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Diane Jacobs (born April 8th, 1985)[1] is a resident of the town Haven Springs and the secondary antagonist of Life is Strange: True Colors.


Diane is described as intelligent and savvy. She is hard-working and is often seen doing tasks for work, typing on her computer or wearing her Typhon badge with pride. Diane is kind, but submits to higher powers in her line of work when wanting to call off the infamous blast that killed Gabe.

Despite feeling guilty, she never turns herself in or provides information during the investigation of Gabe's death or the role her and Typhon had in it. After Alex exposes the truth, it is then she finally expresses her guilt sometime after her arrest and may even plan to make amends for her wrongdoings.


Diane has brown hair and blue eyes and sweaty fair skin. Her usual appearance consists of a her hair tied in a bun, a blazer - blue or red, some jewelry and her beloved Typhon Mining badge.


Not much is known about Diane's background. However, in the game it mentioned she moved to Haven Springs from Washington D.C six months before Alex looking for a new life. Diane says she fell in love with the town due to the mountains and people and now she is never leaving.

Currently, she is a geologist and process manager for Typhon Mining.

Chapter 1 : Side A

Diane is seen sitting at the same table with Duckie, where Alex asks for their order to which they order a cheeseburger with mushrooms and a pie special with fries. They speak for a little while, introducing each other as the residents knew Alex was coming. Her first impression was kind and amiable.

Chapter 2: Lanterns

Alex encounters Diane while heading to the Silver Dragon. Diane is also one of the people watching the sky lantern dedicated to Gabe's death. When Alex sees that she is emitting a purple aura instead of a yellow one like the others, this raises her suspicions.

Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal

Diane comes into the Black Lantern to work on her laptop. By now, Alex, Steph, and Ryan suspect that she is helping Typhon. While Alex goes to talk to Diane (either making her sad or angry), Ryan and Steph distract her while Alex steals her flash drive before they excuse themselves. Eventually, Diane discovers that her flash drive is missing. While examining her drive, Alex finds out that she is part of an operation called Rhea controlled by Typhon, which is hiding a secret.

Chapter 4: Flicker

Although she doesn't actually make an appearance, it is now that she discovers Alex stole her flash drive and charges her with the theft and has Pike arrest her. She and Typhon are eventually pushed into ordering Jed to murder Alex when they are unable to get her mind off it.

Chapter 5: Side B

Diane hosts a meeting with Jed in the Black Lantern to try and get people to allow Typhon's support, but Alex (having survived Jed's attempt to kill her) arrives and exposes their scheme, although Diane at first tries to deny this in order to discredit her. This fails and she and Jed are arrested for their crimes.

Sometime after Jed and Diane's arrest and the shutdown of Typhon's operation, an interview message on Alex's computer explains that Diane had regretted her corrupted actions and serving of Typhon, but does not ask for forgiveness as it is long gone by now. Alternatively, she may instead say that she now wishes to atone for her crimes.

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  • Reginald McAllister III - Duckie and Diane are seen sitting together in the first episode in the Black Lantern, They are talking and it is seen they are friends.




  • Though she isn’t a direct threat in the game, Diane is one of its main villains due to her letting the blast go off that killed Gabe and does everything she can to keep Alex from knowing the truth by having Pike arrest and threaten her, having Jed try to kill her, then lying to the townsfolk to cover it up; however, all these efforts were unsuccessful.