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"Side B" is the fifth and final chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors. The chapter was released September 10th, 2021 and is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia.

In differences from the previous installments of the franchise, True Colors released all chapters at once as a full game instead of breaking them up into episodes.




  1. Deja Vu
  2. Long Way Up
  3. The Hospital Room
  4. Home, Sweet Home
  5. Nobody Picked You
  6. Nothing Stays Buried Forever
  7. Daylight
  8. Town Council
  9. A Knock at the Door
  10. Rooftop Retrospection




  • Wendy Chen - She dies from an illness prior to the game's events.
  • John Chen - He is one of the miners who died in a cave-in sometime prior to the game's events.
  • Miners - Seven of them died in a cave-in sometime prior to the game's events.

Licensed Soundtrack

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Unresolved Issues and Open Questions

There are lots of unanswered questions that were never resolved.

  • Like Max Caulfield and Daniel Diaz, where did Alex's powers come from? How did she discover them? Does she still have them?
    • While Daniel is shown to still have his powers, it is unknown if Alex and Max still have theirs.
  • What happened to Typhon?
    • The company was most likely shut down after its operation was stopped.
  • Where did Steph go after the story (if Alex didn't form a romantic relationship with her)?
    • She most likely moved to Denver, which was hinted in the bonus story.
  • How did Ryan react when he finally learns the truth about his father? Does he shun him?
    • It is possible that he still cares for Jed, but most likely does not try to reconcile with him because of his deception.
  • How did Alex really end up in foster care?
    • Based on the flashbacks, the reason why she was at foster care is due to the fact that no one would adopt her at the orphanage.
  • What happened to Diane?
    • She is believed to have been arrested along with Jed.
  • Where did Alex and Ryan/Steph go afterwards (if Alex chose to leave town)?
  • Will Eleanor pass away sometime later in the future?
  • What do the dreams and flashbacks that Alex had during the start of Chapter 5 represent?
  • Where did Riley and Mac go (if they left town)?
    • Should they both leave town, it is possible that they left together to start a life together (if their relationship wasn't destroyed).
  • What happened to Leena Clark and Dennis Walker?
    • While is is revealed that Dennis quit his job at Typhon, Leena's fate is left unknown.
      • Leena may have also resigned or got arrested.
  • How exactly did Alex recover from her injuries?
    • The crutches found in Alex's apartment sometime after implies that she may have gone to a hospital or received medical treatment from somewhere.
  • How did Alex survive Jed's attempt to kill her and the fall into the mine?
    • A shot in the head and a high fall are usually fatal in real life, so it is completely unexplained of how Alex managed to survive. It could be possible that her supernatural power kept her alive.
      • On a similar scale, Danial got shot in the shoulder and Max suffered terrible headaches and nosebleeds, and yet they survived, which hints that their powers may have prevented them from getting killed.
      • It is revealed that Jed's gunshot had missed Alex, but the fall still remains unexplained.




There are eight achievements the player can earn on Steam, PlayStation or Xbox.

Scary News Achievement.jpg Scary News
Xbox G Icon.png10BronzeTrophy.png
Find the “Mom's Keys” Memory in Chapter 5
Some Kind Of Fight Achievement.jpg Some Kind Of Fight
Xbox G Icon.png10BronzeTrophy.png
Find the "Business Card" Memory in Chapter 5
Guitar Strings Achievement.jpg Guitar Strings
Xbox G Icon.png10BronzeTrophy.png
Find the “Guitar Strings” Memory in Chapter 5
Scary News Achievement.jpg Scary News
Xbox G Icon.png10BronzeTrophy.png
Find the “Mom's Keys” Memory in Chapter 5
Where The Devil Sleeps Achievement.jpg Where The Devil Sleeps
Xbox G Icon.png10BronzeTrophy.png
Find the “Pendant” Memory in Chapter 5
Youre A Hell Diver Now Achievement.jpg You're A Hell Diver Now
Xbox G Icon.png10BronzeTrophy.png
Find the “Bomber Jacket” Memory in Chapter 5
Emotional Unearthing Achievement.jpg Emotional Unearthing
Xbox G Icon.png50GoldTrophy.png
Find all Memory Collectibles in Chapter 5
The Only Promise Is The Adventure Achievement.jpg The Only Promise Is The Adventure
Xbox G Icon.png100BronzeTrophy.png
Complete Chapter 5 of Life is Strange: True Colors