The End of the World Party was organized by the Vortex Club. The party is hosted at the Blackwell Swimming Pool on the day of the fourth episode, "Dark Room". Max Caulfield comes there with Chloe Price in order to find Nathan PrescottMr. Jefferson announces the winner of the Everyday Heroes Contest at the party, who is revealed to be Victoria Chase. Depending on the player's choices, Max can warn Victoria that she could be in danger, and not to trust Nathan, which causes her to end up in the Dark Room in the next episode, "Polarized".

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  • Dana Ward, Courtney Wagner and Taylor Christensen are the ones acclaiming Mr. Jefferson just before he starts his speech:
    Dana: "Ah Mr. Jefferson! Sexy! Oh..." Headphones
    Courtney: "Great Mr. Jefferson *giggles*, you're so hot!" Headphones
    Taylor: "You're so hot!" Headphones
  • The game files confirm that Stella is the one booing Victoria during her speech "you suck Victoria!"
  • The theme of the party is an obvious allusion to what is about to happen in Episode 5.
  • Mr. Jefferson's speech at the very end of the party after he got the microphone back from Victoria is completely drowned out by the music. Here is what he says: "Thank you Victoria. And speaking of Kate, you're all aware this party was almost cancelled because of what happened this week. But the administration wisely decided that you deserved this gathering and the Vortex Club has done so much for Blackwell. Beware that everything you do tonight is under heightened scrutiny. And basically you need to act like responsible adults here. So now that the old man has spoken, please enjoy yourselves tonight. It is the perfect October night for a wicked pool party. Class dismissed!" Headphones
  • The flyers for the party can be seen frequently on Blackwell noticeboards during the first three episodes. There is even one in David's garage, which he probably used in his investigation.
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