Collectible Mode is a gameplay mode available in Life is Strange, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and Life is Strange 2.

It enables the player to replay scenes to collect optional photos, optional graffiti or optional souvenirs, and thereby unlock achievements without affecting the player's choices. A fast-forward function can be activated with a special key/button to skip otherwise unskippable story cutscenes and dialog to the next choice, which dramatically increases the gameplay speed.

It is available after finishing each checkpoint in Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2, and after finishing each episode in Before the Storm. The free-to-download game, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, does not feature a Collectible Mode, as it is a single episode experience and the gameplay is based around a set of tasks that the protagonist, Chris Eriksen, must complete in order to make progress.


The games feature different kinds of collectibles that can be obtained:


  • In Life is Strange while playing in "Collectible Mode" the player can collect all the photos several times, except for the last one during Max's nightmare. After the photo is taken once, the bottles break and can never be collected or posed for the shot again.
  • When in "Collectible Mode", Life is Strange environmental sounds, sometimes don't keep up with Max's fast-forward, for instance during the diner scene in Episode 2, the jukebox may break and still continues playing Chloe's selection.  
  • In Life is Strange 2, souvenirs obtained in Collectible Mode are marked with "CM".
  • The name of this mode in Before the Storm is "Collector Mode".
  • The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, is the only Life is Strange franchise game that doesn't have "Collectible Mode".


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