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Dr. Lynn is a psychiatrist working for the Helping Hands institution. She was responsible for over seeing Alex Chen's mental health while Alex was one of her patients.


Not much is known about her personality, but she appears to be very caring and determined as she wanted to ensure that Alex was stable enough to leave for Haven Springs to be with her brother Gabe.


Lynn's appearance is unknown as she is never seen onscreen.


There is currently no information about Lynn's past or situation.

Chapter 1: Side A

Dr. Lynn can be heard talking to Alex at the beginning of the chapter, where she sees that Alex is preparing to leave for Haven Springs, where her brother Gabe is. When she asks about her "issues", Alex doesn't answer this and only believes that things will be normal for her there. During this conversation, Dr. Lynn is not seen as the camera is focused on Alex.

Chapter 5: Side B

Dr. Lynn returns at the beginning of this chapter (again unseen), where she talks to Alex about her time in Haven Springs. At the end of the conversation, she hints that Alex is actually alone in the room; the camera shifts to behind Alex to reveal that the room is indeed empty. A tape recorder on the office chair plays Dr. Lynn and Jed's voices.



  • Alex Chen – Lynn seems to greatly care for Alex as when she questions about her mental condition.