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For Max Caulfield's journal from the original game, see Max's Journal.
For Sean Diaz's journal from Life is Strange 2, see Sean's sketchbook.

Illustration from Chloe's journal.

Chloe's Journal records Chloe Price's experiences throughout the events of Life is Strange: Before the Storm. It includes her unsent letters to Max Caulfield, details on some characters she encounters, her more in-depth thoughts on events, notes on items of Chloe's interest, optional graffiti, and SMS messages. Like Max's journal, her journal pages are full of scribbles, drawings, stickers and other memorabilia such as photos, booklets, postcards, notes or tickets. The journal is laid out and illustrated by (to be announced).

Similarly to Max's journal, the journal tab consists of Chloe's letters (replacing Max's diary entries), Chloe's graffiti (replacing Max's optional photos), and notes on discovered objects and SMS messages.

Chloe's Journal Max.png

Chloe's letters are unsent letters that are addressed at "Journal Max", but they work like regular diary entries.


  • The font used in Chloe's Journal is called "Faraco Hand" and can be downloaded here
  • Deck Nine Games's lead-writer Zak Garriss said in an interview, "We have Chloe actually writing letters to Max, because she still misses her. She hasn’t moved on. These are letters she never sends, because Max stopped responding at a certain point. Chloe just hasn't been able to let go."[1]
  • The design of Chloe's journal was revealed by a German let's player in one of his videos (timestamp at 6:01). The translation of the German text can be viewed here.