The El Rey Police Department is a location in Episode 5 of Life is Strange 2.



Episode Five - "Wolves"

Sean, Daniel, Madison, and Luke are brought to the police station following the confrontation near the Mexican border. Sean wakes up in one of the cells with a Mexican couple, while the vigilantes are in the cells that's right next to theirs. Sean begins a conversation with the couple which soon becomes a heated argument when Madison joins in. Patrick Campbell comes in and breaks up the argument as Madison and Luke attempt to convince him to let them go, which he shrugs off. He then brings Sean to an interrogation room where, after temporally leaving to take care of something, he begins questioning Sean about his interactions with Hank Stamper, Karen Reynolds, and Lisbeth Fischer before he is distracted by the lights flickering. As Campbell is about to leave to figure out what's causing it, Daniel (who had escaped captivity) breaks the door down, knocking Campbell out. The brothers proceed to escape the police station. They have the option to release the couple and vigilantes or can instead take revenge on the vigilantes for shooting Daniel. If Daniel's morality is high, he won't hurt the vigilantes and if his morality is low, he won't free them. After dealing with two police officers in an office, the brothers exit the station through the front door (which Daniel breaks down) and escape in Karen's truck while the couple (if they were released) escape on foot.





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