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"Sometimes when you meet someone who's going to change your life... You just know it, I guess." — Chloe to Rachel in "Awake"

Chloe Elizabeth Price (born March 11, 1994) is the playable protagonist of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, the prequel to the events of the original game, Life is Strange. She is the daughter of Joyce Price and the late William Price. She was the best friend of Max Caulfield until the latter moved to Seattle following the death of Chloe's father. Being left alone in a time where Chloe needed her the most, Chloe drifts into the punk scene in which she meets Rachel Amber. The two grow very close and dream of leaving Arcadia Bay together.

Chloe appears again in the bonus episode "Farewell", which takes place on the day of William's death and shows young Max and Chloe spending time together.

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Chloe is fierce, fearless, and sharp-tongued. She is also stubborn and doesn't stop until she gets what she wants. She often takes risks, like talking back to various people, and considers that 'her attitude is what makes her special.'

Chloe tries to act cool and tough, but is actually quite insecure about herself, especially around Rachel Amber.


The prequel explores how Chloe developed the punkish style that we know from Life is Strange: Season 1.

Chloe has a "skater girl" aesthetic with her clothing consisting of T-shirts and jeans. She has short brown hair, similar to her alternative timeline appearance in Life is Strange: Season 1. There are no tattoos present or dyed hair. She wears subtle, soft pink nail polish, which later transitions to blue in the epilogue. Her jewelry appears to be more understated, yet there are bangles on her right wrist that are similar to the style of bangle that Max wears in the first game. When Chloe attends a rock gig, she is dressed in clothing that appears more "Alt-Rockesque".

Before the release of Episode 3, it had been hinted that the origin of Chloe's distinctive blue hair may be addressed in Before the Storm.[1]. During Episode 3, Chloe is seen dying a streak of her hair blue for the first time, and in the epilogue she shows off her fully dyed hair to Rachel.

Chloe is tall for her age and gender and is almost as tall as some male characters, including Nathan Prescott and Hayden Jones.

Her appearance throughout the game is dependent on which outfit she chooses to wear.

During Farewell, Chloe wears a green shirt depicting a cat in pirate-themed clothes. Chloe also puts on a pirate hat and a jacket while playing in the backyard.


The following is what Chloe wrote about herself in her journal:

My name is Chloe Price, but you can call me  Chloe-bts-diarybiofinger.png

I am an inmate at Blackwell Academy, currently serving a four year sentence for crimes against maternity. That would be my Mom, Joyce, who seems endlessly disappointed in me.

Which, I get it. I'm no one's image of a perfect daughter. Or student. Or anything, really. But who the fuck wants to be perfect? I'm surrounded all day by so called "perfection" and it sucks ass. Other things that suck: Mom's new drill sergeant boyfriend David, how hard it is to buy weed around here, having no friends, hypocrites, country music, people who say "chillax", Dad being dead.

It's been two years since he died in a car crash, and I still think about him all the time. I've even been having this weirdly lifelike dreams. Sometimes I think he's trying to tell me something. Other times I remember that he's feeding worms in a ditch right now and anything else is just a fairy tale to make myself feel better.

At least I have two weapons to help me survive this shitberg town: the pen I use to tag any and everything I want, and my shining personality. If I work at it, maybe I can leave this place just a little less perfect than when I found it.

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Episode One - "Awake"

Chloe sneaks out of her house past curfew to visit an old mill that has been repurposed into a punk club. She hands a fake ID to the bouncer, but he knows she is underage and casually throws the fake ID onto the ground, refusing to let her inside.

Won the backtalk challenge

Chloe enters a backtalk challenge. She asks the bouncer if he remembers what it was like to be a teenager, fervently stating that she just wants to see the band. The bouncer snarkily asks if it is past her bedtime. To successfully insult him, Chloe will either state that she has no bedtime or reflect the bouncer's question back at him, asking about his bedtime. The two will continue to trade insults, and if Chloe wins, the bouncer will ask if she really thinks she can take him, even if he had a knife or a gun. Chloe replies with "You could have a flamethrower, an army of robot ninjas, and a motherfucking dragon on a leash in there, and I'd still kick your ass." The bouncer gives up and lets her in, realizing that she can take care of herself (as one of the reasons he wouldn't let her in is because he was afraid she would be unprotected in the club).

Lost the backtalk challenge

If Chloe loses the backtalk challenge, she has to find another way inside. She pushes the empty dog kennel under the back door, climbs up on it, and opens the door.

Chloe enters the club. She approaches a dog and starts petting it. Chloe can approach a T-shirt vendor and try to buy a Firewalk t-shirt. She is stopped by the vendor, who calls her a "thief". Chloe can tamper with the handbrake on the car of the vendor, causing it to fall off the side of the mill. She can then take the shirt from the distracted vendor and she also has the option to steal money from the back of the car. Chloe can approach Frank Bowers who asks why she is here and comments on her outfit saying that she is "trying too hard". Chloe can buy weed from Frank if she stole the money from earlier, as Frank demands Chloe give him the "175 bucks she owes him". Chloe then proceeds to where the band is playing, however, she is knocked back and accidentally spills a man's beer. Chloe then proceeds to get to the band by going upstairs. When she gets upstairs she starts dancing to the music before being interrupted by the same man whose beer she spilled earlier and another man. The two men try to threaten her despite Chloe's apologies and insults. One of the men smashes a bottle and is about to attack Chloe until Rachel Amber arrives and insults the two men. Chloe then has the option to either run or attack. If she attacks, she will successfully take down one of the men, while the other punches her in the face before she escapes. If Chloe runs, Rachel will throw a bottle at the men, hitting one in the face. As Chloe and Rachel run back down the stairs, Frank will stop them and Chloe will flip them off before returning to the band. She and Rachel mosh to the music.

The next day Chloe wakes up in her room and ponders the events of the previous night. Her mother, Joyce, will call her down for breakfast. Chloe can change into a number of different outfits. As Chloe goes to leave her room, she will realize that her phone is missing. She hears Joyce shout for Chloe to get her purse. Chloe fetches Joyce's purse from her bedroom and uses Joyce's phone to call hers. She eventually finds her phone in the bathroom and then proceeds downstairs. Joyce tells Chloe to leave the purse on the table, which she does. If Chloe was punched the previous night, Joyce will be startled by the bruise on her face. Joyce offers Chloe breakfast, but she refuses, saying "she'll get something later". Joyce is upset with Chloe for missing curfew and condemns her for skipping school. Chloe gets upset about Joyce's boyfriend and insults him, to which Joyce replies, "He's a good man". Chloe can choose to be understanding or say how she really feels. If she is understanding, they will make up. If she says how she really feels, the situation will worsen and Joyce will tell Chloe that she can "go be someone else's problem". Joyce tells Chloe to take David's car keys to him so he can drop her off at school. If Chloe stole the money and didn't buy weed, she can slip money into Joyce's purse. Chloe then leaves the house with the keys.

Chloe approaches David. He rhetorically asks "why do you women always take so long?" to which Chloe responds, "we're hoping you men will leave without us" and throws David his keys. David begins talking about his car, asking Chloe if she knows "what a spark plug does". Chloe is unimpressed. David tells her to get his socket wrench set from the garage, which she does. David then offers her a fist bump. If Chloe refuses, David seems disappointed. In the car, David begins lecturing her on how things are going to be. Chloe can either ignore him or engage in another backtalk challenge. If she chooses to ignore him or fails the backtalk, she will become uninterested with what David says. If she succeeds in backtalking David, the relationship between the two will be made worse.

Chloe enters a dream sequence in which her Dad is still alive and she is enjoying country music. The tranquility is interrupted when she hears a truck horn and the car crashes.

She awakes to David reminding her not to be late. Chloe gets out of the car and is stopped by Eliot Hampden. Eliot comments on the Firewalk concert from last night and that "people are talking about it". Eliot asks Chloe if she wants to see The Tempest play with him, and she can either accept or refuse.

Chloe can explore outside Blackwell before school. She has the option to talk to several characters (such as Victoria Chase and Evan Harris from the original game), and she can play a tabletop game with Steph Gingrich and Mikey North. Chloe can also speak to one of the Blackwell security guards, Skip Matthews, whom she appears to be on good terms with. As she goes to class, she is interrupted by Drew North and Nathan Prescott who begin arguing because Drew took Nathan's photography portfolio. Samantha Myers begs Chloe to stop them. Chloe can enter a backtalk challenge in which she berates Drew. If she is successful, Samantha will laugh at Drew and tell him to shut up. Chloe admires her bravery. If Chloe fails or doesn't attempt the backtalk, Drew will throw the portfolio into the fountain and Nathan is upset. If Chloe stayed out of it, Samantha will tell her she should be ashamed.

As Chloe tries to enter the Blackwell building, Rachel bursts through the door and grabs her hand, taking her to the Drama Lab. Chloe and Rachel watch a rehearsal of The Tempest. Rachel interrupts and asks the opinions of Hayden Jones, Dana Ward, and Mr. Keaton on her costume. They all respond positively. Chloe comments that "Rachel looks awesome" and becomes shy when Rachel winks at her. A debate begins on some of Dana's lines involving true love. Rachel asks Chloe what she thinks. Chloe can comment that Dana's character Miranda is stupid, or is she is in fact in love. The bell rings and everyone leaves except for Rachel and Chloe. Rachel then asks Chloe to fetch her belt from her bag while she changes clothes. Chloe retrieves the belt and also finds a photo of Rachel and her father, commenting that Rachel looks happy in it. Chloe then proceeds to the changing rooms and can either throw the belt to Rachel over the divider, accidentally hitting her, or she can bring it to her. If Chloe chooses to bring it to her, she will see Rachel changing and gets embarrassed, although Rachel seems unfazed. After Rachel finishes changing her clothes, the two speak about the events of last night and Rachel asks Chloe to ditch school with her, and Chloe agrees. If Chloe has a bruise on her face, Rachel will offer to cover it up with makeup, and Chloe can accept or refuse.

Chloe and Rachel are next seen by the train tracks and proceed to jump on a train. They talk and Chloe mentions that her only friend, Max, left for "greener, more northern pastures". Rachel is sympathetic. Chloe and Rachel then play Two Truths and a Lie. Chloe can either play honestly or cheat. However she plays, Rachel correctly guesses the truths and lies that Chloe tells. Chloe then has the option to listen to music, which she can share with Rachel. Rachel then tells Chloe to jump off the train.

The two are then seen on the Overlook. Rachel tries to get a viewfinder to work but it is out of order. Rachel then asks Chloe to fix it. Chloe can explore the area, and eventually asks for a knife from Rachel, however, she only has a nail file. Chloe can then use the file to remove a placard from a park bench and use it to pry open the viewfinder, retrieving the quarter stuck inside. Rachel and Chloe then look through another viewfinder together and make fun of the people they spy on. Sometime later, Rachel focuses the viewfinder on a man and a woman kissing. Rachel seems visibly upset and Chloe is taken aback by her mood swing. Rachel then convinces Chloe to steal wine from the couple who are having a picnic nearby. Rachel feigns having a heart attack and Chloe attempts to steal the wine. She is spotted and a backtalk challenge commences. If Chloe fails, the picnickers will see through their deception. Chloe will grab the wine bottle and run away together with Rachel. If Chloe succeeds, Rachel will jump up at the last minute, thanking the picnickers for their help, and Chloe will steal the wine, unnoticed by the couple.

Chloe and Rachel are next seen walking on train tracks. Chloe spots a junkyard and wants to explore it. Rachel seems upset and Chloe wonders what is wrong. Chloe can either call her out or leave her be. Whichever option is chosen, Rachel becomes angry, calling Chloe selfish. As Rachel goes to leave, Chloe begs her to stay and says she doesn't want to ruin "this". Rachel asks what "this" is to Chloe exactly. Chloe can either say that it's a real friendship or "something more". Rachel leaves regardless of Chloe's choice. Chloe begins to cry and becomes enraged. She picks up a baseball bat and begins destroying items in the junkyard, commenting about all the people who have let her down, notably Rachel and Max. As Chloe keeps smashing, she witnesses her father's car and walks slowly towards it. She begins smashing it and completely breaks down.

Chloe wakes up in another dream sequence in which William asks her what's wrong. Chloe, still crying, asks "why do you care"? William tries to cheer her up by reminding her that she "made a new friend today". Chloe sees Rachel out of the window and as the car stops, Rachel puts her hand on the window and Chloe does the same. Rachel bursts into flames and the same truck from before crashes into the car.

Chloe awakes at night in the same car, and she walks along the train tracks to a tree where Rachel is standing. Rachel is thankful that Chloe is there and begins to explain why she was upset earlier, saying that the man kissing the woman from earlier was her father. Chloe seems sympathetic. Rachel comments that Chloe is a badass and that she doesn't "know anyone like her". Chloe states that she wants to leave Arcadia Bay and Rachel understands, and they both agree to leave together. Rachel then burns the photo from earlier and dumps it in a trash can. She then kicks the trashcan over and screams, causing the tree to be engulfed in flames. Chloe looks visibly shocked.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

The episode begins with Chloe and her mother, Joyce, entering Principal Wells's office where Rachel and her parents are already waiting. Chloe and Rachel are scolded for ditching school. Rachel defends Chloe and Chloe can either accept Rachel's version of events or challenge them. If she wins the backtalk challenge with Principal Wells, Chloe will be expelled. If Chloe goes along with Rachel's lie, she will be suspended instead. Regardless of her choice, Principal Wells tells her to clear out her locker. Skip Matthews escorts Chloe to her locker, and she attempts to retrieve her joint but finds a note from Justin telling her that he took it. Chloe becomes incredibly frustrated and asks Skip if she can use the bathroom. She tags the bathroom with quotes from several different characters, including Max and Rachel, and draws several pictures, including a raven. She saunters out of the bathroom past Victoria, who looks shocked at her "artwork". Chloe is escorted to the Blackwell parking lot with Skip and he then leaves her.

Chloe can then explore the parking lot and can speak to Eliot, who seems upset at her expulsion/suspension and offers her a hug, which she can accept or refuse. Chloe then speaks with her mother and her mother's boyfriend, David, who are deeply upset with her suspension or expulsion. Joyce says she wants David and Chloe to get along, and Chloe can agree or not. David then orders Chloe to empty her pockets as he feels she may be in possession of marijuana. Chloe can accept or refuse. If she accepts and she purchased marijuana from Frank, she will be caught red-handed. David then says that he's moving in with Joyce and Chloe, to Chloe's dismay. She kicks David's car door shut and storms off, to Joyce's despair.

Chloe is next seen in the junkyard smoking and wandering around with the baseball bat from the previous episode. She will ponder the events of the day, notably David moving in and her situation at school. She is about to swing at a truck but stops at the last minute. She opens the hood and examines the engine, seeing the state of the battery, and then sets off to explore the junkyard to find a replacement. While exploring the junkyard she can find different items such as a bobblehead, as well as the mannequin head and the camera. Chloe eventually finds an impounded truck with a new battery which she puts in the truck. She can then spruce up the truck with other items found in the junkyard. Chloe can also find a beanie in the truck. She gets a call from Frank who wants to meet and Chloe tells him that she is at the junkyard. Chloe begins smoking and slowly falls asleep.

Chloe awakens to find herself in another nightmare. Chloe can view several strange texts from different people. She witnesses her dad sitting by a flaming car with the raven perched next to him. Chloe sits next to him as he roasts marshmallows over the fire, and she does the same. William then begins speaking about how beautiful the forest fire is and that fire wants all the beauty for itself. He then tells Chloe that she needs to be careful of "getting burned". William turns his head and, to Chloe's horror, shows that half of his face is horribly disfigured, and the raven begins pecking at his face.

Chloe is woken by Rachel who asks if she can join her. Chloe lets her in and the two talk about the events of the past two days. Rachel then leaves for her rehearsal and leaves a bag of clothes for Chloe. Chloe then discovers an old shack in the junkyard and spruces it up using a tapestry, a dartboard, and optionally signing her name on one of the walls. Chloe emerges to see Frank's RV and witnesses the woman who was kissing Rachel's dad emerge. Chloe enters the RV and Frank tells her to go and get his notebook. Chloe can explore Frank's RV, where she can learn that the old mill burned down as a result of the forest fire. Chloe opens the door to Frank's bedroom and Frank's puppy Pompidou starts biting her foot. Chloe retrieves Frank's notebook from his room, and Frank tells her that Drew North owes his boss Damon $1000 and tasks Chloe with retrieving the money from Drew's room at Blackwell, promising her a 10% cut. Chloe asks about the woman who came out of Frank's RV and Frank is refuses to tell Chloe anything. If Chloe wins the backtalk challenge, Frank will reluctantly tell her that the name of the woman is Sera and that she is trouble. Chloe is dropped off at Blackwell, having accepted Frank's job.

Chloe can explore the Blackwell campus and speak to Steph and Evan as well as Samuel Taylor, who each seem disappointed that she has been kicked out of Blackwell. As Chloe tries to go inside she finds that the door is locked and the key is next to Samuel. Chloe manages to distract Samuel by scaring the bird that Evan was taking pictures of and destroying the sprinkler system, allowing her to swipe the keys while Samuel tries to fix the broken sprinkler. Chloe then proceeds to go inside but is stopped by Skip who emerges from the dorms. Chloe has the option to backtalk him. Whether she wins or fails the backtalk, Skip will be distracted by an alert on his walkie-talkie and leaves.

Chloe can enter Eliot's room, where she can find poems about her by Eliot. Chloe enters Drew's room and finds a trunk with a padlock on it. If she is unable to deduce the combination, she texts Steph and asks her when Mikey's birthday is, as his brother is very important to Drew. Chloe enters the code and retrieves the money, but is interrupted by Mikey, who asks what she is doing here. Drew then enters and becomes annoyed at Chloe, however, quickly dismisses her. Mikey, Drew, and Chloe hear Damon Merrick calling out for Drew. Drew tells Chloe and Mikey to stay put and "whatever happens, don't open the door". Chloe and Mikey hear Damon and Drew talking. When Damon starts beating up Drew, Chloe has the option to stay put with Mikey or to give Damon the money. If she stays put, Damon will break Drew's knee; after Damon leaves, she can give Drew the money or keep it for herself. If Chloe gives Damon the money, Damon will stop beating Drew but unintentionally breaks Mikey's arm. Drew will be upset with Chloe if she gave Damon the money but grateful if she stayed put.

Chloe is next seen walking across the Blackwell Campus to the stage; she goes backstage and can explore. Chloe can find Samantha eavesdropping on an argument between Nathan Prescott and his father. Chloe can challenge Nathan's father to which Samantha is grateful. Samantha asks Chloe for advice about how to help Nathan. Chloe then can head to the female changing rooms.

Rachel was removed from the play

Chloe will find Victoria in her Prospera outfit. She can then backtalk Victoria, convincing her to drop out of the play. If Chloe fails the backtalk or doesn't attempt it, Rachel will drug Victoria's tea.

Rachel was not removed from the play

Chloe enters the changing rooms and witnesses Victoria spiking a cup of tea; upon further examination of Victoria's bag, Chloe finds muscle-relaxing pills. When Rachel and Victoria both come back, Chloe can then challenge Victoria or distract her long enough to tell Rachel about the tea. If Chloe distracts Victoria, Rachel and Chloe begin toying with her and Chloe can force Victoria to drink the tea.

Chloe is at the backstage when Mr. Keaton tells everyone that one of the actors, Juliet Watson, is stuck in traffic. If Chloe forced Victoria to drink the tea or Rachel drugged Victoria, she will then collapse. If Chloe successfully backtalked Victoria, she will announce that she's quitting the play. Rachel offers to take over Victoria's role. Rachel convinces Mr. Keaton to let Chloe be in the play. Chloe refuses but is eventually convinced. Chloe is next seen in the changing rooms wearing the outfit of Ariel, and she can look at the script to learn her lines. She then goes on stage and performs alongside Rachel. Whether she remembers her lines or not is reflected in the dialogue. Rachel then goes off-script, and in the style of Shakespeare asks Chloe to run away with her, to which Chloe agrees. When Juliet arrives, Chloe watches the rest of the play from the side of the stage. When the actors bow in front of the crowd, Rachel urges Chloe to join them. She is reluctant at first but then does so. The crowd begins cheering for Chloe.

Chloe and Rachel are next seen in a street discussing the play and their plan to run away. Chloe seems reluctant because of their financial situation and her unwillingness to leave their families, as well as the fact that they don't have a vehicle. Rachel asks "what would it take to convince you?" Chloe can ask for Rachel's bracelet, a tattoo, or a kiss. If she chooses a kiss, she will become shy and can't bring herself to say it. Rachel will lean in and the two will kiss. If she chooses the bracelet, Rachel will give it to Chloe. Chloe can also ask for Rachel to get a "promise in ink", and will draw a star on Rachel's wrist, telling her to get it as a tattoo. Ash begins falling and Rachel wants the two of them to leave Arcadia Bay that night.

Chloe and Rachel head to Rachel's house and attempt to sneak upstairs, but are caught by Rachel's father, James Amber. He seems pleased to see her and calls his wife, Rose Amber, over. They convince Chloe to stay for dinner and Rachel encourages Chloe to do the same. Chloe agrees. Chloe can then explore the Amber house. She can speak to Rachel's dad about the play as well as his job as District Attorney. Chloe then can talk to Rachel's mom and she asks Chloe to help set the table, to which Chloe agrees. Rose also asks Chloe to ask "Mr. Amber what he'd like to drink". Chloe returns and says sherry. Chloe lights the candles on the table and she, Rachel, and Rachel's parents sit down to eat.

Rachel's mom asks Chloe about her classes and comments that she is welcome at the Amber house. Chloe senses Rachel's anger when James begins speaking about the importance of family. Chloe can then calm Rachel or scold James. If she scolds James, an argument will erupt. If Chloe attempts to calm Rachel, Rachel will lose her temper and shout at her father. Chloe continues trying to calm her but to no avail. Rachel's dad becomes angry at Chloe after she backs Rachel up, saying that he is cheating with another woman. James calls Chloe a delinquent and "a broken girl from a broken home". Rachel then smashes the dining room table, shocking everyone. Rachel's dad then explains that the woman they saw him kissing is Rachel's mother.

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty"

The episode begins immediately after Episode 2, as James explains his history with Rachel's biological mother, Sera. When Rachel leaves to go upstairs, Chloe can speak to both James and Rachel about the events of the evening. Chloe then proceeds to go to Rachel's room and attempts to comfort her by turning on her nightlight, using a flashlight to project the stars onto the ceiling. Chloe then lies next to Rachel and tries to comfort her, sharing personal thoughts about her father. Chloe agrees to help Rachel find her mother.

Chloe awakes in another dream about her father. Chloe is wearing her Ariel costume and she is frustrated with the fact that it's all theater. Chloe becomes upset when she hears the truck in the distance and breaks down in tears when she sees the truck hit William, leaving a stain of blood.

The next day, Chloe returns to her house through the upstairs window; based on choices made before, her room is either turned upside down or remains the same. If it is messed up, Chloe angrily concludes that it must have been David. Chloe then calls Frank in an attempt to get hold of Sera, and they agree to meet at the junkyard in two hours.

Chloe then proceeds to take a shower, and in the process of looking for her towel, she finds blue hair dye. Chloe applies a streak of hair dye and then gets dressed. Chloe proceeds downstairs where Joyce and David are cooking breakfast. Chloe remains on the stairs watching. She seems conflicted about her hatred of David and her mother's happiness. Chloe becomes distant when Joyce comments on her blue hair and, through coercion by Joyce, has a conversation with David, who apologizes for his actions and shows Chloe a picture of his army friend who was killed. Chloe can either accept the picture or refuse it. Chloe then leaves to go and get her father's tools from the garage, then proceeds to the junkyard.

The next scene shows Chloe in the junkyard fixing up the truck; she succeeds and drives the truck around the junkyard before entering the shack to clean herself up. Chloe hears Rachel call out for her and the two talk about Chloe's blue streak before proceeding outside to see Frank admiring Chloe's truck. Both Chloe and Rachel are shocked to see Damon Merrick appear, and Chloe acts hostile towards him, given the events of the previous day. Damon menacingly moves towards Chloe and grabs her by the arm. Chloe is saved by Rachel who pushes Damon to the ground. When Frank tries to calm Damon down, Chloe looks on as Rachel attacks Damon with a piece of wood. Chloe stands frozen as Rachel and Damon struggle, resulting in Rachel being stabbed in the arm. Chloe and Rachel manage to escape, thanks to Frank tussling with Damon. Chloe tearfully exclaims to Rachel "I'm not losing you" as she speeds out of the junkyard.

Chloe is next seen helping Rachel into the hospital and spends an agonizingly long time in the waiting room. James and Rose arrive and Chloe speaks to James about what happened. Chloe tearfully explains that it was Damon who stabbed Rachel. James leaves and Chloe can explore the hospital. She can visit either Drew or Mikey based on the choices made in Episode 2. Chloe seems more upbeat and can spar with Drew over his pudding or play a tabletop game with Mikey.

Chloe then proceeds to Rachel's room and comforts her. Chloe vows to find Rachel's mother for her. Chloe then emerges from Rachel's room to find Eliot, who seems upset at having been stood up for the play the previous evening and probes into what happened. Chloe can either tell him or refuse.

Chloe then returns to the Amber house and proceeds to investigate James' office. She finds a key to a drawer with a phone, where it can be seen that James has been texting an unknown person, who Chloe soon realizes is Damon. Damon asks for Chloe (who he believes is James) to destroy evidence against him. Damon wants to know which of his employees is a snitch and Chloe can either look for proof of the real snitch or accuse someone else. If she falsely accuses someone, Damon will believe her or not depending on her previous actions; if she fails to convince him, she has to accuse someone else. Chloe then has to bring the money to the old mill where Damon is waiting with Sera. Eliot then enters, acting unhinged demanding to know why Chloe is there and what the extent of her and Rachel's relationship is. Chloe becomes more uneasy when Eliot refuses to let her leave and she can use the phone to discreetly call the police. A backtalk challenge occurs and, by using obscure language, she can tip off the police that she is in trouble. If she fails the backtalk challenge, Chloe has to improvise and throws a statue through the window, sounding the alarm. Either way, she manages to escape with the money.

Chloe is next seen driving along, passing the destruction of the forest. She narrowly avoids hitting a truck and pulls up on the side of the road. William appears to her again and she questions him on whether he has ever lied to her before. She can say she doesn't want to know or she can ask him to tell her the truth, in which case he will remind her that he is dead and therefore cannot tell her. Chloe looks upset but gets back into the car and proceeds to the old mill.

Chloe finds Frank's RV parked outside with blood on the side. Although concerned with Frank's well-being, Chloe continues inside. She finds Damon and Sera talking, with Damon preparing to dose her with heroin. Chloe can either give Damon the money or use the knife on him that she found in the other room. If she uses the knife she will slash Damon across the face. Regardless of what Chloe says or does, Damon slaps her and she falls to the ground. If she used the knife on him, he will threaten her to drug her. Sera begs Damon to stop but Damon hits her and tells her "to shut the fuck up". Chloe looks on helplessly as Damon injects Sera. Frank appears and Chloe pleads to him to help. Damon kicks Chloe in the face and she tries to speak to Sera but falls unconscious.

Chloe wakes up to see Sera sitting and smoking, Frank and Damon now gone. Chloe pleads with Sera to come back with her and meet Rachel but Sera refuses. Sera begs Chloe not to tell Rachel that James had Damon drug her, commenting that "if you love her, you'll lie to her". If Chloe asked for Rachel's bracelet in the previous episode, she can give it to Sera. Sera then bids Chloe goodbye and leaves.

Chloe next returns to the hospital, where she finds James and Rose tending to Rachel. Rachel asks to speak to Chloe alone, and Chloe can reveal the truth or lie to her. If she tells her the truth, Rachel will become enraged and looks with hatred at James. If Chloe lies to her, Rachel will thank Chloe, commenting that "I really thought you'd find her".

The ending montage shows Chloe sitting outside Blackwell in her truck as Rachel runs towards her. Chloe will flip the Principal off as she drives away. Chloe and Rachel are next seen by the lighthouse relaxing together. Depending on the choices made, Sera and Rachel hug. From here there is a montage of Chloe and Rachel spending time together, including Chloe showing Rachel her freshly dyed blue hair. It also shows Chloe hanging out with Rachel at the Amber's house (if she protected Rachel from the truth) as well as both of them in the junkyard admiring each other's tattoos.

Chloe and Rachel take pictures in a photo booth. Rachel's fate is revealed when Rachel's phone is being called over and over by Chloe while she is in the Dark Room.

Bonus Episode - "Farewell"

Max and Chloe are in Chloe's room, and they blow up dolls with a firecracker, exclaiming at how amazing the explosion was. Chloe mentions that they should try to actually clean the room as Joyce asked them to. Max attempts to trash several items, but Chloe won't let her. Max and Chloe can reminisce over a concert they saw together and show off their dancing moves. Max can find Chloe's acceptance letter to Blackwell, and Chloe tells Max how wonderful the classes, teachers, and science lab is. Max asks her about the students and Blackwell and Chloe becomes evasive, clearly bothered by something. If Max pushes further, Chloe tells her that she "hates fake people" and likes hanging out with Max because she's "real".

Chloe asks Max what else she wants to do today. If Max tries to tell Chloe that she's moving to Seattle soon, Chloe will quickly cut her off. Chloe shows Max an old audiotape that they recorded five years ago. It reveals that they hid a "treasure" and to find it they'll need a map, telescope, and amulet. Max and Chloe search the room and discover the map in Chloe's old textbook. Ecstatic, Chloe says she'll go to the garage to look for the telescope and Max can go to the attic for the amulet. They agree to meet at the swings in the backyard once they find the items.

After Max finds the amulet in the attic, she sits in front of the window and looks outside at Chloe, who is wearing a pirate outfit and pretending to be "Captain Bluebeard". Chloe sees Max and tells her to come down to the backyard. Max presents the amulet to Chloe, but she can't attach it to the telescope. Max gives her painter's tape, and she successfully attaches the amulet to the telescope and hands it to Max. Max moves and rotates it until the drawings on the amulet match up with their surroundings, and Max instructs Chloe to go to where the X marks the spot. They dig together but find something different from what they originally buried.

Chloe and Max take the large canister they unburied into the living room. They open it up and listen to a message William recorded, saying that he placed the small box they originally buried into the canister to keep it better protected. Max and Chloe search through the contents of their time capsule, reminiscing over the mementos from their youth. Chloe takes a scratchpad from the capsule and sits on the couch to draw.

If Max saw the email in Joyce and William's room, she can play the voice message on the answering machine. Chloe reveals that she turned up Marisa's Bunsen burner in science class because she "wouldn't leave [her] alone", and Max asks what Chloe means by that. Chloe explains that Marisa bullied her, calling her as a "scholarship kid" and mocking her for wearing her old hoodie; to get back at her, Chloe turned up Marisa's Bunsen burner in science class "just a little", but assures Max that no one got hurt. After learning the trouble that Chloe caused, Max supports her and Chloe appreciates the encouragement. If Max tried to save the hoodie, Chloe will assure Max she's keeping it.

Chloe finishes her drawing and shows it to Max, and Max is touched that Chloe was drawing her the whole time. Chloe asks Max to stay for dinner and says she has a "great plan for the rest of the afternoon". Max can either tell the truth about moving to Seattle or keep it to herself.

If Max tells Chloe the truth, she reveals that she knew the whole time, as she overheard Max's parents tell Joyce and William. Chloe didn't want to talk about it because she wanted to enjoy the rest of their time together and not have it "hanging over [them] all day". Max either tries to assure Chloe that they'll keep in touch and visit, or reveals that she's worried that she won't be okay without Chloe. Chloe tells Max, "We're Max and Chloe, remember? We're always together, even when we're not."

If Max doesn't tell Chloe the truth, Max asks Chloe about her plan. They discuss building a pirate hideout at the beach and excitedly talk about all the fun they'll have there.

Joyce then enters the house, escorted by Officer Berry. She tells Chloe what happened to William while Max looks on. Chloe breaks down in tears and sinks to the floor, comforted by Joyce.

Chloe, Max, Joyce, and Max's parents attend William's funeral. Chloe mourns over William as Max and her parents leave the funeral to go to Seattle. After the funeral, Chloe proceeds to her room and finds the tape recorder on the floor of her room. A cassette tape is already inserted into it and a sticky note lies on top of it, saying "I'm Sorry". Max's message differs depending on whether she told Chloe the truth or not, but at the end of the message, Max tells Chloe, "Chloe, listen. Even if I never—even if we're moving for good... We're always together, okay? Even when we're apart. We're still Max and Chloe. I will always, always love you. (sigh) Goodbye." Chloe weeps not only with grief for her father's death, but also for her best friend moving away from her.


Journal (Letters) - Similar to Max, Chloe keeps a diary in the form of unsent letters to Max, details on some characters, notes in her journal. Chloe also writes letters at periodic intervals about her situation.

Cell Phone - Similar to Max, Chloe keeps in touch with her friends and family using text messages.

Marker - In nearly every area, there are certain objects that Chloe can graffiti with the help of her black marker. There are often one or two different illustrations or words to choose from, and completing a graffiti grants an achievement to the player.

Baseball Bat - Chloe finds a baseball bat at the junkyard and tries to cheer up Rachel by either destroying things with it herself or by letting Rachel destroy things. When Rachel leaves, however, Chloe gets angry and uses it to smash everything in sight, including William's wrecked car.

Knife - Before her final encounter with Damon, Chloe finds a knife in the ruined lumber mill and takes it for protection. Unfortunately, Damon kicks it away after knocking her down.



  • William Price (father) - Chloe was very close to her father and extremely hurt by his death. She began acting out, skipping school, and engaging in other illicit activities as a way of dealing with her pain. She says that William was the perfect father, who was always fun to be around and never angry, who treated her like an equal, who constantly worked to make life better for her and her mother, who could always make Chloe laugh even when she was acting mean, that he sang in the shower, and hated hypocrisy. Chloe says the BBQ grill he often used lies untouched in their backyard because the thought of either throwing it away or using it are so painful that it's easier for Joyce and Chloe to pretend they don't notice it.
  • Joyce Price (mother) - Chloe cares about her mother, but her behavior causes tension between the two. Joyce constantly berates Chloe for smoking weed, skipping school, staying out past curfew, attending rock shows, and disrespecting her and David. Chloe feels Joyce is being unfair and that the things she does are not a big deal. Chloe misses when Joyce used to "actually be cool" when William was alive.
  • Aaron Price (uncle) - Aaron is the little brother of William Price and it is mentioned in the Farewell bonus, an email is sent on William and Joyce’s computer in their room. William praises Aaron's pressure washer and invites him to come over.
  • Bongo (family pet) - Bongo was a pet cat that was a gift to Chloe form her parents. He was always part of Max and Chloe’s pirate adventures. He was killed by a car in 2008 and Max and Chloe made a gravestone for him.


  • Rachel Amber - Chloe and Rachel have a strong relationship as evidenced by Rachel saving Chloe from the two skeevy guys (later known as Sheldon Pike and Peter Gillespie) at the old mill. Rachel also takes a keen interest in Chloe and tries to get her to open up on several occasions, notably in the Drama Lab, when she asks Chloe what she thinks on the subject of love. Rachel is also interested in getting to know Chloe as evidenced by the Two Truths and a Lie game. Chloe feels that she can trust Rachel and shares personal memories with her. Chloe is visibly upset when Rachel leaves her alone in the junkyard. Chloe is sympathetic when Rachel becomes upset at her father cheating on her mother. Rachel admires Chloe's nihilistic attitude and comments that she's a "badass". Chloe and Rachel agree to leave Arcadia Bay together, showing their strong trust in one another. (See here for more information on their relationship.)
  • Maxine Caulfield - Despite their loss of contact, it is clear that Chloe still cares deeply for Max, and she is constantly on Chloe's mind. She is deeply upset that Max left Arcadia Bay and remarks that she would take her back "in a heartbeat". In the junkyard, Chloe is enraged that Max left her "when she needed her most". (See here for more information on their relationship.)
  • Eliot Hampden (former) - Chloe states that they've gone to the same school since they were in kindergarten. She describes Eliot as "pretty not terrible" (for a Blackwell student). Chloe says that although he sometimes hangs out with "douchers" he's mostly a lone wolf like her. She and Eliot "have history, but no chemistry or drama" and they hooked up a few times shortly after her dad's death. However, Chloe didn't think there was much to it, saying she was just bored or lonely. Eliot constantly asks to spend time together, but Chloe says she doesn't always know where's he's coming from; she feels that they don't have much in common anymore and when they talk she feels like he's studying her; she is unsure if he wants to be friends or tries to "get in her pants". Chloe says that she should be flattered either way, thinking it must be hard trying to give a shit about her", but she's not really sure how much she cares and says she feels sorry for Eliot and his being super persistent. If Chloe accepts his invitation, she thinks she was "non-committal, as always". If Chloe doesn't accept this invitation she thinks that she "blew him off, as always". Despite Eliot's efforts to pursue his feelings; her texts and interactions with him clearly show she's not interested in him.
  • Steph Gingrich - Chloe says that Steph is either the "coolest or nerdiest person in all of Blackwell", maybe both. She sometimes buys bootleg CDs from Steph. In Episode 1, she has the option to play a Dungeons & Dragons-esque game with her. If she played the tabletop game with Steph and Mikey in Episode 1 and doesn't stay with Mikey in Episode 2, she can continue the Dungeons & Dragons game in the hospital in Episode 3.
  • Mikey North - Chloe doesn't know Mikey very well, but she describes him as "one of the few genuinely nice" people attending Blackwell.
  • Frank Bowers - Chloe seems to get on fairly well with Frank as evidenced by texts. Chloe comments that "he's a good man". Frank also protects both Chloe and Rachel when the two men threaten them.
  • Skip Matthews - Chloe and Skip seem to be friendly and share an interest in punk music. Their relationship will improve if Chloe says that she liked Skip's demo.
  • Justin Williams - Chloe and Justin seem to be friends as evidenced by their conversation.
  • Drew North - When Chloe encounters Drew for the first time, she labelled him as a "bully" for taking on Nathan. But they later became good friends with each other on Episode 3.


  • David Madsen - According to herself, Chloe "hates [David] with every fiber of [her] being". She feels that she is taking over her house and ruining her life. She is constantly disrespectful and insulting to him and takes every chance she gets to express her "concerns" with David to her mother, Joyce, who futilely attempts to help the two get along.
  • Principal Wells - Chloe and Principal Wells do not get on, as evidenced by their conversation. The Principal is upset at Chloe for her use of Marijuana and threatens to expel her. If Chloe spoke to Skip on the campus earlier, she will be angered that she has been labeled "high risk" by the principal.
  • Sheldon Pike - Chloe and Sheldon Pike (first known as Skeevy Guy) are firm enemies as a result of their encounter at the old mill resulting in Chloe knocking into him, spilling his beer. Their relationship is made even worse if Chloe chooses to attack him.
  • Peter Gillespie - An associate of Sheldon Pike and employee of Damon Merrick, he is seen in the mill with Sheldon. Peter seems to egg on Sheldon when Chloe insults him after he confronts her in the second floor of the mill. If Chloe chooses to attack Sheldon, he will hit Chloe in the face giving her a black eye.
  • Victoria Chase - Chloe and Victoria have a poor relationship as evidenced by Chloe being unimpressed by Victoria showing off. Victoria looks down on Chloe and comments on why Rachel would hang out with her concluding that Rachel must be into "some effed up shit" if she's hanging out with Chloe. Their relationship can be made worse if Chloe sabotages Victoria's homework resulting in Victoria sending angry texts to Chloe.
  • Nathan Prescott - Nathan has an apparent dislike of Chloe and looks down at her because of her poor family and punk style. Chloe calls Nathan "a weirdo". Nathan lies to Principal Wells that Chloe has been bullying him - even if she defends him during the incident with Drew - causing Principal Wells to expel Chloe. Later in Episode 2, Chloe can get revenge on Nathan by getting himself humiliated during acting on stage with Rachel is she doesn’t talk to Samantha.
  • Damon Merrick - When Chloe and Rachel are confronted by Damon at the junkyard, Damon finds out that Chloe is looking for Rachel's mother Sera and also discovers Rachel is James Amber's daughter. Damon reveals to Rachel that her dad is a "real piece of shit" and has been lying to her the whole time, then decides to get some leverage, demanding intel about what her father is up to. After Rachel is stabbed by Damon and Frank fends him off, Chloe begins to have an extreme hatred for Damon. Later, Chloe can use a knife to cut Damon's cheek as revenge for stabbing Rachel while trying to save her mother Sera.
  • Eliot Hampden - He shows up at the hospital for Mikey North or Drew North, depending on Chloe's earlier choices. Even if Chloe says there's nothing to be worried about and expresses her unwillingness to talk, he grows increasingly suspicious once he learns that Rachel is in the hospital as well and that Rachel was originally the reason of Chloe coming to the hospital. If Chloe wrote on his slate earlier, he will also bring it up and ask about it. Either way, Chloe gets annoyed and weirded out. As she is leaving the hospital, Eliot watches her carefully from behind. While searching James Amber's office, Chloe is shocked to see Eliot had followed her all the way there, demanding to know what kind of trouble she's getting into. At this point, it becomes obvious to Chloe that Eliot has been stalking her and that his seemingly good-natured suspicions of Rachel were actually envy and hatred towards her, and he was using his concern for Chloe's safety to mask his jealousy. He behaves like he's entitled to Chloe's affection because he was there for her after Max left and William died. After this, Eliot becomes hostile to Chloe, locking them both inside James' office and refusing to let her leave until she sees he is right. Fearing for her safety and realizing Eliot has gone too far, Chloe secretly calls the police and enters a backtalk challenge. Eliot begins to ramble about his feelings to force Chloe to believe him and will suppress Chloe's attempts to leave by pushing her back and destroying the snow globe if Chloe tries to calm him down. In the end, when the cops arrive, Chloe manages to escape from the office. If Chloe fails the backtalk with Eliot, he will be seen later in his dorm room feeling bitter, ripping the photo of him and Chloe, implying he now hates Chloe.
  • James Amber - When Chloe breaks into James Amber's office she discovers he has been harbouring fugitive Damon Merrick and also hired him to keep Sera from meeting Rachel. Horrified by his true nature, Chloe pretends to be James by texting Damon on his phone to find and save Sera. Later, Chloe can expose his secrets and ambitions to Rachel if she chooses to tell her the truth. If Chloe chooses to tell the truth to Rachel, this choice will make Rachel and Rose turn hostile to James for his actions after learning about what he was planning to do to Rachel's real mother Sera and most likely reporting him to the police.


  • Rachel Amber - Chloe describes Rachel as a girl "nobody wouldn't expect"; she's not like any type and is the most surprising person she has ever met. Chloe didn't say this because Rachel saved her life; she said this because of how Rachel just gives off this feeling that "anything is possible when you are with her". She also wonders, it sounds like she has a crush on her and hoping that she reveals something really horrible about herself soon such as loving cat memes, stamp collection or anything else to make her a little less indescribably awesome. Since she had seen Rachel for the first time, Chloe thinks how awesome she is and can't believe that a girl like that hanging out with her. During the drama lab scene, while Rachel shows off her outfit to everyone, Chloe gets embarrassed and thinks "Rachel looks awesome" and get even more embarrassed when Rachel winks at her. Rachel asks Chloe's opinion about the play: "Are Miranda's feelings for Ferdinand just inexperience and dramatic circumstances...or has she met the love her life?". If Chloe says "It's true love", she will say "Sometimes when you meet someone who's going to change your life you just know it, I guess," while looking into Rachel's eyes, and this will impress her. After this, Rachel will go to the dressing room and asks for Chloe could bring her belt to her. After Chloe brings her belt and asks if it's her belt, Rachel says yes and still continues on changing her clothes instead of taking it. Flustered, Chloe comes closer to Rachel to bring her belt and when she sees Rachel while changing her clothes she gets embarrassed and tries to not look at her. During the train scene, Chloe wonders why she was struggling to say something to Rachel, feeling the unfamiliar sensation of nervousness. Eventually, they start to talk and the two girls start to get to know each other. After their adventure with the viewfinder, Rachel becomes angry all of a sudden and Chloe can't tell why is she acting this way. After they steal wine from the couple, Rachel wants to hang out in the junkyard. Wondering why is she acting this way, Chloe tries to comfort Rachel and get her attention. Rachel becomes even angrier and argues with her. While she is about to leave, Chloe asks her not to go and Rachel asks "Why not?". Chloe replies "Because I don't want to ruin [this] the way I ruin everything else in my life". Rachel asks "What is this exactly?". If Chloe says "it's friendship" she will stutter while saying "friendship"; she will then will try to explain it and says that she doesn't want to be alone anymore. Depending on whether Chloe flirted with Rachel earlier, Rachel will reply Is that all or shows her uncertainty. Eventually, Rachel says she can't be friends with her and leaves. If Chloe says it's more than a friendship but didn't flirt with Rachel earlier, Rachel will show her confusion. If Chloe flirted with Rachel and confesses her feelings, Rachel will say that she can't, even though she wants to. Rachel is often flirtatious with Chloe, calling her "a knockout in the looks department". It can be seen by how nervous Chloe is around Rachel that she likes her such as when she tried to ask her for a kiss after the play. During the play, it can be seen that there are strong feelings between the two when Rachel goes off script and asks Chloe again to run away with her.


Spirit Animal

In Before the Storm, it is heavily implied that Chloe's spirit animal is a raven, as it appears on one of her outfits, is seen many times throughout the game, the loading image is a raven flapping its wings, and there is a raven image on the side of the screen when the game is paused. At Overlook Park, there is a totem pole with a raven on it. The plaque in front of it says "The raven stands for transformation. Its grinning face betrays its trickster spirit. The raven has many ancient stories among the Salishan and other native peoples. Some say the raven helped create the first man. The raven is to be respected, never trusted." In Episode 2, Chloe fills in for Juliet during the play and appears as Ariel, the Raven character in The Tempest.

Memorable Quotes

"And you really think you can take me?" - "Yep." - "What if I had a knife?" - "No problem." - "A gun?" - "Don't care." - "What if I had--?" - "You could have a flamethrower, an army of robot ninjas, and a motherfucking dragon on a leash in there, and I'd still kick your ass."
— The bouncer at the punk club and Chloe in "Awake"
"Drink more, feel less. Yes, please."
— Chloe at the punk club in "Awake"
"Dream life over real life, that's my motto."
— Chloe to Steph and Mikey in "Awake"
"It's nice Rachel we're having." - "What?" - "I mean, weather! It's nice weather."
— Chloe to Rachel in "Awake"
"I'm the lone wolf, you're Little Red Riding Hood. Welcome to grandma's house, bitch."
— Chloe to Rachel in "Brave New World"
"Everyone dies sooner or later. It's okay, I can handle it. I've had a... short but adventurous life."
— Chloe to Mikey during the tabletop game in "Hell is Empty" (determinant)


In Before the Storm, Chloe is shown dyeing her hair blue for the very first time. However, we know that in Life is Strange, Chloe had been dyeing her hair with a blue streak on or before her 16th birthday earlier that year. To support this, an image is shown during the timestream montages (which appear when Max changes realities and the old timeline gets overwritten) indicating that Chloe had already been using blue dye in her hair by the time of her 16th birthday. It would have made more sense if we had seen Chloe with a blue streak in Before the Storm Episode 1.

To explain the chronology of the timestream, when Max saves William and the timeline changes into the alternative timeline, the following two images merge into one another:

The left picture from the original timeline shows Chloe already having a blue streak in her hair. The picture that replaces this one in the timestream is of Alternative Chloe receiving the car she would later have an accident with. The fact that it's her 16th birthday is confirmed in-game by Alternative Chloe herself.[2][note 1]

Chloe compares herself to MacGyver in Episode 1 of Before the Storm, and proves this comparison several times in game; being in Episode 1 where she gets Rachel's quarter from the viewfinder, breaking into Drew's locked trunk in Episode 2, altering Rachel's star projector in Episode 3, and fixing up the truck (also in episode 3). However, Chloe seems to lack these MacGyver-like qualities in Season 1.

In Season 1, Chloe owes money to Frank that she used to fix up the truck. However in Before the Storm, Chloe fixes the truck herself without his help.

In Season 1, Max finds Chloe's report card from 2011. Before the Storm takes place in 2010, and the player can choose whether Chloe is suspended or expelled from Blackwell. Regardless of the player's decision, Chloe's file reveals she was inevitably expelled from Blackwell prior to Season 1.

Character Concept

Co-Game Director Chris Floyd explained in an interview: "What was important to us with her and her father was, we wanted to set her on this trajectory to being the blue-haired beanie-wearing Chloe you know from the first game. Because of Rachel, no longer imprisoned by her grief."[3]

Lead Writer Zak Garriss said Chloe's first love was Rachel.[4]


  • In Episode 1 "Awake", we see Chloe using the same phone that she had decorated with Max two or more years ago (as seen in Life is Strange's Episode 3 if Max had opened one of Chloe's bedroom drawers). As other characters are using smartphones, Chloe using her old phone decorated with youthful stickers can be interpreted as it being sentimental to her and possibly reminding her of Max. Alternatively, the financial strain that Blackwell is putting on Chloe and her mother could mean that she can't afford another phone or hasn't asked her mother for a new one.
  • There is a poster in Victoria's dorm room in Life is Strange: Episode 1 that is remarkably similar in theme to Chloe's T-shirt in Before the Storm (paint trails dripping from the birds).
  • An interesting detail in Before the Storm is that Chloe keeps her ashtray in the same place, and it's the same ashtray from Life is Strange. The way she puts it back in Before the Storm is the same way she rolls over to it in the first game.
  • Chloe has the same wallet that we saw on her desk in Episode 4 of Life is Strange. She is also smoking the same brand of cigarettes that we saw from the pack she produces in the diner in Episode 2 of Life is Strange.[5]
  • In the Deluxe Edition of the game, Chloe has the option to wear a black and pink punk version of the cream and white Jane Doe shirt that Max is first seen wearing during Episode 1 of Life is Strange.
  • The origin of Chloe's trademark "hella" was addressed in Before the Storm. In "Awake", she first hears it from Rachel Amber. Rachel explains it is something Californian people say.[note 2]
  • Chloe has Spanish lessons at Blackwell, and there are several occasions throughout the game that she says something in Spanish:
    • When looking for her phone at the beginning of Episode 1, Chloe says, "Alright, phone, donde estas?"
    • In Episode 1, she sends a text message to Eliot that reads, "lo siento".
    • In Episode 2, she says "En fuego utero".
  • Chloe's marker is referred to as a "Sharpie pen" in the StoryForge comments,[6] and may be inspired by or based on the brand's products.
  • If the player chooses the romantic path, technically Chloe's first love was Rachel Amber. [4]
  • During the Two Truths and a Lie game in Episode 1, Chloe states one of her classmates in 5th grade was named Stephanie Kowalski, and that she stole her Yoo-hoo; however, Chloe didn't punch her.
  • Chloe makes a witty remark that she isn't a virgin anymore while talking to Rachel on the train.
  • In Life is Strange, Chloe said "Everybody lies. No exceptions." (She even made a graffiti of it). In Before the Storm, she comments (when looking at her graffiti inside the train), "Everybody lies. I like that."
  • In Episode 2, Chloe briefly stares at the fire alarm—the same one which Max used to save her life in the original game.
  • In the bonus Episode "Farewell", according to Max in 2003, Chloe's favorite animal was an otter, her favorite food was coffee ice cream, and her favorite class in school was Science.
  • In "Farewell", it was shown she still had good grades in 2008, in contrast to Before the Storm (2010) and Life Is Strange (2013), where her grades were bad.
  • The license plate on Chloe's truck in "Before the Storm" reads "ANBONNY". This is likely a reference to Anne Bonny, a famous seventeenth-century pirate.

"Zombie Crypt" outfit from Before the Storm Remastered and the comics.

  • Chloe loves science, and she is proven to be very good at this subject in Before the Storm. However, in an unused audio clip from Life is Strange, Max says Chloe hated science.
  • The pre-order bonus "Zombie Crypt" outfit, which is included in the Before the Storm Remastered edition and the Ultimate Edition of Life is Strange: True Colors, is a nod to the comic series. Chloe Price is wearing a shirt with the same design in issue X, page X. [yet to be looked up].


  1. The official Life is Strange Twitter and Facebook accounts have previously used the timestream image of original-timeline-Chloe's 16th birthday on their social media to celebrate the date of Chloe's birthday in 2016.
  2. The actual background behind the word "hella", however, as intended by the creators of the original game, is explained in an interview with writer Christian Divine.


  1. Hinted at by Chris Floyd, Co-Game Director at Deck Nine Games during a live Reddit AMA on August 10, 2017: "As far as blue hair... Could we tell the story of Chloe's past and not address her most distinctive physical feature? Play the game and see!"
  2. When Max and Chloe are at the beach and talk about the accident, with the "Blame William" dialogue path, Max will say, "You don't really blame William, do you...?" . . . Chloe: "For getting me the hybrid I wanted for my sweet sixteen?"
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