This page contains concept artwork of the original Life is Strange. The game's Limited Edition contained an artbook featuring various concepts.

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Concept Artists


The following images are from Suzy Bouche.[1]

Young Lady

Young Boy





Concept Art Released by Feral Interactive


  • When Max Caulfield attempts to fix her broken camera in Chloe's room in Episode 1, "Chrysalis", there are a number of polaroids visible on the desk. One of these looks very similar to the box/cover art of Life is Strange. It is not obvious in the game itself, as Max's broken camera slightly obscures this particular photo, but the game files reveal the full image.
  • In early concept art for Max's room that was uploaded to the Feral Interactive website, Max appeared to have an environmentally conscious roommate. A poster that appears in Victoria's room in the game can be seen under the bunk (a bird with paint drips), but concept art for Victoria's room also exists, so this roommate may not have been Victoria, or it could have been an early idea for her.
  • Early concept art for Chloe Price shows her with a different tattoo sleeve design and a rainbow on her vest.


  • Feral Interactive released several pieces of concept art around the time of the Mac and Linux port release in June 2016.[2][3]


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