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Charlotte Harmon (born: February 13th, 1991) is a resident of the town Haven Springs in Life is Strange: True Colors. She was the long-term girlfriend to protagonist Alex Chen's brother, Gabe Chen.


Charlotte is shown to be very confident in herself, as three years prior to the events of the game she was the one who approached Gabe at the Spring Festival and gave him a rose, kickstarting their relationship. She pours her heart into her art and sculptures, and has no problem showing her vulnerability within her pieces. She has a generally friendly and caring nature, as seen when she warmly greets Alex in the Black Lantern and hopes that the previous confrontation with Mac didn't sour her first day in town.




Charlotte gave birth to her son, Ethan Lambert, at seventeen years old in 2008, with Liam Lambert being the father. At some point, Charlotte and Liam would end up getting divorced. Eventually, Charlotte wound up in Haven Springs, Colorado looking for a fresh start, and ended up meeting Gabe Chen, who she started developing feelings for. At the annual Spring Festival three years prior to the game, Charlotte would confess her feelings to Gabe by giving him a rose, much to his amusement and commented how he's never had a girl give him a rose before. The two would then go on to start a relationship together, with Gabe even acting as a second father to her son Ethan.

At some point, Charlotte would start her own shop in the town, The Silver Dragon, as Haven Spring's one and only weed dispensary.

Chapter 1: Side A

When Alex and Gabe arrive at the Silver Dragon, Gabe goes in to apologize to her. Charlotte is not seen at this point.

Alex meets Charlotte in the Black Lantern after coming downstairs from her apartment. The two briefly talk about Alex's tattoo as well as her first day in Haven Springs before Jed gives Charlotte her supper.

Chapter 2: Lanterns

Charlotte is one of the people attending Gabe's funeral, where she gets involved in and tries to end a fierce argument between Mac and Ryan. Should Alex visit her in the Silver Dragon, she explains the situation with Ethan and that she has been given an affidavit from Typhon, who is trying to bribe her with money in exchange for her silence about Gabe's death. She believes the money can help Ethan, but isn't sure if it would be a betrayal to Gabe if she accepted it. Alex can choose whether she should sign it or not. If Alex does not visit her, Charlotte will sign it regardless.

Charlotte can later be seen watching a sky lantern dedicated to Gabe.

Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal

Charlotte takes part in the LARP, playing as Notheria, the forest spirit, who helps Ethan and Alex defeat monsters if they fail in battle. She congratulates them for finding all the soul gems and provides them with a reward, the Skysword of Power, which is affixed in a tree stump. At the end of the LARP, Charlotte watches helpessly as Ethan breaks down in tear upon remembering Gabe's death.

Later that day, Alex goes to the Silver Dragon where she finds Charlotte in the back room. She explains that Ethan is grateful to Alex for helping him with the LARP and that he has left with his father. Alex tries to ask more questions, but Charlotte abruptly lashes out at her, emitting a red aura, but Alex is unable to understand why. In order to find out what's wrong, Alex enters Charlotte's nova of anger where she sees her working on a sculpture. While examining objects, she learns that Charlotte blames Ethan for Gabe's death and is taking her anger out on Alex, Gabe, and Ryan. During this, the sculpture changes its likeness to resemble Ethan, Gabe, Ryan, and Alex herself. After exiting the anger nova and failing to reason with Charlotte again, Alex can choose to either take away Charlotte's anger or respect her wishes and leave. If she does take the anger, Charlotte will calm down but enters a state of confusion as to why everything is a wreck. She then tells Alex to go home as she's exhausted and tries to reassure her that she'll be fine, to which Alex promptly leaves. However, taking Charlotte's anger will cause Alex to later lash out in her apartment in front of Steph and Ryan. If she leaves Charlotte alone, Alex won't lash out.

Chapter 4: Flicker

After Alex finishes with her performance onstage during the Spring Festival, she sees Charlotte heading down to the docks and goes to talk to her. How the conversation will play out depends on Alex's past choices.

Chapter 5: Side B

Charlotte takes part in a meeting at the Black Lantern to vote for Typhon's support, but Alex interrupts them and reveals Jed and Diane's scheme. Depending on Alex's earlier choices, she may or may not believe her.

In Gabe's future visions, Charlotte may appear in Alex's apartment and in the Black Lantern spending time with who appears to be her new boyfriend.

If Alex chooses to leave Haven Springs, Charlotte will potentially watch her leave onboard the bus.


She does not physically appear in this story, but she does send Steph a note along with some chocolates at the start of her job. Charlotte later arranges a scavenger hunt for Steph along with Ryan and Gabe.

Memorable Quotes




  • Ethan Lambert – (Son) – Ethan was born to Charlotte and Liam when Charlotte was 17-years-old in 2008. Ethan knows his mother's behavior and other trendiness to know that it's going to take longer "than a minute" when Gabe is apologizing to her.


  • Alex Chen – They are on friendly terms when they first met. Sometime after Gabe's death, Charlotte started harboring a deep hatred towards Alex, blaming her for Gabe's death and wishing she never came into her life. Should Alex take her anger away and she didn't believe Alex in Chapter 5, their friendship appears to have come to an end.
  • Ryan Lucan – They appear to have a friendly relationship since they both have a connection to Gabe. However, following Gabe's death, Charlotte blames him for what happened to Gabe, but Ryan isn't aware of this. It is unknown if this was ever resolved or not.
  • Steph Gingrich – Although not much is known about their friendship, they may also be on good terms just like Ryan and Alex.


  • Gabe Chen – (Boyfriend) – Gabe and Charlotte had been dating for three years prior to Gabe's untimely death. By the time Alex arrived to town, Gabe had been spending most of his nights at Charlotte's home. They met while Gabe worked at the Black Lantern, Charlotte having slipped him a note, calling him "hot". One year during the Spring Festival, Charlotte gave Gabe the traditional rose that one would give to their "crush". Gabe loved the rose to the point where he had it pressed, framed and hung in his apartment. As their relationship continued, Gabe was frequently buying Charlotte "apology" bouquets, claiming that "she's worth it."
  • Liam Lambert – (Ex-Husband) – Liam and Charlotte have been divorced prior to the events of True Colors. They remain on amicable terms and their son Ethan spends his summers with Liam.
  • Unnamed Man - (Boyfriend) - Should Charlotte appear in the Black Lantern during Gabe's future visions, she is seen spending time with an unknown man, whom she had apparently started dating.




  • Charlotte's favorite flowers are Sunflowers.[2]