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Eleanor Lethe (born: November 1st, 1964) is a resident of the town Haven Springs in Life is Strange: True Colors. She's the owner of local flower store Lethe Flowers.






She runs Lethe Flowers alongside her granddaughter, Riley Lethe.

Chapter 1: Side A

When Alex and Gabe Chen arrive at the Lethe Flowers, Eleanor happily greets Alex with a strong, emotional hug. After getting to know each other, the siblings then head into the shop to buy flowers for Charlotte.

Chapter 2: Lanterns

Alex meets Eleanor in the flower shop while searching for Mac. After she directs Alex to Mac's whereabouts, Alex senses Eleanor's fear and enters Nova to figure out why. She learns that Eleanor is in an unhealthy condition and fears that her shop will be closed down and how Riley will react to it. After Alex helps Eleanor remember the order that was from Jed, Alex can choose to remind her of Gabe's death or not tell her. Telling her will cause her to go into her office upset.

Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal

Eleanor only appears at the beginning of the chapter in the Black Lantern where Alex can talk to her. How she will respond depends on Alex's earlier choices.

Chapter 4: Flicker

Eleanor can be found attending the Spring Festival where Alex can once again talk to her.

Chapter 5: Side B

Eleanor is one of the people attending the meeting at the Black Lantern to vote for Typhon's support. When Alex shows up and expose Jed and Diane's scheme, Eleanor may or may not back her up.

During Gabe's future visions, Eleanor may make an appearance in the Black Lantern.

If Alex chooses to leave Haven Springs, Eleanor will potentially watch her board the bus.


While she does not physically appear in this story, she does send Steph a note along with some flowers at the start of her job.

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  • Gabe describes Eleanor as "royalty of Haven Springs".[2]
  • Eleanor Lethes last name is likely a reference to the river Lethe in greek mythology. In greek mythology, the dead must drink from the river Lethe before reincarnation. Doing so makes them forget their previous life. This connection is strengthened by the fact that Eleanor suffers from dementia.