your experienced it on.

Many thanks! :)

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 25 March 2019

Life is Strange 2 - Achievement Analysis

Life is Strange 2 - Achievement analysis. Just something I was having a little fun with. :)

Disclaimer: While I have not read The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac, I have spent some time reading through plot summaries on various scholastic websites - as well as those by general readers - to find the common themes and consistencies they share in order to assist my analysis and speculations.

UPDATED 28/03/19: Added Lost Boys video link and clarification that I'd missed out.

All achievements are featured in the order of their planned appearance in the game.

Episode 3

Achievement name: Homeward Bound.

Possible reference to:

  • The main character of The Dharma Bums ascends a mountain ("") and becomes enlightened before feeling ready to head back home.

Predictions for …

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Meyerliane Meyerliane 15 March 2019

What classifies a character as 'major' or 'minor' within a narration?

The following definitions are based on literary sources, which are:

  • What Is the Literary Definition of a Major Character?
  • Novel Writing Help: Minor Characters and Major Characters

  • central to the development and resolution of the story's conflict; most of the action of the story happens around the major characters, and their activity advances the plot and helps determine the outcome of the story
  • identified by their purpose in the story and whether their activity helps or hinders the protagonist to solve their problem
  • receive a large amount of "screen time"
  • play vital roles in significant parts of the story
  • likely have their own subplots within the story (subplots are closely related to the main plot and occur simultaneously with the protagonist's …

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 15 March 2019

For The Curious Out There

Hi folks and fellow editors. :)

For a long while now, I've been keeping a record of useful quotes I've gathered from various interviews and articles that have historically helped me to answer some of the most common questions repeatedly asked in the fandom; a handful of these being: Amberprice (canon?), Warren Graham (creepy stalker?), Rachel Amber (manipulative?), Chloe Price (toxic friend?), and even fans questioning the body in the junkyard being Rachel, because we don't see her face.

From personal experience, it's been quicker to resolve fan questions with a quote from the mouths of the devs and writers themselves. :)

So here's my list of go-to quotes, plus some recent content from interviews conducted during the development of Season 2 that I …

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IgelRM IgelRM 23 December 2018

Inactive Staff Role Removal

Hello contributors and readers,

Due to inactivity and the potential security risks posed by old accounts, the wiki staff will initiate the removal of rights from users User:Woosk, User:Josey-chan, User:Charlie1121 and User:The Walking North.

This is an unanimous decision by the current active staff that is (will be) confirmed by us leaving a comment with our respective accounts under this blog post.

Update: The removal was completed on January 9, 2018.

As always, thanks to our contributors, without them the wiki wouldn't be as comprehensive.

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Meyerliane Meyerliane 30 September 2018

What classifies as an Easter egg or easily missed detail?

In construction.

Awesome! Your first incentive should be to add your interesting observation to a related article. If you find an interesting detail about one of the characters — for example their favorite color, or which character from another piece of fiction they might be based on —, add it to their article's "Trivia" section. Don't forget to mention the episode, location and/or circumstances your observation can be made in.

On our Wiki, we feature several "special content" articles for every game — "Easter Eggs", "Easily Missed Details" and "References" — to differentiate between different kind of 'more special' interesting observations and findings one may make.

Perhaps, as an editor, you might make an interesting observation in one of t…

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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 27 July 2018

My Thoughts on the LiS Comic Book Continuation

Disclaimer: These personal thoughts on the LiS comic were originally written on 24th June 2018 but never published. These thoughts have now been updated with information from the press release that appeared on the official Life is Strange accounts on 20th July 2018. (Initially posted on my Tumblr on 27/07/2018 GMT. A "prettier" format taken directly from my working copy can be found here.)

Without further ado, I shall now release my personal thoughts into the world...

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Marantana Marantana 21 May 2018

Does the Pricefield story need a conclusion?

Has the story of Max and Chloe been told and there's nothing left to say?

I don't think so for a few reasons:

  • There are several lose threads
  • I want to know how they settle in as a couple (at least I wish they'll do so) wherever they are going.
  • Many fans have been emotionally heavily invested in the game, often to a point where they fell in love with both girls. Some were so deep into it they were wrecked for days after they finished the games. I'm definitely one of them.
  • You can and perhaps even should leave the end open to the audience's imagination in a 2 hr movie, but not in two highly immersive games that together take >30 hours to explore and you don't just watch, but are the main protagonists.
  • I also think that DontnoD's opinion that the stor…
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Cuddlecuffs Cuddlecuffs 21 March 2018

"Farewell" - Inconsistencies Explained

"FAREWELL" - Inconsistencies Explained

(Note: I have already integrated most of the responses from Deck Nine onto the wiki itself on the Farewell and Canon Inconsistencies pages, so I am simply making this blog post to show my full ponderings/research for anyone interested in reading things in the wider context. Thanks to writer Felice Kuan for taking the time to reply to everything here.)


A number of "inconsistencies" have been discussed in the community regarding the "Farewell" bonus episode, but it was felt that some narrative context had perhaps been lost due to the shortness of the episode and the focus being on Max and Chloe (understandably). It was also felt that information from the writing stage may help to shed some lig…

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BlackLiamNeeson BlackLiamNeeson 26 February 2018

What would you change about Life is Strange and Before the Storm?

If you could change certain aspects about Life is Strange or it's prequel Before the Storm what would they be. Perhaps they could be changes made in a TV Series or Director's Cut of the video game. Personally I'd expand on the Prescott's conspiracy and Chloe's pysch.

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IgelRM IgelRM 13 February 2018

Regarding the "Max and Warren” comment section

During an investigation of recent comments left on this wikia (also requested by users), the moderation team discovered (Commenting under different names with the purpose of deception) in the comments of the "Max and Warren" article. This has been confirmed by FANDOM staff, which was contacted for external checks. The accounts involved have now been banned.

These accounts are:
"User:Will Hardy 117", "User:BradyAwesome", "User:CanadaRed", "User:Katzyellowshield" and "User:TheAlphaHarvard".

The following IPv6 addresses also appear to be related:
"[2601:646:8980:17DC:3C7D:3995:451A:6B91], [2601:646:8980:17DC:C4DB:6F29:EC7E:AA61], [2601:646:8980:17DC:A4C5:30B7:B108:46C8], [2601:646:8980:17DC:5C2A:1F75:FFE4:3689], [2601:646:8980:17DC:8CEC:939E:…

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ALONE l.i.f.e. ALONE l.i.f.e. 2 January 2018

One more prequel ?

Am i onlyone here who think that LiS bts was not enough and they didnt really explained events before original games ? Mabye LiS bts and we play as Rachel that would be awesome !!!

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