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"Monster or Mortal" is the third chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors. The chapter was released September 10th, 2021 and is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia.

In differences from the previous installments of the franchise, True Colors released all chapters at once as a full game instead of breaking them up into episodes.




  1. It's a Simple Plan
  2. Readying for Battle
  3. Thaynor, Monster Slayer
  4. Mother's Dilemma
  5. Rhea




  • LARP characters, monsters, and final boss - All but one of these enemies can potentially be killed during the LARP. Some characters are also found dead (these deaths are not actually real, just pretend).
    • Werewolf - This is the first enemy that must be beaten in the LARP.
    • Troll (Determinant) - Should Alex and Ethan not subdue or bribe him into giving up his soul gem, they must defeat him.
    • River Serpent (Determinant) - If Alex and Ethan don't put it to sleep, they will have to fight it.
    • Final Boss (Determinant) - If Alex and Ethan defeat him, he will be killed. Should they fail, he will retreat.
    • Gullweather's Tavern Staff - They are killed by monsters, leaving severed limbs and blood all over the tavern.
    • Dead Guy - He is found dead during the LARP.

Licensed Soundtrack

Main article: Soundtrack (True Colors)





There are eight achievements the player can earn on Steam, PlayStation or Xbox.

Earworm Squasher Achievement.jpg Earworm Squasher
Xbox G Icon.png25BronzeTrophy.png
Find and play the Student's lost song
Hell Divers Achievement.jpg Hell Divers
Xbox G Icon.png10BronzeTrophy.png
Find the “Bomber Jacket” Memory in Chapter 3
Ethans Dollar Achievement.jpg Ethan's Dollar
Xbox G Icon.png10BronzeTrophy.png
Find the “Dollar” Memory in Chapter 3
And How Does That Make You Feel Achievement.jpg And How Does That Make You Feel?
Xbox G Icon.png10BronzeTrophy.png
Find the “Appointment Slip” Memory in Chapter 3
Upright And Above Ground Achievement.jpg Upright And Above Ground
Xbox G Icon.png10BronzeTrophy.png
Find the “Old Paper” Memory in Chapter 3
Valkyries Dish Achievement.jpg Valkyrie's Dish
Xbox G Icon.png10BronzeTrophy.png
Find the “Valkyrie's Dish” Memory in Chapter 3
Memory Collector Achievement.jpg Memory Collector
Xbox G Icon.png50GoldTrophy.png
Find all Memory Collectibles in Chapter 3
Burying Something Achievement.jpg Burying Something
Xbox G Icon.png50BronzeTrophy.png
Complete Chapter 3 of Life is Strange: True Colors





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