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Charles' Room is the bedroom of Charles Eriksen, father of Chris Eriksen, the protagonist of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.


Chris' old drawing of Charles.

The walls of Charles' bedroom are lined with blue wallpaper, with a noticeably faded rectangular area imprinted above the bed. Scattered around the room are several discarded articles of clothing, a pair of brown boots, and multiple crushed beer cans.

The room's door has a prominent fist mark embedded into its left panel. In front of the door is a brown drawer with a bottle of Emily Eriksen's old perfume lying on top and a baseball bat resting on its side. Beside the door is wooden wardrobe with an incomplete height gauge drawn onto its side, and within the wardrobe are a box containing a new Playbox, a basketball with several signatures drawn onto it, and several letters pertaining to Charles' past.

Taped to the left of the bed is a drawing done by Chris, depicting a younger Charles in his basketball uniform with multiple basketballs floating above his head. To the left of the bed is a nightstand, which holds a lamp with a key hidden on its lampshade and two books. To the right of the bed is Charles' closet, which contains a box holding files pertaining to Emily's case, a sports bag, and a porn magazine.

A window on the left wall overlooks the backyard, and lying on its windowsill are a box of cigarettes and an ashtray. Situated underneath the window are a wooden chair, a box containing Emily Eriksen's old records (including "Moon and Moon" by Bat for Lashes), and a turntable, as well as an amplifier with two speakers.


  • Chris can look at a fist mark in the door. (Comment: "I've never seen Dad get that mad... It really scares me.")
  • He can look at and take Charles' pants. (Comment: Look: "Yuck! Those pants need to be washed. I swear Dad wears them every day."
    Take: "Only the neo-magnetic waves of my Cleaning Machine can save these pants now!")
  • He can look at a height gauge. (Comment: "I'm too old to be measured now... right?")
  • He can look at a bottle of perfume on the dresser. (Comment: "I'm glad Dad kept Mom's perfume... Smells just like her...")
  • He can look at a baseball bat resting against the dresser. (Comment: "I hope I get to go practice with Dad again this summer.")
  • He can look at, fix, and turn on and off a lamp. (Comment: Look before turning on: "That does not look good..."
    Turn on: "Light on!"
    Look after turning on: "Ah, that's better!")
    • After fixing the lamp, he can look at and take a key. (Comment: Look: "Oooh, the mystery of the secret key is solved!"
      Take: "Yes!")
  • He can examine a drawing of his father on the wall. (Comment: "I know this drawing sucks, but it's cool that Dad put it here.")
  • He can look at a record player. (Comment: "Dad doesn't play Mom's records as much as before...")
  • He can play a record of "Moon and Moon" by Bat for Lashes.
    • Afterwards, he can look at and play the record from its place on the record player. (Comment: "That was cool. I like vinyl. I hope Dad keeps Mom's stuff forever.")
  • He can look at Charles' bed. After playing the vinyl record, he can lie down on the bed. (Comment: "Mom and Dad would always let me sleep with them whenever I got scared...")
  • He can look at and steal from a pack of cigarettes. (Comment: Look: "If I smoke in the Fortress, I'm breaking the superhero code..."
    Steal one: "Dad loves his cancer sticks... Gross... Wonder what they taste like...")
  • He can look at a box lying on a high shelf. (Comment: "Shoot, that's way too high for me to reach...")
    • Afterwards, he can move a chair to reach and examine the box's contents. (Comment: Police letter: "Dad was so angry at the police..."
      Detective letter: "I remember Dad yelling on the phone a lot..."
      State Highway Monitor letter: "Jeez, Dad wrote a lot of letters...")
  • He can look at a stashed-away magazine. (Comment: "They're naked... Whoa.")
  • He can look at and wear bandages from a sports bag. (Comment: Look: "Oh, I could use this to make some cool armor!"
    Wear: "Yes, this will totally protect me from Mantroid!")
  • He can open his father's wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe:
    • He can look at a PlayBox console. (Comment: "Oh... my... God. Dad actually got me the new PlayBox... No way...)
    • He can look at a basketball with signatures scrawled all over it. (Comment: "Dad used to always talk about this basketball...)
    • He can examine a letter. (Comment: "Hmmm, Dad never told me he had a new... friend...")
    • He can look into a case full of papers. Inside the case:
      • He can examine a fan letter. (Comment: "Wow, Dad had fans when he was playing in high school...")
      • He can examine an alcoholism recovery flyer. (Comment: "That's scary...")
      • He can examine an old mortgage payment letter. (Comment: "So we moved because Dad couldn't pay for the house... That sucks.")
      • He can examine a job termination letter. (Comment: "Dad got fired? That's when he started working for the railroad...")


  • One of the dates on Chris' height chart on his father's wardrobe is "09/10/2013". This is possibly a link to the third episode of the original Life is Strange, "Chaos Theory". October 9th is the date when "Chaos Theory" takes place.


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