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"Sean? Am I... a monster?" — Daniel to Sean during their bus ride in "Roads"

Daniel Felipe Diaz (born April 11, 2007) is the deuteragonist and younger brother of Sean Diaz in Life is Strange 2. He also makes an appearance as a minor character in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

Following a tragic incident where their father Esteban Diaz was killed, Daniel and his brother are forced to run away from their home city, Seattle. In fear of the police, he and his brother flee intending to head to their father's hometown Puerto Lobos, Mexico, while attempting to conceal Daniel's mysterious supernatural power.

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Daniel is described as "mischievous, trusting, innocent and curious" in official marketing material.[1]

Daniel looks up to his older brother, and his personality is directly influenced by Sean's actions, whether they are moral or not. For example, if he sees Sean stealing, Daniel will steal a figurine from Brody's car.

Daniel's faith, sense of hygiene, manners, and trustworthiness are also based on the examples shown by Sean in the game. He can either develop trust for Sean and respect for authority or a rebellious and occasionally aggressive personality depending on Sean's parenting choices.

In Episode 4, in one of the Universal Uprising Church advertisements, he now dons a blank expression, contrast to the upbeat and cheerful Daniel in previous episodes.

In the Lone Wolf ending, the loss of Sean caused Daniel to become a resentful law breaker, but still showed signs of goodness as he spares a mugger he nearly made shoot himself with his powers.


Daniel has tanned skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair. In his appearance at the end of Captain Spirit, Daniel wears a red-and-teal puffer jacket over a red t-shirt, blue jeans, olive lace-up boots, and grey gloves with red, white, and yellow stripes.

During the majority of "Roads", Daniel's outfit consists of a red t-shirt depicting a rocket logo with the words "SPACE MISSION" under a blue flannel shirt covered in fake blood, blue jeans, mint green and black socks, and light blue running shoes. He wears a blue-and-violet watch on his right wrist whose face depicts a purple thumbs-up symbol on a red background. Depending on whether Sean purchases them, Daniel can replace his flannel shirt with a raccoon-themed zip hoodie or his t-shirt with a Washington tourism t-shirt after exiting his bath.

While in the Willamette National Forest during "Episode 2: Rules", Daniel wears a thin, worn-out light blue puffer jacket over his red t-shirt. If Sean stole the raccoon hoodie in the previous episode, he will have it on under the jacket; otherwise, he will be wearing a yellow American tourism sweatshirt. During their first night at the Reynolds' house, Daniel wears a light blue pajama top depicting a cartoon girl surrounded by butterflies on its front, paired with light blue pajama pants with patches sewn onto its knees. While outdoors, Daniel wears the same outfit shown in Captain Spirit.

LiS2E3 Wastelands - Daniel's Space Mission T-Shirt

The t-shirt in Episode 3.

During the opening flashback in "Wastelands", Daniel wears a bright cyan t-shirt depicting several superheroes alongside action bubbles with the words "YEAH", "STOMP", and "MUSTARD". In the present day, Daniel's hair has grown, completely covering his ears as well as parts of his forehead. He still wears his red t-shirt, which now has a patch sewed onto the top left side and various doodles, including the addition of "TO PUERTO LOBOS" under the "SPACE MISSION" logo. His jeans are significantly dirtier and have several new patches and doodles, including ones depicting the Eye of Providence and a bear paw. Following Mushroom's death in Episode 2, Daniel now wears her red bandanna around his neck. During the night, if Sean stole the raccoon hoodie in "Roads", Daniel will have it over his shirt. Otherwise, Daniel will wear the yellow tourism sweatshirt instead, which now has several doodles including bubbles around the "USA" text and a drawing of an arrow embedded into a target.

In "Faith", Daniel’s hair was cut to a bowl-cut appearance, and wears a white short sleeved buttoned up shirt with a red t-shirt underneath, black suit pants and light brown loafers.

In "Wolves", Daniel's hair has grown back to a stage that is the same length than in the episode "Roads". He returns to wearing his red t-shirt and Mushroom's bandana around his neck, along with black shorts and canvas shoes. After being shot by vigilantes at the border wall, the right side of his shirt is torn.

"Redemption" ending
While waiting for Sean to be released from prison, Daniel wears a black polo shirt, jeans and white sneakers. Later, while revisiting Mount Rainier National Park, he wears a white bomber jacket with a red shirt underneath. He also has grown some facial hair.

"Lone Wolf" ending
Daniel has dyed his hair blonde and gained some tattoos, including a tear by his right eye, a wolf on his right arm and Esteban's face on the left side of his chest. He wears Sean's band on his right wrist, a bandanna on his left, and a chain necklace. He also has a scar on his left cheek. He wears a black tank top and grey sweatpants.

"Parting Ways" ending
Daniel wears a red and black t-shirt and black shorts. He also wears an ankle bracelet on his left ankle and Sean's band on his right wrist.

"Blood Brothers" ending
Daniel wears a black tank top, grey sweatpants and black shoes. He wears Sean's band on his right wrist, and his bandanna on his left.


Throughout the game, Daniel's hair changes in length.


Sean Daniel Karen Room photo

Daniel as a baby.

Daniel was born in April, 11 2007 to Esteban Diaz and Karen Reynolds, and was raised alongside his brother within a house located in the suburbs of Seattle[2]. Sometime within the next year[3], Karen decided to cut ties with her husband and family to try and find fulfillment in her life, unable to happily assume the role of wife and mother, leaving Esteban to raise their sons alone.

As a family, Daniel used to go on ski trips with his brother and father, as well as binge-watch Top Gear[4] and watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy every Christmas[5] together. Up until the events of "Roads", Daniel used to regularly play Minecraft on the family's home console with his friend, Noah.[6] When they were younger, Sean and Daniel used to have a babysitter named Andrew, whom they mutually disliked.[7]

Captain Spirit[]

Daniel and Sean are seen briefly in the ending of the game, standing on the other side of the fence. The brothers wave hello to Chris Eriksen after he gets up from the ground.

Episode One - "Roads"[]

Daniel is first seen in the kitchen of the Diaz household with his father Esteban, where the two are arguing about who can have the last Chock-O-Crisp bar. They resolve to let Sean be the judge, who can decide to give it to either one or keep it for himself. Upon returning to his room to work on his Halloween costume, Daniel can have a short conversation with Sean at his door about what the former is up to and the upcoming party, with Daniel's behavior towards Sean dependent on who the Chock-O-Crisp was given to. After their conversation, Daniel shuts the door in Sean's face, cracks the door open as Sean turns away, and shuts it once more.

Later, while Sean is talking with Lyla Park on Skype, Daniel bursts through the door to his room in order to show him a bottle filled with fake blood for his Halloween costume. After waving to Lyla, Daniel protests as he is immediately dragged out of the room by an irritated Sean. As Sean continues his Skype call, Daniel walks dejectedly past his window into the front yard, where he accidentally runs into Brett Foster off-screen and spills fake blood onto his shirt. Infuriated, Brett grabs Daniel's arm and begins to torment him until Sean comes outside, breaking Daniel away from Brett's grip and shoving the latter away.

Confront Brett
Sean confronts Brett about bullying a child as Brett continues to taunt them both. As Sean becomes angrier, Brett shoves Sean backwards, who immediately pushes back in return.

Question Daniel
Sean turns to reprimand Daniel for spilling the blood as Brett insults him in the background. As Sean leads Daniel away, Brett makes a comment about Sean's mother "bailing on [him]", causing Sean to turn back and punch Brett in the jaw as Daniel looks on in shock.

During the resulting fight, Sean shoves Brett backwards and causes him to fall spine-first onto a protruding rock, leaving him seemingly unable to move. As the two worriedly approach Brett, police officer Kindred Matthews arrives on the scene, and orders the brothers to step back. After checking Brett's condition, Matthews points his gun towards the brothers and orders them to get on the ground, to which they comply.

Shortly afterwards, Esteban emerges from the house and tries to reason with Matthews as Daniel lays with Sean on the ground, pleading for them to stop. As Esteban attempts to get closer to his sons and Matthews becomes increasingly more anxious, the officer accidentally pulls his trigger, shooting and killing Esteban. Daniel screams, and a shock wave sends Matthews flying backwards, unintentionally killing the officer. When Sean gets up, he finds an unconscious Daniel on the ground, who groans as Sean picks him up and carries him to the house. After setting him down for a moment to retrieve his backpack, Sean flees from the scene with his little brother in his arms.

Two days later, Daniel and Sean continue onward along a roadside bordering Mount Rainier National Park, having left Seattle far behind. After Sean refuses to give a straight answer when Daniel asks why they're walking (having lost his memory of the incident entirely), Daniel sits down and refuses to move, sore from both the long walk and having slept underneath a bridge the previous night. Sean manages to get Daniel back up by convincing him that they're on a hiking journey, and they continue down the road while taking breaks under the shade along the way.

Upon reaching the entrance to Trout Springs Trail, Daniel sees a Chock-O-Crisp lying in an abandoned car and pleads Sean to get him one at their next stop, which Sean can either agree to or decide to take the chocolate from the car. As they travel down the path, Daniel can be taught by Sean about trail markers and participate in various activities with him, including looking over the park, discussing various wildlife and posters, and playing hide-and-seek.

After taking a detour from the trail due to a rock slide, Sean and Daniel come across the edge of Nisqually River, where they decide to take base for the night under a large rock formation. Daniel can either gather firewood or attempt to "fortify" their campsite at Sean's request, and after doing so, Sean can join him as he stabs at the river for fish, learns to skip stones, play-fights against a tree, and examines a spider web.

(If Daniel had a good day)
Upon exhausting all his activities, Daniel climbs on top of the rock formation and asks Sean to climb up with him, where Sean can optionally cloud gaze and bond with Daniel before they both head back down to light the fire.

(If Daniel had a bad day)
If Sean unintentionally made Daniel angry while at the riverside, Daniel will return to their campsite angrily and wait for Sean to light their firewood.

As either Sean or Daniel blows on the wood, the fire begins to ignite. Later on, during the evening, Daniel and Sean sit by their burning campfire as the moon rises, eating the last of the snacks that Sean brought (and, if Sean took one, the stolen Chock-O-Crisp, which Daniel will either share with Sean or keep to himself depending on Sean's earlier choice in their home).

As they relax by the fire, Sean can optionally check on Daniel (who questions why he can't remember the outcome of the fight with Brett) and howl at the full moon together before Daniel grows tired, causing Sean to decide to send them both to bed.

Later that night, the fire flickers and grows as Daniel tosses and turns in his sleep, calling out for his father. Sean awakens and wakes up his brother with a shake, causing Daniel to groan and ask where their father is.

(If Daniel had no issues)
Sean reassures Daniel about his bad dream and that they're both fine, placing another log onto the fire before they fall back asleep.

(If Sean scared Daniel)
Daniel tells Sean that he's been hearing noises, having developed paranoia about scary animals in the woods. Sean reassures Daniel that they're both safe, and promises that they'll find a better place tomorrow before they both fall back asleep.

(If Daniel ate bad berries)
As Daniel tells Sean that he's feeling sick, he crawls away from the campsite and vomits as Sean attempts to soothe him. After Daniel finishes throwing up, Sean promises that they'll find a better place tomorrow before they both fall back asleep.

The next day, while continuing along the road, Daniel and Sean come across a gas station. During their time at Bear Station, the two brothers can stock up on food and drinks through various possible methods, including purchasing and stealing from the convenience store, filling up their water bottles, and begging for food from a mother sitting at a picnic table with her husband and daughter. Inside the store, Daniel can meet and talk to storekeeper Doris Stamper and journalist Brody Holloway. He also pets an abandoned puppy behind the counter and begs Sean to let them adopt her. Regardless of his decision, Doris informs them that she's looking for an adult to take care of the dog, which Daniel reluctantly accepts.

After retrieving a map and food, Sean and Daniel eat outside as they plan their next destination. While doing so, Hank Stamper approaches and tells the two to come with him under the pretense of checking for theft.

If Sean attempts to discuss the matter with him, Hank forcibly grabs Sean's arm and tries to drag him towards the gas station. When Daniel attempts to intervene, Hank backhands him across the face and punches Sean to the ground, causing Daniel to flee as Sean blacks out.

If Sean decides to attack, Hank easily deflects the strike and punches Sean to the ground, causing Daniel to flee as Sean blacks out.

If Sean decides to flee, he tells Daniel to run and tries to grab Hank's arm before Hank punches him to the ground, causing Daniel to flee as Sean blacks out.

While Sean is unconscious, Daniel is chased by Hank into the woods, where he successfully manages to evade capture. Later that night, Daniel communicates with Sean through a vent leading into the office where Hank holds him captive and is able to indirectly help Sean maneuver while restrained around the room until he finds the keys to the office door. After Sean passes him the keys, Daniel unlocks and bursts through the door, hugging Sean before breaking off the restraints with a pair of scissors.

While Sean retrieves his backpack, Daniel walks into the convenience store section and is caught by Hank. A loud crash is heard, and Sean rushes through the door to find Daniel standing dazed before an unconscious Hank surrounded by scattered merchandise and knocked-over stands.

After internally debating on whether or not to steal some camping supplies, Sean escapes the gas station with Daniel in tow.

Steal camping gear

As Sean starts to walk forwards, Hank grabs his ankle and begins to threaten the brothers.

Sean kicks Hank away and makes for the door, and the brothers escape the gas station together.

Sean jerks away from Hank's grasp and begins kicking him as Daniel watches on in disbelief. After stocking his backpack with supplies, Sean escapes the gas station with Daniel.

As Sean runs ahead, Daniel discreetly takes the stray dog from her basket and wraps her in a blanket before following Sean out the door into the rain, where they run through the forest before coming across Brody's car. After Sean hastily explains their situation, Brody guides the two into the car and escapes with them onto the highway.

While making their way down the US 101, Daniel manages to hide the dog from Sean and Brody underneath the blanket until she barks, immediately grabbing Sean's attention. After initially trying to pass it off as a cough, Daniel reveals the dog and tries to convince Sean to let them keep her. After some reluctance, Sean gives in, and Daniel gives her the name "Mushroom". As Brody drives onward, Daniel falls asleep with Mushroom sleeping in his arms.

After some time, Brody decides to take a rest stop at Otter Point, where Brody reveals that he knows of their status as runaways. As Sean breaks down, Brody gestures towards Daniel sleeping in his car's back seat as he consoles him. After Sean regains his composure, the two get back into the car and resume their journey.

They eventually arrive at the Three Seals Motel on the North Oregon Coast. Daniel plays with Mushroom on the beach while Sean ponders. Brody tells Sean that he has rented a room for the brothers but cannot stay with them. He says his goodbyes and gifts Sean with a backpack, causing Sean to pass his own backpack to Daniel. Daniel receives a bandanna from Brody, which he decides to place on Mushroom. Brody and the brothers hug before parting ways.

Once in the motel room, Daniel challenges Sean to a "rock, paper, scissors" game where the winner gets the bed in front of the TV. Daniel watches an episode of Hawt Dawg Man while Sean prepares a bath for him. Once Daniel is taking his bath, Sean goes out to the balcony to throw away his phone. Once back inside, he sees Daniel dancing on his bed to Banquet, and Daniel invites Sean to join him, which Sean can accept or refuse. Either way, Sean decides to tell the truth to Daniel about Esteban's death, but before he can tell him, Daniel tells Sean he is thirsty and asks for a drink. Sean exits the room to get a drink from a vending machine but rushes back when he hears Daniel scream. He runs in and finds his enraged brother after having found out about his father's death from the news on the TV. His power has manifested, lights are flickering, and objects are flying around the room. Sean manages to calm him down, and Daniel tells Sean not to lie to him again, which Sean can promise him or not.

The brothers then take a bus going south. Not understanding his powers, Daniel asks Sean if he is a monster. Daniel asks Sean to tell him a story, so Sean tells a story about two wolf brothers who lost their dad and went on a journey to their dad's homeland, paralleling their own story.

Episode Two - "Episode 2: Rules"[]

Sometime prior to the events of the episode, Sean and Daniel have located an abandoned cabin and decided to stay there for a while. After three weeks, Sean helps trains Daniel's powers with rules that involve hiding his powers from others who don't understand it. Around this time, Daniel begins to get sick. After training Daniel, the brothers check the traps set around the house before heading back into the cabin. Sean then reminds Daniel of the rules he listed. While Daniel goes to play in his hideout (which is a tarp or a tent stolen from Bear Station), Sean prepares dinner. While the brothers and Mushroom are eating, Daniel complains about having to eat the same food over and over again. When Sean goes to get the map, he finds it missing and asks Daniel where it is and he reveals that it is in his hideout, in which Sean has to ask Daniel to get Mushroom to move (since she only listens to Daniel). Once he finds the map, Daniel pranks Sean by moving a blanket over the door to make it look like a ghost, leading Sean to either laugh it off or reprimand him. Sean shows Daniel the map and plans to travel to Beaver Creek and seek out their grandparents, Claire and Stephen Reynolds. The two then play a game of Ship, Captain, and Crew before going to sleep for the night.

The next morning, they proceed to leave, and Daniel takes Mushroom outside. However, Mushroom is killed by a cougar, leading Daniel to angrily ensnare it with his powers. If Sean stops Daniel, the cougar leaves with Mushroom's body, but if he doesn't, Daniel will accidentally kill the animal. After holding a funeral for Mushroom, they set off to Beaver Creek.

After a long journey, they finally reach their grandparents' home. While resting, Daniel comes downstairs while Sean explains what happened in Seattle and at the Bear Station. Before going to bed for the night, Daniel joins Claire in saying prayers, with Sean having the option to join. A week later, Daniel is seen playing with Stephen's train set. While eating breakfast, Daniel shows off his powers behind Claire's back, in which Sean can watch in amazement or tell Daniel to stop. While heading to the shed, they see Chris falling from his tree house and Daniel saves him. The two then befriend Chris before Charles Eriksen arrives to take Chris home.

The next day, Daniel sneaks off to play with Chris. Sean follows him and finds Daniel showing off his powers to Chris, who thinks he's the one with powers. The brother travel to the Christmas Market with Chris and Charles to buy a tree. While there, they meet Cassidy and Finn, but upon seeing Nick antagonizing them for not keeping their dog on a leach, Daniel wants to get back at him. Sean can choose to let him prank Nick or convince him not to. After returning home, the two then break into Karen's room to find out their mother's whereabouts. Claire catches them, leading to an argument that ends when Stephen gets his legs caught under a fallen shelf. If asked, Daniel can use his powers to lift the shelf off him. When a cop shows up (having discovered the brothers' location due to someone seeing the brothers at the market, Sean using Stephen's laptop, or using the phone to call Lyla), the brothers are forced to flee. Chris either helps them escape or gets hurt. Daniel could save Chris by pushing the oncoming police car into a tree. If Chris does get hurt, Daniel wants to help but is stopped by Sean. After fleeing, the two exchange gifts, with Daniel giving Sean a drawing if he's not too upset. The two then board a train to continue their journey.

Episode Three - "Wastelands"[]

It is revealed in Sean's journal that on December 17th 2016, both he and Daniel jumped off the boxcar train in Northern California where they walked seemingly forever until they reached a small town before resorting to looking in a dumpster for food. Here, they met a "weird guy" who said they could get work on a local farm, even if they didn't have any ID. Daniel liked the place, and Sean was also able to work on his own without being around Daniel 24/7.

New Year 2017 comes around, and everybody else is partying, but not Sean and Daniel. An illustration suggests they spent the New Year watching the celebrations on TV next to an older, scruffier male on the farm - perhaps the owner. Shortly after this, they got kicked off the farm and were only paid half of what they worked for. The man they were working for told them to call the police or get lost, so they left the area.

A flashback that takes place sometime before Episode 1 with Daniel stealing a watch from Sean. Once Sean finds him in Esteban's room, he teases Daniel before Esteban stops them. Daniel heads into his room and Sean, convinced to reconcile by Esteban, comes inside to talk to him. Daniel explains why he took the watch, because Sean keeps spending more time with his friends more than him. Sean then lets Daniel keep the watch, ending the flashback.

Sometime later in the present time, the brothers reunite with Cassidy and Finn and befriend the other hippies living in the Redwood forest. While Sean spends more time with Cassidy, Daniel spends time with Finn and his powers begin to grow as he starts to feel neglected by Sean's relationship with Cassidy. While target practicing with Finn, Sean finds them and Finn has Sean give it a try. Daniel will make Sean miss if he hits the center once. After Finn leaves, the brothers get into a rough conversation regarding their mother and the watch Daniel took, which ends with Daniel throwing Sean backwards. They then board Big Joe's truck with the drifters to Merrill's farm.

Once there, Daniel wants to trade jobs with Finn, but Merrill does not allow this. While trimming weeds, Daniel joins the conversation with everyone in the room. After returning to camp, Daniel gets to work washing dishes, with Sean having the option to help him. The brothers then go to the lake for training. Knowing that the others will see them, Sean asks Daniel to move a log, who nearly drops it on Sean as a prank, as they head to an area that can't be seen from camp. After training, they get into an argument that leads Daniel to lift a large stump out of the water before Sean convinces him to stop. That night, Daniel shares his backstory with everyone around the fire before eventually going to bed. If Sean chooses to go to bed as well, he and Daniel will have a short conversation before going to sleep. 

The next morning, Daniel calls for Sean (who overslept) and he boards the truck just before it leaves. After completing another shift, Daniel waits outside with everyone for their payment. Once their time has come, Daniel is told to stay outside since only adults are allowed inside. Ignoring Sean's warnings, Daniel sneaks into Merrill's office, but is caught by Big Joe, who drags him to where everyone else is. This leads Merrill to fire the brothers and deny payment for the others. Merrill then leaves Big Joe to teach Daniel a lesson but he attacks Big Joe with an ashtray with his powers, leading Big Joe to punch either Sean or Finn (whoever takes the blame).

That night, Daniel shows off his powers to the others, who agree to keep it a secret. Finn suggests using Daniel to steal from Merrill but Cassidy opposes this idea. If Sean agrees to the heist, he will join Finn and Daniel and go to Big Joe's parking lot to steal a vehicle. Sean can have Daniel open the gate, disable the parking lot's security camera, and can have Daniel open the locker, the metal box on the workbench, the pickup truck's door and rear window, and the car and storage truck's hoods. After Sean hotwires the pickup truck, they leave for Merrill's place. Once there, Sean can have Daniel disable the camera, open the door to Merrill's office, and the safe's door. If Sean does not join the heist, then Daniel and Finn will go without him. Once Sean and Cassidy catch up to them, they argue over Finn's actions. If Sean still refuses to join the heist, this will anger Daniel, who will break down the door or, if his morality is low, attack Cassidy before doing so. Merrill catches them as they try to rob him. 

After being shot or getting Finn killed by Merrill, Daniel's powers get out of hand, knocking out Sean, Cassidy (if she's present during the heist), Finn (if he's not killed), Big Joe (if Sean didn't sabotage his vehicles or wake him up) and Merrill. The next morning, Daniel is gone and a trail of money is visible, having abandoned Sean after thinking that he killed him.

According to Jacob, Daniel returns to the camp in shock and with a gunshot wound (if Sean asked him to use his powers). Jacob then heard several sirens and took Daniel to safety away from the camp. Jacob then takes Daniel to Haven Point, Nevada, thinking it would be good for him until he realized it wasn’t.

Episode Four - "Faith"[]

While at Haven Point, Daniel was taken care of by Lisbeth Fischer, the owner of the Universal Uprising Church, who's only caring for Daniel just so she can use his powers for her schemes. Daniel also befriends Sarah Lee, Jacob's sister. Overtime, Daniel began to fall under Lisbeth's control until Sean arrives at Haven Point two months later. The brothers reunite, but it was cut short since Lisbeth will not let Daniel leave. Daniel, on the other hand, thinks he's using his powers for good and refuses to leave, not realizing Lisbeth's true nature, before Sean is thrown out of the church by Nicholas to ensure that he doesn't interfere with Lisbeth's business.

The next day, Sean storms the church either with Karen or dragged inside by Nicholas (if he caught Sean and Jacob in Lisbeth's office). While Sean and Karen try to reason with Daniel, Lisbeth tries to counter their attempts while Nicholas attacks Sean to shut him up. Daniel finally breaks free of Lisbeth's control when Lisbeth orders Nicholas to shoot Sean, who then saves his brother. Due to a fire that they caused during the showdown, they try to flee but are stopped by Lisbeth, who wants to ensure that they die for their interference. As she tries to reason with Daniel (and depending on major choices from the previous episodes), Daniel may strangle her, leading Sean to either convince him to stop, let him snap her neck, or shoot her with Nicholas' gun. If that does not happen, Sean can ask Daniel to forcefully move her. The brothers and Karen then escape the burning church. After parting ways with Jacob and Sarah Lee, they continue their journey.

Episode Five - "Wolves"[]

Prior to the events of the episode, Karen took Sean and Daniel to Away, a hermit town located in a red desert in Arizona. After staying at Away for seven weeks, the brothers have a camp out in the canyon near Away. After waking up and howling at the sunrise, the brothers talk about their fight against Lisbeth and the past incidents. As Sean is telling a story paralleling their journey, Daniel interrupts Sean, who can either let Daniel take over or keep telling the story his way. After they finish the story, Sean begins to pack up and has Daniel move nearby objects closer. As Sean finishes packing, Daniel plays around with a scorpion, leading Sean to either tell him that wrong or get him to stop. As the two head back to Away, Sean climbs down a tall ledge and should he choose to help Daniel, he will jump down on his own if he has low morality. After finding some rocks blocking the way Sean gets Daniel to move them.

Returning to Away, Daniel goes to see Joan Marcus. Sean can talk to Daniel through his radio should he choose to discuss various things around Away. Once Sean visits Daniel and Joan, Daniel is seen showing off his powers to Joan. The two then decide to build a sculpture using Daniel's powers. If Sean agrees to help, he will either build it following a small model or let Daniel build it his way. After Sean finishes up his tasks around Away, Daniel asks Sean to play a treasure hunting game. If he agrees, Daniel will give Sean hints through his radio on where the two clues and the treasure is. If Sean finds it before Karen's return, they will perform a victory dance. Once Karen and David Madsen return, David gives Daniel a baseball, who then plays catch with Karen before helping her and Sean move her supplies to her trailer. Later that night, the brothers and Karen return to the canyon where they create sky lanterns and watch as Daniel uses his powers to move them. After learning that the police are tracking them here, the brothers plan to leave tomorrow. 

The next day, after eating breakfast, Daniel goes to Joan's place. Once Sean is ready to leave, the brothers say goodbye to everyone as they leave Away. While driving to the Mexican border, Sean explains to Daniel what he will do once they reach Mexico. Upon reaching the wall, Daniel manages to pry open a hole, but this wears him out. As they head back to the car, they are ambushed by Madison and her father Luke Wright, two vigilantes who hunt for illegal immigrants, who shoot Daniel in the shoulder. The police suddenly arrive and arrest everyone.

Daniel survives the gunshot and after escaping from custody, he frees Sean and knocks out Officer Patrick Campbell. As Sean checks Campbell, Daniel may react in shame or show no regards for him. During their escape, they can free a Mexican couple, Diego and Carla Morales, and the vigilantes. If Daniel's morality is low, he won't free the vigilantes. Should Sean choose to take revenge on the vigilantes for shooting Daniel, he will either attack them or if his morality is high, he will not do so. While Sean in confronted by two police officers, Daniel can be asked to either distract the officers by either throwing a mug or chair at them, break a fire extinguisher, trap them in a closet, or attack them directly or with a locker. If they get too close to Sean, Daniel will be forced to intervene. Reaching the exit, Daniel breaks it down as the brothers flee on Karen's truck. 

Upon reaching the border, they are confronted by a police blockade, with more police officers appearing behind them. Agent Flores tries to convince the brothers to surrender. What outcome will happen depends on Sean's final choice and Daniel's morality.

If Sean chooses to turn himself in and Daniel's morality is high, Daniel is separated from Sean by the police and is placed under custody of Claire and Stephen. He is shown visiting Sean on the latter's birthday in 2018, growing up alongside Chris, graduating, obtaining a job as a barista, and moving out of home. Fifteen years after Sean's initial incarceration, Daniel is present alongside his mother and Lyla (if Sean called her twice) for his release. An unknown amount of time later, Sean and Daniel revisit Mount Rainier National Forest, where Daniel animatedly tells Sean a story by the lakeside before comforting him as he breaks down. Afterwards, Daniel hugs Sean outside the forest and howls as he drives off in his car; after reentering his own car, Daniel rubs his teary eyes before driving in the opposite direction.

Lone Wolf
If Sean chooses to turn himself in and Daniel's morality is low, Daniel will refuse and force his way past the border, making whole scene into chaos, before realizing that Sean has been fatally shot after passing the border, causing him to cry out in grief. After making it to Puerto Lobos, Daniel is indicated to have pickpocketed tourists with his powers in order to get by before eventually robbing a bank, and has attended wrestling matches, received a number from a person named Ynez, and looted a local gang den. Six years later, Daniel visits his altar to Sean before being approached by Tyler and his friends, who he non-lethally threatens with his powers before walking away.

Parting Ways
If Sean chooses to cross the border and Daniel's morality is high, Daniel is forced to destroy the police's cars and he reluctantly does so, before deciding to jump out after breaking the gate. After being led away by the police, Daniel is sent to live with his grandparents, where he grows up alongside Chris and a puppy he was given for Christmas, stays in contact with Karen and visits Away, and receives his first car in 2023. That year, Daniel is shown calling his mother while wearing an ankle bracelet before Claire hands him a letter from Sean, which contains photos of his life in Mexico and a handful of sand. He telekinetically passes the photos to Claire before looking out the window, where a carving of two wolves alongside the words "WOLF BROTHERS" is engraved on a tree.

Blood Brothers
If Sean chooses to cross the border and Daniel's morality is low, Sean watches as Daniel gets rid of the opposing police force and destroys the border gate, and they drive across the border. Brothers stay together and make it to Puerto Lobos where they restore an abandoned building to become a repair shop, implied to have been funded by the looting of a local gang den. Six years later, Sean is threatened by Tyler and his friends before Daniel quickly blasts Tyler's friends away and tortures Tyler himself for a moment before releasing him, successfully scaring the group off. After placing Tyler's gun in a money-filled safe, Sean and Daniel sit outside on the porch, drink beer and look over the beach together.


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  • Telekinesis: Daniel possesses telekinetic abilities, enabling him to levitate and manipulate living beings and inanimate objects at will. Daniel typically focuses and channels his telekinesis almost exclusively through hand gestures, although he can use this ability with concentration alone. As a result of their regular training sessions in Willamette National Forest, Daniel has been able to focus and hone his abilities. The current extent of his powers is not yet known, but it is far greater than it was when he first manifested them.
    • Repulse: When his power first manifested, Daniel was able to make a blast strong enough to take out an entire block and kill a man without meaning to.
    • Orbital Field: When under an intense amount of stress and/or anger, Daniel can instinctively make objects orbit around him like a kind of shield.
    • Blast: Daniel was able to carefully blast a huge chunk of boulders out of the way while hiking with Sean in the canyon.
    • Maneuver: When Sean and Daniel try to flee their grandparents' house from the police, Daniel is able to shift the direction of the police car and prevent it from hitting Chris. (determinant)
    • Choking: Whether in self-defense or not, Daniel can telekinetically choke a living being and break their neck, as he could do with a full-grown cougar and Lisbeth. (both determinant)
    • Force Field: By the time Sean and Daniel reach the Mexican border a second time, Daniel was able to create a protective force field around himself that is capable of withstanding gunfire. (determinant)


  • Daniel's training in the forest reveals weight and distance are a factor: the greater the distance and heavier the item(s), the harder it is for Daniel to telekinetically affect it; though, he improves his range and weight limit with practice.
  • Daniel normally has to gesture in order to fully control his power: a hand for small objects such as toys or plates, or his arm for larger ones such as animals or vehicles. (However, in Low Morality endings, after a few years, it's shown he learned to fully control his power without using his hands.)
  • Daniel may need line of sight to control his power, as evidenced in "Rules" when he can tell Sean to move out of the way in order to open the sliding door for Mushroom. However, he is also shown in "Roads" to unintentionally move objects that are outside of his field of vision and to cause lights and flames to flicker when he is not looking at them.
  • Daniel is apparently unable to telekinetically lift himself; while hiking back from the canyon to Away in "Wolves", Daniel can say, "I wish I had the power to fly, it'd be such a short hike!"


  • After his power gets triggered for the first time, exerting enough force to knock over a police car and destroy the surrounding property, Daniel blacked out and lost all memory of the past few minutes. This may indicate that Daniel cannot exert his powers too much at one time without mental repercussions.
  • During times of intense negative emotions, such as grief and fear, Daniel loses control of his ability and causes objects to randomly fly around and away from him, causing danger to any potential bystanders.
  • Daniel seems to get physically fatigued or strained when he uses his power over the limit as shown in "Wolves", when he telekinetically tears a hole in the U.S. Mexican Border, he falls to the ground but quickly gathers himself.

Associated Deaths[]

  • Kindred Matthews (Caused, Accidental) - Daniel unintentionally uses his supernatural power to knock him back after Matthews kills his father.
  • Cougar (Direct, Determinant) - Daniel can kill the cougar by mutilating it with his supernatural power after it kills Mushroom.
  • Lisbeth Fischer (Direct, Determinant) - Depending on Sean's choices in the past episodes, he will use his power and murder Lisbeth for manipulating him and hurting Sean.
  • Maria Elena Flores (Presumed, Direct, Determinant) - If Sean chooses to either surrender or cross the border and Daniel’s morality is low, Daniel will either force Karen’s vehicle forward and crash through the blockade or exit the vehicle and use his powers to attack all the police officers present at the border, including Agent Flores. It is assumed that she and the other officers did not survive this attack.
  • Sean Diaz (Indirect, Determinant) - Daniel will try and smash him and Sean’s way through Mexico if Sean chooses to surrender while their morality is too low but because of Daniel smashing their way through forcefully and the police shooting at them, Sean was shot in the neck.
  • Police Officers (Direct, Determinant) - Should Daniel be asked to attack the officers during their escape from the El Rey Police Station, Daniel can kill them, whether by snapping their necks or Sean urging him to get rid of them, if he's reluctant. In the Lone Wolf or Blood Brothers ending, Daniel will uses his powers to attack the police officers blocking their way, presumably killing some of them.



  • Sean Diaz (older brother) - Sean is his older brother and parental figure due to their situation. Their brotherly bond is challenged and Daniel can change how he views Sean. Daniel tends to be unhappy when Sean is hanging out with his friends instead of him. (See here for more information on their relationship.)
  • Esteban Diaz (father; deceased) - Esteban used to do many activities with Daniel such as playing games in their PlayBox. When he saw his father die at the hands of a police officer, he accidentally used his power, causing a massive change in scenery. It then caused the brothers to run away.
  • Karen Reynolds (mother) - Around a year after Daniel was born, Karen cut off contact with her family and left them behind, leaving Daniel to grow up without a mother. While at the Reynolds' house, Daniel expresses a desire to know more about his mother, and after reading her letter to Claire and Stephen regarding the incident in Seattle, becomes convinced that she still cares about them.
  • Claire Reynolds (maternal grandmother) - Claire took care of Daniel when his condition was getting worse during their stay in Beaver Creek.
  • Stephen Reynolds (maternal grandfather) - After arriving at the Reynolds' house, Daniel and Stephen quickly bond over playing with the latter's model railway.
  • Mushroom (pet; deceased) - Daniel decided to rescue the dog that was around Bear Station and gave it the name "Mushroom". He took care of it until it was killed by a cougar.


  • Lyla Park (crush) - Earlier in Episode 1, Daniel was revealed to have a crush on Sean's best friend Lyla, often trying to flirt with her much to Sean's displeasure.
  • Noah - Noah is Daniel's former best friend with whom he used to play Minecraft and chat with daily. After leaving Seattle, Daniel mentions missing Noah multiple times and hopes that he's still maintaining their Minecraft fortress. While in Beaver Creek, Daniel admits to Sean that one of the reasons he likes Chris is that he reminds him of Noah.
  • Brody Holloway - They first met at Bear Station and can be seen talking with one another while Sean looks for food to buy. He drives the brothers to a motel and pays them a room. He expresses his wish to stay with them despite having his own issues to deal with in Utah. Before parting ways, he gives Daniel a bandana. During the course of the game, both Sean and Daniel express their wish for Brody to be with them and how much they miss him.
  • Chris Eriksen - They first met in Beaver Creek when Daniel rescued Chris from falling off his tree house. By then, they became fast friends, with Chris reminding him a bit of Noah in a way. They both share a mutual love for Power Bear and they can both mention having a Power Bear toy if Sean and Daniel win the prize at Bear Station. Once the brothers left Beaver Creek, Daniel missed Chris ever since, wondering if they will see him again. If Daniel is raised with high morality, Chris and Daniel become full-time neighbors in Beaver Creek as a result of the latter living with Claire and Stephen, growing up alongside each other throughout Daniel's teenagerhood.
  • Cassidy - Daniel first met Cassidy at the Christmas Market, giving a fist-bump and a high five. During their stay at Humboldt county, Daniel is jealous of how Sean is close to Cassidy. Daniel would strangle Cassidy if Sean refuses to join the heist, and Daniel's morality is low. Despite all of this, he still relatively considers her a friend of his.
  • Finn McNamara - When Sean was hanging out with the drifters in Humboldt County, Daniel would often hang out with Finn. Daniel reminds Finn a bit of himself, and he acts as an older brother to the former if Sean is not around, giving him a wristband to wear, for instance. In "Episode 4: Faith", it was revealed that Daniel held onto said wristband and kept it in his room in Lisbeth's house at Haven Point.
  • Sarah Lee Hackerman - Daniel and Sarah Lee meet when Daniel arrives at Haven Point along with Jacob. While speaking with Sean, Sarah Lee can describe Daniel as "really kind and funny" and reveals that they play together frequently. In Daniel's room at Lisbeth's house, a crayon sketch of the two can be found tucked underneath his pillow. In the final church scene in Episode 4, if Sean mentions how Sarah Lee is not being given proper treatment, Daniel becomes furious. Just before Daniel leaves Haven Point with Karen and Sean, he and Sarah Lee hug before they part. In Episode 5, she writes a letter thanking him for being one her best friends in which Sean can remark that Lyla has some competition now in terms of affections.


  • Brett Foster - After he accidentally spills his fake blood on him, Brett becomes angered and violent towards Daniel by grabbing his arm and repeatedly insulting him.
  • Kindred Matthews - He was the police officer that accidentally shot his father in front of him and Sean. It resulted in him releasing an unknown power that cause the scenery to change and Officer Matthews dying.
  • Hank Stamper - He escaped from Hank when he tried to chase him once Sean got knocked out.
  • Doris Stamper (Determinant) - Doris keeps a playful tone of voice during her optional conversations with Daniel, although she acts more curt if Sean neglected to have him and Daniel wash up beforehand. However, after Daniel notices the stray dog, Doris' demeanor towards him and his brother will change between amused and hostile depending on Sean's previous actions.
  • Harry Thompson - Prior to the events of the game, Harry threatened to beat up Daniel and Noah after he disliked the games they traded with him, causing the latter two to hide out in the school gym until he left.
  • Cougar - The animal responsible for killing Mushroom. Daniel could strangle the cougar or let it go depending on Seans choice.
  • Nick (Determinant) - After seeing him act unnecessarily aggressively towards Cassidy and Finn at the Christmas market, Daniel becomes angry at Nick. If Sean lets him, Daniel uses his powers to dump a pile of snow on Nick's head in retribution, causing him to leave while Sean and Daniel laugh.
  • Merrill - Daniel and Sean's former boss during their stay in Humboldt County. They were both fired by Merill when the former was caught sneaking into their office.
  • Big Joe - The henchman of Merrill who attempted to beat Daniel up following the brothers firing.
  • Lisbeth Fischer - During Daniel's stay in Haven Point, he was cared for by Lisbeth Fischer, giving the name "Angel Daniel". But by the time Sean found out her true nature and revealed most of them, Daniel snapped back into his senses and stopped siding with her.
  • Nicholas Durand - Lisbeth's henchman whom Daniel stopped from nearly killing Sean.
  • Madison - She was one of the people who was involved in shooting Daniel when they met at the wall. Daniel will free them or take revenge depending on Sean's choice.
  • Tyler (Determinant) - Tyler is a gangster that Daniel encounters either in the Lone Wolf or the Blood Brothers ending, who tries to either kill or rob him and or Sean. In the Blood Brothers ending, Daniel uses his powers to break Tyler's arm.

Morality and Brotherhood[]

The game tracks the impact of Sean's decisions on Daniel mainly on two grounds: Morality and Brotherhood.[8]

Morality affects Daniel's perspective on what's right or wrong and how he behaves towards others. Watching Sean follow rules, make upright calls, or avoid committing crimes will raise his Morality. With High Morality, Daniel will become more calm, compassionate, and conformist. On the other hand, witnessing Sean's unorthodox, unlawful, or potentially ruthless decisions will cause his Morality to decrease. With Low Morality, Daniel will become more irritable, self-centered, and rebellious.

Brotherhood reflects Daniel's relationship with Sean, especially how much Daniel trusts him. If Sean is supportive of Daniel, shows care, or takes the initiative, his Brotherhood will increase. With High Brotherhood, Daniel will reciprocate Sean's fraternal warmth and be more willing to adapt to his judgement. Meanwhile, Sean being strict, mean, or unreliable in Daniel's eyes will negatively impact his Brotherhood. With Low Brotherhood, Daniel will exhibit dismissive behavior towards Sean and be more likely to defy him.

Many choices in the game have Sean sacrifice his brotherly bond to set a moral example, and vice versa.
For instance:

  • Sean telling Daniel to continue his studies will positively affect Daniel's Morality but negatively affect his Brotherhood.
  • This phenomenon is also noticeable in crucial decisions like Finn's heist:
    - By disagreeing, Sean ends up teaching Daniel principles of morality at the cost of their relationship.
    - By accepting, Sean sides with Daniel and improves their bond while setting an amoral example.

Naturally, there are also situations where both values can be raised or reduced at once; nevertheless, the story's finale mainly revolves around the idea of Daniel prioritizing either societal morality or his brotherhood with Sean.

Click here if you want to learn more about how Sean's decisions influence Daniel's variables. Each position with a choice affecting Daniel will mention how exactly.


Animal Symbolism[]

Daniel Consequences Flipbook - Frame01

Like his brother, Daniel is heavily associated with the wolf. The wolf symbolizes raw emotion, a deep connection with one's instincts, and an appetite for freedom, as well as feelings of vulnerability and danger. [9]

Daniel is also associated with raccoons, including within Sean's sketches and through the raccoon sweater that Sean can steal for him at Bear Station. Raccoons are known to symbolize curiosity, resourcefulness, questioning, adaptability, and self-defense, as well as personal transformation. [10]

While Daniel frequently expresses his desire to be a wolf, he is more often associated with the raccoon during "Roads", which may be a metaphor for Daniel having ideals that he wants to live up to but has not yet reached.

Color Symbolism[]

Daniel is often shown wearing the color red, including the t-shirt he wears throughout the first two episodes and the top half of his winter jacket in "Rules". Red is often associated with willpower, courage, impulsiveness, intensity, and anger. [11] Red is also often associated with chaos, danger, and death, which Daniel is able to cause when provoked or highly emotional due to his telekinetic powers.

Memorable Quotes[]

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"Okay... I'm a zombie and I'm gonna eat you! BLAAAAAAAAH!"
— Daniel after Sean initiates a game of tag in "Roads"
"Come on! Can we please, please, please... get one when we stop next? Please?"
— Daniel after finding a Chock-O-Crisp in an abandoned car in "Roads"
"Oh, that is awesome-possum... I mean, bear! Soooo cool!"
— Daniel about a bear keychain in "Roads"
"But we couldn't leave her with those mean people."
— Daniel defending himself after taking the puppy with him in "Roads" (determinant)
"If it's bad, then... why did you do it?"
— Daniel to Sean if he followed Sean's influence regarding theft in "Roads" (determinant)
"YOU LIED! Dad! Our Dad is DEAD!"
— Daniel to Sean upon seeing the news channel in their motel room in "Roads"
"Just don't lie to me ever again. Ever."
— Daniel to Sean after being calmed down in "Roads"
"Mushroom, did you see what I did out there? I'm getting better at controlling this thing. I'll never scare you again!"
— Daniel to Mushroom about his power in "Episode 2: Rules" (determinant)
"Mushroom! Did you see how strong I'm getting? Soon, nobody will bother us anymore!"
— Daniel to Mushroom about his power in "Episode 2: Rules" (determinant)
"It killed her! She was my friend!"
"Calm down, okay? Listen..."
— Daniel and Sean after finding Mushroom's corpse in "Episode 2: Rules"
"It just... it just happened... What's... happening to me...?"
— Daniel to Sean after killing the cougar in "Episode 2: Rules" (determinant)
"Sean... Do you think she's up in Heaven... with Dad?"
— Daniel to Sean at Mushroom's grave in "Episode 2: Rules"
"I know, I know... Don't show, don't talk..."
— Daniel referring to Sean's rules in "Episode 2: Rules"
"Oh, hi... who are you? Your hair looks so cool! Is it a wig?"
— Daniel meeting Cassidy for the first time in "Episode 2: Rules"
"Sean... I'm tired of running away... I don't want to be a superhero anymore..."
— Daniel to Sean if he feels hesitant about his power in "Episode 2: Rules" (determinant)
"I'm not a kid anymore..."
— Daniel to Sean after dropping the trunk into the lake in "Wastelands"
"...But more than anything, I miss my best friend. My dad..."
— Daniel sharing his bad memories at the campfire in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"Sean, it's not your fault. You're taking care of me..."
— Daniel to Sean while talking things out in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"Yeah... I mean, they're bad people, and we need the money, so just this once, right?"
— Daniel to Sean while discussing the robbery in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"She really did try to use me! And she hurt you! She's bad!"
— Daniel to Sean while attacking Lisbeth in "Faith" (determinant)
"Okay... I trust you."
— Daniel to Sean after being asked to spare Lisbeth's life in "Faith" (determinant)
"Ow Owwoooooooo! Aww, man! So many wolves in this desert!"
— Daniel howling at the canyon in "Wolves"
"Nah, it's super cool. I just wish you woulda told me you were into him!"
— Daniel discussing Sean's kiss with Finn in "Wolves" (determinant)
"I hope somebody cares about me like that when I get old..."
— Daniel talking with Sean about Arthur and Stanley's relationship in "Wolves" (determinant)
"Score! You know what time it is? Victory dance time!"
— Daniel when Sean successfully finishes his treasure hunt in "Wolves" (determinant)
"The Wolf Brothers can't be trapped! You'd help us!"
— Daniel to Karen while hiking together at dusk in "Wolves" (determinant)
"That's bullshit, Mom! Don't give up! Don't!"
— Daniel to Karen after she offers to give herself to the police in "Wolves" (determinant)
"It's the first time I use my power to actually... build something. I usually just use it because... I have to..."
— Daniel to Joan about building sculptures in "Wolves" (determinant)
"Is he okay? I... I wanted to rescue you, but I... I had to use my power... I didn't wanna hurt anybody..."
— Daniel to Sean when he's worried about hurting an officer in "Wolves" (determinant)
"Idiots. They should've known better."
— Daniel if he doesn't show remorse about hurting officers in "Wolves" (determinant)
"Sean... We can't let them get us."
— Daniel to Sean when they encounter a police blockade at the border in "Wolves" (determinant)
"So... how does the story of the wolf brothers end?"
— Daniel to Sean in "Wolves"
"But... I-I could... I get it... That's not who we are."
— Daniel suggesting to Sean that he could deal with the officers in "Wolves" (determinant)
"You promise? For real this time?"
— Daniel asking Sean if everything will be all right when they both surrender in "Wolves" (determinant)
"Now it's my turn to take care of us, Sean... Everything will be all right, I promise!"
— Daniel to Sean before forcing the roadblock against the latter's wishes in "Wolves" (determinant)
"Huh? Sean! You see that?! Mexico, look! We made it! Sean? SEAN. Oh no, no... Please, don't... SEEAAN! Why...? WHYYY?!"
— Daniel after rejecting Sean's decision to surrender, leading to the latter's death in "Wolves" (determinant)
"I'm sorry, Sean... But, I have to go... Don't turn back for me..."
— Daniel to Sean before breaking the border gate and jumping out of the car in "Wolves" (determinant)
"I hope you'll be happy in Mexico..."
— Daniel from the ground as he watches Sean drive off in "Wolves" (determinant)
"We can go now."
— Daniel to Sean after wrecking the border to clear the road in "Wolves" (determinant)


Main article: Theories and Speculations (Life is Strange 2)

After Episode One - "Roads"[]

  • Rather than having the player make a "final choice" in the last episode similar to Season 1, it is speculated that Daniel will instead be given an important choice in the fifth episode, and what course of action he chooses to take will depend on what morals and lessons Sean has taught him throughout the game. This was proven to be partially correct in Episode 5, where it is revealed that Sean is able to make the final choice with the outcome varying depending on Daniel's morality.
  • If Daniel comes across both the dead and living raccoons while hiking at Mount Rainier National Park, he can comment wondering whether the two raccoons were brothers like him and Sean. This may be foreshadowing towards a potential fate for the brothers. This was confirmed in Episode 5, where it is revealed that Sean dies in one of the alternate endings.
  • Assuming that Chris never had real powers and that Daniel was the one who saved him with his telekinesis, it was speculated that Daniel would try to uphold the illusion that Chris had telekinesis. This was proven correct in "Rules".
  • During the events of Episode 2, some speculated that Sean would keep Daniel extremely sheltered to avoid abuse or accidental misuse of his powers. This would explain Claire's apparent fixation on Chris Eriksen behaving "like a real boy," as she would have a grandson at home who never goes outdoors. This was proven wrong upon the episode's release, as although Sean tries to keep Daniel from using his powers around others, he never goes so far as to overly shelter him and Claire never pays any particular attention to this fact.

After Episode Three - "Wastelands"[]

  • In a determinate choice for Episode 3 during the heist, after ripping the safe door from its hinges, Daniel begins to cough similarly to how he did in Episode 2. Some speculate that Daniel gets sick as a side effect to his powers, similar to Max Caulfield's nose bleed and headache from Season 1.
  • Daniel's whereabouts after the end of the episode are subject to speculation. Some fans speculate that Daniel either used the money from Merrill's safe (a trail of which can be seen leading out of his house) in order to travel to Arizona to find his mother or chose to surrender to the police and gave up his brother's location in exchange for a reduced sentence. This was proven incorrect in Episode 4, where it is revealed that he was taken to Haven Point by Jacob.
  • In relation to the above, others theorize that Jacob either kidnapped or coerced him into heading back to his religious community in Nevada.[12][13] During their conversation at the campfire, Jacob tells the group that he isn’t planning on going back to his family in Haven Point, Nevada until he receives a “sign from God”. After learning of Daniel’s abilities, Jacob states that they must have been given to him for a reason and that the drifters might be meant to guide him. He goes on to act visibly lost in thought at the following party, and Hannah mentions that she saw him praying. In Episode 4’s title card, prominent billboards advertising Nevada companies can be seen. Additionally, the achievements for Episode 4 and 5 make several references to religious terms and iconography, with five of Episode 4's nine achievements referring to Christianity.
  • This was shown to be partially correct. However, it was not a kidnapping. Jacob took Daniel to Haven Point where he'd be safe for a while after Sean went missing.


  • Daniel's zodiac sign is Aries.
  • The Diaz brothers are confirmed to be half-Mexican on their father's side.[14]
  • In "Episode 2: Rules," it is implied that they are at least half-Irish from their mother's side.
  • Daniel's favorite holiday is Halloween.
  • Daniel has a love for the fictional superhero Power Bear, which he shares with Chris Eriksen.
  • Daniel struggles with mathematics, as shown through his homework assignments at the Diazes' and Reynolds' houses.
  • The name "Daniel" is of Hebrew origin and means "God is my judge". It is derived from the biblical apocalyptic prophet of the same name.
  • It is possible that Daniel might have some sort of speech impediment, as he explains to Hannah that he has trouble pronouncing certain words such as "box".[15]
  • Unlike Sean and Esteban, Daniel isn't able to speak Spanish. However, he does seem to be capable of understanding some of it.[16]
  • Given that Daniel can use either hand to use his powers and seems to switch between them, he may be ambidextrous.
  • Daniel almost died from the flu.


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