Cosplay is a huge phenomenon in the Life is Strange community. The following is a collection of people who are considered to be either still active in the community or have achieved popularity in one way or another for their outstanding work.

LiS - Not this Time Edit

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LiS - Not This Time is a German cosplay project initiated by photographer Daniel Anhut. They reenact various scenes throughout the game.


  • Mee Luffy (as Max)
  • Dash Price (as Chloe)
  • Nunthius Cosplay (as Warren)
  • Shigeako Cosplay (as Rachel)
  • Dazzling Bow tie (as Victoria)
  • Cashew Cosplay (as Nathan)
  • Lari-Chans Cosplay World (as Mr. Jefferson)

Team Polarized Edit

Team Polarized is a crowdfunded cosplay music video by multiple cosplayers and photographers who traveled to Garibaldi, Oregon.[1]

Life is Strange Cosplay Music Video

Life is Strange Cosplay Music Video


  • Sirena Cosplay (as Max)
  • Gurl With Red Hair (as Chloe)
  • Thrdplanet's Cosplay Photography (as Victoria)
  • thehaakun (as Brooke)
  • Karlibra (as Rachel)


  • Erick Herrera (Videographer)
  • Alive Alf Photography (Photographer)

Finalsignal Edit

Christopher Neville directed a live action fan film.

Life Is Strange live action fan film - One Moment

Life Is Strange live action fan film - One Moment

Priceless Cosplay Edit

Priceless Cosplay consists of Mee Luffy (as Max) and Dash Price (as Chloe) who are also part of the cosplay project "LiS - Not This Time".


They have also done Dubmashes and CMVs. For more videos visit their YouTube channel or Facebook page.

Harikaw & Faithcael Cosplay Edit

Harikaw and Faithcael is a French cosplay duo portraying Max and Chloe.

To see more of Harikaw & Faithcael Cosplay's work, visit their Facebook page.

CacophonyandDiscord Edit

CacophonyandDiscord or Dani and Hunter are an American cosplay duo portraying various characters.

Fox and Wolf Cosplay Edit

Fox and Wolf Cosplay is a German cosplay duo who have cosplayed as Victoria Chase and Nathan Prescott together. They have also collaborated with Kate cosplayer Marigold Cosplay.

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Marigold Cosplay Edit

Marigold Cosplay is a German cosplayer who cosplays Kate Marsh.

To see more of Marigold Cosplay's work, visit her Facebook page.

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Ivka Cosplay Edit

Ivka Cosplay is a Czech cosplayer who has cosplayed several characters of Life is Strange, most prominently Kate Marsh.

To see more of Ivka Cosplay's work, visit her DeviantArt or Facebook page.

Ellindra Cosplay Edit

Ellindra Cosplay is a group of two German Chloe and Rachel cosplayers. Their most recent works focus on Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

They also made cosplay videos.

Jaz & Zephy Cosplay Edit

Jaz & Zephy Cosplay have cosplayed as Chloe and Max/Rachel.

Phoenician Smith Edit

Phoenician Smith, aka Phonician Sailor, is a cosplayer and roleplayer who does ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)[note 4] videos on YouTube. He received much attention for his Mr. Jefferson roleplay.

Usako Edit

Usako is an Austrian cosplayer who cosplayed as Chloe from Life is Strange and Before the Storm.

To see more of Usako's work, go visit their Twitter or Facebook page.

Ekzoticheskaya Edit


To see more of Ekzoticeskaya's work, go visit their Twitter.

Madame Bella Cosplays Edit


Amethyst Leon Edit

Amethyst Leon is a Chloe Price cosplayer.

LanaTemirova Edit


MilliganVick Edit


Lucky Strike Cosplay Edit


Klim Kazakov Photography Edit


Minyokka/Rathnait Cosplay & Art Edit


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  1. This picture is based on an in-game photo of Max and Chloe.
  2. This picture is based on a work of fan art.
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  3. This photo is based on a shot from the official Before the Storm trailer.
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