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Chris' Room is the bedroom of Chris Eriksen, the protagonist in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. It is located across from his father's room in the Eriksen household.


One of the many posters on the walls of Chris' room, advertising Portland Hero-Con.

An unmade bed is pushed against the wall opposite the doorway. Beside the bed are a lime green nightstand; which holds a picture book, the Forest Warrior, and Chris' wish list for Christmas; and a white dresser, which holds a CRT television set and a gaming console. An empty box of firecrackers lies on the ground between the nightstand and dresser. A window with a pale violet curtain is positioned above the bed with Chris' stuffed bear, Henry, perched on its windowsill.

In front of the bed is a white desk, which holds a desk lamp, Chris' art supplies, and several toys, as well as a temporary tattoo of a lightning bolt. Propped up against the desk's front is Chris' school bag, and beside the desk is a red box containing various toy weapons, including a water gun, a scythe, a lightsaber, a sword, and a guitar.

Next to the desk is Chris' bookshelf, which contains several DVDs, picture books, toys, and old comic books given to Chris by his mother, Emily Eriksen. On top of the bookshelf are a baseball trophy, a spider habitat, and a walkie-talkie. Between the desk and the bookshelf is another window overlooking the backyard, including the tree house and Snowmancer. Two large Power Bear stickers are placed on the window, and a piggy bank rests on the windowsill alongside two of Chris' action figures.

Adjacent to the bookshelf is Chris' wardrobe, where his cape is mounted to the wall and surrounded by sticky notes depicting stars and lightning bolts. The wardrobe also contains Chris's clothing and shoes, a box of plastic army men, a water gun, and a lightsaber, as well as a giant version of Henry facing the left corner. Beside the wardrobe are a wall-mounted basketball hoop, an advent calendar given by Chris' next-door neighbor, Claire Reynolds, and a pair of purple bear-themed slippers.

The room's walls are decorated with numerous large posters and pencil crayon drawings, most of which depict superheroes including Power Bear and Hawt Dawg Man. Assorted superhero-themed stickers decorate Chris' bedside dresser, desk, and bookshelf.

Notable Items

The ranking sheet from Pizza Arcade.

  • Toys - Chris keeps several of his toys in his room which he can interact and play with, including Shark-Stinger, Power Bear and Noctarious, the Forest Warrior, and Henry.
  • Drawing manual - An instructional book entitled "How To Draw: Superheroes" lies on Chris' bed. An attached note reveals that the book was given to Chris from his mother, Emily.
  • Secret map - Taped beside the window is Chris' treasure map of the surrounding area, which requires a decoder from the tree house to navigate.
  • Pizza Arcade rankings - Pinned to the wall beside the TV is a ranking sheet for an arcade game at the Pizza Arcade from one of Chris' birthday parties. The party was attended by Hal, Stan, Sheila, Kyla, and Justin, all of whom also signed the bottom of the sheet.

Captain Spirit

On a snowy Saturday morning in December 2016, Chris Eriksen sits at his desk while playing with his toys. He then sketches out a costume for his superhero alter-ego, Captain Spirit, and sets out to recreate it in real life.

While in the room, Chris can take on various activities, including using the walkie-talkie on his dresser to "contact" Sky Pirate, applying the temporary tattoo on his desk to the back of his left palm, practicing throwing a basketball, playing with Power Bear and Noctarious, and retrieving his Captain Spirit cape from his wardrobe.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Chris's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.
  • Chris can look at a flyer on the wall above his desk. (Comment: "Man, I wanted to go to that...but Dad had to watch the play-offs...")
  • He can look at his drawing of Captain Spirit in costume. (Comment: "Watch out, supervillains! Today I make my own superhero costume!")
  • He can look at his drawing of Team Spirit and Team Mantroid. (Comment: "Every superhero team needs a supervillain team!")
  • He can look at and optionally give himself a fake tattoo. (Comment: "It is time for my secret tattoo... Only my team will know what it means...")
  • He can look at his bag on the floor. (Comment: "So glad I did my English homework already... Ms. Stroud's pretty nice and she likes my stories...")
  • He can look at a box of toy weapons. (Comment: "Captain Spirit doesn't need weapons...but just in case!")
  • He can look at and play with Power Bear and Noctarious. (Comment: "Are you ready for the ultimate battle of Good versus Evil?")
  • He can look at his favorite book. (Comment: "I've read this one so many times...")
  • He can look at a letter included with his favorite book. (Comment: "I miss Hal... He feels like he's so far away even though he lives on the other side of town.")
  • He can look out his window. (Comment: "I can't wait to go back inside the Flying Fortress...")
  • He can call Sky Pirate with his walkie-talkie.
  • He can look at his baseball trophy. (Comment: "I miss playing ball with my friends...before we moved.")
  • He can look at his bug motel. (Comment: "Hey, spider baby, I think you caught your lunch in your web... And there's a snail, moving so fast, he's in one place...")
  • He can look at his DVDs. (Comment: "Hmm, this is a perfect day to watch Frozen... Last time Dad told me not to sing along so loud...")
  • He can look at his comic books. (Comment: "Mom bought me so many cool comic books... She told me "Never throw them away"... I won't!")
  • He can open and close his wardrobe.
  • He can look at and put on his cape. (Comment: "Gotta have a super cape... Only Captain Spirit can wear it.")
  • He can look at his toybox. (Comment: "I could take over the town with this army...or the world.")
  • He can look at and eat from his advent calendar. (Comment: "Mmmm, chocolate... Thanks, Claire!")
  • He can look at his slippers. (Comment: "No superhero should wear those. But they're so comfy.")
  • He can look at his secret map. (Comment: "The secret treasure is buried out there in the wild... Now, I have to locate the second part of the map...")
  • He can look at Henry the stuffed bear. (Comment: "Sorry, you're too cute to fight evil.")
  • He can look at his drawing manual. (Comment: "I hope I can draw as good as Mom someday...")
  • He can look at and throw the basketball. (Comment: It would be cool to shoot like Dad.")
  • He can look at and play with Shark-Stinger. (Comment: "Here comes the Shark-Stinger!")
  • He can look at his Christmas wishlist. (Comment: "This isn't greedy, right, Santa? Plus, Dad will love that I want basketball lessons...")
  • He can look at the Forest Warrior. (Comment: "At least the Forest Warrior will protect me from the Snow Ghost...")
  • He can look at a book about Vikings. (Comment: "What kind of Viking would I be?")
  • He can look at a box of empty firecrackers. (Comment: "Dad took away my firecrackers when I blew up the garbage can last year... Hmmm, I wonder where he hid them?")
  • He can look at his console. (Comment: "Dad said he was gonna fix that last month... Rrrriiiight...")
  • He can look at and turn on his TV. (Comment: "Only my brainwaves can activate the monitor!")
  • He can look at a list of Pizza Arcade rankings. (Comment: "That was a fun birthday party at Pizza Arcade... I hope that it'll be cool next year!")


  • Chris owns a DVD of the 2013 American animated film Frozen.
  • Chris's favorite book, Where the Strange Things Went, bears a very strong resemblance to the real-world popular children's picture book Where the Wild Things Are.


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