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Dr. Jacoby is Nathan Prescott's psychiatrist. He is only mentioned in a letter from him to Sean Prescott, in which he asks for consultation with Sean and his wife to be able to help Nathan as he feels disregards for his suggestions, which can be found in the Dark Room in Episode 4. It reads as follows:

Dear Mr. Prescott,

As Nathan's primary psychiatrist for over five years, I feel that I should stop seeing your son as you have disregarded my rather dire and immediate suggestion for his — and others' — well-being.

You know well the extent of Nathan's challenges but I feel that you refuse to acknowledge the role you play in his mental health. If I do not have your support, I cannot treat Nathan, it is as simple as that. I fear he is becoming even more disconnected from reality, even if he acts in a personable manner.

You have ignored my requests for a consultation with you and your wife so I have to assume you are no longer interested in my services. Regardless, I care about Nathan and I believe he needs serious help.

If you would like to talk about this matter, I am always available.


Dr. Jacoby


  • His name is a possible nod to the psychiatrist Dr. Lawrence Jacoby from the television series Twin Peaks. This speculation is based on the references and parallels to this show that can be found throughout Season 1.