Campus Backstage is a explorable location in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, where the actors prepare for the The Tempest play.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

Chloe visits this area during the late afternoon following the confrontation with Drew North and Damon Merrick. Around this time, students are getting ready to perform for a play called The Tempest. Chloe then notices Samantha Myers overhearing Nathan Prescott talking with his father, who wants his son to get over his fear and not humiliate him. Chloe can choose whether to talk to him or keep quiet. She can then convince Samantha to cheer for Nathan and can also encourage Nathan, be sarcastic towards him, or do nothing. Afterwards, she can talk to Hayden Jones, Dana Ward, and Travis Keaton and has the option of playing with the spotlights. Entering the changing room, Chloe comes in conflict with a situation between Rachel and Victoria, which varies depending on if Rachel was dropped from the play or not. If Rachel was removed from the play, this will lead to either Chloe getting Victoria to drop from the play by backtalking to her or Rachel drugging Victoria's tea if Chloe was nice to Victoria or lost the backtalk. If Rachel wasn't removed, Victoria will drug Rachel's tea instead. Chloe can either warn Rachel or distract Victoria. If she warns Rachel, she will get Victoria to drink the drugged tea by pretending to believe her. If Chloe distracts Victoria, she will temporally leave and Chloe will switch the cups, leading Victoria to drink the drugged tea upon returning. Afterwards, Keaton informs the students that Juliet Watson, who was meant to play as Ariel, is delayed by the wildfire that Rachel caused and can't make it in time. Following this, Victoria will then either drop from the play (in which Rachel will then volunteer to take over for Victoria) or fall unconscious. Rachel then convinces a reluctant Chloe to take over for Juliet.


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