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Ellery Winchell[1] is a mentioned character in Life is Strange 2. He is a mutual friend of Sean Diaz and Lyla Park, and is a part of Sean's former track team. His correspondence with Sean can be found in Sean's text messages.

Episode One - "Roads"

On October 9th, 2016, Ellery texted Sean about the former's latest Facebook post, which contained a photo his parents had sent to him of his last race. When Sean teased Ellery about "chicks" supposedly digging the trophy, Ellery replied that he had no game, to which Sean told him to look at the trophy and that "size matters".

On October 28th, 2016, Ellery worriedly texts Sean asking him to call him. On the 31st, Ellery informs Sean that he was questioned by the police and that he's been hearing rumors that Sean killed a cop. He asks Sean to let him know if he's still around and pleads for him to come back.

Episode Two - "Rules"

If Sean called Lyla at Three Seals Motel in the previous episode, he has the option of calling her at his grandparents' house after they've left for church. If Sean asks her about "the gang", Lyla informs him that Ellery has become the captain of the track team during Sean's absence.

Episode Three - "Wastelands"

During the opening flashback sequence in his room, Sean can choose to check his group chat on his laptop, where Lyla, Ellery, and Adam Barnes are making plans to go swimming at a reservoir. In his inventory, Sean can examine his copy of Chronicles of the Basilisk - Vol V: Siege Upon Moorkorn by Ariana Simard, which he notes Ellery keeps begging him to read. While in Daniel's room, Sean can look at some robot toys by the bed and reminisce on when he and Ellery played with them as children.

Episode Five - "Wolves"

If Sean chooses to check Karen Reynolds' computer, he can access Lyla's Facebook profile. If Sean called Lyla at both the Three Seals Motel and the Reynolds' home, Lyla will have posted an old picture of her and Sean from their text messages which was liked by Ellery, Adam, and Jenn Murphy.


  • The same Chronicles of the Basilisk novel can also be found in Sean's inventory approximately three months later during Episode 1, and its description indicates that Sean has been enjoying it.



  1. Revealed in Sean's group chat in Episode 3.