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"No, we TOOK the country back." — Chad to Sean Diaz in "Faith"

Chad Michaels[1] is an acquaintance of Mike Wilson and a minor antagonist in Episode 4 of Life is Strange 2.


Chad is a very hostile, brash person who aggressively interrogates and pushes around people he deems problematic, rummaging through their stuff. He can be compared to Brett in terms of their prejudiced views towards foreigners, to the point where they both share the exact same personalities. He is openly racist, xenophobic, and crudely unsympathetic, going as far to use racial slurs or resort to physical violence for their own entertainment. This makes him one of the more morally reprehensible characters and unarguably one of the most racist characters that Sean encounters by far.

His friend Mike seems to disprove of his actions, and makes at least some attempts to stop him, but Chad's stubbornness is displayed as he continues to push Sean around.


Chad is an adult man with curly, brown hair and a five-o'clock shadow. He wears a faded multicolored plaid button-up over a white shirt, dirty blue jeans, and dark green boots.



Episode Four - "Faith"

After finding Sean on his and Mike's property, Chad wakes Sean from his sleep and threatens to call the police in order to force Sean out. He then raids Sean's things and takes Daniel's toy and will break it if Sean tries to take it back. Depending on how the conversation goes, Chad may have Sean sing a song in Spanish, so he can leave. If Sean does so, Chad will let Sean go without starting a fight. If he refuses, Chad will beat up Sean. Mike eventually stops him and helps Sean escape after seeing a storm in the distance.







  1. Surname revealed in the credits to Episode 4.