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"I'm not gonna settle down, no way! That's how shit starts, you know? When you start having things of your own. Things you ought to defend." — Cassidy to the other drifters in "Wastelands"

Lucy Rose Jones[2], better known as Cassidy, is a character in Life is Strange 2. During Episode 2, she is met by Sean and Daniel Diaz at a Christmas tree farm in Beaver Creek, Oregon. She reappears in Episode 3, where Sean and Daniel join her community of drifters and runaways in Humboldt County, California.

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Cassidy is a drifter who makes some of her money playing guitar in public or by taking part in full-time jobs alongside her fellow drifters, such as her farmhand job at Merrill's pot farm in California. She likes being "free" and says she prefers the drifter lifestyle because she can never seem to settle down or she becomes antsy. She is considered a bit of a dreamer, constantly complaining about being stuck in boring jobs such as Merrill's farm, much to her friend Hannah's dismay.

Cassidy is generally quite sarcastic and jokey, for example, she is quick to make banter with her friend Finn at the Christmas Market in Beaver Creek. After Finn interrupts her conversation with Sean Diaz, he states she is always into "suburban boys," which he mistakes Sean to be; Cassidy remarks that they should talk about his "scoreboard" as well then.

Cassidy remains a free spirit throughout, rarely letting anyone get the better of her. She is always trying to sound "true" and "raw". Past her sarcastic exterior, she can get quite deep sometimes, such as lamenting to Sean that "No-one gives a shit about us" at the Christmas Market.


Cassidy has long, straight purple hair styled into an undercut with short bangs. Her hair is gathered over her left shoulder, and several of its strands are wrapped in multicolored dread wraps and bronze hair clips. On her earlobes, Cassidy wears matching black ear tunnels. Around her neck are two hemp necklaces, one grey, and the other red-and-white, as well as a string with two silver keys attached.

Cassidy's tattoos.

Cassidy has multiple tattoos spanning across her body that were obtained from various people she has met while travelling[3]. She has two sleeve tattoos (the left of which prominently features a dragon), as well as tattoos depicting a wolf underneath her left breast, a skull on her right hip, an uprooted tree with a hole in its trunk on her left hip, a bundle of flowers surrounded by wasps on her right lower leg, and a snail on the outer side of her right foot.

In Episode 2, she wears a thick, beige fur-lined parka with wooden toggle fasteners over a black shirt, as well as grey pants covered in grass stains. On her feet, she wears black heeled hiking boots laced with mismatching blue and white shoelaces. Her clothing shows visible signs of wear, including several holes that are mainly covered up by stitches and multicolored patchwork. Several of these patches have designs depicted on them, including a stylized zombie face in black marker, a skull between a fork and knife in white marker, a gas mask, the word "FORCE", and the Eye of Providence.

In Episode 3, Cassidy wears a purple t-shirt with a white logo, ripped blue jean shorts with various patches (one of which depicts an airplane and another an anthropomorphized orange), and dirty multicolored hiking shoes, as well as a chain hanging from her right hip and bracelets on her right wrist. During the campfire and heist scenes, she wears a striped baja hoodie.


Cassidy is from Texas. In Episode 3, she tells Sean that she won't go back home as her meth-addicted father beat up her boyfriend because he wasn't white, and her brother threatened to shoot her if she dated the same guy. She states her mother "didn't say squat as usual."

Around a year prior to Episode 3, Cassidy met Hannah and Finn and joined them in their travels. After Sean helps her with her chores, Hannah describes Cassidy when they first met as "pissed at everything... hurt. Unable to commit to anything. Except [them]."

Episode Two - "Rules"

During their visit to a Christmas tree farm with Chris and Charles Eriksen, Sean can find Cassidy sitting on a rock by the parking lot fences, playing her guitar beside a sign with the words "Will Eat For Food". He has the option of giving her $1.00 in spare change and listening to her sing a cover of "I Found A Way" by First Aid Kit. If Sean chooses to sit through the entire song, he and Cassidy will have a short chat about her musical talent.

Either upon being called out while leaving the market or by his own volition, Sean has another conversation with Cassidy. She tells Sean that she came to Beaver Creek with her friends, a group of freight jumpers heading to Humboldt County, California where they have a job lined up. One of her friends, Finn, comes to get her, and the two of them exchange banter and introduce themselves to Sean and Daniel. On her way out of the market, Finn and Cassidy are stopped by Nick, who admonishes them for not having their dog on a leash and looks down on them for being "millennial parasites". They mock Nick until he threatens to call the cops on them, then leave together.

At the end of the episode, Sean and Daniel decide to follow in Cassidy's footsteps and hitch a ride on a train passing out of Beaver Creek.

Episode Three - "Wastelands"

Prior to the episode, on January 22nd, 2017, Sean and Daniel met Cassidy, Finn, Hannah, and Penny while train-hopping in Humboldt County, California, where they decided to join them in working at a cannabis plantation over the next month.

After waking up at the drifters' campsite, Sean can look at Cassidy's tent, where he notes that she's still sleeping. Later on, after returning with Daniel to the campsite, Sean joins Cassidy with the other drifters on Big Joe's truck as they drive towards the pot farm. On the truck, Cassidy tries to tell Sean a story before realizing that he isn't listening to her. She teases him over being jealous of Finn and Daniel's friendship. As the group begins speculating over Big Joe's "origin story" and Penny proclaims that he's a clone from Silicon Valley, Cassidy suggests that he could be a factory reject.

Upon arriving at the pot farm, Cassidy complains about her tiredness before being slapped over the head by Big Joe, which Sean can choose to either point out or let go. Once inside, Merrill admonishes the group for being late, which Cassidy quietly apologizes for. He sends her, Hannah, Sean, and Daniel to work on cutting weed buds in his house. Inside, Cassidy and Hannah begin to argue over the former's constant complaining about her work and expressing the desire to leave. After Big Joe returns, the two apologize to each other, with Hannah admitting that she's had a long week and doesn't want to fight.

Later on, as the group sits around a campfire while smoking and drinking, Cassidy sings her rendition of "I'm Willing" by Ben Lee. After she finishes, Hannah reminisces about her lost dog, leading to Finn initiating a game of who can share the worst memory. On her turn, Cassidy refuses to talk, saying that she already sang a song. After the game, as Finn shares his desire to live with the rest of the group on a beach, Cassidy mocks his dream and states that all she needs is what they already have. Afterwards, Cassidy tells Sean that he needs a haircut as Daniel tells Sean that he's getting tired.

The next day, Sean wakes up late and rushes to Big Joe's truck as Cassidy and the others cheer him on. That afternoon, while waiting for Merrill to call them in, Cassidy asks the group what they're planning to do with their money. Inside, Merrill tells Cassidy that she's been slacking off and to get it together, to which she agrees. Before he can give them their money, Big Joe comes in dragging Daniel by the arm and announces that he'd caught him in the living room, causing Merrill to deny the group their paychecks and telling the man to teach Daniel a lesson. Before Big Joe can harm him, Daniel causes a ceramic plate to fly over and hit him in the head as Cassidy and the others watch. Either Sean or Finn can take the blame for throwing the plate, causing Big Joe to punch whoever did so in the eye.

Later that night, she and the others observe Daniel showing off his powers. When Finn gets the idea to use Daniel's powers to steal from Merrill, Cassidy opposes the idea. She later creates a tattoo for Sean, either letting her choose or deciding himself. Sean can then choose to join her for a night swim in the lake and if their relationship is high enough, they will create romance towards each other otherwise they will just stay friends. If Sean joined the heist, he can tell this to her or lie (leading Finn to tell the truth to her); either way, this will anger Cassidy (which will also destroy her relationship with Sean). If Sean didn't join the heist, he can choose to go into Cassidy's tent to have sex or decline. Afterwards, Hannah will approach them and tell them that Finn and Daniel are gone. Aware that they're going to rob Merrill, they leave to stop them.

Arriving at Big Joe's parking lot, they find the lock broken, the security camera above the parking lot destroyed, and the storage truck missing. After hijacking the pickup truck, they use it to get to the farm. Upon catching up to Finn and Daniel, they scold them for robbing Merrill against their wishes. If Sean decides to join the heist, Cassidy will get upset and leaves the group, which will also end her and Sean's relationship. If he does not, Cassidy won't leave but this will lead Daniel to get angry instead and break the door down or, if Sean and Cassidy's relationship is really high, attack Cassidy before breaking the door down. Either way, Merrill will be alerted by their actions and will force them to get on their knees. If Cassidy left, Big Joe was alerted and his vehicles weren't sabotaged, Big Joe will drag her inside with him. If Sean chooses to have Daniel use his powers, Cassidy will be knocked out along with the others. If Sean chooses to do nothing, Finn will be killed and Daniel may attack Cassidy if Sean spent too much time with her. 

The following morning (if she's with the group), she is seen unconscious with a TV crushing her right hand.

Episode Four - "Faith"

Although she doesn't physically appear, a letter next to Sean's hospital bed reveals that following her arrest and interrogation from the FBI, she was released several weeks prior to the events of the Episode and has resumed her travels with the other drifters. The details in the letter will vary depending on Sean's relationship with Cassidy, whether Sean joined the heist or not, and whether Finn died.

Positive variations (disagree to the heist and go swimming):

  • "I truly hope you are okay"
  • "you will get the justice and freedom you deserve"
  • "I'll always be singing your song…" (determinant)

Neutral variations (join the heist):

  • "I hope you are okay" (determinant)
  • "hope you will get some form of justice"

Negative variations (join the heist and lie):

  • "I'm pissed off at you for fucking our shit up."
  • "I wish we had never trusted you. Please don't contact me ever again." (determinant)

The variant can be easily identified by her sign off: "Love & Peace", "Peace" or simply "Cassidy", and whether Finn died.

Sean is later given a mugshot photo of her while being interrogated by Agent Flores, which will either show her injured or unharmed. The mugshot also reveals Cassidy's real name, Lucy Rose Jones.

Episode Five - "Wolves"

If Cassidy didn't sever ties with Sean, she sends Sean another letter, revealing that she was aware of Sean's escape, but still wishes him luck in reaching Mexico and (if he maintained his relationship with her) also provides Sean her phone number to keep in contact with him. If Sean goes through the border and Daniel's morality is high, Cassidy is seen in a photo with Sean (if they're at least still friends), sent to Daniel, along with a photo of the beach and a pinch of sand.



  • Hannah - After running away from her family, Cassidy met Hannah and Finn on the road and have been traveling together ever since. Cassidy's complaints about being stuck in boring jobs tend to annoy Hannah, which causes them to argue often; however, according to Finn, they quickly make amends as they get high together and ultimately get past their disagreements.
  • Finn - The two have been traveling together for a while ever since Cassidy joined the drifters. They get along very well and joke with each other regularly. Although they seem to have similar personalities, Cassidy has completely different opinions on Finn's plan to rob Merrill's safe, believing it to be dangerous and that Finn is being reckless trying to pull Daniel into it. If Sean and Cassidy pursue Finn and Daniel together after the latter two go on the heist alone, Cassidy will reproach Finn for getting Daniel involved and the fact Merrill is armed; if Sean is eventually convinced by Finn to join the heist, Cassidy will remain true to her option and storm off. Finn and Cassidy can still be considered friends, but it's evident they can come into conflict about certain things.
  • Penny - A friend and fellow drifter of Cassidy, who joined the group shortly after her.
  • Ingrid - A tourist from Sweden who works at the cannabis farm along with her partner Anders. At the late-night party at the campground, Cassidy has a conversation with her trying to give her advice on whether to break up with Anders. When Sean asks Cassidy what the conversation was about, he tells him it was just "secret girl talk".
  • Sean Diaz - Cassidy meets Sean for the first time at the Christmas market in Episode 2. They quickly become acquainted and she tells him about her job at a marijuana farm in California with her group of friends, and how they travel hopping on trains. Sean takes inspiration from her and adopts the same method of travel at the end of the episode. At some point between the second and third episodes, Sean and Daniel encounter her again along with her friends, and they invite the brothers to work at the farm. They start living with the group at a camp close to the farm. Sean and Cassidy become closer and spend time together, which makes Daniel jealous. At some point Sean starts teaching Spanish to Cassidy. According to his diary, Sean admires her carefree attitude and musical talent. By Episode 3, Cassidy is one of the people from her group closest to Sean along with Finn. If Sean has a good relationship with Cassidy during the episode, she can potentially tell him about her past. She witnesses Daniel's power during an incident at Merrill's house, and promises to keep it a secret at Sean's request. At the late-night party at the campgrounds, she offers to make Sean a tattoo and can tell him the history behind hers. She then invites him for a midnight swim at the lake. If Sean tells her that he kissed Finn she enthusiastically supports him. If Sean rejected joining Finn's heist, Cassidy offers her help to follow Finn and Daniel to Merrill's house in order to stop them. In Episode 4, Cassidy sends a letter, which varies from flirty to cold depending on his level of intimacy with her, whether Finn died, and whether he had lied to her about accepting the heist.


  • Unnamed Father - Cassidy's father was a methamphetamine addict who disapproved her relationship with a non-white man and beat him. This prompted Cassidy to run away from her home.
  • Unnamed Mother - According to Cassidy, her mother was a meek woman who often remained passive to her husband's violent outbursts, for which Cassidy seems to resent her.
  • Unnamed Brother - Cassidy's brother was a racist who threatened to shoot her for dating a non-white man after their father beat said man. This prompted Cassidy to run away from her home.


  • Unnamed Ex-Boyfriend - Cassidy's ex-boyfriend was a person of color who was beaten by her father who disapproved of their relationship. By the time of Episode 3, he is not present and there's no mention by Hannah of him being with Cassidy when she met her, for which it can be assumed they broke up at some point.
  • Sean Diaz (Determinant) - Cassidy is a potential romantic interest for Sean in Episode 3, depending on the player's choices. She seems to take interest in him since their first meeting at the Christmas market in Episode 2, as she jokingly asks him if he "[has] a crush or something" on her if Sean listened to her song until the end. She flirts with Sean multiple times during the course of the Episode 3, such as telling him his messy hair is covering his pretty face, meowing at him when he compliments her voice, and using terms of endearment towards him. At the late-night party at the campgrounds, Cassidy offers to draw Sean a tattoo and invites him for a midnight swim at the lake. If he joins her, showed interest in her during the episode and rejected Finn's plan, or if he accepted it but lies to her about it, then Cassidy confesses her feelings for Sean, telling him that she likes him. If he reciprocates her feelings, then they both can share a kiss. If they kissed and Sean accepted Finn's plan, Cassidy learns of his lie from Finn upon returning to the camp and angrily leaves; if he refused the plan, Cassidy will invite Sean to her tent to have sex. Once in the tent. Sean admits to her that he's a virgin, but she tells him that it doesn't matter before they have a moment of intimacy. Once it's done, Sean is embarrassed for his poor performance and apologizes to her, but she reassures him and tells that it's normal on his first time, and that he'll learn with experience. While on their way to stop Finn and Daniel from carrying out the heist, Sean tells Cassidy he would like for their relationship to continue in the future. In Episode 4, Cassidy sends a letter whose content varies from romantically longing to cutting off all contact with him depending on his level of intimacy with her, whether Finn died, and whether he had lied to her about accepting the heist.


Cassidy's guitar in Episode 2.

  • Guitar: Cassidy owns a visibly worn guitar with several decorations across its body, including a cartoon octopus sticker, a blue "PA" sticker, two Iowa stickers depicting the name and shape of the state, a circular flower sticker depicting the letters "JDF", a drawing of a compass rose, and crude etchings of a guitar crossed over a bone and the Eye of Providence.
  • Backpack: Cassidy owns a large, brown travelling backpack covered with stitched-up holes and patches, the latter of which include a "Pacific Steve's Famous Crab" logo, a circular sticker that says "NO F*CKS", and the word "FAILURE" on a black background. The backpack contains an item made of plaid fabric and a metal pan, and attached to its side is a wide metal canteen with black straps. Her backpack appears to reference various things from the first game.


Animal Symbolism

A drawing from Episode 4's Previously On segment depicting Cassidy as a dog.

Cassidy is part of a collective idea that all of the Trimmigrants are a pack of wild hounds. In the "Previously on Life Is Strange 2 Episode 3-4" the exact breed of her animal representation appears to be a Irish or English-Setter.

As a spirit animal, the hound represents loyalty and devotion. Cassidy doesn't display any of these traits clearly, likely due to her life experiences that led to her lack of trust in people; however, she does seem to have found devotion in her new group of drifters. Some fans believe Cassidy and the Trimmigrants represent growing up and making your own choices. People with the hound/dog as a spirit animal are said to be natural guides. Finn is able to show this more due to his authoritative position, and Cassidy and the rest of the Trimmigrants help the wolf brothers to find work, raise money, and prepare them for the world better.

Themes and Motifs

  • Duality and Uncertainty - Sean notes that Cassidy seems so out of place when first meeting her, and her appearance and behavior is odd in a number of ways:
    • Cassidy's song, "I Found A Way," by First Aid Kit, is about a woman struggling with a dangerous romance (possibly metaphorically referring to freight hopping in Cassidy's case) while trying to discover who she really is. "My Duality awakes / By midnight time I could not see if I were you or you were me." The lyrics express uncertainty while the composition itself frequently leads the listener to predict the next chords before going in a completely different direction.
    • Finn mentions in his banter that Cassidy is into (presumably wealthy) suburban boys who have stable homes while she herself is a hobo with no money or permanent home.
    • Cassidy's age is left ambiguous. She appears around Sean's age, yet refers to herself as an old gal and acts like she's been doing this for a while.
    • Cassidy is well practiced in singing to the point where she could make a career out of it, yet she does not want to.
    • Cassidy has the most outrageous appearance of anyone in the Christmas Market, yet she expresses that she is the most invisible person there.


Main article: Theories and Speculations (Season 2)
  • Due to Sean being able to become visibly flustered during his conversation with her in Episode 2, Cassidy was theorized by many to be a potential love interest for Sean. This was confirmed in Episode 3, where Sean can pursue his romantic interest in both her and Finn.
  • Due to sharing a mutual love for travel and aversion towards being tied down by a partner, Cassidy was theorized by some to be connected to Karen Reynolds, Sean's absent mother. As of Episode 4, no direct connections have been made between the two.
  • Based off her sharing a name with the famous train robber Butch Cassidy, Cassidy was speculated to be involved in some kind of criminal activity herself. In Episode 3, though she becomes involved with the pot farm along with the other drifters, Cassidy is shown to have a sense of morality when she refuses to help Finn break into and steal from Merrill's house with Daniel's help.
  • Due to both being on the road, Cassidy is speculated by some to have met Brody Holloway during her travels, who owns a backpack depicting hobo symbology. In Episode 1, Brody gives Daniel a bandanna which can be seen as bearing resemblance to Finn's; however, when Daniel wears the same bandanna in Episode 3, none of the drifters make any comment on it.
  • Due to their close relationship, equal height, similar facial structure, and casual banter about their "scoreboards", Cassidy was theorized by some to be Finn's sister and possibly his twin, fitting into the game's recurring theme of familial bonds. This was disproven in Episode 3, where it was revealed that Finn only had three older brothers and that Cassidy is estranged from her only brother.
  • At the end of Episode 3, Cassidy is able to be injured during the heist at Merrill's house. Some fans theorize that, should Sean end up in police detainment following the episode's events, Cassidy will be able to help Sean break out in order to search for his brother. This turned out to be false. Cassidy sent Sean a letter in the hospital but did not go to visit him as she was in police custody and recovering from her own injuries.

Memorable Quotes

Main article: Memorable Quotes (Season 2)
"Ha! Finally, someone who dares speaking with me! Hope you're vaccinated..."
— Cassidy to Sean upon initiating a conversation at the Christmas market in "Rules" (determinant)
"Me and my friends have been... crashing here for the week. Nobody... gives a shit about us... I can tell you're not from around here."
— Cassidy to Sean during their conversation at the market in "Rules"
"Are you kidding? You wanna talk about your scoreboard, hotshot?"
— Cassidy to Finn after he teases her about being into "suburban boys" in "Rules"
"You're gonna fine our dog? Well, that's not very nice!"
— Cassidy to Nick upon being told off for not having a leash in "Rules"
"Oh god, he's gonna call the cops on us, Finn!"
— Cassidy to Finn while mocking Nick in "Rules"
"Smart. But if you get too clingy, people run away... I know what I'm talking about."
— Cassidy to Sean in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"Get off my crack, Hannah! We've been stuck out here for two months! I didn't come out to California to work on a fucking farm, I wanna see some water! Are we gonna squat out here forever? Build a house? What?"
— Cassidy to Hannah in "Wastelands"
"Thanks, everyone! I take ass, cash or grass. Ahem. Hint hint."
— Cassidy to the drifters around the campfire in "Wastelands"
"Even if it's our last night here, we'll meet again, Sean. One thing I learned while travelling is how small the world is... we already met twice, why not more? Even if we don't, we'll be fucking cool memories in each other's mind!"
— Cassidy to Sean in "Wastelands"
"This is just skin, Sean. Like... a sketchbook you'll carry around all your life. You never regret what you write in a diary, right? Only read it with nostalgia, whatever memory it holds."
— Cassidy to Sean in "Wastelands" (determinant)


  • Cassidy's name is a reference to Butch Cassidy, a famous American train and bank robber who led the most successful train-robbing gang, the Wild Bunch. Cassidy also shares her name with musicians David Cassidy and Eva Cassidy. This was confirmed in the "Unusual Easter Eggs in Episodes 1 and 2" episode of the official Community Video Series.
  • Revealed in Episode 4, her real name, Lucy Rose Jones is somewhat ironic, mainly her middle name "Rose". The Latin origin of the name "Rose" can mean just "flower", but it's more modern Norman variation can mean "famous type". During Episode 2, if Sean tells Cass that she is good enough to be on "one of those singing shows", she will express doubt and say that's not really her thing, showing that fame or being famous is one of the last things she would want.
  • Prior to its release, there were several hints that Life is Strange 2 would involve teenage freight hoppers:
    • During Captain Spirit, Chris Eriksen can come across an e-mail on his father's computer detailing accounts of "unruly teenage freight hoppers" in the area.
    • In an interview prior to the release of the game, Michel Koch revealed that one of his major inspirations for Life is Strange 2 was Mike Brodie, a photographer known for having train-hopped across the USA for four years while capturing images of the people he met along the way.[4]
  • Cassidy's character design might be inspired by Mike Brodie's images of freight hoppers and vagabonds.
  • One of Cassidy's signs reads "Will eat for food." This is a parody of the signs that homeless people usually carry and which contain phrases such as "Will do X for food."
    • The back side of this sign reads "Make me great again", which likely refers to Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan.
    • Another sign reads "Pay a pal", referencing the online payments system PayPal.
  • In "Rules", Cassidy will leave behind her guitar pick at the Christmas market, which Sean can pick up and keep as a souvenir. Sean can later tell her in "Wastelands" that he kept it, and she will let him keep it.
  • During the campfire and heist scenes in Episode 3, Cassidy wears a baja jacket, which are commonly associated with stoners and hippie subculture.
  • On entry #68 of his journal, Sean draws a version of the dragon and three ghosts depicted on Cassidy's left sleeve tattoo.
  • While Cassidy's age is unspecified, there is some text and dialogue that might indicate that she is a teenager, such as Charles Eriksen's email in Captain Spirit that refers to "unruly teenage freight hoppers" and one of Nick's idle comments[5] at the Christmas market.
  • Cassidy's character model was worked on by Character Artist Juliette Devillers with help from the LiS Character Team at DONTNOD.[6] On June 14, 2019, Juliette released several freecam screenshots of Cassidy on her ArtStation, which can be viewed here.

A section of Cassidy's unused backstory.

  • On June 27, 2019, an official video surrounding Cassidy's character was uploaded as the first in a Character Profiles video series. Within it, the following was revealed:
    • Initial designs for Cassidy were being made as far back as 2016.
    • A cut portion of Cassidy's backstory would have surrounded her love interest, who was initially going to be named Kyle. Kyle would have originally left his home in Hillsboro to follow her on the road, but eventually decided to head back to his family, leaving her wary of giving others her trust and affection.
    • The biography on Cassidy's casting sheet included the following information: "Cassidy has no interest in sounding "good", she just needs to sound "true", and "raw". Everything she says needs to sound genuine, she's never faking and she's trying to always enjoy every moment and situation."


Main article: Cassidy/Gallery




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