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"Damn. You could open a hardware store with all of this…


Sean Diaz while examining the garage's tool wall in "Roads"

The Diaz garage is located on the lower floor of the Diaz household, and is an explorable location in Episode 1 of Life is Strange 2.


The garage is primarily used by Esteban Diaz as a home workshop for his automotive repair work. It contains a large tool wall and workbench, metal drawers and shelves, and a disassembled car set up at its center, which Esteban works underneath to repair in time for Sean's graduation. Several of Esteban's belongings are placed around the garage, including several band posters, a picture of Esteban with a business partner, a politically-themed book, and a religious painting.

Episode One - "Roads"

While stocking up on supplies for the party, Sean heads down to the garage to ask for money from his father. Esteban is found working on fixing up a car in time for Sean's graduation, and asks Sean to retrieve him a specific wrench. After Sean searches the garage and succeeds or fails at finding the right tool, Esteban gets up from under the car and talks to Sean about his plans for the future and his intentions in going to the party.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Sean's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode One - "Roads"

  • Sean can look at the engine. (Comment: "I would be fucked if I had to help Dad in the shop…")
  • He can look at the car. (Comment: "It'll be weird having my own car… But then I… could take Jenn out… If she wants.")
  • He can look at the fire extinguisher. (Comment: "No more 4th of July fireworks after last year…")
  • He can look at a circular saw. (Comment: "The saw almost took my thumb off once…")
  • He can look at the tools on the wall. (Comment: "Damn. You could open a hardware store with all of this…")
  • He can look at a religious painting. (Comment: "Dad's had this forever… I'm glad he doesn't make us go to church…")
  • He can look at a picture of Esteban with a friend. (Comment: "Running the garage was Dad's dream… I'm proud of him… Honestly.")
  • He can look at a "Chupacabras" poster. (Comment: "Dad is actually kind of a secret geek… Maybe a nerd…")
  • He can look at a "Billy and the Rich Boys" poster. (Comment: "Dad used to go see them all the time. Can old people be… cool?")
  • He can look at the "Revolution in Your Backyard" book. (Comment: "Yeah… I tried to read that… Snooze. Dad loves all that political crap…")


  • If Sean takes some time to retrieve the right tool for Esteban in the garage, the two begin to converse about the grade Sean received for an English essay he wrote on the 1969 anti-war novel Slaughterhouse Five.
  • The poster for "Billy and the Rich Boys" is a reference to the album "Willy and the Poor Boys" by the American band Creedence Clearwater Revival as well as the song "Down on The Corner", in which the band is mentioned playing.