This page lists interesting but easily missed observations, in addition to the References and Easter Eggs you can find throughout the game The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. These observations mainly include actions the player is not directly involved with, objects the player cannot interact with, or simply interesting parallels or foreshadowing.

Living Room Edit

Blocking the TV Edit

If Chris stands in front of the TV while his father is awake and watching the basketball game, his father will make some sarcastic comments about Chris' lack of invisibility powers. Line order appears to be as follows:

Laundry Room Edit

Glowing Stickers Edit

If Chris switches the light on in the laundry room, turns it off, then turns back around in time, he will see some glowing stickers on the "Dark Door" before they fade.

Charles' Room Edit

A Second Look Edit

If Chris looks at the boxed Playbox in his dad's wardrobe again, he will question whether his Christmas present is new before saying he doesn't care if it isn't.

Kitchen Area Edit


Outside Edit