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The Christmas tree market is an explorable location in the second episode of Life is Strange 2. It is located in Beaver Creek, and is where Charles Eriksen takes his son, Chris Eriksen, along with Sean Diaz and Daniel Diaz to purchase a Christmas tree.



Episode Two - "Rules"

After arriving in Charles' truck at the Christmas market, Sean takes Daniel aside to scold him for using his powers to deceive Chris into believing he has them. After telling him either to stop or to continue lying to Chris, Sean lets Daniel join the Eriksens' tree shopping while he searches for a present to give to Daniel for Christmas. Sean has the option of either purchasing one of the male shopkeeper's items or stealing a yo-yo from a toy donation box. Sean also has the option of sitting at one of the picnic tables and sketching his surroundings, during which Chris comes up to him and

While at the market, Sean meets a homeless musician named Cassidy, who he has the options of donating to and listening to her sing a cover of "I Found A Way" by First Aid Kit. They have a short conversation, during which Cassidy reveals that she travels with a group of freight hoppers currently headed towards Humboldt County, California. One of her friends, Finn, comes to get her, and the two exchange banter and introduce themselves to Sean and Daniel before leaving. On their way out, Finn and Cassidy are stopped by Nick, who admonishes them for not having their dog on a leash. They mock Nick until he threatens to call the cops on them, then leave together. Daniel expresses anger towards Nick, and Sean can either let Daniel prank him or convince him to let it go.

After finishing his shopping, Sean finds Chris, Daniel, and Charles waiting at the market's entrance. After they pile into his truck, Charles drives away from the market with a newly-wrapped Christmas tree.

Items for Sale

Male Vendor

  • Sitting bear ($7)*
  • Snowman ($5)*
  • Wooden beaver ($10)*

Female Vendor

  • Christmas wreath ($10)

Tree Vendor (non-purchasable)

  • Fir (small) ($50)
  • Fir (big) ($70)
  • Spruce (small) ($40)
  • Spruce (big) ($60)

* If Sean told the male vendor about being Stephen Reynolds' grandson, he will give Sean a $1 discount on all of his items.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Sean's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.
  • Sean can look at a fake snowman cardboard cutout. (Comment: "Jeez... Daniel's snowman wasn't that creepy after all...")
  • He can look at some wrapped trees. (Comment: "How can they sell so many trees in such a small town?")
  • He can look at a tree wrapper. (Comment: "Behold! The Giant Condom Machine.")
  • He can look at a display stand of tree care spray. (Comment: "Dad pushed every year to get a plastic tree, but we never surrendered...")
  • He can look at the tree care spray vendor. (Comment: "Sorry man, I prefer my pine trees alive.")
  • He can speak to Charles.
  • He can look at the Christmas trees. (Comment: "I wonder what will happen to the trees no one buys...")
  • He can look at some leftover cinder blocks. (Comment: "Looks like someone went nuts over these blocks.")
  • He can look at a Santa mailbox. (Comment: "Dear Santa, we've been good kids this year. Please explain this hot mess.")
  • He can look at a tri-fold display board presentation on Beaver Creek. (Comment: "This is so different from Seattle... Don't know if I can get used to it.")
  • He can look at, steal a yo-yo from, and place a toy in a donation box. (Comment: Look:"Is that a yo-yo? Daniel had one back home... Bet he'd love this..."
    Steal: "I... I know it sucks, but... Daniel deserves it too, right?"
    Donate: "Hope that'll actually make someone happy...")
  • He can look at an RV. (Comment: "Man, it would've been so cool to have one of these before coming here...")
  • He can speak to a female vendor.
  • He can look at and buy one of the female vendor's Christmas wreaths. (Comment: "Claire and Stephen definitely have a kink for Christmas... Bet they'd like these.")
  • He can sit and draw at a table.
  • He can examine a flyer for the Beaver Creek Xmas Choir. (Comment: "Too bad we can't come and see... Maybe we'll get some leftover pies and eggnog, at least.")
  • He can look at a "face in the hole" panel. (Comment: "Whoah, the guy who painted that must've been seriously high...")
  • He can look at, listen to, speak to, and give some change to a street singer, Cassidy. (Comment: "She looks so out of place here... Cool.")
  • Afterwards, he can look at and pick up Cassidy's guitar pick. (Comment: Look:"This must belong to that girl..."
    Take: "Maybe I'll get into guitar one day. Who knows...")
  • He can look at look at a pan of cookies. (Comment: "Ew.... It's weird to have all this food around after a month of ravioli diet.")
  • He can look at a bag of old toys. (Comment: "I think Daniel has enough broken toys.")
  • He can look at a pot of cider. (Comment: "I miss Dad's Christmas atole...")
  • He can look at and speak to Nick. (Comment: Before speaking: "Whoah, this guy looks on edge..."
    After speaking: "I... get why you're angry, dude, but... chill out, maybe?")
  • He can speak to a male vendor.
  • He can look at and pick from the male vendor's gifts. (Comment: "Funny how all small towns always sell the same handcrafted crap.")
    • He can look at and purchase a sitting bear. (Comment: "Patriotic bears in deck chairs? Why the fuck not.")
    • He can look at and purchase a snowman-themed can. (Comment: "Reminds me of that... 'lovely' rocket Daniel made for me once.")
    • He can look at and purchase a wooden beaver. (Comment: "Awww... cuter than gas station bears.")
  • He can look at some religious wooden signs behind the male vendor. (Comment: "Holy shit...")
  • He can look at a postcard display. (Comment: "'Hi everybody, we're taking a year off to run away from cops. Daniel has got telekinesis now. Hope you're doing well.")


  • The word "Hello!" is visible on the back of a "face in hole" panel at the Christmas market as well as on street furniture when when Charles Eriksen drives Sean, Daniel, and Chris away from the market. This is not the only episode it appears in as it can be sighted again in Episode 3 and Episode 5.
    • This may be a reference to the psychological horror video game P.T., which includes a similar inscribing that becomes focal at one point during the game.
    • Further evidence to support P.T. being a point of reference is found in the Captain Spirit game files, where "PT" is used in file naming. Just like P.T. was released as a taster for an upcoming (but cancelled) Silent Hill game (P.T. being an initialism for "playable teaser"), Captain Spirit was released as a playable teaser for the upcoming Life is Strange 2.



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