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"It feels like I've spend half my life hanging out in this room. Probably because I have. I... can't believe those days are all over now."Max in Farewell

Chloe's bedroom is located upstairs above the garage in the Price Household. It is an explorable location in Episode 1 and Episode 3 of Before the Storm.


Chloe's room is a messy, yet an aesthetically pleasing one. Since her bedroom is located upstairs, its ceiling has a reclining part where the bed resides underneath. Height markings can be seen on the right side of the bed (when Chloe is lying down). On the wall near it is a body mirror (with a pirate hat, eye patch and photos) and window with a pinkish-magenta curtain, which matches the bed's blanket. A shelf is beside the bed and a periodic table of elements is plastered on the wall near it. Another shelf is placed on the right side of it, near the windows and beneath the Firewalk poster. Her 'study table' remains messy as well, where a monitor, a globe and a desk lamp rests in. A chair is in front of it. Near the door is a pile of clothes and the walls opposite to the study table has tons of posters pasted upon. His dad's favourite jacket hangs beside the door, on the vanity drawers. The floor is scattered with clothes, papers, and boxes. Pictures hang from the ceiling with the help of strings.

There are also some graffiti on the walls. One of these is the 'hole to another universe' which is placed above the shelves near her bed.

Episode One - "Awake"

Chloe Price wakes up in her room after spending a night at the old mill where a Firewalk concert took place. She gets up from the bed, changes clothes to an outfit of her choice and exits the room to head downstairs and have breakfast.

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty"

After spending the night with Rachel, Chloe sneaks back into her room to change clothes. Upon hearing music playing downstairs, she exits the room to investigate and fetch tools to fix her new truck.

Bonus Episode - "Farewell"

Young Max and Chloe have fun in the latter's bedroom, destroying three dolls with a firecracker on the spot where Chloe's bed will later be moved. Finding an old treasure map from William, they soon exit the room to search for the hidden treasure.

Optional Graffiti

Chloe can tear down a unicorn poster from a wall and write a graffiti in its place as an optional graffiti.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Chloe's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode One - "Awake"

  • Chloe can look at her journal (required). (Comment: "Daily rituals are important, even when they involve writing
    unread letters to friends who've forgotten you...")
  • She can look at a photo of William, Max and herself (required). (Comment: "Hey, Max. Hey, Dad. Another day in paradise, right?")
  • She can look at a joint. (Comment: "Wake and bake is part of a healthy breakfast.")
  • She can look at and switch off her radio alarm clock. (Comment: "I'm perfectly capable of waking up without you, you know. Eventually.")
  • She can look at and improve her periodic table. (Comment: Look before improving: "I'd like to think my humor has improved with age."
    Look after improving: Better living through chemistry.)
  • She can look at and trash her report card. (Comment: Look: "Man, I am killing it this year! Somehow I don't think Mom's going to feel the same way."
    Trash: "Yeah, no one needs to see that, thank you.")
  • She can look at a class photo. (Comment: "That really was Rachel Amber! And she saved my life... how was last night even real?")
  • She can look at and use her computer. (Comment: "One of these days I'm actually going to use you to do my homework.")
    • She can look at several websites on the computer. (Comment: Website 1: "Ask Miss Arcadia. You're the only source of info I trust in this town."
      Website 2: "Wait, what? Who? What photo?!"
      Website 3: "I have feelings about this. Most of them are not good feelings.")
  • She can look at a photo of herself and William. (Comment: "Dad was so proud of me for winning that stupid science fair.")
  • She can look at a glowy bear. (Comment: "Bask, ye mortals, in the light of the glowy bear.")
  • She can look at and tear down a unicorn poster from a wall. (Comment: Look: "Used to dream of riding a unicorn as a kid. But then all the unicorns died."
    Tear: "No more unicorns, no more princesses, and no more fucking rainbows.")
    • She can look at and write a graffiti on the empty wall. (Comment: Look: "Nothing like a fresh start."
      Graffiti: "Adapt or die.")
  • She can look at a shark toy. (Comment: "Fun fact: shark babies eat their siblings in the womb. Maybe that's why I'm an only child?")
  • She can look at a "Pirate Power" mix inside a drawer. (Comment: "Max made me this mix CD years ago. And because it was Max, not a single song was pirated.")
  • She can look at several show tickets inside another drawer. (Comment: "As awesome as some of those shows with Eliot were,
    they were nothing compared to Firewalk last night.")
  • She can look at a "Noravi" poster. (Comment: "Mom said I was too young to go. She was wrong, and it was awesome.")
  • She can look at a skateboard. (Comment: "I used to love skateboarding. It's the only mode of transportation
    that doubles as a middle finger to authority.")
  • She can look at a pirate hat. (Comment: "I bet Long Max Silver traded her hat for beer and booty long ago.")
  • She can look at and use her dresser to change clothes (required). (Comment: "How do I want to express my teenage angst today?")
  • She can leave the room (required).

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty"

  • Chloe can look at and switch on/off her alarm clock. (Comment: "Ugh, it's way too early to be up on a Sunday.")
  • She can look at her report card (determinant). (Comment: "I'm about to rack up a lot more absences...")
  • She can look at and graffiti her class photo. (Comment: Before graffiti: "Inaccurate as of yesterday. Someone should update this photo..."
    Graffiti: "What do I want the record to show?"
    Burning graffiti: "I'd say I went down in a blaze of glory."
    Burnout graffiti: "The sudden and mysterious absence of Chloe Price.")
  • She can look at and spin the globe. (Comment: Look: "Huh. Almost forgot I had this. I haven't played with it since... ever."
    Spin #1: "California, huh? Would be cool to see where Rachel grew up."
    Spin #2: "Nope."
    Spin #3: "Argentina. Neruda's journey through the mountains... Dad used to love that story. I'll visit one day.")
  • She can look at and use her computer. (Comment: Look: "Wonder what I can find out about Rachel's mom...")

She can look at several websites, including:

    • A web search for Sera Gearheardt. (Comment: "Figures.")
    • An automated email from Nodface. (Comment: "Um, what?")
    • Victoria’s photo of the vandalized Blackwell bathroom. (Comment: "Nice to see my work is appreciated.")
    • The first page of an article about Blackwells performance of "The Tempest". (Comment: Successfully backtalked Drew and told Samantha to help Nathan: "Rachel really is good at everything she does..."
      Failed backtalk with Drew/didn't tell Samantha to help Nathan: "A further layer of nuance? Nathan almost pissed himself.")
    • The second page of an article about "The Tempest" performance. (Comment: "Thou art an idiot.")
    • An article about Pisshead. (Comment: Didn't talk to Skip about Pisshead: "Whoa, Skip's in a band?"
      Didn't like Skip's demo: "Huh. Guess people liked Skip's music a lot more than I did."
      Successfully backtalked Skip: "Hang in there, Skip!"
      Failed backtalk with Skip: "Yeah, go Skip!")
  • She can look at some graffiti on the wall that says "Hole to Another Universe". (Comment: "I wonder if that's the universe where Dad's alive and Rachel has three happy parents.")
  • She can look at a photo of herself and William. (Comment: "So much has changed. I wonder if you’d even recognize me now.")
  • She can have a Moment of Calm by sitting and smoking on the bean bag chair (determinant).
  • She can look at William’s jacket. (Comment: "Dad’s favorite jacket. Definitely taking that if Rachel and I ever leave.")
  • She can look at and water a plant. (Comment: Before watering: "Have I ever watered that?"
    Water: "Better than nothing."
    After watering: "You're welcome, plant.")
  • She can look at a skateboard. (Comment: "Sorry, board. I've got a real ride to fix up now.")
  • She can look at some shelves. (Comment: "If Rachel and I were still leaving today, there’s literally nothing in there that’s worth taking.")
  • She can look at a pile of laundry. (Comment: "Huh. Mom usually does my laundry when she gets sick of me not doing my laundry. Maybe she believed me for once about never coming back home.")
  • She can look at a box (determinant). (Comment: "Still can't fucking believe that David went through my stuff.")
  • She can leave the room (required).

After taking a shower,

  • She can get dressed (required).




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