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"Since you're the mysterious superhero... I'll be your faithful chauffeur and companion!" — Chloe in "Out of Time"

Chloe Elizabeth Price (born March 11, 1994)[2] is the deuteragonist of Life is Strange. She was Max Caulfield's best friend before she moved to Seattle, leaving Chloe in their hometown of Arcadia Bay, Oregon. They rekindle their friendship during the events of the game. After Max left, Chloe became best friends with Rachel Amber before Rachel went missing. She is the daughter of William Price and Joyce Price, and the step-daughter of David Madsen.

Chloe’s death may be the catalyst to unlocking Max's powers and their emotional journey together is the main thrust of the story right through to its conclusion.

Chloe features again in the franchise as the playable protagonist in Before the Storm (the prequel to the events of Life is Strange) and is most recently mentioned in the fifth episode of Life is Strange 2 and the bonus chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors.

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Chloe is a stubborn, mischievous, and rebellious young woman. She is the archetypal punk-rocker, expressed in both her music taste and style. She loves to get high, drink beer, and can be described as bold and outgoing. She has a big mouth often making snarky comments, acts fearless and loves to take risks, which often gets her in trouble. She can be prone to angry outbursts, and has serious issues with abandonment and trust after her father's death, Max's move to Seattle, and the disappearance of Rachel Amber. Due to all her bad experience over the years, she has become pessimistic and resentful of life, convinced that there wasn't really anyone who actually cared about her or who she could trust in[note 1][3].

She sometimes is very insensitive to other people's feelings, and may act selfish and possessive, always wanting her loved ones' attention for herself and getting jealous and resentful if they don't spare their time for her or don't act her way. She can also be very irrational and irresponsible, which often takes the form of blaming others for situations out of their control and avoiding any responsibility of damage caused by herself (i.e, when she says to Max that if she doesn't blame someone else, it's her fault), which even takes the extent of blaming her dead father for her misery; but she will in some instances eventually acknowledge when she was in the wrong and apologize. Nonetheless, Max is aware of Chloe's flaws but still cherishes her highly and considers her a "good friend who shows up when you need her". Chloe also is a very protective, devoted and faithful companion, though she tends to get too attached and obsessive. She is pretty straightforward with her (romantic) feelings for other people, and also very flirtatious and teasing. Despite her rough outward appearance, Chloe is actually a very insecure and anxious person, and her tough acting may be nothing more than a facade she built up to protect herself from further harm.

Chloe very likely has to deal with depression[note 2] caused by her experience of loss and abandonment, and it's implied that she suffers from insomnia[4] and even had suicidal thoughts prior to Max's return[5]. It's possible that her line "Rachel saved my life" literally refers to her preventing Chloe from committing suicide.

She appears to show symptoms of a condition called Borderline Personality Disorder, as characterized by her trust and abandonment issues.[6] During a conversation with Max in "Chaos Theory",[7] Chloe is shown having a meltdown and expressing typical fears of someone who has BPD.[note 3]

Chloe often drinks alcohol and smokes as a form of self-medication. She has had problems with drug addiction in the past, evident from her stepfather's comment about weed being a big deal for her, as well as her large debt with the drug dealer Frank Bowers. Although Chloe was smart enough for Blackwell Academy, which is evident from the alternative timeline Chloe's school report, she abandoned her studies. All these self-destructive character traits of Chloe, including her rebellion against authorities and her family, her drug abuse, her "boy toy phase" and the loss of control about her own life, which becomes apparent in her chaotic lifestyle and her lack of scholastic and occupational ambition as well as her refusal of responsibility, can be linked to her depression, representing Chloe's way to deal with her desperation, to fill her inner void and to ease her pain. Also, her lack of sensitivity can be tied to her experience of loss and abandonment and her consequent depression.

During her time with Max, Chloe's personality seems to grow a lot, since she finds new strength in Max's support and the resurgence of their friendship. Although Chloe may not seem like that on the outside as it is hard for her to show those traits, as their story proceeds, she appears able to show a more caring and brave side to her. At the end of the game, Chloe admits her selfishness towards her family over all the years and even offers to sacrifice herself to save the town from destruction.


Chloe has a punk aesthetic. She wears pale bluish-gray ripped patched jeans with braces/suspenders, black boots, and a white tank top with either a skull, heart, or snake on it. She wears light blue nail polish on fingers and toes. She's always seen wearing a necklace that has three bullets hanging as pendants. She sometimes wears a dark brown leather jacket and a dark blue beanie. In "Chaos Theory," she is seen to have a bellybutton piercing.

She has a tattoo sleeve on her right arm, an intricate design featuring red flowers with thorns, blue butterflies, red ribbon and a yellowed skull. Her dyed hair is mainly bright blue with teal highlights, with roots that fade out from pink to light purple. Her natural hair color, strawberry blond, is visible at the roots from new growth.

Chloe's pajamas consist of light blue boxers and a navy T-shirt that displays the word "Rock" with a chick beneath it ("Rock Chick").

Young Chloe wears pale bluish-gray jean and a grey sweat shirt with the Arcadia Bay lighthouse on it and the town name in pink lettering. She wears her hair long and straight in its natural strawberry blond shade.


Max's Diary entry about Chloe is as follows:

"Then there's Chloe Price. What do you say to your best friend after five years of silence? After finding out you saved her life in a bathroom? NOTHING. I feel so lame for not staying in touch... or even text. I have no idea how to process seeing Chloe like this again. For one thing, she looks so similar but so different... She's all grown up now, but it doesn't seem like she's only one year older than me.

I absolutely love her blue hair and punk clothes. It makes sense she would become a rebel. She still kinda looks like a pirate. Except one who stage dives. I know she's angry with me because of her body language. I'm glad I can still see the old Chloe in there. Or is that the young Chloe? I'm sure she's still messed up about her dad dying. I would be too. That was a terrible time for Chloe and Joyce.

I feel bad because I wonder if I was happy to move away just to avoid the grief... Speaking of grief, it's clear she's all mixed up with Nathan Prescott's shit. I have no idea what's going on between them, but I am going to find out, no matter what."


Chloe and Max grew up together in Arcadia Bay with their families, where they were close childhood friends who used to always hang around each other and played pirates at their homes or in the woods, dreaming of their future and the adventures they would experience together.

We discover that Chloe had a cat named Bongo who died in 2008.

In 2008, Max was with Chloe at her house when her father tragically died in a car crash. Although Max was supportive at the time, her family moved away to Seattle, leaving Chloe to deal with her grief alone. Chloe always used to smile and laugh, but gradually became more resentful of her life without her father and Max. Not long after the loss of her father, Chloe's mother Joyce and David Madsen became lovers. David Madsen is a military veteran and Head of Security at Blackwell Academy whom Chloe immediately despised. From there, Chloe started getting more rebellious, hanging around with bad boys, taking drugs and running away from home, making the junkyard her "home away from Hell." She grew more and more frustrated with Arcadia Bay and conceived the desire to escape from her home town. Her emotional temperament took physical form, as she gradually changed her outward appearance to the punk-rock style of today. She often got into varying degrees of mischief and thus earned a bad reputation with the local police over the years.

Chloe attended Blackwell Academy until at least 2010[8], where she eventually found support from another local girl, Rachel Amber, striking up a firm friendship.[note 4] Her student file reveals she had a 1.7 GPA, taking part in pranks and vandalism before being thrown out of the Academy about three years before Max began attending. Chloe and her new best friend planned to run away together to California to start a new life before Rachel's disappearance prior to the start of the 2013 Fall term when Max started as a senior. Chloe planned to leave Arcadia Bay without paying Frank back.

Chloe originally had long strawberry blond hair before cutting it. She began to dye it some years ago during her time at Blackwell, starting with a chunk at first, as evident from a picture of her on her birthday with David and on her Blackwell Academy Record photo. Her hair gradually progressed from a large blue streak to entirely blue. She also got a sleeve tattoo and her belly pierced.

Episode One - "Chrysalis"

Max unknowingly encounters Chloe in the girls' bathroom of Blackwell, arguing with Nathan Prescott. Chloe tries to blackmail him; keeping quiet about his drug-dealing in exchange for cash. Nathan accidentally shoots her in the stomach, and Max rewinds time in order to save her, at this point in time not knowing Chloe's true identity as her old best friend. Max succeeds in saving Chloe, and Chloe flees the bathroom.

Chloe runs into Max again in Blackwell's parking lot as Max is confronted by Nathan, who accuses her of spying on the argument in the bathroom. She rescues Max, driving away from the Academy to her house. In the car, Chloe is accusatory about Max abandoning her for Seattle and not keeping in touch, although she also seems happy to be reconnecting with her childhood best friend.

Back in her house, Chloe smokes weed in her bedroom; ignoring the etiquette of smoking by not offering a draw to Max, perhaps implying that she thinks Max is not rebellious enough to handle the drugs, or perhaps that Chloe is too selfish and addicted to share with her old friend, or simply assuming Max wasn't the type for smoking weed.

Max can search around the bedroom, and there are many different keepsakes of Chloe and Max's childhood together, including a now-ruined height chart on the wall, created by Chloe's father to keep track of their height. She comments that Chloe was always taller than her. Chloe keeps old drawings from their tween years depicting the girls as superheroes.

Max will discover a lock-box filled with mementos of Rachel Amber, and Chloe confides in Max about her. Their friendship was evidently strong, as Chloe reveals that the many missing person posters around the town of Arcadia Bay were put up by her in a bid to find Rachel. Chloe comments that Rachel "saved her life" and was her "angel". She becomes obviously upset as she remembers her friend, daydreaming thoughtfully as Max puts on the CD, and asks to be alone.

When Max returns to the bedroom, Chloe notices it was Max who saved her earlier in the girls' bathroom and sets aside her joint to present Max with her father's old camera which she wants to give Max since she knows last month was her birthday, proving that she trusts Max again. Chloe becomes more light-hearted, blaring loud music and dancing on her bed while smoking. She asks Max to take a picture and dance with her. The two are interrupted by Chloe's step-father coming home and complaining about the loud music. We find out her step-father is actually David Madsen, Head of Security at Blackwell.[note 5] Chloe asks Max to hide so that David won't find out about her having a stranger in the house. This implies that Chloe would have strangers over frequently enough for David to be uncomfortable with it.

If Max doesn't hide, but takes the blame
Chloe blames Max for the joint. Max can choose whether or not she takes the blame. If you take the blame, David will threaten Max's scholarship and warn her to stay away from the house. Chloe will be impressed that you took the blame for her, and considers it an epic win against David. She then waits for Max on the bed.

If Max doesn't hide, but blames Chloe
Chloe blames Max for the joint. Max can choose whether or not she takes the blame. If you blame Chloe, David accuses Max of getting "good friend rates" for the weed, because Chloe has all the best shit. Chloe antagonizes him, swearing and calling him a pig. He hits her in the face and Max comforts her. He seems sad, but tells her she was asking for it. He threatens Max's well-being at Blackwell and warns her away from the house. Chloe is upset with Max, feeling betrayed again. She wishes she hadn't even seen Max, and immediately leaves the house.

If Max intervenes
If Max hides, but intervenes to take the blame for the joint, Chloe is impressed with her and the loyalty she shows. Although Max is threatened by David concerning her scholarship and warns her to stay away from the house, Chloe confides in her that she is responsible for taking the missing gun, and shows the gun to Max before they leave the house.

If Max remains hidden
If Max stays hidden for the entire confrontation, Chloe antagonizes David, saying she wishes he would leave her mother and her alone, and stop treating them like a platoon. David hits Chloe across her face. He apologizes, and says that she keeps pushing him. When he leaves, Max apologizes for not stepping in, but Chloe resolves that he would have been nastier if he had seen her in the room. Chloe is unhappy and contemplative for the rest of the episode.

The two girls then exit the house through the window, as Chloe does frequently, and end up at the lighthouse. Chloe confides in Max that she was drugged by Nathan Prescott when she had gone back to his dorm room after meeting him in a "shithole bar" that didn't ask her for ID, and that she awoke to find him crawling towards her with a camera. Chloe tells Max she tried to blackmail him after that, and so they met up in the Blackwell bathroom. This makes Max feel shocked and angry. Chloe admits that she would like to drop a bomb on Arcadia and turn it to glass.[note 6] After Max collapses from a vision and tries to relay it to Chloe, Chloe initially doesn't believe her, advising her to get high to get over her delusions. However, the snowflakes that start to fall in the 80-degree weather makes Chloe suddenly take her best friend seriously and asks Max to tell her everything, starting from the beginning.

Episode Two - "Out of Time"

Max heads out of Blackwell grounds to meet Chloe at the Two Whales Diner, where Chloe's mother, Joyce, works as a waitress. Chloe arrives late and is punished by her mother for her sass by giving her less bacon. Joyce mentions that Chloe probably has her entire college fund tied up in her diner tab. Chloe wants proof of Max's new-found powers. Max obliges by telling her the contents of her pockets: a parking ticket for 10:34 am, a pack of 7 cigarettes, a robot panda key-chain and 86 cents. For further proof, Max tells Chloe she will "predict four events that will happen in the next 30 seconds or so" to Chloe's amazement. Max gets a nosebleed from over-using her powers. Chloe then asks Max to come with her to a secret spot in order to further test her powers.

Before leaving, Max will get a phone call from Kate Marsh. Max will have to choose whether to answer or not.

If Max answers
If Max stops to answer the phone and comfort Kate, she will feel better about her situation at Blackwell and appreciate the support. However, Chloe will be caught by Joyce and the two will argue. Chloe doesn't appreciate that Max fobbed her off for one of the new Blackwell friends she sees everyday.

If Max doesn't answer
Kate will feel more abandoned later on in the game if Max doesn't answer, but Chloe will be happy to escape the diner before her mother can start a fight between them.

Watched by Frank as they leave the diner, the two leave for the junkyard. Chloe introduces it as "American Rust" and her "home away from Hell." It's clear that she hangs out there a lot. Drinking, she asks Max to fetch more beer bottles from around the yard to set up a gun range. During the collection of the bottles, Max finds a hideaway belonging to Chloe and Rachel. The graffiti and belongings of the girls are evidenced around the hideaway, emphasizing how close they were.

Max then helps Chloe aim at the shooting range, rewinding for more impressive shots on the bottles, nearby objects, and an old car. If Chloe shoots the car bumper, she accidentally shoots herself, causing Max to rewind again. Max passes out from using her power too much and awakens to Chloe comforting her. Chloe sits on the hood of a car, waiting for her friend to recover enough to have her turn at shooting. As Max handles the gun, Frank shows up, having followed them and heard the gun noises and breaking glass. He threatens Chloe, demanding the money she owes him. Mid-conversation, Chloe notices a bracelet on Frank's wrist belonging to Rachel. She interrupts him angrily, demanding to know where he got the bracelet. He pulls a knife on her, and Max intervenes by revealing the gun and aiming at Frank.

If Max shoots Frank
As Max pulls the trigger, the gun clicks, out of ammo. Frank is pissed, saying he will remember that you tried to shoot him. However, Chloe is impressed and commends you for how badass you are.

If Max doesn't shoot
If Max fails to pull the trigger, Frank leans forwards and takes the gun. He leaves, and Chloe seems unimpressed that you lost her only form of protection against her enemies.

Chloe asks to leave the junkyard to clear her head, and the two girls walk along the train tracks together. They both lie down and talk about Arcadia Bay and Rachel, and Chloe gets into trouble again as she gets her foot stuck in the tracks just as a train is approaching.

Didn't damage the train tracks
Max saves Chloe by obtaining a crowbar to open the door to a small office and finding a pair of wirecutters inside. Max uses this pair of wirecutters on the fuse box by the tracks to cut a set of red wires, which releases the tracks' grip on Chloe, allowing her to escape.

Damaged the train tracks
Max saves Chloe by pushing a large bollard onto the tracks. This results in the tracks breaking, but Chloe being able to run away. This effects the Trucker's mood outside the Diner in Episode 3. He becomes impatient because the shipment he's waiting for has not yet arrived due to a train track error.

Chloe is impressed with Max having saved her again and they both head back to Blackwell to let Max get to her art class. Chloe drops her off at the school before leaving.

Chloe is later seen sitting alone on the bench at the lighthouse and texting Max while an eclipse occurs, telling her best friend that it's freaking her out. She receives texts from Max to say they should find out what is happening. Together.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory"

Max is awoken at the start of the episode by a text from Chloe, asking her to meet at the front of Blackwell's campus. Chloe jumps Max when she approaches, screaming "Boo-yah" as a joke, which Max does not appreciate. Chloe reveals that she believes all the happenings in Arcadia Bay are connected, and that the answer can be found in Principal Wells's office. She shows Max David's spare keys, and the two head off to explore the school at night. They come across Victoria Chase and Mr. Jefferson on their way towards the front of the building. As they enter the principal's secretary's office, they realize the keys to the office are missing. Max devises a pipe bomb with help from Warren Graham, and the two break into the office. Chloe is determined that she can pick the lock before Max "cheats with her rewind", but ultimately fails.

They explore the office together, Chloe checking the computer and indulging in the ugly but highly comfortable chair at the desk. Max obtains the student records of herself, Kate Marsh, Victoria Chase, Nathan Prescott, Warren Graham, and Rachel Amber. Chloe finds a reference to Rachel Amber in the form of a cryptic message of "Rachel in the Dark Room" within what looks at first glance to be a drawing by Nathan that is stored on the principal's computer. As they leave, Chloe searches through the principal's desk drawers and uncovers an envelope full of money that it also labeled as the school's handicapped fund. Chloe thinks the five thousand dollars would be enough to pay off Frank and to drive out of town. Max may rewind time to see Chloe's response to Max's decision with the money before leaving the office.

Take the money
Max thinks that they may get divine retribution for doing such a deed, but considering Chloe's debt and Frank threatening her and demanding Chloe to repay him by Friday, Max reasons that Frank may be more inclined to tell them about Rachel Amber if they pay off Chloe's debt by taking the money. Max thinks of repaying the money they stole at a later time. Chloe looks visibly pleased and relieved her debt problem with Frank will be over.

Didn't take the money
Max thinks it wasn't worth getting into trouble and risking divine retribution for stealing the money meant for the school's handicapped fund. Chloe feels disappointed and puts the money back inside the drawer.

After leaving the office, Chloe suggests to Max that they have a late-night swim at the Blackwell swimming pool as they will have it all to themselves. Although hesitant, as they were breaking into Blackwell property and breaking Max's night curfew, Max finds herself unable to refuse Chloe's offer as she feels she needs some time alone with Chloe after the day's events. They both talk about Max's powers and her relationship to Warren. As they are about to leave the pool area, Blackwell security arrives to search the building, having discovered evidence of a break-in. Chloe's pickup truck is spotted by a security officer as they speed away, tires screeching. Chloe tells Max she should stay at her place for the night as it's too risky for Max to return to her dormitory, jokingly labeling her best friend a "Blackwell fugitive."

The following day, Max takes her usual daily selfie with Chloe lying on the bed next to her. Chloe's mood and mobile phone messages to Frank Bowers about her debt will be dependent on whether Max allowed her to take the money from the school's handicapped fund. Chloe's mobile phone background picture will also be dependent on whether Max took the blame for her when David caught Chloe with weed in her bedroom, didn't answer Kate's phone call in the diner, tried to shoot Frank in the junkyard, and whether Max allowed Chloe to take the fund money. The background picture can change from Rachel to Max.

Max will see a book on mystic weather supernatural sciences by Doctor J. Karswell on Chloe's desk which Max thinks is "so damn cute" that Chloe is making such an effort in trying to find out more about Max's tornado vision and the snowfall. Max may check Chloe's laptop to see news on Kate's suicide attempt the day before as well as news about the break-in at Blackwell. Max may check Chloe's wallet in the room to find the butterfly photo she took from Max in exchange for William's analog camera. Max may also check Chloe's desk drawer to find an old mobile flip phone they had decorated together in their younger years when Max was still in Arcadia Bay. When Max checks her clothes to find they still reek of chlorine, Chloe suggests that Max try out some of Rachel's clothes in the wardrobe as she is approximately the same size as Max. When Max expresses hesitation at wearing clothes meant for Rachel, Chloe tries to encourage Max to try them on and jokes that Max can always rewind to go back to wearing her "chlorine brand T-shirt and generic jeans." Chloe also makes a bold suggestion that Max kiss her as a dare. When Max reacts with initial surprise, Chloe escalates it to a double dare.

Kiss Chloe
Chloe takes a few steps back in surprise after Max kisses her and she remarks that Max is "hardcore" and Chloe jokes that she will text Warren that he doesn't stand a chance unless he's into girl-on-girl action. It's later revealed that she really texted Warren. Max will think that kiss was priceless to Chloe.

Didn't kiss Chloe
Chloe returns to her bed and remarks that she wasn't that easy to allow any kissing on her, Max might already have used her rewind power after kissing her and Chloe jokes that she will text Warren that Max is saving herself all for him. It's later revealed that she really texted Warren. Max will think that Chloe was very bold to suggest such a dare.

After Max puts on Rachel's clothes and finds that they fit her nicely, much to Chloe's approval, Chloe asks Max to go downstairs to start having breakfast before her and occupy her mother, so she can "wake 'n' bake."

When Chloe joins Max and Joyce for breakfast downstairs, Chloe whispers a plan to Max to break into David Madsen's laptop and surveillance system while she starts an argument with Joyce to divert her attention away from Max so Max can slip away into the garage area. As Max rejoins Chloe and Joyce at the dining table, David enters the house, complaining of either being made to stay overnight to write reports about the break-in at Blackwell Academy or having to work part-time to compensate for him being placed on temporary leave from Blackwell. When David sees Max in Rachel's clothes, he comments on Max looking like she's wearing her "Rachel Amber Halloween costume" and Chloe starts an argument with David. Max may choose to side with Chloe or David.

Support David
Max backs David up, saying there is no proof that he has done anything wrong. As far as they know, Nathan is the one at fault. Chloe brings up how shady it is that he has secret files and security cameras. Joyce will put an end to the argument, saying she doesn't want anyone accused of anything in their house. David thanks Max for defending him, and warns her that it's his family. Joyce also thanks Max for defending her family, despite her daughter doing the opposite. Chloe is disappointed, and asks Max to rewind the situation to change the outcome.

Support Chloe
Max brings up his threatening attitude towards students, and his unsettling files containing information about Kate and Rachel. She will also bring up the matter about David hitting Chloe, if you chose to stay hidden in Episode 1. Joyce finds the files disturbing, but David refuses to explain his actions regarding the surveillance system. She asks him to leave the house and head to a hotel. David is very hurt by this, and says he never wants to see Max again. Joyce tells Max that David brought this on himself. Chloe asks Max not to rewind on her decision, feeling very pleased with the outcome.

Max tells Chloe that she found evidence in David's files that suggests Rachel was "more than friends" with Frank, which Chloe denies. Max suggests to Chloe that they search Frank's RV to find more information about Rachel Amber. While Chloe searches the area for a food item to distract Frank's dog, Max obtains the RV keys from Frank through the use of her rewind power. Returning to the RV, Max sees that Chloe found a bone to distract the dog. Max will hand Chloe the keys and take the bone before Chloe proceeds to open the door. When Frank's dog runs at Max, Max has the choice to throw the bone towards the road or into the parking lot.

Throw the bone towards the road
If Max throws the bone towards the road, Frank's dog will get hit by a car.

Throw the bone into the parking lot
If Max throws the bone into the parking lot, Frank's dog will be safe.

Once in the RV, Chloe sits in the driver's seat and expresses how awesome it would be to cruise around in the RV with Max. Chloe will ask Max if she can see them traveling down the coast to Big Sur and beyond. Max agrees and will mention, if she kissed Chloe earlier, that Chloe would probably want her to kiss her again. They search Frank's RV and Max finds a beaten up journal in one of the air vents in which Max finds photo evidence of Rachel Amber in her underwear and dancing on what appears to be Frank's bed. Max also finds romantic letters and notes written by Rachel to Frank. Max shows Chloe the journal and the photos, causing Chloe to get angry and upset at what she sees is a betrayal by Rachel. Chloe storms out of the RV, and they both leave swiftly in Chloe's truck.

On the way back to Blackwell in Chloe's truck, Chloe blames her misfortune on the death of her biological father, William, and becomes angry with Max over leaving her, regardless of whether Max sided with Chloe or David earlier. Chloe will drop Max at Blackwell Academy without even looking at Max or waving goodbye to her which is a stark contrast to the way Chloe dropped Max at Blackwell Academy the day before when they fist-bumped.

Feeling equally upset at Chloe's outburst, Max will take a look at the last picture Chloe's father took of them when she returns to her dormitory room. Through this photo, she starts to hear voices from the past as though she is there in that moment, and she suddenly discovers an ability to jump back in time through photos. She uses this photo to go back in time to when it was taken in Chloe's house five years before (2008). Max prevents William's death by either throwing his car keys into the sink or tossing them out the back door. This action creates an alternative timeline.

When Max jumps back in time to 2013, she realizes everything has changed. Max is part of the Vortex Club, David is a bus driver, and Warren is Stella Hill's boyfriend. In disbelief, Max rushes to see Chloe. When Max arrives at Chloe's house, she is greeted first by William and then by Chloe in a wheelchair who appears to be severely immobilized and breathing with the assistance of a tube.

Episode Four - "Dark Room"

While taking a walk along the beach, Chloe explains how she got into a car accident which caused her disability. A person in an SUV cut Chloe off and caused her to run into a ditch. It is evident that Chloe's disability has been very hard on her parents. Max finds signs of debt throughout the house as she goes to get Chloe's medicine, and she learns that Chloe's lung capacity is diminishing and only has a certain amount of time before she dies. Chloe tells Max that she knows that she is dying and wishes her time with Max to be her last memory. Max has the choice to give or not to give Chloe an overdose of the morphine medicine that she takes as a painkiller. If Max gives Chloe an overdose, Chloe will thank her before dying. If Max does not give Chloe an overdose, Chloe will lash out at her, angry that her best friend wouldn't help her with this final request.

Max discovers that the last photo William took - the same one as she used to create this timeline - is in one of Chloe's photo albums, so Max uses this to return to the original timeline.

Max now finds herself in Chloe's bedroom back in the original timeline. She rushes over to hug Chloe joyfully upon seeing her, and if Max decided to kiss her earlier, Chloe will joke, "You get one kiss and now you're all over me?" Max discovers that Chloe has been helping her investigate Rachel Amber's disappearance and Kate Marsh's suicide (or suicide attempt) while she was in the other timeline and that they've been up all night, and Chloe has kept herself awake by drinking coffee. It is assumed here that the Max that Chloe had been helping is an "Auto Max" that carried on in the timeline while Max has jumped to another.

They decide to search for information gleaned from David Madsen, Nathan Prescott, and Frank Bowers. While Max is looking for further clues in David's garage, Chloe searches the Internet.[note 7]

Kate Survived
Max says that she first has to check how Kate's doing in the hospital. When the duo arrives there, Chloe says hospitals always freaked her out. She apologizes to Max for preventing her from being Kate's friend and being angry when she called. Chloe says that Max saved Kate similarly to her. Then she patiently waits outside the room while Max chats up with Kate. In the end, Max thanks Chloe for coming with her and they head to Blackwell.

They head to Blackwell's campus to try to obtain further clues from Nathan, and they stumble upon Mr. Jefferson. Max immediately acts shy[9] around him, and this is noticed by Chloe who shoots her an intrigued look. After Max introduces Chloe, he asks why somebody as cool as Chloe isn't going to Blackwell, to which Chloe responds, "I was way too cool for this school. It’s a long story. In actual files here." When Jefferson tells Max to come to the End of the World party, Chloe says she'll be there as "Max's date." As he leaves, Chloe tells Max, "Hot for teacher," much to Max's displeasure, which - given Chloe's shocked glance at Max earlier - was likely said for Max's embarrassment.

Max questions the people on campus on Nathan's whereabouts while Chloe chats with Justin Williams. When Max learns from Ms. Grant that Nathan isn't currently at Blackwell, the girls decide to sneak into his room and search for clues. Chloe guards the dormitory entrance while Max heads to Nathan's room where Max discovers a phone that Nathan had hidden. As they are leaving with the phone, Nathan suddenly shows up and is angry with them for breaking into his dormitory. Fortunately, Warren is there to help Max. He headbutts Nathan to the ground, and if Max doesn't intervene, beats him up to the point where Nathan cannot get up from the floor, and Chloe picks up Nathan's gun and they go outside. If Max stops Warren, Nathan picks up his gun and limps to his room, making threats.

Warren wants to investigate things with Max, but Chloe tells him it's something that she and Max have to do on their own. Max thanks Warren for his help, and he leaves. Chloe tells Max that Warren is so in love with her, to which Max facepalms herself and replies that she knows. Chloe texts Frank that she has his money and Frank replies he wants to meet right now near his RV. The dialogue with Frank is complex, but there are three main outcomes:

Chloe killed Frank
Frank and Pompidou both die after being shot, and killed, by Chloe. Max and Chloe steal his account book key from his dead body. Chloe is terrified by the fact that she had to kill a man and a dog.

Chloe wounded Frank
Frank is wounded after being either stabbed or shot in the leg by Chloe. He begrudgingly agrees to give Max and Chloe the account book key.

No one got hurt
The situation is handled well and no one gets hurt. Frank agrees to give you the account book key and becomes an ally in the cause to find Rachel.

The girls finally return to Chloe's house to piece the facts together. Their investigation leads them to an abandoned barn owned by the Prescott family where they discover a hidden underground bunker which turns out to be the Dark Room that Nathan was repeating over and over in the scribble that they had found on the principal's computer during their break-in at Blackwell. They also discover illegal photography was carried out on Rachel Amber, Kate Marsh, and other missing girls from Arcadia Bay.

Upon seeing Rachel's files, Chloe rushes with Max to the junkyard where they uncover a body at the same spot she recognized in one of the Dark Room pictures - a body which turns out to be Rachel. Enraged, Chloe drives Max to the Vortex Club party at Blackwell Academy, hoping to confront Nathan and stop him. However, they fail to find him, and Chloe receives a text message from Nathan saying "there won't be any evidence left after he's done." Chloe and Max rush back to the junkyard in the dark. Suddenly caught by surprise from behind, Max is injected in the neck with a sedative, rendering her unable to use her rewind power. Hearing Max's warning, Chloe turns around in shock, but before she has the opportunity to aim her gun, she is shot in the head by Mr. Jefferson and falls backwards onto Rachel's grave.

Episode Five - "Polarized"

Max wakes up tied to a chair in the Dark Room. By cunning manipulation of a conversation with her captor, Mr. Jefferson, she is able to focus on a selfie that she had taken in his classroom earlier that week. She initially prevents Chloe's death in the junkyard at the hands of Jefferson by jumping back in time through the selfie and informing David of Jefferson's deeds, creating a new timeline where Jefferson was arrested on the Tuesday with Chloe still alive and Max as the winner of the photo contest as well as a journey by plane to San Francisco.

Through Max's text messages that she reads on the flight, we get to know that Max was there for Chloe after finding out about Rachel's death on Tuesday. Everything that happened during the following days in the original timeline probably never did. After David helped in the arrest of Rachel's murderer, Mr. Jefferson, he apologized to Chloe. Chloe realized David's efforts and that he truly cares for their family and came to good terms with him, calling him "step-hero." She also seemed to have put behind all the burdens that pulled her down over the years; she appears livelier by using emoji and has hope for the future again, as she has filled in paperwork to enroll in Bay City College, which Max seems proud of her for. After finding out about Max's win on Wednesday, Chloe is very proud and happy for Max and had helped her to pack for the trip to San Francisco. Aside from finding out about Rachel's death, everything seems optimal for Chloe. However, in this timeline, the tornado still comes to Arcadia Bay, which we learn from Chloe's panicked phone call to Max while Max is in the Zeitgeist Gallery where her winning photo is on display.

Max returns back to her captivity in the Dark Room of the original timeline where Chloe was already dead at that point. Max escapes from the Dark Room with the help of David, who had found the location thanks to the clues they had left on their investigation board in Chloe's room. Before leaving the Dark Room, Max has a conversation with David, at the end of which he asks where Chloe is. Max can tell him the truth or hide it.

Tell David the truth
Upon hearing the bad news, David looks visibly distraught that he didn't manage to save Chloe in time, and never told her he loved her. Afterwards, he will kill Jefferson in an act of revenge and sit on the floor next to Jefferson's dead body. If Max tries to talk to David, he will ask Max to leave the Dark Room, preferring not to let Max see him in that state.

Don't tell David the truth
If Max hides the truth about Chloe by telling him that Chloe went medicating before she ended up in the Dark Room, he is happy and reassured for the first time in his life that Chloe is a stoner. Afterwards, David goes on to investigate Jefferson's computer. If Max tries to talk to David, he will ask Max to leave the Dark Room, saying Max has probably had enough of the place.

After leaving the Dark Room, Max will manage to reach Warren at the Two Whales diner and successfully prevent Chloe's death once again by using a selfie photograph that Warren took with Max at the End of the World Party, returning to the time when it was taken. Max warns Chloe of Jefferson's treachery and Nathan's apparent death at his hands. Moreover, Max reveals to Chloe what she had experienced in the alternative timelines where Max prevented William's death and insists that she cannot keep altering time. Max manages to convince Chloe about the threat Jefferson poses and that they must do nothing and instead go back to Chloe's house to stay safe from Jefferson, so instead of springing Jefferson's trap as they did before, Max and Chloe report the scandal to David who promptly, with the help of the police, assists in the arrest of Mark Jefferson. Max stays with Chloe at Chloe's house until the storm gets too bad. After altering the timeline, Max wakes up at the beach and finds out that Chloe took "Auto Max"'s advice to head to the beach where they would be protected from the storm. Shortly after their reunion, Max loses consciousness and falls into a disturbing nightmare which features Chloe and the key moments they shared throughout the week.

During Max's unconsciousness, Chloe carries her up to the cliff. Upon reaching the lighthouse, safe and out of the way of the incoming tornado, Max finally laments to Chloe that she was the cause of the town's destruction, whereas Chloe - admitting her selfishness after how much Max went through in preventing her from dying over and over again - is ready to accept death as her fate. Chloe bravely hands Max the photograph of the blue butterfly that Max had taken in the Blackwell bathroom at the start of the week and gives Max the option to go back in time to when Nathan had killed her so that Max can undo every change that was made to the timeline. The other option is for Max to stop changing history and remain in the present timeline where Chloe is still alive. Whichever decision Max makes, Chloe completely accepts that Max will have made the right choice.

Sacrifice Chloe
Max will kiss or hug Chloe before she rewinds for the final time, depending on whether she kissed Chloe earlier and took Chloe's side at least two times in previous episodes. After their final farewells, Max uses the photograph of the blue butterfly to return to the point when Nathan Prescott shot and killed Chloe in the bathroom in Blackwell, only this time Max does not intervene. Timestream montages show that Mark Jefferson and Nathan were eventually arrested and questioned for their role in the deaths of Chloe and Rachel Amber. A few days later, the town is completely restored to normal without the ominous signs of dead animals and strange weather. Max attends Chloe's funeral at the cemetery close to the lighthouse, with David, Joyce, Principal Wells, Frank, Pompidou, Warren, Kate, Justin, Trevor, Victoria, and Dana among the attendees. During the ceremony, a blue butterfly will land on top of Chloe's coffin before flying away.

Sacrifice Arcadia Bay
Max takes the photograph and rips it in half, deciding that she could not stand to lose Chloe yet again and giving her another shot in life. The storm subsides and Arcadia Bay is in ruins when the two return to the town in Chloe's truck. The two are last seen leaving Arcadia Bay and driving off into the distance.

Alternative Timeline


Chloe's previous history as an archetypal punk rocker has seemingly been wiped out completely in the new timeline Max created in "Chaos Theory" by preventing the death of Chloe's father, William. She is now restricted to an electric wheelchair which assists with movement, as well as being dependent on a breathing apparatus. This is due to a car accident that Chloe was involved in sometime before March 2011[10] after William had bought her a vehicle for her 16th birthday. An SUV cut her off, and she crashed, tragically snapping her spine and paralyzing herself.[note 8] Chloe also has severe troubles with her respiratory system, and is deteriorating quickly. The complete collapse of her respiratory system is inevitable, according to her doctor. Her parents decide not to tell her, ignoring the advice of the doctor. However, Chloe is fully aware of the situation, having heard the doctors discussing it while she was pretending to be asleep.

She is still a punk at heart, visiting websites for local rock shows and looking at magazines related to punk music and style. She has an old, spiked bracelet on her desk, reminiscent of the old Chloe.

Chloe refers to herself as a science nerd and got straight A's before her accident.[11] We know that she was unable to keep attending Blackwell Academy due to the lack of disability access available around the historic campus. Principal Wells suggested that she go to a different school, as evident from his letter to Chloe's parents dated the 8th of August 2011.

In this timeline, Chloe collects snow domes[note 9] and is still in possession of the snow dome that features a doe which Max may or may not have smashed in the original timeline when she was being nosy in Chloe's room at the beginning of the week. She also enjoys fluffy, cuddly toys and has high-tech equipment for communicating online and sending text messages. Her room is decorated very differently; the walls are serene and no longer messy. Her inability to physically write on her walls is probably the cause, as she admits that sometimes she purposely rebels against her parents just, so they will shout at her instead of treating her like a baby. She seems unhappy that she can't go "party like a rock star" or get into any "teen trouble" with her folks. A picture of angels with the word "faith" above it suggests Chloe or her parents are hopeful and possibly turning in small part to religion for guidance through their rough time.

This Chloe doesn't blame anyone for her condition, even though she had the right. She isn't angry at her parents or at Max, just grateful to be alive and to have her family watching over her.

Chloe's Family

Chloe is aware that her accident has taken a huge toll on her family and that her parents are struggling to cope with the medical bills in addition to their daughter's disability. Her mother is coping badly, glad that her cheery, hopeful husband is there to help. Her hope for the future seems to be gone entirely, knowing her daughter is going to die.[note 10] William and Chloe remain closer than ever; something which will hurt him extremely when she dies. His guilt about her accident still affects the family, as his purchasing of the car led to Chloe's accident in the first place.

Chloe's Uncle Aaron, William's brother, seems apologetic that he cannot help the family more, and like most other people in Chloe's life, failed to keep in touch regularly with the family, albeit this was due to his career. He sends a letter to William about this, which sits in Chloe's old room.

Chloe's parents also received a letter from Joyce's Aunt Dorothy who cannot financially assist them due to dealing with her own medical bills.

Chloe's Friends

Chloe is extremely happy to see Max, unlike in the original timeline in which she was accusatory about Max abandoning her.[note 11] This is rather odd, as Max still did not visit Chloe in the alternative timeline, only sending her letters, the occasional text and a selfie of her on a road trip. It can be discovered through conversation that she was a little hurt by Max not visiting; but she understands, commenting that her friend isn't "SuperMax."[note 12] Chloe still considers Max as her best friend, still cherishing their childhood memories a lot and chooses to have Max's company as her last good memory. She reveals that most of her other friends failed to keep in touch, including another girl, Megan Weaver, who was her particular friend. Megan sends her a postcard wishing her well.

She seems to have many online friends after joining the "Hawt Wheels Chat Room" as "Miss Blue."

Without frequenting Blackwell, Chloe has never met Rachel Amber in the alternative timeline and does not even know her name until Max tells her.


Chloe's Truck - Despite not having a driver's license, Chloe drives an old brown pick-up truck which she has decorated haphazardly with graffiti and stickers. On the dashboard stands an Elvis bobblehead with a microphone, and hanging from the rear-view mirror is a Sheriff's badge, a skull, a feather, and a small chain.

Gun (Determinant) - Prior to the game, Chloe stole a revolver from David's gun rack for protection against her enemies, mainly Nathan and Frank. In Episode 2, she does target practice at the junkyard with help from Max. When Frank arrives and Max threatens to shoot him, it's up to Max to decide if Chloe keeps the gun (Shoot) or if Frank steals it from her (Don't Shoot). If she loses the gun, Max can obtain it again from Frank's RV. It is also possible for Chloe to steal a gun from Nathan in Episode 4, if Max allowed Warren to beat him up.

Key Ring - In Episode 3, Chloe steals a ring of keys from David. She attempts to use it to break into the Principal's office, only to find there isn't a key for the desired door.

Lock Picks - Prior to the game, Chloe learned lock-picking from Frank. In Episode 3, having failed to find a key to the Principal's office, she attempts to pick the door's lock with little success.

Necklace - Chloe always wears her necklace of three bullets throughout the game. In Episode 5, before Max uses the photo to save Chloe from Jefferson, it is present on the computer table in the Dark Room. Max expresses her wish to save Chloe for the last time when looking at it.


Chloe has many instances in which she could die with or without Max's power:

Episode One - "Chrysalis"

  • Nathan shoots Chloe in her stomach, but Max rewinds to save her.

Episode Two - "Out of Time"

  • Chloe is almost crushed by a train before Max rewinds in order to reroute the train.
  • She accidentally shoots herself in the chest after a bullet ricochets off the car bumper in the junkyard - also saved by Max rewinding (avoidable).

Episode Four - "Dark Room"

  • Chloe dies in the alternative timeline if Max accepts her request to overdose her.
  • She gets shot in the forehead by Jefferson after he drugs Max in the junkyard.

Episode Five - "Polarized"

  • Chloe is presumably killed during the storm while Max and Principal Wells are at the Zeitgeist Gallery.
  • If Max chooses to sacrifice Chloe, Max travels to the moment when she took the photo in the bathroom. In doing so, Chloe dies the exact way she did in "Chrysalis," restoring the original timeline and stopping the storm from ever happening.

Associated Deaths

  • Frank Bowers (Caused, Determinant) - While Max and Chloe talk to Frank about Rachel on the beach in front of his RV, Chloe can shoot Frank and Pompidou with David's or Nathan's gun if he gets aggressive towards them because of reasons in their conversation (i.e. he finds out they broke into his RV). This is, however, avoidable with the right dialog choices.
  • Pompidou (Indirectly Caused, Determinant) - Pompidou can get run over by a truck on the street while running after a bone thrown by Max in Episode 3. Chloe gives Max the choice to throw the bone therefore she holds complicity for Pompidou's death.
  • Pompidou (Caused, Determinant) - If Frank has Pompidou nearby and he gets aggressive during their confrontation in Episode 4, Chloe may shoot both. This is, however, avoidable with the right dialog choices.


The degree of advancement in certain relationships (particularly Chloe and Max's) is up to Max in many instances. Therefore their relationship is determinant, as with most characters in the game.


  • Maxine Caulfield - Max and Chloe have been best friends since childhood. Chloe felt abandoned when Max moved to Seattle shortly after Chloe's father died, and while they were reunited when Max began attending Blackwell, she still retains some negative feelings from their separation. Even so, Chloe cares very deeply for Max and hopes to rekindle their friendship upon her return to Arcadia Bay, since she always hoped for a reunion. She thinks of Max as the smartest and most talented person she knows, and according to her mother, always wished she could be more like her. Chloe also keeps a lot of mementos of their childhood in her room. She considers the time they spend together in Arcadia Bay now as the best time since. Eventually, she may even replace the picture of herself with Rachel Amber on her phone with one of Max, depending on whether or not Max chooses to defend her, take her side and to help her with her problems. Though she can sometimes be insensitive, Chloe and Max remain best friends, regardless of the choices Max makes. Chloe doesn't want to lose Max again and has the wish to always stay by her side. In the last episode, if Max decides to sacrifice Chloe for the sake of Arcadia Bay, they will share a long hug or a kiss and Chloe will tell her that she will always love her. If Max decides to stay with Chloe, they will leave the town, promising to always stay together and probably start a new life together. (See here for more information on their relationship.)
  • Rachel Amber - Rachel and Chloe became very close friends after Max left for Seattle. Chloe thinks of Rachel as her "angel", the one who rejuvenated her life after her father died and Max left her behind. The two often got into varying degrees of mischief and spent a lot of time in Chloe's "secret hideout." Chloe developed a deep trust in Rachel, rivaled only by her friendship with Max, and planned to leave Arcadia Bay for good with her once they paid off Frank Bowers, but she disappeared before they could do so. There are numerous mementos of Chloe and Rachel's friendship in their hideout and in Chloe's room, which prove their deep bond and Rachel's central role in Chloe's life. However, Chloe was unaware of Rachel's relationship with Frank, and feels betrayed when she finds out about it.
  • Warren Graham - Chloe can easily see the budding romance he is trying to initiate with Max. From what Max tells her, she sees him as another "Blackwell bro" and sometimes pokes fun of him. But it is implied that Chloe gets jealous of Max when she is with Warren, especially if Max agrees to go to a drive-in theater with him. If Max chooses to kiss Chloe, Chloe will joke that Warren "doesn't stand a chance" and text him about it later. When Nathan attacks Max and Chloe after they are caught investigating the boy's dorms, Warren headbutts Nathan, allowing him, Max, and Chloe to escape. Later, Chloe tells Warren that he is awesome for beating up Nathan.
  • Justin Williams - Chloe used to hang out skating with Justin while she was friends with Rachel Amber. After her disappearance the two distanced themselves, but their friendship is still intact, as she fist bumps him when entering the Two Whales Diner in "Out of Time", and talks to him in front of the Prescott Dormitory in "Dark Room".
  • Trevor - Chloe used to hang out with Trevor and his skater friends prior to Rachel Amber's disappearance.
  • Frank Bowers - Frank and Chloe used to hang out a lot drinking alcohol or taking drugs, but she never had any further interest in him. He was her drug dealer and she planned to leave Arcadia Bay without paying back the money she borrowed from him. Furthermore, she can't understand why her friend Rachel Amber would ever engage herself in a relationship with someone like him. Despite Chloe's angry outburst after finding out about Rachel's relationship with Frank, Chloe will eventually understand and accept their relationship where Chloe will feel remorseful if Chloe was forced to kill Frank in self-defense. Similarly, if Chloe was killed by Nathan Prescott in the sacrifice Chloe ending, Frank Bowers will attend Chloe's funeral and watch the funeral proceedings from a distance.


  • David Madsen - After William's death, Joyce remarried to David Madsen making him Chloe's step-dad. They have a very negative relationship that includes several disrespecting nicknames such as "step-fucker". If Max doesn't take the blame for the weed, he slaps her and calls her a loser. However, after finally realizing his good will in "Polarized", clearly impressed and respectful, she calls him "stepfather" and even "step-hero". She also finally acknowledges his relationship with her mother.
  • William Price - Chloe was very close with her father and spent much time with him growing up. Before his death, she was bright and hopeful, traits she likely got from him, and enjoyed cooking breakfast alongside him. His sudden death left her devastated and led to her bad attitude and pessimistic outlook.
  • Joyce Price - Chloe's relationship with her mother is strained due to her irresponsible behavior and Joyce's marriage to David. Sometimes, Chloe even feels betrayed by Joyce for marrying someone like him. Chloe also sometimes blames Joyce for the death of her father, due to her being the reason behind William using the car the day of his accident. Joyce still holds hope that Chloe will turn her life around, whether it be with the help of Max or Rachel, but Chloe very rarely returns her affection. In "Polarized" however, Chloe finally acknowledges what her mother had to give up and live through over all the years, and even appreciates the role David plays in her life now.
  • Aunt Dorothy - It's revealed in the alternative timeline that Joyce has an aunt. Not much is known about her other than her inability to help the Prices financially due to having her own medical bills.
  • Aaron Price - William's brother sent a letter to him regarding not being able to send as much money as he'd like.
  • Bongo - Bongo was a pet cat that was a gift to Chloe form her parents. He was always part of Max and Chloe’s pirate adventures. He was killed by a car in 2008 and Max and Chloe made a gravestone for him.


  • David Madsen - There is no evidence that Chloe's relationship with her step-father has been anything other than fragmented, particularly on her end. Chloe typically refers to him as "step-douche", "step-dildo" or "step-prick" and this disrespect only aggravates his locked-in military mindset. She is unsettled by his paranoia and is eager to find a way to incriminate him for his surveillance at Blackwell. However, David seems to want a loving relationship with Chloe despite her criminal activities and bad attitude; a birthday card from him to her suggests that he is proud to be a step-father and wants the same as Joyce; to be a family. Despite this, David has been shown to be physically and verbally abusive towards Chloe, such as slapping her and calling her a loser if Max does not take the blame for Chloe's marijuana.
  • Nathan Prescott - Chloe and Nathan despise each other. Chloe met Nathan at a bar when he was wasted, and tried to use his drunken state to con him out of money she could use to pay back Frank. But Nathan spiked her drink and took photos of her in her vulnerable state before she could escape his dormitory room. Deducing that Nathan deals drugs at Blackwell, she planned to blackmail him for money. Nathan grows angry at Chloe and threatens each other to stay away. After it becomes clear that Nathan is partially responsible for the drugging, photographing and death of Rachel Amber, Chloe is on the warpath and resolves to get revenge for her friend.
  • Frank Bowers - (Determinant) Chloe and Frank are at odds after she borrowed three thousand dollars from Frank without a way to pay him back. She hoped that Rachel could help her but she disappeared without warning. Frank threatens Chloe when she doesn't pay him back, but Chloe becomes more disgusted with Frank than scared when she sees him wearing Rachel's bracelet and eventually learns that the two had a relationship. When Max and Chloe visit Frank, depending on whether or not Max chooses to give Frank the money stolen from the handicap fund (as well as how they treat Frank), they may be on better terms after the encounter. Alternatively, Chloe may wound or even kill Frank (and his dog) if he tries to attack Max.
  • Mark Jefferson - Chloe originally thought Mark Jefferson was "hot for a teacher" and teased Max about Max's admiration for Mark. Max and Chloe were too intent on finding Nathan Prescott to avenge Rachel Amber's death that they both fell into Mark Jefferson's trap and Chloe was eventually killed by Jefferson. Max had to travel back in time through photos taken earlier to attempt to keep Chloe alive as well as to warn Chloe and David about Mark Jefferson. Chloe will ask Max to promise her to make Rachel Amber's killers pay if Max decides to sacrifice Chloe in the final episode.
  • Victoria Chase - Chloe appears to know of Victoria outside of Max's interactions with her. If Max mocks Victoria (and takes her picture), Chloe will call Victoria a skank and say "karma is a bitch", indicating that she was not on good terms with her. In Episode 4, Chloe is not surprised when Victoria wins the Everyday Heroes Photo Contest through means of blackmail.


  • Max Caulfield - From the beginning, there are several implications that Chloe has romantic feelings for Max. She is very fond of her company and claims that Max gives her a reason for staying in Arcadia Bay, since over the years without Max she just tried to get out of there. Chloe obviously admires Max a lot thinking of her as the smartest and most talented person she knows. Based on Max's behavior and decisions, Chloe will change her mobile phone background from Rachel to Max. She often makes insinuating and teasing comments on Max, such as "Maybe you made a move on me and I would never know"[12], "Sure Blackwell bros are all over you, like Warren"[13] or "I just don't think anybody is good enough for you... besides me."[14], and becomes somewhat distressed when she learns that Max is going to a movie with Warren. She will also joke about marrying Max if Max attempted to shoot Frank in Episode 2. Chloe appears very intrigued if Max decides to enter the Blackwell Swimming Pool through the girls' dressing locker instead of the boys'. Also, the way she ogles at Max when she takes off her clothes at the swimming pool[15] indicates further interest. She comments on her as cute on several occasions, for example after their Blackwell night trip, and even dares Max to kiss her, which will impact their relationship as time goes on. If Max decides to kiss her, Chloe will react very surprised and embarrassed, and joke that she will text Warren, who she perceives as a possible rival, that he doesn't stand a chance. She will also tell Max better not to rewind and take that kiss back. Otherwise, she will react somewhat disappointed and claim that Max already macked on her and then used her rewind. Driven by jealousy, she will mention that she would text Warren that Max saved herself all for him. Chloe will later refer to that kiss when Max hugs her after returning from the alternative timeline as, "You got one kiss and now you're all over me?" In the last episode, Max writes in her journal that she didn't know if the jealousy she felt when seeing Chloe in her nightmare be with other people was the feeling of friendship or love, and that she's about to find out. Max refers to Chloe as her number one priority and all that matters to her, while constantly desperately trying to keep her by her side. She may even decide to give up her dream of becoming a recognized artist as made possible in the San Francisco timeline, or to sacrifice a whole town to be with Chloe for the rest of her life. If Max chooses to sacrifice Chloe, kissed her in Episode 3 and supported her enough until then, they will share one final kiss before Max travels back in time to correct the timeline. Chloe will tell her that she will always love her to which Max will respond that she will never forget her. If Max chooses to save her instead, Chloe will say that she will always be with her. They will eventually leave Arcadia Bay's ruins behind after the storm subsided, and probably start a new life together. (See here for more information on their relationship.)
  • Rachel Amber - Chloe had a crush on Rachel during their time together, which is evident in how fondly she talks about her to Max, describing her as her "angel" and "savior", but also as "smart and sexy". The fact that she keeps mementos of them in a metal box under her bed, that she carries a photo of Rachel around in her wallet, or that she has a picture of her as her mobile background, emphasizes how highly Chloe treasures Rachel. She later admits to Max that she had a crush on Rachel in "Chaos Theory". Clearly, this is reinforced by how hurt Chloe is when she finds out about Rachel's (romantic/sexual) relationship with Frank. She is also driven to tears when she discovers Rachel's body in the junkyard, admitting to Max that she loved her. It's unknown whether Rachel knew about those feelings, or reciprocated them. But considering how troubled Rachel was to tell Chloe about her relationships with Frank and Jefferson, it's likely that she knew about Chloe's feelings towards her and didn't want to hurt her.


Colour Symbolism

Chloe is associated with several colors. Her clothing is notably black and white, which is associated with death, which makes sense due to Chloe's several run-ins with death during the game, and her death triggering Max's rewind power in the first place. She is hit directly in the stomach in the middle of the skull motif on her shirt in the beginning of the game. The skull imagery also associated with Chloe is interesting, and also reminiscent of death. Most of her shirts contain skulls, as does her vibrant tattoo.

Chloe is also associated with the color red. Her tattoo is filled with red ribbon-like designs. Red is associated with anger, aggression and tragic circumstances. All of this makes sense with Chloe due to her angry attitude towards her family situation and abandonment issues, as well as her own deaths and previous drug addiction. Red can also be associated with riches and wealth; the red ribbon could be a symbol of her desire for money, and her debt to Frank.

The last color Chloe is most highly associated with is the blue color of her hair which is also reflected in her eyes and nail polish. It is associated with those who are vulnerable or aspiring for the future. This could add to both Chloe's emotional vulnerability with abandonment (as opposed to her near-death experiences) and her hopes of reuniting with Rachel. It also applies to the blue butterfly which appears during Chloe's first near-death experience during the game and later at her funeral in the Sacrifice Chloe ending.

Chloe's outfit is splashed with blue in the alternative timeline; this matches her breathing apparatus. The color makes sense, as her respiratory system is vulnerable and failing, and she becomes hopeful that she can have her last good memory with Max before she dies. The color red is also prominent here however, as a symbol of the tragic circumstances of her accident.


Chloe's clothing and the motifs on her shirts and her tattoo carry a lot of symbolism that is applicable to Chloe.


In Episode 2, Chloe has a buffalo skull on her shirt. Typically, buffaloes symbolize sacredness, life, gratitude, abundance and great strength. Depending on the tribe, to dream of a buffalo means guiding someone who has fallen on hard times back from the darkness. Considering that Chloe's shirt is portraying only the skull of a buffalo, it's subverting those meanings and, combined with the symbolism of death, rather making it symbolize being lost, giving up and the loss of hope for a better future.

In a part of the final episode, Chloe's wearing a shirt with a picture of the Ouroboros, an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail, on it. It symbolizes the renewal of life or the cycle of life and death; this may tie with the story in which it symbolizes Max constantly reviving Chloe with her rewind powers. It's also meant to signify eternity, continuous renewal, and the soul of the world.[16]

There are different theories about the symbolism of Chloe's tri-bullet-necklace. One is that it may represent the three times Chloe is shot during the game (the girls' bathroom in "Chrysalis", Mr. Jefferson in "Dark Room", shooting herself determinantly in the junkyard in "Out of Time"; or maybe without the determinant shot, but the second time we see her getting shot is in the bathroom in the Sacrifice Chloe ending in "Polarized"). It is also interpreted as a representation of the losses of her loved ones she faced -- William who tragically died in an accident; Max who moved away; and Rachel who disappeared.

Tattoo Symbolism


Chloe's tattoo displays blue butterflies (plus chrysalis and some newly born butterflies), a worn out red ribbon, a golden skull, thorns and red tropical flowers which appear to be Hibiscus flowers.

Tropical flower tattoos are appropriate for both men and women. The symbolic meaning of a Hibiscus tattoo is delicate beauty or consumed by love.


Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal Chloe.png

On one hand, the blue butterfly that appears before the moment of her death in Chrysalis is deeply connected to Chloe's character. The butterfly is the symbol of transformation, a person identified with this spirit animal can bring joy and bliss, they are lively, bright and go through various personal transformations, it may be a symbol to indicate you to lighten up and add color to your life. This resembles a lot Chloe's character who has gone through many personal changes. Even with a gun on her face she noted the butterfly at the beginning of the game. It's also a symbol of soul and immortality, which fits to Max constantly saving her. Furthermore, the color blue is associated with both the butterfly and Chloe.[17] There is also a poster of a blue butterfly in Alternative Chloe's empty room, as well as butterflies as part of the pattern of Chloe's boots. The only entry in Max's nightmare journal features a drawing of a butterfly with Chloe's head, further foreshadowing the final choice. The texture file of that drawing is named Spirit_animal_Chloe, which reinforces the theory of the butterfly being Chloe's spirit animal. In the Sacrifice Chloe ending, a blue butterfly is landing on Chloe's coffin.

On the other hand, there is also a strong symbolism associated with her spirit animal being the blue jay. The Native American roots of the blue jay spirit animal is vast and involves an ancient character named blue jay who is ultimately good-natured and wants to help humanity, but cannot help but specialize in being mischievous. This is highly associated with Chloe's personality.
Blue jay also travels to the land of the dead frequently, which makes sense as Chloe frequently dies, and is heavily associated with death colors and motifs. Blue jay is finally at peace with his death, appreciating the world of the dead only after he is finally gone. This could be symbolic of the end to Chloe's emotional suffering after her death, and possibly the end of her physical suffering in the alternative timeline. (This could also be a hint to the theory that Chloe is actually meant to die, disregarding Max's constantly saving her.)
The blue jay in the game frequently dies, and Max is given the task of saving it. In Joyce's bedroom in Chrysalis, downstairs in the Madsen household in Chaos Theory, and again in Dark Room, we find a blue jay and are given the option to save it or not. This is hugely symbolic of Max's constant choice of whether to save or abandon Chloe.

Name Meaning

The name Chloe derives from the Greek mythology as an alternate name of the goddess of agriculture and fertility, the springs and animals, Demeter, and refers to the young, green foliage or shoots of plants. Demeter was especially worshiped for her power over air and water from historical times in Arcadia, a utopian unspoiled, harmonious wilderness, which is believed to be the mythological basis for the town of Arcadia Bay. Some have speculated that Demeter being worshipped for her power over air and water may also connect to the theory that the storm is a manifestation of Chloe’s wrath and anger toward her circumstances in life, with her father’s death, her best friend’s abandonment, and Rachel’s sudden disappearance. Demeter also presided over the sacred law, and the cycle of life and death, which may refer to Chloe's connection to death and her constant reviving by Max. She was known as the “goddess of the blessed afterlife”, which could tie in with connection to the spirit animal world. Chloe is a springtime name symbolizing new growth, though by no means as fresh as it once was, which refers to Chloe's character development in numerous ways. It also is a Biblical name mentioned in the New Testament.

Chloe's surname, Price, can refer to her life literally being the price that Max has to pay for using her powers, even if she uses them to save other people's lives. However, should Max choose to sacrifice Arcadia Bay to save Chloe, she becomes her "prize" as she gains Chloe's friendship and love for the rest of her life.

Memorable Quotes

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— Chloe in "Out of Time"
— Chloe in "Chrysalis"
— Chloe's favorite intensifier throughout the game
"Everybody lies. No exceptions."
— Chloe's graffiti in her room
"Everybody pretends to care until they don't."
— Chloe in "Chaos Theory"
"Yep yep, I'm fucking insane in the brain! Let's dance!"
— Chloe in "Chrysalis"
"This shit-pit has taken everyone I've ever loved... I'd like to drop a bomb on Arcadia Bay and turn it to fucking glass..."
— Chloe in "Chrysalis"
"I pledge allegiance to Max and the power for which she stands..."
— Chloe heavily impressed by Max's rewind power in "Out of Time"
"Dude, you fuck shit up, you rewind, you fix it. Drop the mic. Boom."
— Chloe in "Out of Time"
"Why look, an otter in my water!"
— Chloe to Max at the Swimming Pool in "Chaos Theory"


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Note: These are theories developed prior to the release of Polarized and may not be applicable anymore.

A likely theory which ties the game together was that Max would need to rewind using the butterfly photo she took in the Blackwell bathroom before Chloe was shot by Nathan. Going back to the beginning of the game, Max would need to let Chloe die in order to correct the timeline and put a halt to the eco-disaster befalling Arcadia Bay. On the other hand, it seemed contradictory that the eco-disaster still exists although Chloe's dying in the alternative timeline.

Another discussed scenario was that Max would step in on this moment and calm Nathan's rage in order to save Chloe and placate Nathan. However, this would be less likely, as Chloe's death is predicted symbolically in the game, and keeping her alive would not correct the wrongs in time; she was originally meant to die.

Another theory was that the cause of the upcoming disastrous tornado was nothing but Chloe's wrath toward her miserable destiny, say, loss of father, loss of friends; considering the moment in "Chrysalis" when at the beacon Max falls into her delusion of the storm right after Chloe cursed Arcadia Bay. It occurs that Chloe could be destructive power against the world and Max's duty is to save the world, and Chloe.


  • Chloe's shirt in Episode 1 is possibly a reference to the famous punk band Misfits, seeing as they share names and that the band's popular logo is a skull, and Chloe's shirt reads "Misfit skull".
  • Chloe is apparently left-handed, confirmed by Co-Game Director Michel Koch.[18]
  • Chloe's zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • Chloe is revealed to have a belly button piercing, as seen in the swimming pool scene in Episode 3. The piercing seems to be a navel barrel, also called a "bananabell", the most common kind of piercing for navels.
  • Chloe's address is 44 Cedar Ave, as evident from several postcards.
  • Chloe can die or have close encounters with death in all episodes except "Chaos Theory".
  • Chloe admits she went to counseling/therapy in the past, but no longer goes because she didn't like what her counselor had to say.[19]
  • Chloe's catch phrase "hella" is used 13 times by herself during the whole game.[note 13]
  • Chloe's car is most likely the 7th generation of Ford F-150.[20]
  • Chloe's car's license plate spells "TWN PKS", which is a reference to Twin Peaks, an American television serial drama, which also takes place in Pacific Northwest and is centered around the mysterious disappearance of a well liked teenage girl prior to the series start. There are also two hills in San Francisco (the city where her parents took a photo together when Joyce was expecting Chloe) with the same name. It is a very prominent tourist attraction.[note 14]
  • Chloe seems to care about animals, as Max states she would never use animal products. Despite this, Chloe can be seen eating bacon at the diner in Episode 2.
  • Chloe doesn't like to use emoji, as she frequently reminds Max of not using them herself, which is probably due to her depression and resentfulness. However, she does use emoji in the timeline Max causes in "Polarized" where Max won the Everyday Heroes Contest and Chloe recognized her step-father's goodwill after he captured Jefferson.
  • It's implied that Chloe is patriotic since she has a U.S. flag hanging in front of her room's window. However, the flag is turned upside down, which is a symbol of resistance towards authority and/or distress. There are other indications like a drawing which depicts Max and Chloe on an adventure accompanied by the "freedom eagle".
  • Quite a few things about the Alternative Chloe Price's life and personality are ironic inversions or distortions of her mainline counterparts.
  • In Episode 1, Chloe parks her truck across two disability parking spaces. In Episode 3, she wants to steal money from the school's disability fund. In the alternative timeline Max creates at the end of the episode, she's a quadriplegic, and suffering the repercussions of the school's undersized disability fund (a letter from the principal recommends she transfer schools because Blackwell can't afford to make all its buildings wheelchair-accessible).
  • In the main timeline, Chloe is a disruptive high school dropout and a street punk. In the alternative timeline, she's a well-behaved straight-A student and a science geek.
  • Mainline Chloe often calls Max "Super Max" because of her time travel powers, which adds a little bit of extra sting when Alternative Chloe tries to placate Max for being unable to do more by telling her she can't always be Super Max.
  • Alternative timeline Chloe never met Rachel Amber, and therefore seems relatively unconcerned about her disappearance beyond reflecting on how sad it must be for her parents.
  • The main timeline's Chloe is a casual drug user who sometimes uses "medicating" as a euphemism for getting high, and her stepfather disapproves of her habit. Alternative timeline Chloe is dependent on medically-prescribed regular doses of morphine to fight off the pain of her injuries, and her father has gone deeply into debt to provide this along with her other medical expenses.
  • Max has been spending so much time and effort to save Chloe from both death and her feelings of abandonment. Alternative Chloe's final request is to have Max euthanize her, and she'll call Max out for abandoning her if she can't go through with it.
  • Chloe has always wanted blue bangs like Pris from Blade Runner who inspired her to color her hair in the first place (this is said by Alternative Chloe, but Pris never actually had blue bangs).

Height chart difference.PNG

  • A number of inconsistencies exist between Chloe's height chart from the normal timeline and her height chart in the alternative timeline.
  • Chloe has always loved manga, at least until she was 14, as mentioned by Max when she comments on a manga magazine in 2008.[note 15]
  • Chloe and Max's favorite childhood series include Spongebob[21], Power Rangers[22], Blue's Clues[23], and Teletubbies[23].
  • Until she was 14, Chloe used to read teenage lifestyle magazines such as "Tween Life Magazine".
  • An unused audio file spoken by Joyce to Frank implies that Chloe always wanted to have a dog.
  • Chloe makes comments to Max that seem quite flirtatious on occasion, and her exact relationship to Rachel is left ambiguous. Chloe's voice actress sees her as sexually fluid.[24] Perhaps supportive of this view is the porn magazine featuring girls in her hideout at the junkyard, her disclosure of a "boy toy phase" and the condoms Max can find in Chloe's shirt pocket. Chloe tells Max that boys are gross, which could imply that she's more into girls than boys. She tells Max that Rachel "saved her" during her "boy toy phase," which indicates that Rachel may have been the first girl Chloe fell in love (or lust) with and was perhaps the turning point in Chloe realizing she's attracted to girls a whole lot more. In Episode 4, Chloe makes a flirtatious comment about Jefferson in the presence of Max, but this was more likely said to get a rise out of Max, whom Chloe observed to act shy and awkward around this teacher only moments before. In Episode 5, during Max's nightmare (shaped by her own insecurities), Chloe flirts with other students, male and female, in front of Max, who can end up emotionally hurt by this. Chloe does act somewhat possessive of Max, at first trying to guilt-trip Max into ditching her school friend, Kate, to hang out with her instead, and later referring to herself as "Max's date" to the Vortex Club's party. If Max kisses Chloe on a dare in Episode 3, Chloe tells Max that now she can text Warren to tell him he doesn't stand a chance. (Warren's texts to Max later on do imply that Chloe did exactly this.)
  • The photo of Max Chloe puts up as her mobile phone background in Episode 3 if Max supported her enough until then is the same picture Max uses in her social media profile page. It's presumed that Chloe followed Max to her social media page and downloaded the picture from there, although it is also possible Max may have invited Chloe to Max's social media page in addition to exchanging their mobile phone numbers after seeing her again in the first episode.
  • Chloe's character might be based on Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The female protagonist has a very similar attitude and punk rock style like Chloe; she has the same badass attitude, short colored hair, tattoos and piercings, wears boots and skull motifs. A poster in Chloe's room looks identical to the one used in a promo for the American movie. Chloe's skull shirt from Episode 1 closely resembles the skull motif on Lisbeth's shirt in the Swedish version. Though it's not directly linked to Chloe, Rachel's dragon tattoo is very similar to the dragon image on the Swedish version's film cover.
  • Chloe might also be based on Emma from the French movie Blue is the Warmest Color. Both characters are punkish, rebellious teenage girls with short blue hair and are LGBT. In Emma's case, she is gay, whereas it is kept ambiguous whether Chloe is specifically bisexual, pansexual, gay, or sexually fluid.
  • In Episode 5 during Max's nightmare, you need a digicode to get to the next area. The digicode is 0311, likely representing Chloe's birthday, 03/11 (March 11th).
  • The phrase "Everybody Lies, No Exceptions" that is written on Chloe's wall is a line from the old animated MTV series Daria, which is focused on Daria Morgendorffer, a smart, acerbic, and somewhat misanthropic teenage girl who observes the world around her. Chloe is even drawn in a cool little Daria style next to it. Daria might have been an inspiration for Chloe's character.
  • "One day your life will flash before your eyes", another phrase written on Chloe's wall is actually a quote by Gerard Way.
  • There is a blue Awareness ribbon on the photo album in Alternative Chloe’s room. Among its meanings is ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), a medical condition that may be caused by trauma. (See here for all meanings).

India font style.JPG

  • The closest font to Chloe's 'Hole To Another Universe' graffiti is the India font available for free download for personal use only at
  • It was apparently possible for Chloe to die at the end of the confrontation with Frank on the beach in Episode 4 while trying to protect Max, as several unused audio files named "Chloedead" seem to indicate. This probably would lead to a forced rewind.

No1 Dad mug.png

  • On the living room table at Chloe's house in Episode 3, when Max heads downstairs for breakfast, there is a light blue mug that says "No1 Dad." The design looks old and faded, and it is possible that Chloe had bought this for William as it seems unlikely that she would have bought David a mug like this. (The mug is not seen at any other time in the game.)
  • The gun Chloe "borrows" from David is likely a 4" Smith & Wesson K-Frame .38 Special M&P M-10, but with custom walnut wood grips. The in-game gun model also has the cylinder release latch on the wrong side.
  • Chloe's palm tree panties seen during the swimming pool chapter in Episode 3 were designed by Michel Koch.
  • Chloe shows symptoms typically associated with Borderline Personality Disorder or even Bipolar Disorder, as characterized by her trust and abandonment issues. In one audio track, Chloe is shown having a meltdown and expressing typical fears of someone who has BPD. Max can find Fluoxetine medication - used to treat several mental symptoms including depression and anxiety - in Chloe's house. She also self-medicates with weed, which isn't wholly uncommon among anxiety sufferers.
    • When asked on Twitter about Chloe's behavior, Co-Director Michel Koch said he "never considered to affirm either BPD or depression, to not stigmatize anyone and to focus on other topics."[25]
  • In early character concept art, Chloe had a red hoop earring. Max has drawn Chloe with this on page 17 of her journal even though Chloe has no earring in the game. On the next page, page 18, Max does refer to Chloe having piercings (plural), but there are no visible ones at this early point in the game. (We later see in Episode 3 that Chloe has a belly button piercing but still no ear piercings or earrings in general.) Even though Max's sketch could be put down to an idealized version of Chloe from Max's imagination, the sketch is a replication of early concept art. As for the journal entry about piercings, this could have been an early writing remnant that the concept art was based on, or vice versa.
  • Early concept art shows Chloe with a different tattoo sleeve design and a rainbow on her vest.
  • Motion capture work for Chloe was done by Gabrielle Hersh. She also did motion capture work for Kate Marsh, Victoria Chase and Joyce Price.


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  1. There is a writing on her wall that says, "EVERYBODY LIES NO EXCEPTIONS".
  2. There are anti-depressants (Fluoxetine aka. Prozac 10mg) in the bathroom of the Madsen Household, but it's also possible that they're Joyce's since they are still there in the alternative timeline.
  3. When asked on Twitter about Chloe's behavior, Co-Director Michel Koch said he "never considered to affirm either BPD or depression, to not stigmatize anyone and to focus on other topics."
    Twitter post by Michel Koch
  4. A postcard in Chloe's room written by Rachel on August 24, 2011, reveals that they've been close friends for at least two years.
  5. This can be figured out beforehand by searching the drawers in Chloe's garage, and finding David's ID cards and Blackwell Security card.
  6. This could be a reference to revealing everyone's secrets in the town; glass is transparent.
  7. Chloe reads about the Tobanga Totem, finding out that it's perhaps Arcadia Bay's oldest totem and that no tribe has claimed ownership of the Tobanga. Plus, Chloe likes to say "Tobanga."
  8. Chloe's handicap is foreshadowed during the previous episodes. Chloe parks two times on a handicapped parking spot and later even steals money for the Blackwell's Handicapped Fund.
  9. Next to the one of the doe, there are also...
  10. Color symbolism is important here, as her hair clip which was always previously blue (symbolizing hope for the future) is now a dull pink.
  11. In contrast to the original timeline where Max has to convince Chloe that all that matters is that she's still there in Acadia Bay, alive and together with her friend ("You don't want to hear this, but you're still here. Alive. With me."), the alternative Chloe says herself, "At least I'm here alive with you."
  12. This is a sad contradiction of her compliments about Max's powers. Chloe fondly refers to her as "SuperMax" outside this alternative timeline.
  13. Fun fact: "Hella" was adapted to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as a slang-term for "very, extremely" on April 27, 2016.
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