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The Diaz Household is the home of Esteban Diaz and his sons Sean Diaz and Daniel Diaz in Life is Strange 2. It is located in 1452 Lewis Avenue SW in Seattle, Washington, and is an explorable location in Episode 1 and Episode 3.


The household's main floor consists of an open plan kitchen-living room; a study; a bathroom; and Esteban, Sean, and Daniel's bedrooms. A staircase leads from the living room into the lower floor, which consists of a garage (utilized mostly by Esteban for his auto repair work) and a storage room.

Episode One - "Roads"

Lyla and Sean sitting on the Diaz household's front deck.

Upon arriving at the Diaz household, Sean and Lyla Park sit down on the front deck overlooking the yard. The two discuss their plans for the party and create a list of items for Sean to gather, which Lyla scribbles down in marker onto Sean's palm. After Lyla briefly wonders aloud about how long their friendship will last after high school ends, she leaves Sean with a hug and a promise to Skype together after he's ready to go.

Once inside the house, Sean finds Esteban and Daniel playfully arguing over who should get the last Chock-O-Crisp bar. Esteban decides to let Sean be the judge, and he can choose to either give the chocolate to one of them or keep it for himself. After Sean's decision, Esteban heads down to his garage and Daniel goes back to his room to work on his Halloween costume, leaving Sean to search for his party supplies.

After retrieving drinks from the fridge, food from the cupboards, and a blanket from the storage room, Sean enters the garage to find his father fixing up a car for Sean's graduation. After Sean searches for (and optionally finds) a specific wrench for him, Esteban gets up and talks to Sean about the latter's plans for the future and intentions in going to the party. After returning upstairs, Sean has the option of knocking on Daniel's door and having a short conversation, with Daniel's behavior changing depending on who the Chock-O-Crisp was given to.

Sean and Lyla discussing the party in his room.

After retrieving everything on his list and packing his bag, Sean goes to his room and initiates a Skype call with Lyla. During their conversation, Daniel bursts into the room and is subsequently kicked out. Later, Sean notices Brett Foster grabbing Daniel's arm from his bedroom window and rushes out of the room to intervene. Sean finds Brett bullying Daniel after the latter had accidentally spilled his fake blood on him, and the situation escalates as Brett insults their family, causing Sean to snap and attack him. During the fight, Sean knocks Brett backwards onto a protruding rock that hits his spine, causing him to spasm and seemingly become unable to move.

Soon afterwards, Officer Matthews arrives on the scene and threatens the brothers with his gun after seeing Brett's state. As Matthews checks Brett's pulse, Esteban emerges from the house after hearing their voices and tries to cautiously reason with him. As Esteban attempts to get closer to his sons and Matthews becomes increasingly more anxious, he accidentally pulls the trigger, shooting and killing Esteban. Daniel screams, and a shock wave sends Matthews flying back before Sean's vision goes black.

Sean waking up to find the surrounding neighborhood destroyed.

After Sean comes to, he slowly takes in the heavy damage dealt to the surrounding neighborhood, Matthews sprawled onto the road, Brett still lying unmoving, and Esteban lying dead on the ground. Sean panics before picking up an unconscious Daniel and carrying him to their house. After setting him down for a moment to retrieve his backpack, Sean flees with Daniel in his arms as more police officers arrive on the scene.

Episode Three - "Wastelands"

The house appears in a flashback that takes place three months before the story. After Daniel steals Sean's watch, Sean finds him in Esteban's room and starts teasing him. Esteban stops the fight and Daniel heads to his room. Esteban has a heartfelt conversation with Sean and convinces him to reconcile with Daniel. Sean goes into Daniel's room and chats with him. Daniel then explains why he took the watch. After their conversation, the flashback ends.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Sean's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode One - "Roads"

Living Room

  • Sean can look at an angry note. (Comment: "Dad's right… 'Que pendejo.' ")
  • He can look at a cup of detox smoothie. (Comment: "Dad tries so hard to get on a healthy diet… I can't wait for him to be on Instagram.")
  • He can look at and steal coins from the money jar. (Comment: "Real funny, Dad…")
  • He can look at the whiteboard. (Comment: "Meet the Diaz, organization experts…")
  • He can look at a bottle of corn syrup. (Comment: "What the… Is Dad… baking something?")
  • He can open the cupboard.
    • He can look at and take the cookies from the cupboard. (Comment: Look: "Yo… Cookies…"
      Take: "You're coming with me…"
      Switch: "Hmmm… Maybe this is better.")
    • He can look at and try taking the halloween candy. (Comment: Look: "Dad is like a big kid… He gets so hyped for Halloween."
      Take: "No way. Dad will kill me if I take his precious candy.")
    • He can look at and take the chips. (Comment: Look: "Gotta bring some munchies!"
      Take: "Hope there's also like… real food at this party."
      Switch: "Hmmm… Maybe this is better.")
  • He can look at Esteban's pasta recipe. (Comment: "Yo… Dad's secret recipe fucking rules actually.")
  • He can open the fridge.
    • He can look at and take the beer cans from the fridge. (Comment: Look: "Dad doesn't drink that much… Does he keep track?"
      Take: "That'll do… Bet there's gonna be a keg at the cabin…"
      Switch: "Ok. Better take that instead.")
    • He can look at and take the soda cans. (Comment: Look: "Don't forget the non-booze…"
      Take: "This will work. I… don't want to get wasted in front of Jenn…"
      Switch: "Ok. Better take that instead.")
    • He can look at the cookie dough. (Comment: "Man, Daniel could live off this crap…")
  • He can look at a picture on the fridge. (Comment: "Daniel kept saying: "I'm freezing!" But we couldn't get him off the skis…")
  • He can look at Daniel's math homework. (Comment: "At least I don't have to help Daniel out with math. Thanks, Dad!")
  • He can look at an invoice. (Comment: "Damn… The guy never stops working…")
  • He can look at a postcard from Puerto Lobos. (Comment: "Will Dad actually take us there one day? Doubt it.")
  • He can look at a framed certificate. (Comment: "He was so proud to get that… He should be.")
  • He can look at a toy on the floor. (Comment: "Dad flips out if I don't pick up my stuff… But Daniel leaves his shit all over…")
  • He can look at the door to Esteban's room. (Comment: "'Do Not Enter. Ever.' Trust me Dad, I won't…")
  • He can look at some DVDs on a shelf. (Comment: "Every Christmas Dad wants to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy with us… That's cool.")
  • He can have a Moment of Calm on the couch.
  • He can look at an automobile book. (Comment: "I'm not that into cars… but these are pretty bitchin'…")
  • He can look at sushi leftovers. (Comment: "Dad hates sushi… But he orders it anyway for us.")
  • He can look at a headset. (Comment: "Daniel spends hundreds of hours yelling into the mic playing Minecraft with Noah…")
  • He can look at the PlayBox console. (Comment: "I don't know who plays more… Daniel… or Dad…")
  • He can look at the TV. (Comment: "I could just stay home and binge "Top Gear" with Dad and Daniel but… not tonight.")
  • He can look at the fireplace. (Comment: "What if Jenn came over?We can build a fire, and… Dude, stop.")
  • He can look at a pair of sneakers. (Comment: "It's nice going jogging with Dad every once in a while… Though he's way too chatty…")
  • He can look at his backpack. (Comment: Nothing packed:
    Partially packed: "Hmmm… You're not done yet."
    Fully packed: "Finally! Now I can Skype with Lyla. Time to get this party started…")
  • He can pack his backpack for the party. (required)
  • He can try opening Daniel's room.
  • He can knock on the door of Daniel's room.
  • He can enter his own room. (required)


  • Sean can look at the toothbrushes. (Comment: "Daniel better not use my toothbrush again…")
  • He can practice in front of the mirror.
  • He can look at himself in the mirror afterwards. (Comment: "Yeah… I'm gonna turn this party UP!")
  • He can look at the hamper. (Comment: "Well. It's not my turn to do the laundry.")

Diaz Garage

  • Sean can toggle the light switch.
  • He can look at the skiing equipment. (Comment: "Dad said we could go to Mt. Baker this year… The trails are insane…")
  • He can look at and pick up a blanket. (Comment: Look: "Thank God, I don't have to take one of Daniel's."
    Pick up: "I'm sure Dad won't miss one blanket for the night…")
  • He can look at a Christmas decoration. (Comment: "Daniel destroyed our old nativity scene… Sorry, baby Jesus…")
  • He can look at an old box. (Comment: "How long is he gonna keep all this… shit?")
  • He can look at a women's bike. (Comment: "Dad should just… sell that other bike…")
  • He can look at a mural. (Comment: "Can't believe Dad actually asked me to tag up this wall…")
  • He can open the red drawer. (required)
  • He can look at and pick up multiple tools around the garage. (required)
  • He can give a tool to his father. (required)

After helping his father,

  • Sean can look at the engine. (Comment: "I would be fucked if I had to help Dad in the shop…")
  • He can look at the car. (Comment: "It'll be weird having my own car… But then I… could take Jenn out… If she wants.")
  • He can look at the fire extinguisher. (Comment: "No more 4th of July fireworks after last year…")
  • He can look at a circular saw. (Comment: "The saw almost took my thumb off once…")
  • He can look at the tools on the wall. (Comment: "Damn. You could open a hardware store with all of this…")
  • He can look at a religious painting. (Comment: "Dad's had this forever… I'm glad he doesn't make us go to church…")
  • He can look at a picture of Esteban with a friend. (Comment: "Running the garage was Dad's dream… I'm proud of him… Honestly.")
  • He can look at a "Chupacabras" poster. (Comment: "Dad is actually kind of a secret geek… Maybe a nerd…")
  • He can look at a "Billy and the Rich Boys" poster. (Comment: "Dad used to go see them all the time. Can old people be… cool?")
  • He can look at the "Revolution in Your Backyard" book. (Comment: "Yeah… I tried to read that… Snooze. Dad loves all that political crap…")

Episode Three - "Wastelands"


  • Sean can look at some barbecue tools. (Comment: "Dad got in trouble for the last barbecue... Hope he does it again so I can come this time.")


  • Sean can look at Daniel's homework. (Comment: "Sucks to be Daniel... but he can't bug me all the time.")
  • He can look at a letter from Esteban to their neighbor. (Comment: "I would have been pissed if I was there. Asshole.")


  • Sean can look at his sports clothes. (Comment: "Wish I had more time to play and less for summer school...")
  • He can look at his sweater. (Comment: "They're probably gonna bury me in this thing.")
  • He can search for Daniel behind the door. (Comment: "No time for this... where are you?")

Living Room

  • Sean can examine some tickets to Ahab's Moby Day Tour. (Comment: "Daniel is psyched, but I'd rather just go with Lyla and the crew...")
  • He can look at some video game controllers. (Comment: "Sorry Andrew, I'm the free babysitter now.")
  • He can search for Daniel in the closet.
  • He can search for Daniel in the basement.
  • He can search for Daniel in Esteban's room. (required)


  • In the Diaz household's living room, a "PlayBox" can be found. The "PlayBox" console brand is a portmanteau of two real-world console brands, PlayStation and Xbox
  • When looking at the living room's television, Sean mentions binging Top Gear with his father and his brother.
  • The name of their street, Lewis, may be a reference to Meriwether Lewis, a famous explorer in American history who made a cross-country expedition across the Louisiana Purchase
    • Like Esteban, the real-life Lewis died from gunshot wounds under mysterious circumstances.
  • In an interview with Eurogamer, Michel Koch revealed that they chose to have planes flying over Lewis Avenue because houses near airports tend to be less expensive due to the noise pollution[1], reflecting the Diaz family's middle-class status.[2]
  • In Episode 3, Sean can open his nightstand to check on his bag of weed and mentally hope that his father doesn't find it. If the player checks Sean's text messages with Esteban during Episode 1, they will find that he did end up finding it on October 7, 2016.





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  1. "The houses which are under the flight path are not selling as much as the others," he says. Sran estimates that these houses often cost £10,000-£20,000 less than others in the surrounding area without the same problem."
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