Cynthia Hampden is a character in Life is Strange: Before the Storm. She is the mother of Eliot Hampden.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

Cynthia sends her son Eliot an email declaring how proud she is that he received a scholarship due to his excellent grades. She happily tells him that the whole family is delighted with the news, mentioning that his grandmother in particular isn't surprised because Eliot is her grandson.

Cynthia also reassures Eliot that if he decides to spend time with his father over the summer, she'll support the decision. This implies that Cynthia and Eliot's father are separated.


Hey, Sweetheart! Just got a letter about your scholarship and I couldn't be prouder. I've been showing it to the whole family. Your grandmother just said "of course he did, he's my grandson."

Also, your father called again about July 4th. I told him it was too early to decide, that you're focused on school right now anyway. But if you want to spend some time with him this summer, of course I'll support you.

Don‘t break too many hearts over there :-)


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