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Community management takes care of the social social media representation, organizing community events and communicating with the fandom for the Life is Strange franchise.

Square Enix has appointed two Community Managers over time, a Community Executive and a Video Content Creator:

  • Toby Palm is the current Community Manager for the franchise since 2015.
  • Scott Blows was the Community Manger for the original game until December 2015 and is current working again for Square as Global Brand Manager for the franchise.
  • Lucy Hale is the current Video and Content Creator for the franchise.[1]
  • Joshua Elkington is a Global Community Executive working on the franchise since April 2018.

Dontnod Entertainment has appointed two Community/Communications Managers for their own social media accounts: Anne Chantreau in September 2015 and Corentin Naud in December 2018.

Deck Nine Games appointed one Community Manager during development of Before the Storm in February 2017: Corwin Cantin.

Community Events

Official Social Media Accounts

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Known Spectated Social Media Platforms

Square Enix Team

Toby Palm 

Tobias (commonly known as Toby) Palm began working for Square Enix in March 2012 as a Senior Information Center Operator after having previously worked as a Research Analyst for Canalys. He later worked as a Community Executive for Square Enix before the community management for Life is Strange was split between him and Scott in June 2015. Toby was appointed as the main community manager for Life is Strange in December 2015 as Scott resigned.[2]

In February 2019, he was promoted to Senior Community Manager at Square Enix for the Life is Strange franchise.

Toby graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London with a Bachelor of Arts in politics and a Master of Arts in history. He speaks English, German, and French according to his LinkedIn profile.

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Scott Blows

Scott Alexander Blows began working for Square Enix in August 2014 as the community management for Life is Strange and Square Enix Collective after having previously worked as a Community Manager/Team Lead for Disney Interactive Studios. He introduced himself on the Life is Strange subreddit on March 2, 2015.[3]

In December 2015, he resigned and started working as a Community Manager for Activision. Scott returned to Square Enix in January 2017 to work as the Brand Manager for Life is Strange: Before the Storm where he was responsible for executing its brand/marketing campaign. He is now the Global Brand Manager for the Life is Strange franchise with Roxane Domalain (mentioned below).

Scott graduated from Chichester College for Graphic Design, according to his LinkedIn profile.

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Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale is the newest member of the Life is Strange team at Square Enix where her appointment is to provide fun video content and in-depth looks at Life is Strange 2.

Her LinkedIn profile states she is "breaking new ground by becoming the first official Video and Content Creator for Square Enix in London." When she joined in 2018, she was creating content for the official Just Cause 4 YouTube channel.

Lucy graduated with a First Class Bachelor of Arts honours degree in June 2015.

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Joshua Elkington

Joshua Elkington began working for Square Enix in October 2017 as a Production Intern and started working on the Life is Strange franchise as a Communications Assistant in April 2018. He is currently a Global Community Executive for the franchise,

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Roxane Domalain

Roxane Domalain began working for Square Enix in January 2015 as a Global Brand Manager where she set up and coordinated the brand marketing of the multiple titles that make up the Life is Strange franchise. In February 2019, she was promoted to Senior Global Brand Manager at Square Enix for the Life is Strange franchise.

Roxane is also the Co-founder & Business Developer of Moonycat Entertainment - a video game studio based in Montpellier (France).

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Anne Chantreau

Anne Chantreau has been the Communications Manager at Dontnod Entertainment since September 2015 and manages correspondence and news across all of Dontnod's social media platforms. Prior to this, Anne had around 8 years experience in PR and community managing for Koch Media's video game label, Deep Silver.

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Corentin Naud

Corentin Naud is the Community Manager at Dontnod, assisting Anne Chantreau as of December 2018. He has previous experience as a Community Manager due to his volunteer work at Top To Bottom from September 2016 to the present time. Corentin also has previous experience as a Social Media Editor for the book publisher Bragelonne.

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Deck Nine Games Team

Corwin Cantin

Corwin has been an Associate Producer at Deck Nine Games since February 2017. He also manages the Community Manager Twitter account for the studio. (This account does not appear to have been active since the end of 2018.)

Corwin has an Associate's Degree in Writing/Directing from the Colorado Film School where, among other things, he script-supervised an Emmy-winning short film.

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  • #e80aca is confirmed to be the official color code for the "Before the Storm pink" by Community Manager Toby Palm.
  • Toby Palm also confirmed that even though Trevor's surname was never mentioned in DONTNOD's original game, Life is Strange, a surname of "Johnson" existed for him in DONTNOD's original files. He explained that Deck Nine changed his surname to "Yard" for Before the Storm.



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